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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 24 December 2022

Image Building: Unsolicited Views from a Pretentious Image Consultant.

1. In 2019, frank dikotter wrote a book titled dictators. In the book, he outlined the steps taken to build a cult of personality.

2. The steps taken will usually and eventually lead to the creation of dictators.

3. The steps, if I may simplify, are as follows.
A. Wielding the big stick.
B. Image building.
C. Religious validation.

4. I disagree on 2 things. These steps are not intrinsicaly bad. Used positively, they can create a PM with unfettered powers to do the various reforms we badly need.
They do not necessarily lead to dictatorship if there are safeguards.

5. It all began, when the PM issued a headmasterly warning. That he will sack ministers and related personnel if they are corrupt.

6. That statement was a double-edged sword. It instils fear in ministers and public servants. But it gains appreciation, approval and approbation from the people.

7. But the statement is also ambiguous. It is unclear. Why wait until the damage has been done? Corruption has happened?

8. Authorized sprm or relevant bodies to investigate the person of interest's and his immediate family's account.

9. If the account has an extraordinary amount of money, ask him to explain. If he can't, that's prima facie evidence that he stole the money.

10. Don't just sack him. He must go to court. If convicted he must be jailed. The stolen money, every bit of it must be returned. All assets, chattels and moveable assets bought with the stolen money must be seized and returned

11. To carry out the order, we need an honest sprm.perhaps sprm now needs reforming, beginning with the head.

12. All these can be carried out, if we have a legally unfettered leader. The steps mentioned by dikotter, need not necessarily lead to the creation of a dictator. They are necessary to give unfettered powers to the pm.

13. There's a very thin line that divides a potential dictator and a powerful PM. That's why he needs to surround himself with the honest, the ablest and the most un-intimidated ministers to provide the political ballast to keep him on an even keel.

14. That's why I disagreed with the PM, when he included the kleptocratic people and the losers in the election into the cabinet.

15. In one passage, dikotter wrote that Louis 14 was a master at theatre. A great actor. All politicians need an image. The PM too.

16. The PM has assiduously created an image that he's one with the people. The refusal to take a salary, refusal of a Merc, the publicised Friday prayers and the folksy dressing. All designed to identify with the common people.

17. He may be someone acting. In real life he maybe some who likes playboy shades, driven around in a 7 series and likes LV loafers. He is an axe with an iron and wooden components. The iron component cuts and hurts you, but the wooden component got you convinced, he's one of you.

18. People may regard it as farcical and flatulent, but that image endears the PM to the people.

19. People are tired with the lordly image of previous PMs with unacceptable wealth. Anwar represent a breath of fresh air

20. In building up that image, the PM has help from various groups. Photographers, blog writers, cyber army and propaganda minister.

21. Sufficient to elicit smarmy exclamations from puerile websites shouting:-

22. Hooray, yahoo, ya Allah, amithoba,skanda, Vishnu, subrahmanya etc.

23. The last 3 I mentioned, are multi-headed Hindu gods. Therein lies the talent of the PM. The ability to talk different things to a different set of people. Hence, the multi heads.

24. Rather than being looked as something destructive and detrimental, the multi-headed persona is a political asset. It enhances his political longevity.

25. Thus, he's able to talk A to the Malay rednecks ,B to the Chinese, C to the indians, D towa others. To religious people, he's also a holy man.

26. Of course, the PM has to have his own talent. Chief of which is acting. Mussolini for example, regarded himself as Italy's greatest actor. Hitler, as mentioned by dikotter, regarded himself as Europe's greatest performer.

27. The PM can regard himself as MGR, Gemini ganesan, sivaji ganesan or Rajinikanth. Take your pick.

28. People around him must also act. They must exercise self-censorship, feigned obedience, smile on order, shout reformasi on cue etc. All designed to give an illusion of undivided support to the PM.

29. We have given such devotional support to people like Ali babavum Najib, abah cow, why can't we give to PM Anwar? He plans it better. He's got the smarts.

30. Finally, to give the money impression that he is genuinely love, he needs some religious validation. This, he recently, accomplished when he organized a congregation of Muslim ulamaks. Anwar is now a holy man.

31. It seems that Anwar has got all the components not to become a dictator, but a real powerful PM. He can now set about to execute his robust policies.

32. One, he has already done. That's the termination of all political appointees aka leeches in gls, glics, statutory bodies and the like. It is estimated the number can be as high as 17,000.

33. Other than serving as chairmen, directors and board members, they really are dead weights and totem poles.

34. Terminating these suckers, could save us rmbillions. That is part of the anti wastage election slogan PH promises us.

33. He must now tackle the bigger problems of corruption and abuse of power. People have not forgotten that during the 22 months in power, there were no arrests and high profile corruption cases tried. Amuse us with some Earth shaking arrests and trials.

34. The image, Anwar carves, is designed to make him a leader with legally unfettered powers. Do the next part.

35. Grudgingly, I have to say Anwar Ibrahim is our shrewdest PM after all.


Thursday 22 December 2022

The Vote of Confidence. Much Ado about Nothing.

1. Was the confidence voting a gimmick and a prelude to a dictatorship?

2. As a rule any party with a questionable majority support of MPs, ought to subject itself to a vote of confidence.

3. Stronger reasons to do one if the government in question is composed of a coalition of parties. The support of these ought to be verified in parliament.

4. Hence, primarily, doing one isn't just a response of being challenged by a sceptical joe. More important, it's an action to affirm and validate a government's claim that it has the confidence of a majority of the MPs.

5. Therefore, (in our case) ignore the grumblings and grouses of a petulant mahiadin. The stronger and more important reason is to validate and to affirm majority support.

6. Doing a vote of confidence and ascertaining support in a physical presence is a surer way of validating support than reliance of SDs.

7. Our government is based on the support of the electorate and a manifestation of that support through the physical demonstration of it by MPs in parliament. Parliament is the appropriate venue to validate that support.

8. Our government must never be founded on the tenderizing of SDs. The fact that the king called each MP to ascertain his or her support, showed an implicit lack of 100% confidence in just a piece of paper.

9. It follows, therefore, a party leader relying on SDs only, ignores the wishes of the people and is arguably less trustworthy himself.

10. We didn't see a vote of confidence done by both mahiadin and Ismail sabri. I would be forgiven then into believing the 2 governments were the biggest scams done to Malaysians.

11. It's a moral imperative then to do a vote of confidence and not just a response to the challenge done by petulant mahiadin.
In politics, we are guided by both legal and moral principles. It's gimmicky only in saying it's a response to the challenge by sourpuss mahiadin.

12. Isn't it laughable to hear people saying the vote of confidence is a gimmick, not necessary, and we don't want to durhaka to the king and saying the submissive ampun tuanku?AFTER the MOA being signed by the Anwar government?

13. Why didn't these charlatans acknowledge that all this while, right from the beginning, Anwar had majority support and that the MOA is superfluous?

14. Instead, they want to belabour and caused stress to everyone by asking a vote of confidence. And when their plan backfired, say disingenuously it's a gimmick, not necessary and don't want to durhaka to the king?

15. It's just verbal semantics and like the uncivilized bung mokhtar said, FU.

16. Let's not overgeneralize the MOA as being a prelude to a dictatorship. I think that's a rushed and rash statement.

17. I think the statement saying it's a dictatorship was first made by mas ermiyatie and then parroted in parliament by Hamzah zainuddin. All the components to a dictatorship are not there, but they insisted on treating the MoA as a pivotal component. They are inviting us to believe that. That's an invitation we shall stoutly refuse.

18. In any case, would you want to establish a dictatorship by publicising the step you are taking? You would do everything by fiat.

19. Does the signing of SDs snuff out the freedom by MPs to say what their conscience dictate? The MOA have the same effects.

20. Rather than saying the MOA signifies lack of support, I would rather say it's just a step taken to fortify support. Just as much as an SD is.

21. If the MOA is regarded as odious, objectionable and unsavoury, the SDs must be similarly regarded

22. Now, the tales told by ermiyatie and Hamzah are really Macbethian in spirit. It's a tale told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

23. Ermiyatie and Hamzah are not idiots, but their tales are idiotic.


Sunday 18 December 2022

Terlajak kata, binasa jadi nya .

1. Saya tergamam dan tercengang bila pm Anwar kata se2orang tidak bersalah sehigga ia didapati bersalah

2. Saya diberitahu, bahawa inilah prinsip yang dipakai oleh ramai peguam, terutama mereka yang mengamal Anglo Saxon law.

3. Ia seolah olah sudah menjadi satu prinsip yang kudus. Tapi tidak semua negara mengamalkan nya.

4. Di negara2 seperti perancis, itali, Iran, Russia dll, kamu dikira bersalah sehigga dibuktikan sebaliknya.

5. Mana satu prinsip bagus, boleh di debatkan sampai urat leher kita tegang, muka membiru dan lembu pulang petang. Pilihan bergantung ikut selera dan citarasa.

6. Prinsip tidak bersalah sehigga dibuktikan sebaliknya tidak ada dalam perlembagaan kita. Yakni tidak ditulis secara explicitly dalam perlembagaan kita.

7. Ia dipakai untuk menegakkan benang basah. Dalam perkara yang kontemporer, Ia digunakan untuk menjustfikasikan kemasukan zahid dalam kabinet.

8. Kalau Kes berprofil tinggi seperti Kes zahid boleh di justifikasikan dengan prinsip lapuk ini,ia nya memberi PM Anwar carte blanche untuk memasukan gerombolan kleptocratic yang lain2 dalam kabinet.

9. Mutakhir yang berlaku ialah bila Ahmad maslan dijadikan timbalan menteri. Bukankah dia telah didenda 1.1m dan telah menerima jutaan ringgit wang 1MDB?

10. Sukalah kita bertanya, mengapa PM Anwar tidak mahu guna prinsip bersalah sehigga dibuktikan sebaliknya?

11. Kerana, pada pendapat saya, Anwar Ibrahim mahu terus kekal menjadi PM. Biarpun terpaksa menggunakan prinsip yang lapuk.
Anwar handal bab itu. Dengan kepetahan nya, dia boleh panggil burung2 yang terbang di awan, makan ditapak tangan nya.

12. Mungkin, dalam keadaan dimana rasuah bermaharajalela dan mengganas seperti sekarang, prinsip bersalah sehigga dibuktikan sebaliknya lebih praktikal.

13. Beranikah Azalina yang cakap berdegar degar itu, mereformasikan prinsip ini atau dia hanya omong kosong?

14. Yang saya khuatiri, mengorbankan janji2 dan prinsip, kita menjadi orang yang sifat2 nya kita benci. Kita benci perasuah, kita pun turut rasuah.

15. Maka jadilah keadaan yang disebut Franz Fanon, kita melawan penindas, last2 kita jadi penindas. Baca the wretched of the earth .

16. Kemudian, tidakkah kita takut akan dosa dan petaka yang akan mendatang, kalau kita guna prinsip ini? Lihat surah HUD, 113.

17. Kita membenci penzalim seperti perasuah, akhirnya kita pun jadi perasuah.

18. Ada 2 lagi pertimbangan PM Anwar yang membimbangkan saya. Dia mengambil kira zahid adalah pengerusi BN dan president umno.

19. Bayangkan, jika orang nombor 1 bertimbangan begini, besar kemungkinan AG yang sentiasa menurut perintah, akan turut bertimbangan demikian.

20. Ini akan bermakna Kes rasuah zahid dan kes2 perasuah yang lain akan digugurkan, disapu bawah permaidani tebal Putrajaya.

21. Saya berharap AG tidak akan mengirai angkubah2 tidak releven ini . The law is the law .

22. Jika lah hakim2 mahkamah persekutuan, menimbang bahawa tertuduh didepan mereka, adalah bekas PM, bekas presiden umno dan bekas pengerusi BN, mampus kita! Na'uzubillah.

23. Inilah yang hamka katakan, alang2 cerdik ,rosak negara.


Saturday 17 December 2022

Perniagaan buka seperti biasa .

1. Ke'gumbiraan' kita terhadap lantikan politik dalam glc, glic, mof inc dll, kena diberhentikan dulu.

2. Orang kelate woyak sementar deh. PM ada budibicara menggantikan yang ditamatkan dengan lahabau yang lain.

3. Harapan kita ialah perlantikan baru oleh PM tertakluk kepada public scrutiny. Adakah sinangoi itu mempunyai kemahiran, kelayakan dan kecekapan yang dikehendaki.

4. Jika perlantikan tersebut tetap atas dasar politik, Maka seperti kata orang terengganu, bong je

5. Jika itu dasarnya, it's back to business as usual bawah PH . Mungkin lebih teruk dibawah pentadbiran mamak padukong ini

6. Jika demikian, reformasi yang dilaungkan hanya omongan kosong dan pancingan undi pilihanraya .

7. Kita dikejutkan dengan perlantikan ini:-

8. Cer PM story kita kelayakan istimewa apa yang nurjazlan yaakob ada selain make budu dan ikan bakàr tawar. Cer cerita

9. Yang mengherankan, kita diberitahu bahawa yang ada budibicara ialah PM. Kenyataan rasmi sepatutnya datang dari pejabat PM.

10.ini yang buat kenyataan rasmi ialah wak ponorogol.

11. Adakah tpm lebih berbisa dari PM? Adakah Ia nya seperti saya katakan, kerajaan umno MK2?

12. Ini hanya boleh bermakna, tpm dan umno, has got the PM by the balls.

13. Jika perlantikan nurjazlan adalah langkah permula, we can expect more of the same. Pi Mai, pi Mai, dok tang tu jugak.


Friday 16 December 2022

Mahiadineers and election deniers.

1. I thought only Trump and the Trumpeteers talked about election fraud. That they are the only election deniers.

2. In Malaysia, we actually have a trump. He comes from Pagoh. Eats sambal belacan. His name is mahiadin,'puffy' Yassin.

3. I was wrong. Like the American trump, mahiadin and the mahiadeneers, are election deniers. It is valid if he and his party had won it

4. Mahiadin said the 2022 election was an electoral fraud and the cabinet was a disappointment.

5. I too, had criticized the mismatched cabinet and the marriage of convenience it emits. But I did it for a different reason.

6. I meant it to be better. I resent the Anwarisation of the Malaysian cabinet. In particular, I dislike the inclusion of too many kleptocratic minded goons and the rescuing of people who lost in the election. But I never called the election a fraud.

7. Mahiadin's characterization of the election as a fraud, is an insult to the voters and the untiring election commission. He should apologize to them.

8. Mahiadin had to make the outrageous claim because of 2 reasons.

9. One, is to keep the faith of his party men and two, as a red herring to his host of problems. Of course, there were the petty things like failing to get the majority and not becoming the PM.

10. Mahiadin needed to say something bizarre to unite the PN footsoldiers who are mercenary in spirit

11. They are interested only in victory and the division of the spoils therefrom.

12. Or they are interested in the prospects of victory. That prospects can be achieved, if many do believe, the election is fraudulent. Then PN can take over as government and mahiadin can divide the spoils.

13. On the other hand, the fact that mahiadin had to make the trump-like statement, suggests there is dissension among the PN ranks.

14. The binding effect of a preposterous statement is flimsy. I predict by the 19th of December, many will abandon PN.

15. The claim that the election is a fraud, is used by mahiadin to deflect and distract people's attention from a litany of bigger problems mahiadin is facing.

16. The 600b unaccounted spending, PN being funded possibly by the gaming industry, being sued over his 15 million salary, etc.

17. Mahiadin could well provide proof that the election was a fraud. If he can't, better shut the F up!

18. If I were Anwar, I will not let the issues raised by mahiadin 'crowd out' prime ministerial time. I would just provide documentary proof, and just do whatever is necessary.

19. In one sense, what mahiadin did was seditious. He's instigating people to attack our democratic institutions' ala the American January 6th mob attack on the capitol. The object is to overturn the outcome of the election.

20. Mahiadin would be happy if his unsubstantiated claim causes mindless riot and destabilize the country. Attack the capital, ransack parliament or the PM's office and so on

21. All these can happen as a result of one man being a very sore loser of trumpish proportions. Deny the elections, they are valid only iff he had won (the economist iff).

22. For that, all right-thinking Malaysian should condem and ostracize mahiadin. Let us consign him as a footnote in the an als of history.


Wednesday 14 December 2022

Implied interference of the court.

1. I am flabbergasted when Anwar says you are innocent until found guilty.

2. I believed that's a sacrosanct principle in the legal systems of the world.

3. But not all follow the antiquated principle. In France, Italy, Russia and Iran, you are guilty until proven innocent.

4. It doesn't mean the principle of innocent until proven guilty is superior to the other rule.

5. One is chosen over the other is because you want to straighten a wet thread.

6. In this case, Anwar wanted to justify Zahid's inclusion in the cabinet

7. If the highest profile criminal case of Zahid's can be cavalierly justified using an antiquated rule, the same thinking gives Anwar a carte blanche to include the whole gang bang of kleptocratic minded goons.

8. Why doesn't Anwar want to use the rule, guilty until proven innocent? I put it to him, that's because his personal interests override the public's.

9. He wants to stay on as PM at all costs-by any means necessary, even to the extent of using a silver tongued argument.
Anwar is good at that; he can even induce a bird in the sky to come eat from his hands.

10. With the rampant and marauding corruption taking place in Malaysia, perhaps it's good if the rule guilty until proven innocent, is adopted.

11. Will the braggadocios Azalina dare reform this rule? Or she is just talking cock?

12. Acquittal seems to be the legal holy grail. It's pursued energetically by shifty lawyers and is an intentional slip of the tongue by grade 'C' judges.

13. When Zahid was acquitted in his earlier case, I can almost hear his lawyer asking

14. Now that you are acquitted, tell me truthfully, did you steal the money? To which Zahid answered:- after listening to your brilliant arguments, I am beginning to think I didn't.

15. What alarms me, are the 2 other childish arguments used by Anwar.

16. That(a) Zahid is the president of UMNO and (b) Zahid is chairman of BN.

17. If the number 1 man thinks this way, it's probable the pliant AG will also think likewise.

18. Then the charges against Zahid will be dropped. Zahid's case will never see the light of day.

19. I hope the AG will treat these considerations as irrelevant. Imagine if the supreme court judges in Najib's case were to consider, here is a man who is a former pm, umno president and BN chairman. Horrors!

20. Pak sheikh, we are sleeping using the same pillow, but we dream different dreams. You may think Zahid is innocent, but the people think he is guilty as hell!

21. Your line of thinking is tantamount to attempted interference with the court.


Monday 12 December 2022

Versions of Anwar

1. sorry for being an incorrigible sceptic. I don't have time to discuss this fine point of my life. Please don't pour out your unrestrained exuberance on mamu Anwar. The jury is still out, lor.

2. So far, it's much thunder, little rain. All I see thus far are
*The gimmicky stuff
*Populist stuff
*Hot air blowing.

3. The gimmicky stuff include not taking the pm salary(perhaps he's rich), rejecting a new Merc, wearing folksy dress, performing publicized Friday prayers etc

4. All of these may be genuine behaviour, but it could also be pompous humility. The real Anwar may be the one who likes LV loafers, use playboy shades, driven around in 7 series BMW etc. The gimmicky stuff is for the consumption of the gullible public.

5. The Malay public, especially, will ululate noisily about the public persona. Here is the real McCoy, representing the people. Hurrah!

6. Cut the BS, please. For instance, I am not at all impressed with asking ministers taking a 20% cut in salary. It may just encourage toll taking.

7. I see a slew of income transfers. BSH, special EPF withdrawals etc. No difference with Ali babavum Najib's BRIM. A rose by another name.

8. I can easily do a stokely Carmichael's version of burn baby burn to spend baby spend. Najib once told me, there's nothing the malays like more than to receive freebies.
Satu Malaysia happy, beb.

9. Will these income transfers be paralleled with policies to increase productivity?

10. Like Clara peller in the Wendy commercial says, where's the beef? Or as James Carville says, it's the economy, stupid!

11. Is mamu Anwar just blowing hot air? The 600b expose, wanting to sue din sembab for claiming Anwar is paid 15 million, suing a pas preacher. Don't talk only, just do it!

12. Unless real action is taken, Anwar is just NATO-no action, talk only.

13. Anwar must now provide leadership to a disparate group of individuals, some of which are working at cross purposes.

14. He must act quickly and swiftly. When he sees a problem, deal with it immediately instead of talking and discussing it.

15. As an aside, with regards to a current issue, Anwar is a bad judge of character. He has chosen a sarawakian as DPM.

16. The donkey has imputed that the 1-month given by Anwar, asking him to prepare the MA63 is not sufficient. Who says he has to prepare it alone? He can have a battalion of advisers to help him, can't he?

17. One of the test of a leader is to put the right person at the right place. If the sarawakian elected pig is whining and complaining, Anwar has failed in judging this character.

18. I am sorry to shatter the glass casing surrounding Anwar. That must disappoint his legion of fans. But I consider myself, his soulmate. Always critical and sceptical.


Saturday 10 December 2022

The Anwarisation of the Malaysian cabinet.

1. I was watching the Senate run-off between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker in Georgia. The journalist said something that reminded me of a very important rule.

2. She said that the representative we choose must reflect the values we cherish greatly.

3. In the end, Walker was defeated because the majority cherishes moral character as a pivotal value.

4. For walker, it was a case of his sordid past catching up with him. In a permissive and loose environment, he sowed his wild oats here and there and later paid for the abortion of his girlfriends.

5. Now, pro-life is his party, the republican (the American umno) official stand. How can anyone reconcile what he did in the past with the current stand?

6. In the end, a society, which jealously guards its core value of good character, defeated Herschel walker.

7. Tweeter Trump supported walker. By way of extension, American society at large, rejected the trumpfication of society. Which is thinking that society can be bullied and stymied by verbal sophistry. Thinking that way, is a character flaw.

8. Walker's candidacy was supported by the whites in general because he is black and a football champion. Some sort like a trophy uncle tom.

9. One cardinal point is driven here; the importance of moral integrity, which constitutes the main element of character.

10. But character, as Lee Kuan Yew says, is tested when you are faced with pressure or put under the firing line. Then, your moral constitution comes to the fore.

11. Walker, when faced with an erroneous perception that society is loose and permissive, took advantage of the situation much as Trump, with lips smirking, bullies the American people.

12. Character then is the ability to be stoic and makes a morally right decision, while conscious of the surrounding circumstances.

13. Walker made a self advantageous decision thinking that Georgians do not assign a high value to moral character.

14. Trivializing character issues, what is happening now is the Anwarisation of the cabinet. What is that?

15. That is, inclusion of kleptocratic minded individuals into the cabinet and rescuing rejected individuals into the cabinet. The DPM even has 47 criminal charges against him. But Anwar is ok with that. Dap and an Amanah can sleep with that. Cavorting with discredited people is ok maa.

16. It's true then, as lky said, judging a person's character is most difficult and requires time. Either you have it or you don't. Anwar seems to have yilek of it.

17. It's not possible to judge a person by watching him on a TV screen, or sitting with him for 1-2hours while drinking latte and eating popcorn or curry puff

18. If the situation persists, I am afraid PH's success (as a government) is temporary, transient and ephemeral.

19. This government, consisting of individuals working at cross purposes, cannot be a stable one. You have at least one gangstrous individual from Sarawak, a slew of kleptocratic individuals and 2 discredited DPMs.

20. I am amazed that some people regard the inclusion of these unsavory individuals in Anwar's cabinet is a brilliant strategy of mamu.

21. That strategy is alleged to buy time for Anwar, don't worry, Anwar is in control overall and key portfolios are held by PKR people.

22. Ah so, it's a political chess board game after all. Yeah, yeah.

23. Anwar must now provide the leadership to these disparate individuals. Which is to rally these people to a cause and policies to achieve the cause .

24. Unfortunately, the signals given off by Anwar are unclear. He's spread too thin, liberal, and too celebratory of differences.

25. that being so, he must surround himself with the ablest, most determined, energetic and sound. These people will make his policies succeed . As it is, the only people who are determined and willing are the dap 'chauvinists'. There are too few of them.

26. The economy and finance portfolios must be merged asap and put Rafizi ramli there pronto!

27. The statement given by Anwar on zahid is worrying me. I hope it does to others too.

28. He said he considered 3 things. Zahid has not been proven guilty. He is BN chairman, and he is president of umno.

29. Imagine if the number 1 honcho considers these things, it is not improbable that a servile AG does not also consider these things too

30. What if the AG were to mysteriously drop the charges against zahid. The charges won't even reach the court.

31. There's nothing the prosecutorial team and the judge can do. Except, cupped their hands over their genitals. Betul tak madam t maimun?

32. As for Anwar, despite the negative things I said of him, DAP, Amanah, the Borneo bloc and umno have chosen him as PM. They must now work hard to ensure he remains PM.

33. I have no doubt, Anwar will sail through the confidence vote on 19th December. Like a knife cutting butter!


Wednesday 7 December 2022

Readings from an obscure kitab kuning of politics.

1. To Dr Singh, Mr kamadevas, Mr pOH Kee mak, Mr tong Sam pah, encik kuatshahwat, I like a million others prayed that Anwar became our 10th PM.

2. I have written articles supporting him. I lauded him for being a principled fellow.

3. Providence has answered us bountifully. Our intense prayers were not in vain. He indeed became our 10th PM.

4. We prayed really hard. As hard as the achis in Tambun. We prayed until dry in the mouth. Some of us sent out a petition urging friends to support Anwar.

5. When I resent the petition to friends, one came back with the incredulous question, since when does SakmongkolAK47 become a supporter of Anwar?

6. When he appointed Zahid penorogol as DPM, our dry mouths were left with a bitter after-taste

7. When I described him as the 'rock' Anwar, perhaps that was a tad premature. Now, I tend to concur with the PKR mp of pasir gudang, when it was reported he said thus:-

8. 3 things that Anwar said to justify Zahid's inclusion, made me sit up.

9. He said Zahid is:- 
a. Umno president, 
b. He is BN chairman and 
c. He hasn't been proven guilty. 
Anwar said the 3 things, he considers.

10. Now that the PM considers these factors, will the Appeal and Supreme court judges also consider these?

11. Unless they are stout enough in deciding cases bases on their merits, not on irrelevant exogenous factors.

12. After all, they are not politicians like Anwar is.

13. It seems, principles are overrated things after all. They can be changed and adjusted according to extraordinary circumstances.

14. Why can't as a principle, anyone facing criminal and jailable offences be excluded. Excluded, ab initio, are those who lost in the election and those who did not contest at all.

15. Wouldn't that simplify decision makings, instead of including complicated and difficult to extricate from matters?

16. The rule of innocent until proven guilty has often been used by shyster people to justify horrible things.

17. And by repeatedly saying it, you unconsciously take up ownership of that rule, and you will go all out to defend it. In the end, the innocence becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

18. Perhaps Anwar's principle is to be like water. At once not rigid, formless and shapeless, assuming the shape of the medium it occupies. Filled into a cup, it becomes the cup, filled into a bottle, it's the bottle.

19. Therefore, I suspend my judgement and give mamu Anwar, the benefit of the doubt.

20. That leaves one thing I cannot reconcile and fathom. The fact that t. Zafrul was made a minister. Like Rafidah Aziz said, that's scrapping the barrel.

21. That bourgeois bloke is not an MP, lost the election meaning rejected by the people, has no umno roots, yet he was made a minister.

22. Tell me the yellow kitab you are reading Mr PM sir.

23. As a former finance minister, has Zafrul got anything to do with the 580 or 600 billion spent during the MCO? 
No stones must be left unturned to uncover the truth!


Tuesday 6 December 2022

Bright promises, perhaps Dismal outcome. Part 2.

1. Now that I have slept it over, I believe I can give a more sedate analysis of the cabinet.

2. If Anwar had wanted a minister advising him on legal matters, I would think Gobind is a more appropriate person. Not shim Azalina.

3. Azalina may be an articulate person, but perhaps she is an SNP signing lawyer. The duties of reforming the necessary institutions maybe over her head.

4. Trusting an umno person doing reforms is like bringing coal to Newcastle. It's futile.

5. Anwar may be eager to forge closer ties with the indian subcontinent. That's why he puts zambry Abdul Kadir there as foreign minister. Coincidentally, we don't see any indians in the cabinet.

6. There are good mapillays in the dap, mamu.

7. Tengku zafrul may be a good bean counter, but he knows nuts about economics and trade. This doesn't bode well for our country.

8. Trade and economics are not like changing motorcycle oil, ya tengku.


9. Let's see Khaled nordin as minister of higher education take quick remedial actions. Assign students with very excellent results in the stpm, especially the Chinese students, befitting courses. Don't let them be assigned to improper courses by overzealous Malay firsters, arts graduates or eating proper with fork, spoon and knives MCS officers.

10. With mat Hassan as defence minister, let's hope that Rafizi ramli won't stop exposing the OTHER scandals in the defence ministry. And since mat Hassan has nothing to do with them, he won't object to have them investigated thoroughly, would he?

11. I have no complaint of the PkR footsoldiers given cabinet posts. They are good talents. Rafizi ramli, fahmi fadzil, saifudin nasution are capable people. Fadhlina sidek, whom I believe is a senator last time, is the daughter of Anwar's comrade in arms since the abim days, sidek fadhil. We hope she's chosen for her abilities.

12. The DAP too has provided a pool of talented people. Only, I think, the numbers do not commensurate with the party's strength.

13. I can't help but believe the DAP got the short end of the stick. With 40 mps, more than PKR, umno and the Borneo bloc, DAP is given a few scraps, so to speak.

14. In a sense, this is a reflection of Anthony loke the DAP sec gen . It suggests he may have not negotiated with Anwar hard enough, or he is too besotted with Anwar.

15. He may have inadvertently contributed to the DAP getting the short end of the stick. Or the DAP sacrifices itself for the greater good. The greater good being the formation of a unity government.

16. This cabinet and government looks suspiciously, as an umno government MK 11.

17. We hope that there is no prenuptial pact between zahid penorogol and mamu Anwar. An agreement whereby, if Anwar gets the majority, zahid will support him as PM.

18. In return, Anwar will later recommend a royal pardon for Ali babavum Najib and have the charges against zahid dropped, as well as safe the other umno stalwarts facing court charges .

19. Now, I don't know about you, but I am a very superstitious person. If these things were to happen, I will think that mamu Anwar has a hand in it.

20. I hope I am mostly wrong in my prognoses. Then you can treat what I wrote as something to just excite your brain while sipping a c

21. I am less charitable in my assessment about the cabinet. Sorry for that. For safer analyses, which may be right, listen to the luminaries invited by Awani.

22. Malaysians and countrymen, lend me your ears. I came to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

23. I came to criticize Anwar, not to praise him. I pull no punches. But my criticisms are done sans malice.


Sunday 4 December 2022

Bright promises, perhaps Dismal outcome . Part 1.

1. Just now at 8:15pm, 2nd of December, our PM announced the much awaited cabinet.

2. My initial reaction, like Milton Friedman said,'bright promises, dismal performance'.

3. My first reaction was, what a let-down. Is this an umno MK2 government?

4. The feller who lost the election in Kuala Selangor is made a minister, while the victor is left clutching his dick.

5. Dap which has more seats than umno, PKR got a few token and uncle tom posts. There's no Guan Eng, there's no Gobind, no Yeo Bee yin and 1 or 2 others.

6. In a sense, I feel vindicated. We respect Anwar, but can never trust him.

7. He's a Faustian creature, this MCGayGay feller. He will be responsible for giving umno a 2nd lease of life. The miserable entity is almost dying, here comes Anwar with arms outstretched.

8. His first fatal mistake is to take in the wak ponorogol as DPM. Will that lead to the dropping of the other 47 charges proffered to jahid?

9. And he puts the man who sent rm10m through a money changer as defence minister.

10. And yet there are people who say this is a breath of fresh air, new faces, women, and it's good overall.

11. That's the difference between the various brain boxes and analysts called by in by awani and I. These people can't wait to pander to an exigent and greedy pm. Yes, exigent and greedy for praises from dusk to dawn.

12. Don't let Anwar appeal to our credulity and we, on our part, surrender our skepticism.

13. Let us remain sceptical about the cabinet and Anwar's motives.

14. In the first place, do we find comfort in Anwar taking the finance ministry? His infantile arguments, during the sapura debate, do not inspire us. Even though he will have a phalanx of advisers headed by the overrated Hasan marican.

15. Can we have confidence in a person who thinks bringing millions out of the country is by stashing notes in suitcases and ferrying them on planes instead of wire transferring the amount?

16. I would end my initial reaction by quoting T.S. Eliot.

17. I said to my soul be still and wait without hope, for hope is hope for the wrong thing. Wait with without love for love is love of the wrong thing. There is yet faith, but the hope and love are all in the waiting.

So, let us all hope for the right thing.


Saturday 3 December 2022

Never tell outsiders what you think and keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

1. Cabinet posts must never be seen as settling debts. The pm does not owe anything to umno. As such, umno is in no position to dictate the number and what posts it shall get.

2. So, don't push your cheeks to make your nose look pointed, by saying such things like appoint according to hierarchy, this is the right size of cabinet, blah, blah.

3. As a friend said , umno ni tak sedar diri, cakap besar, penakut pun ada. Don't put words into the PM's mouth. Stop being patronizing and don't talk from the bully pulpit.

4. Take the size of the cabinet, for instance. Don't say 28 is the correct size. China, which is a much bigger country than ours and whose population, if they urinate, can drown us, has 21 ministers. No one complains he or she can't handle his or her portfolio. It's agriculture and rural ministry is merged, for example.

5. So, if I can be brutally frank, I would say, hey umno, shut the f up! PH has every reason to have high expectations, yet the grouping doesn't say anything.

6. Don't say this person should be the DPM, or that feller should be the finance minister etc.

7. Don't do the speculate shit. If I were to do it, I would say the best person as FM is Rafizi ramli. He's got the smarts, and he's got the experience working here and there.

8. Sure, he hasn't got the experience as FM; but that can be gotten if he were made one .

9. Umno has this ongoing mentality of being preferentially treated and has this entitled to attitude. Well, those halcyon days are over and gone.

10. Umno supported PH because it knows it's the right thing to do. Anwar and PH has 82 seats-he ought to be given the FIRST chance to form a government.

11. Not mahiadin 'puffy' Yassin with 73 seats. Moreover, Anwar is amenable to an inclusive government as opposed to mahiadin's exclusive arrangement.

12.mahiadins politics is the politics of convenience and political power grab by any means necessary.

13. Note the intrigue he did in pahang. He sent his emissaries there and offered the mb a senatorship and to be made a full minister. In return, the mb post will be given to PN.

14. That can be only be a measure of a man consumed with power grab. The man is perilous for Malaysia.

15. In my mind, following the dictates of realpolitik, the pm ought to be guided by 2 principles.

16. First, he should never tell outsiders what he thinks nor allow anyone to determine his thinking. This is self-explanatory.

17. Secondly, which I think is more important, is to keep his friends close, but keep his enemies closer.

18. As between the Borneo bloc and umno, umno is the friendlier enemy. It was they who initiated the sari pacific talks. That shows umno can be a friend to Don Anwar.

19. So, accommodate the Borneo bloc first and give umno enough to wet its beak.

This article was completed on Thursday


Thursday 1 December 2022

Membentuk kabinet Malaysia. Prinsip2 panduan.

1. Ahli parlimen setiawangsa dan pasir gudang berpendapat bahawa jangan jadikan kluster mahkamah sebagai menteri dalam kabinet Anwar.

2. Timbalan ketua umno Johor menyanggah pendapat ini. Menurut nurjazlan mohd, pendapat seperti ini menyusahkan hubungan BN -PH.

3. Menurut nurjazlan, seorang tidak bersalah sebelum dihukum. Pandangan ini sahih jika kita bersikap teknikal, specific dan legalistic.

4. Maka, ada pertembungan antara pendapat jangan ambil kluster mahkamah sebagai anggota kabinet dengan pandangan se2orang belum salah sebelum ada hukuman. Yang mana satu kita nak pakai?

5. Suasana mengelirukan apabila Anwar Ibrahim menyatakan bahawa seseorang belum bersalah selagi tidak dihukum

6. Kenyataan ini memberi optimism kepada penyokong2 kluster mahkahmah. Ada yang mengatakan Zahid hamidi ada peluang jadi tpm dll

7. Kita harap bila Anwar kata, dia akan dengar pandangan semua pihak, Ia akan menyedarkan semua orang.

8. Umno janganlah get ahead of itself. Jangan besar kepala tuntut itu ini. Jangan anggap diri prima Donna dengan 30 kerusi kamu.

9. Kalau umno ada 3 kerusi itu kira dah bagus. Anwar kena beri priority kepada rakan2 ph dahulu. Dan penyertaan Sabah dan Sarawak harus ada. Bukan nak layan kememe umno saja .

10. Pendapat yang mengatakan Zahid mesti ada dalam kabinet, bukan sesuatu yang terpahat pada batu. Bahawa umno ada monopli undi melayu kini adalah satu metos .

11. Sekarang, undi melayu boleh diperolehi oleh ph sendiri, oleh pas dll. Orang melayu sudah punya kesadaran politik .

12. Dalam membentuk kabinet, pm di pandu oleh banyak faktor. Antara yang penting ialah mengelak daripada cenderung kepada pesalah laku, agar tidak menjadi insane pesalah laku .

13. Banyak Kali dalam sejarah, orang yang komplen pasal penindas, menjadi sang penindas juga. Baca Franz fanon.

14. Yang komplen dan anti rasuah, jadi perasuah sama.

15. Ingatlah pesan Allah, dalam 113 surah HUD. Jangan lah kamu cenderung kepada pesalah laku, kelak kamu disambar API neraka.

16. Yakni, jangan ambil kluster mahkamah, kelak nanti kamu ditimpa bencana.

17. Bukankah orang2 PKR, selalu mengkakaktuakan ayatb113 surah HUD? Kotakan nya!


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