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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 6 December 2022

Bright promises, perhaps Dismal outcome. Part 2.

1. Now that I have slept it over, I believe I can give a more sedate analysis of the cabinet.

2. If Anwar had wanted a minister advising him on legal matters, I would think Gobind is a more appropriate person. Not shim Azalina.

3. Azalina may be an articulate person, but perhaps she is an SNP signing lawyer. The duties of reforming the necessary institutions maybe over her head.

4. Trusting an umno person doing reforms is like bringing coal to Newcastle. It's futile.

5. Anwar may be eager to forge closer ties with the indian subcontinent. That's why he puts zambry Abdul Kadir there as foreign minister. Coincidentally, we don't see any indians in the cabinet.

6. There are good mapillays in the dap, mamu.

7. Tengku zafrul may be a good bean counter, but he knows nuts about economics and trade. This doesn't bode well for our country.

8. Trade and economics are not like changing motorcycle oil, ya tengku.


9. Let's see Khaled nordin as minister of higher education take quick remedial actions. Assign students with very excellent results in the stpm, especially the Chinese students, befitting courses. Don't let them be assigned to improper courses by overzealous Malay firsters, arts graduates or eating proper with fork, spoon and knives MCS officers.

10. With mat Hassan as defence minister, let's hope that Rafizi ramli won't stop exposing the OTHER scandals in the defence ministry. And since mat Hassan has nothing to do with them, he won't object to have them investigated thoroughly, would he?

11. I have no complaint of the PkR footsoldiers given cabinet posts. They are good talents. Rafizi ramli, fahmi fadzil, saifudin nasution are capable people. Fadhlina sidek, whom I believe is a senator last time, is the daughter of Anwar's comrade in arms since the abim days, sidek fadhil. We hope she's chosen for her abilities.

12. The DAP too has provided a pool of talented people. Only, I think, the numbers do not commensurate with the party's strength.

13. I can't help but believe the DAP got the short end of the stick. With 40 mps, more than PKR, umno and the Borneo bloc, DAP is given a few scraps, so to speak.

14. In a sense, this is a reflection of Anthony loke the DAP sec gen . It suggests he may have not negotiated with Anwar hard enough, or he is too besotted with Anwar.

15. He may have inadvertently contributed to the DAP getting the short end of the stick. Or the DAP sacrifices itself for the greater good. The greater good being the formation of a unity government.

16. This cabinet and government looks suspiciously, as an umno government MK 11.

17. We hope that there is no prenuptial pact between zahid penorogol and mamu Anwar. An agreement whereby, if Anwar gets the majority, zahid will support him as PM.

18. In return, Anwar will later recommend a royal pardon for Ali babavum Najib and have the charges against zahid dropped, as well as safe the other umno stalwarts facing court charges .

19. Now, I don't know about you, but I am a very superstitious person. If these things were to happen, I will think that mamu Anwar has a hand in it.

20. I hope I am mostly wrong in my prognoses. Then you can treat what I wrote as something to just excite your brain while sipping a c

21. I am less charitable in my assessment about the cabinet. Sorry for that. For safer analyses, which may be right, listen to the luminaries invited by Awani.

22. Malaysians and countrymen, lend me your ears. I came to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

23. I came to criticize Anwar, not to praise him. I pull no punches. But my criticisms are done sans malice.


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