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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 20 May 2023

Umnos recalcitrance and the beast within. Part 2

1. As usual umno is true to form. It's cocksure and full of itself. It's behaving primus inter pares-first among equals.

2. Accordingly,it thinks what it believes is all that matters. Others must follow suit.

3. So when it believes that Ali babavum Najib is innocent and the victim of politically motivated prosecution and persecution, others in the unity government must conform.

4. That's how umno defines what means as being united in the unity government means. At least that's how herr oberleutenant Lokman Adam defines what unity means.

5. Obviously, the monumental loss in the last election has not taught umno any humility. It remains it's cocky self.

6. The reality is, nobody gives two hoots to what umno says anymore. That's why it won only 20 seats. To disagree with umno now is the norm .

7. Let's not kid ourselves. As BN, they may have 30 seats. But the others are not ideologically loyal to umno. They are loyal only to their interests .

8. With that kichi mayung number umno wants to behave like a big bully it is. First they said let's wait for the Agong and the pardons board to discuss Najibs case. Then they want to force the pardons board to review Najibs case.

9. Why is umno so anxious to see Najib pardoned and freed? Is he going to save Malaysia? Remember, the bloody man was responsible for src and the mother of all theft-1MDB. He must take responsibility for that .

10. Is getting a pardon, a hak istimewa melayu? Anwar Ibrahim had to spend 12 years in jail before being pardoned. Najib has barely clocked 1 year, already umno is flexing it's dystrophic muscles. Wait your turn and don't jump que

11. Sycophantic vblogs, portals and obviously moronic Najibs cyber-troopers have resorted to reading tea leaves and chicken entrails. Every small statements by it's leaders are taken as something that would lead to Najib being freed by a certain date .

12. Some have gone to the streets, interviewing housewives whether it is appropriate for Najib to be pardoned and release. Pardoning and released are not things amenable to referendums la .

13. But why is it that many misguided souls continue to think that Najib deserves to be freed? Even though he is convicted?

14. Is it because the bloke is a Malay? That would mean your Malay Muslim ethnicity entitles you to commit transgressions like embezzlement?

15. Or is it because he is former PM and has done a lot of good things? Well, in politics, one bad deed wipes out all your good deeds. Najib knows this

16. Perhaps they are thinking more as malays and less as Muslims. For, as Muslims they should be aware of the meanings behind Al maidah 78-79.

17. Applied to today's context,these ayats could possibly mean that God curses or laknati the community because they refuse, disobey, object and reject to do what is righteous and right , but instead embrace what is unrighteous and wrong.

18. When they see their friends and leaders do wrongs, they refuse to censure and condemn them but instead turn them into folklorish heroes. When they see Najib committing massive corruption,they find all ways to absolve and excuse him, turning him instead into a folklore hero like the infamous alibabavum Najib.

19. These are the fundamental things refused and objected by the Malay community that will do them in and destroy the community. When they refuse to do what is right but instead elevate wrongs as virtuous. God laknati and curses them. As Muslims, do we want God to curse us eternally! De eternally? Only hadi's son in law wants to be cursed and dilaknati.

20. I am sorry to say asking the makcik, ah so and achi on grocery shopping , whether it's appropriate to jail diarrhea afflicted Najib, insults our intelligence. It's part of the social media induced dumbing down us .

21. Then we don't require experts in their respective fields who are better informed to deal with the issue. Appoint the makciks, ah sos and achis as judges and one of them replaces yaa tengku maimun as CJ.

22. Najibs followers are jubilant that the authorities are bringing back some of the thirudargalum back to Malaysia. They believe somehow, their testimonies will ameliorate or even absolve their beloved Ali babavum.

23. By all means, bring back Tim 'the fornicator' leissner, Roger 'rabbit' Ng or anyone. They will only confirm that Najib is the kapla of the high council of thieves.

24. Umno is stubbornly insisting that Najib be pardoned and freed. Why the urgency? It's not as though that only Najib can miraculously saved the nation, where pm Anwar couldn't is it?

Who cares if Najib misses his cat Kiki or his caramel machiato or even his conjugal duties. These are mere entreatments to endear him and paint him as human. He wasn't so when he was in power .

25. Najib should only be pardoned after serving time for his conviction. Otherwise, it will make a mockery of the law. Anwar himself served 12 years prison time before getting pardoned. He also missed many things.

26. In mounting activities to get Najib pardoned, umno has only shown it's true character. It is willing to break the law. It wants to make corruption a way of life. It protects only the elite .

27. By stubbornly demanding that Najib be pardoned, umno has behaved recklessly and irresponsibly. It doesn't care about it's integrity and to it's duty of representing the malays .

28. First, it has destroyed the trust, goodwill, it's credibility and it's reliability as a party representing the good and God fearing malays.

29. It can no longer be recognized and acknowledged as the party representing malays . It does this by endorsing corruption as a way of life, it's addeen, willfully breaking the law and supporting those who do mungkar .

30. Also by doing all these intransigence and kemungkaran, it has exposed it's weaknesses and can no longer defend itself .

31. How to defend itself? It has openly endorsed evil deeds, willfully disregard the law and protects only the elites like Najib. It's a party of the Malay bourgeoisie, by the Malay bourgeoisie and for the Malay bourgeoisie.

32. In scrambling to get Najib pardoned, umno is behaving like a drowning man clutching at anything afloat, trying to save Najib and itself .

33. It drags and wants to implicate every Tom, Dick , Harry and Jane alongside Najib. Dr Mahathir, zeti and her husband, tim the 'fornicator' leissner and Roger 'rabbit'Ng and others

34. Doubtless to say, these people will get legal comeuppance. When they do, still it will not exonerate nor absolve red lips Najib. Najib is the Klaus Barbie of the financial world. He has Auschwitzed sane minded Malaysians.

35. I hope the Anwar government will remain steadfast and unyielding over corruption in any form by anybody. Umno stand in defiance of this underlying objective. It is umno that must be censored, not amanah or dap which stand in solidarity with the unity government

36. Umnos recalcitrance has unleased the beast within . The enemy, my dear sir, is at the gates .

37. I don't envy the thankless duties of the present government of Pak sheikh. It's true as Milton Friedman says, much of the work of the present government, is devoted to the herculean task of cleaning the shit left by previous governments.


Wednesday 3 May 2023

The pardon of a convict, umnos recalcitrance and Amanahs apology. Part 1


1. Adam Smith was a famous Scottish economist. He wrote a famous book called the wealth of nations. It established the principle that rational self-interest leads to economic wellbeing in a free Enterprise economy.

2. As an economist, I would love to elaborate on the ideas of Smith. But I want to focus on a less quoted statement by Smith.

3. The statement reads, mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent. The statement is so prescient, pertinent and relevant. Plus, it has currency in the present maddening climate.

4. Mercy to guilty Najib is cruelty to millions of innocent and God-fearing Malaysians. That statement should shock many people and knock some senses into people who have sworn by some things.


# the Agong has sworn to look after the people, not lookout for Najib alone
# the judges have sworn to uphold justice
# police have sworn to uphold the law
#politicians have sworn to uphold the constitution.
#the people know to distinguish right and wrong.

6. The government is assiduously cultivating an image of uncompromising intolerance towards any forms of corruption. Consequently, any party allied to the unity government must concur with its policy of anti corruption.

7. So when umno stubbornly and continuously agitate for the release of convict Najib, it stands in defiance to the underlying policy of the unity government.

8. It is the recalcitrant and mutinous attitude of umno that must be faulted, not the pronouncements of Khalid Samad and Amanah .

9. Khalid Samad need not be apologetic about his statement and if it does, it has turned it's back on the people. If it does, it means it has capitulated to the black mailings of umno.

10. Umno has shown its black hand in this issue. It will bend the law until the law is in its favor and it supports corruption. A component party that acquiesces in umnos underhand tactic, shows also it will manipulate the law and willing to accommodate corruption.

11. Umno may argue that seeking pardon and clemency for a convict is its own policy, but threatening a component party to sever ties with it because the other party beseeches the Agong to reject pardon and clemency is, black mailing others .

12. By the same reasoning, since the official policy of the government is zero tolerance of corruption, will umno threaten to sever ties with the unity government? Go ahead!

13. Umno will always be its petulant and recalcitrant self, having a high opinion of itself. May I remind readers, that umno is a passenger and not the driver of this unity government? It's just a melukut di tepi gantang. Sedarlah diri sedikit samdol!

14. And how is it, that is its interference with the Agongs wisdom in deciding whether to pardon Najib , when OPPOSING that request ,but asking for clemency and pardon is not?

15. Or, what umno asks is ok, but what others ask, is not ok.

16. When an umno leader says that this is a case where a friend stabs a friend in the back, he needs to be reminded of what Islam says about the principles of friendship.

17. First of all, the business of backstabbing and treachery is second nature to umno. It therefore thinks others are doing the same when not agreeing with them.

18. Islam lays down clear principles about helping and working hand in hand with a friend. And that is, you help a friend in the commission of good and raises taqwa or fear of God. You do not help or work hand in hand in the commission of evil. Fear God as God's punishment is most severe.

19. Umno is implicitly inviting other component parties to support an evil, to wit pardon and release convict Najib. Both choices are no option. It's an invitation all component parties must decline .

20. What can we make of Amanahs tucking it's tail in between it's leg like a mongrel?

21. It was just a show. Obviously there must be a lot of rank pulling in amanah. In the end, Amanahs deputy president apologized to umno. It was an exercise in damage control. It was to prevent a tiff from boiling over into open hostility and animosity. It was necessary to preserve the unity in the unity government

22 . Curiously, it was Amanahs deputy president, Salehudin Ayub,who issued the apology and not the man who was alleged to be the loose canon, Khalid Samad. Will umno accept that?

23. The man who said that Khalid was a loose canon was the primus inter pares, shahrir Samad, who is an umno veteran and half brother to Khalid. It was our own Cain and Abel.

24. If shahrirs statement came after the apology was issued, it shows that umno not only wants meat but also blood

25. The true character must come out in the end. The scum rises to the surface. Umno is a recalcitrant and bolshie child that feels it's entitled to special treatment. It can't escape a sense of entitlement.

26. But the apology is also injurious to Amanah. It will be perceived as an unprincipled and spineless party . It has managed to rahmah-nise or cheapen itself. Let's see how AMANAH saves itself .


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