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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 4 December 2022

Bright promises, perhaps Dismal outcome . Part 1.

1. Just now at 8:15pm, 2nd of December, our PM announced the much awaited cabinet.

2. My initial reaction, like Milton Friedman said,'bright promises, dismal performance'.

3. My first reaction was, what a let-down. Is this an umno MK2 government?

4. The feller who lost the election in Kuala Selangor is made a minister, while the victor is left clutching his dick.

5. Dap which has more seats than umno, PKR got a few token and uncle tom posts. There's no Guan Eng, there's no Gobind, no Yeo Bee yin and 1 or 2 others.

6. In a sense, I feel vindicated. We respect Anwar, but can never trust him.

7. He's a Faustian creature, this MCGayGay feller. He will be responsible for giving umno a 2nd lease of life. The miserable entity is almost dying, here comes Anwar with arms outstretched.

8. His first fatal mistake is to take in the wak ponorogol as DPM. Will that lead to the dropping of the other 47 charges proffered to jahid?

9. And he puts the man who sent rm10m through a money changer as defence minister.

10. And yet there are people who say this is a breath of fresh air, new faces, women, and it's good overall.

11. That's the difference between the various brain boxes and analysts called by in by awani and I. These people can't wait to pander to an exigent and greedy pm. Yes, exigent and greedy for praises from dusk to dawn.

12. Don't let Anwar appeal to our credulity and we, on our part, surrender our skepticism.

13. Let us remain sceptical about the cabinet and Anwar's motives.

14. In the first place, do we find comfort in Anwar taking the finance ministry? His infantile arguments, during the sapura debate, do not inspire us. Even though he will have a phalanx of advisers headed by the overrated Hasan marican.

15. Can we have confidence in a person who thinks bringing millions out of the country is by stashing notes in suitcases and ferrying them on planes instead of wire transferring the amount?

16. I would end my initial reaction by quoting T.S. Eliot.

17. I said to my soul be still and wait without hope, for hope is hope for the wrong thing. Wait with without love for love is love of the wrong thing. There is yet faith, but the hope and love are all in the waiting.

So, let us all hope for the right thing.


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