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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 3 December 2022

Never tell outsiders what you think and keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

1. Cabinet posts must never be seen as settling debts. The pm does not owe anything to umno. As such, umno is in no position to dictate the number and what posts it shall get.

2. So, don't push your cheeks to make your nose look pointed, by saying such things like appoint according to hierarchy, this is the right size of cabinet, blah, blah.

3. As a friend said , umno ni tak sedar diri, cakap besar, penakut pun ada. Don't put words into the PM's mouth. Stop being patronizing and don't talk from the bully pulpit.

4. Take the size of the cabinet, for instance. Don't say 28 is the correct size. China, which is a much bigger country than ours and whose population, if they urinate, can drown us, has 21 ministers. No one complains he or she can't handle his or her portfolio. It's agriculture and rural ministry is merged, for example.

5. So, if I can be brutally frank, I would say, hey umno, shut the f up! PH has every reason to have high expectations, yet the grouping doesn't say anything.

6. Don't say this person should be the DPM, or that feller should be the finance minister etc.

7. Don't do the speculate shit. If I were to do it, I would say the best person as FM is Rafizi ramli. He's got the smarts, and he's got the experience working here and there.

8. Sure, he hasn't got the experience as FM; but that can be gotten if he were made one .

9. Umno has this ongoing mentality of being preferentially treated and has this entitled to attitude. Well, those halcyon days are over and gone.

10. Umno supported PH because it knows it's the right thing to do. Anwar and PH has 82 seats-he ought to be given the FIRST chance to form a government.

11. Not mahiadin 'puffy' Yassin with 73 seats. Moreover, Anwar is amenable to an inclusive government as opposed to mahiadin's exclusive arrangement.

12.mahiadins politics is the politics of convenience and political power grab by any means necessary.

13. Note the intrigue he did in pahang. He sent his emissaries there and offered the mb a senatorship and to be made a full minister. In return, the mb post will be given to PN.

14. That can be only be a measure of a man consumed with power grab. The man is perilous for Malaysia.

15. In my mind, following the dictates of realpolitik, the pm ought to be guided by 2 principles.

16. First, he should never tell outsiders what he thinks nor allow anyone to determine his thinking. This is self-explanatory.

17. Secondly, which I think is more important, is to keep his friends close, but keep his enemies closer.

18. As between the Borneo bloc and umno, umno is the friendlier enemy. It was they who initiated the sari pacific talks. That shows umno can be a friend to Don Anwar.

19. So, accommodate the Borneo bloc first and give umno enough to wet its beak.

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