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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 8 August 2020

A liar by any other name is still a liar.

1. I would like to address a few issues. They are mostly lies if unanswered.

2. Najib was the youngest MP. So what? We are supposed to drool at that?

3. It was just a fortuitous outcome. Tun Razak had just died. The Pekan idiots were too consumed by grief and believed that Najib must have inherited Razak's leadership skills that the man who didn't know to properly wash after urinating, was chosen as mp over others.

4. That's all to it. Najib was a consequential MP.

5. Najib was the Youngest MB. We are not told of the irreparable damage done to the Pahang logging industry. At that time ASPA was already treated as his personal ATM. So with SRC and 1MDB, its déjà vu.

6. He wasn't managing the state well but was more interested in sowing his wild oats. Especially on a certain then already married woman.

7. Didn't Najib as the youngest MB declared that his wife then was suffering from 'gila babi'? It was just an excuse to divorce the then wife.

8. As the youngest MB, he appointed his cousin, Aman Najas to head ASPA. That would make the pillage of aspa easier.
Not only did the cousin earn a princely salary of RM40,000 but the bloke was driving a Porsche to work!

9. Najib was the youngest man of steal.

10. Najib does not even have a parking summons. So do thousands of kampung people who don't drive.

11. How could Najib? He rarely drives. Tell me which policeman would issue a parking summons on a minister?

12. Everything Najib said is debatable. He was indeed pm for 9 years. It was a period more known for SRC, 1MDB, ECR and the purchase of expiring IPPS. And the fire sale of Khazanah's assets.

13. The stock market was the most robust. It was so because the robbers became the players in the market, fleecing ordinary investors. Plus they knew the robber in chief was at the helm.

14. The economy was great not because of Najib alone. It was a collective effort by the private sector, the government, investors and the household.

15. Shame on Najib for claiming the economy was good because of him. The economy would have grown despite of him not because of him.

16. Najib claimed that it was he who abolished ISA. Not true, it was the opposition which pressed for its abolition. It was Najib who replaced the ISA with more Draconian laws.

17. Najib further claimed he pressed for a transparent political donation system but was stymied by the opposition. This was a big lie as it was UMNO which was against the system.

18. Najib was lying through his teeth when he said he created massive infrastructure projects especially in transport and housing.

19. The most notable transport project was the overpriced ECR project which was negotiated downwards by Tun Daim Zainuddin. Needless to say somebody must have earned some mouth watering commission on the overpriced value. Guess who?

20. Out of the 1 million public and Felda housing project targeted, not even 30 per cent was achieved. It was a NATO (no action talk only) project.

21. Finally, I dedicate the following Chinese song to bossku. I don't understand Chinese but understand the photos.


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