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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 16 December 2022

Mahiadineers and election deniers.

1. I thought only Trump and the Trumpeteers talked about election fraud. That they are the only election deniers.

2. In Malaysia, we actually have a trump. He comes from Pagoh. Eats sambal belacan. His name is mahiadin,'puffy' Yassin.

3. I was wrong. Like the American trump, mahiadin and the mahiadeneers, are election deniers. It is valid if he and his party had won it

4. Mahiadin said the 2022 election was an electoral fraud and the cabinet was a disappointment.

5. I too, had criticized the mismatched cabinet and the marriage of convenience it emits. But I did it for a different reason.

6. I meant it to be better. I resent the Anwarisation of the Malaysian cabinet. In particular, I dislike the inclusion of too many kleptocratic minded goons and the rescuing of people who lost in the election. But I never called the election a fraud.

7. Mahiadin's characterization of the election as a fraud, is an insult to the voters and the untiring election commission. He should apologize to them.

8. Mahiadin had to make the outrageous claim because of 2 reasons.

9. One, is to keep the faith of his party men and two, as a red herring to his host of problems. Of course, there were the petty things like failing to get the majority and not becoming the PM.

10. Mahiadin needed to say something bizarre to unite the PN footsoldiers who are mercenary in spirit

11. They are interested only in victory and the division of the spoils therefrom.

12. Or they are interested in the prospects of victory. That prospects can be achieved, if many do believe, the election is fraudulent. Then PN can take over as government and mahiadin can divide the spoils.

13. On the other hand, the fact that mahiadin had to make the trump-like statement, suggests there is dissension among the PN ranks.

14. The binding effect of a preposterous statement is flimsy. I predict by the 19th of December, many will abandon PN.

15. The claim that the election is a fraud, is used by mahiadin to deflect and distract people's attention from a litany of bigger problems mahiadin is facing.

16. The 600b unaccounted spending, PN being funded possibly by the gaming industry, being sued over his 15 million salary, etc.

17. Mahiadin could well provide proof that the election was a fraud. If he can't, better shut the F up!

18. If I were Anwar, I will not let the issues raised by mahiadin 'crowd out' prime ministerial time. I would just provide documentary proof, and just do whatever is necessary.

19. In one sense, what mahiadin did was seditious. He's instigating people to attack our democratic institutions' ala the American January 6th mob attack on the capitol. The object is to overturn the outcome of the election.

20. Mahiadin would be happy if his unsubstantiated claim causes mindless riot and destabilize the country. Attack the capital, ransack parliament or the PM's office and so on

21. All these can happen as a result of one man being a very sore loser of trumpish proportions. Deny the elections, they are valid only iff he had won (the economist iff).

22. For that, all right-thinking Malaysian should condem and ostracize mahiadin. Let us consign him as a footnote in the an als of history.


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