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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 12 December 2022

Versions of Anwar

1. sorry for being an incorrigible sceptic. I don't have time to discuss this fine point of my life. Please don't pour out your unrestrained exuberance on mamu Anwar. The jury is still out, lor.

2. So far, it's much thunder, little rain. All I see thus far are
*The gimmicky stuff
*Populist stuff
*Hot air blowing.

3. The gimmicky stuff include not taking the pm salary(perhaps he's rich), rejecting a new Merc, wearing folksy dress, performing publicized Friday prayers etc

4. All of these may be genuine behaviour, but it could also be pompous humility. The real Anwar may be the one who likes LV loafers, use playboy shades, driven around in 7 series BMW etc. The gimmicky stuff is for the consumption of the gullible public.

5. The Malay public, especially, will ululate noisily about the public persona. Here is the real McCoy, representing the people. Hurrah!

6. Cut the BS, please. For instance, I am not at all impressed with asking ministers taking a 20% cut in salary. It may just encourage toll taking.

7. I see a slew of income transfers. BSH, special EPF withdrawals etc. No difference with Ali babavum Najib's BRIM. A rose by another name.

8. I can easily do a stokely Carmichael's version of burn baby burn to spend baby spend. Najib once told me, there's nothing the malays like more than to receive freebies.
Satu Malaysia happy, beb.

9. Will these income transfers be paralleled with policies to increase productivity?

10. Like Clara peller in the Wendy commercial says, where's the beef? Or as James Carville says, it's the economy, stupid!

11. Is mamu Anwar just blowing hot air? The 600b expose, wanting to sue din sembab for claiming Anwar is paid 15 million, suing a pas preacher. Don't talk only, just do it!

12. Unless real action is taken, Anwar is just NATO-no action, talk only.

13. Anwar must now provide leadership to a disparate group of individuals, some of which are working at cross purposes.

14. He must act quickly and swiftly. When he sees a problem, deal with it immediately instead of talking and discussing it.

15. As an aside, with regards to a current issue, Anwar is a bad judge of character. He has chosen a sarawakian as DPM.

16. The donkey has imputed that the 1-month given by Anwar, asking him to prepare the MA63 is not sufficient. Who says he has to prepare it alone? He can have a battalion of advisers to help him, can't he?

17. One of the test of a leader is to put the right person at the right place. If the sarawakian elected pig is whining and complaining, Anwar has failed in judging this character.

18. I am sorry to shatter the glass casing surrounding Anwar. That must disappoint his legion of fans. But I consider myself, his soulmate. Always critical and sceptical.


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