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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 29 March 2024

The socks, the Great Dictator/Malaysian Adenoid Hynkel and Allah.

1. I look at the Allah sock issue this way. It's all politics and political opportunism. It's racist supremacy. It political bullying. It's economic predation by envious group of Malays. It's an attempt to restore UMNOs relevancy within the Malay community.

2. The forced closure of number of KK mart branches is economic terrorism. The UMNO youth and his sex crazed cabal should be arrested for sabotaging business.

3. The thing in issue is the stock of socks with some written material resembling Allah. Closure of the mini markets caused other businesses to be affected. You are creating negative externalities. You must pay for them. The UMNO youth Mafioso and his underbosses must pay for them.

4. The legally sanctioned coercive forces are extra quick to investigate KK mart, but are painfully slow in investigating economic predation and terrorism. They were also slow in investigating a vigilante group forcing a poor Chinaman in a humiliating confession.

5. The authorities should also investigate the chinese muslim evangelist who first firestoned the UMNO youth Mafioso. To see whether he's motivated by envy at the success of KK mart .

6. His own business closed earlier is not caused by KK mart. He may have badly managed his own business. It's his own funeral, lorr.

7. The deafening silence of the minister in charge of religion is puzzling. It should have been him to have raised fire and brimstone over the socks issue. Instead the UMNO youth is the group overshadowing his lethargy. Apa Lah ente, Ustadz.

8. The government must not think we are sedated and comforted, when it says it doesn't interfere over police investigation of the Allah socks issue.

9. It doesn't do the actual police work, doesn't tell the police how to do their work, but it certainly can express its concerns over the issue. The police then would take the cue, sir.

10. Only an irresponsible government will say it doesn't interfere in managing the issue. All forms of extremism, religious extremism etc, and economic predation must be reined in . Otherwise, the pm doesn't have that iron to rule Malaysia .

11. The DAP has gone to see jahid ( that's how kor Meng pronounced that name) probably to restrain mad cow Akmal. But what the no so bright jahid do? In fact the UMNO mkt has expressed unanimous and undivided support to Akmal.

12. The DAP must now publicly condemn akmals economic predation and economic terrorism. Malaysian Chinese in particular will never feel safe. Whatever they do will be looked at as having sinister motives. In the past what the Chinese did were met, not with verbal repudiation but with threats and aggression.

13. That has happened to Ngeh, Ngar, ngar's aged parents, now to KK mart owners. Next will be the Chinese padi growers in Sekinchan because their productivity is higher(?)

14. I suspect the. Chinese don't mind DAP being part of the chapchai government but won't take it kindly if DAP compromises it's principles. Even worse if it is 'uncle tomming'. One of the most explicitly stated principles is to fight against all forms of social injustice. Isn't what is happening to KK mart one form of social injustice?

15. The Allah socks issue does not diminish the Muslim beliefs in Allah, his Angels, the 4 revealed Books, the prophets, doomsday/akhirat and qada and qadar. The Muslim's Iman is not that flimsy.

16. So don't talk pompously about those who don't feel angry in the way Akmal does, have lower Iman.

17. Wtf is Akmal to judge another person's Iman just because he or she does not NOT believe in the 6 tenets of Islamic Iman, but only does not agree with Akmal's narrative of the Allah socks issue.

18. Indeed Muslims are angered over the insensitive writing of Allah on the socks. KK mart has apologised for its negligence on this as demanded and the issue can easily be diffused by recalling the socks stock . But to seditiously call for a boycott and closure of KK mart nationwide is like asking not only the flesh but also the blood and bone. It's economic terrorism -acts designed to destroy the business infrastructure of KK mart .

19. I won't repeat the basis of the Muslim's anger over the socks issue. Much about it has been too late said by the minister in charge of religious affairs. Too late said because of the 'thicky' quality of ministers chosen by Nana Non.

20. The vehemence and the anger, directed at KK Mart's negligence or carelessness are commendable. Except I didn't see the same intensity, vehemence and anger directed at the support given to the person who makan duit dan harta Haram. We are asked to support something Haram. Now, compare the Allah socks issue with the request to support Ali babavum Najib, which one injures our Islamic- ness more? Which one Al fadhil Al Ustadz Akmal?

21. So don't be a sanctimonious bastard asking us to condemn KK mart but not to denounce the unislamic support for makan duit dan harta haram. That is haram more. It's more gravest.

22. The claim that his (Akmal's) actions were done to defend the honour of Islam is phoney. For if that done towards KK mart is for Islam, all the more Malay Muslim's should be asked not support a haram conduct done by Najib .

23. The claim that what he has done is for the sake of Islam is hogwash. He never explained how the socks injure the 6 tenets of Iman. He thinks that our Iman is so flimsy.

24. If it's not religion that motivates this UMNO gadfly what do?

25. His claim and assertion is done without proofs and evidence, so we can dismiss it the same way.

26. He may be motivated by plain envy and the fondness to coerce and bully. Perhaps he is actually racist and chauvinist and has the desire to terminate the business of non UMNO people . It's just economic predation directed at non Malays in general. Perhaps he has the sour grapes mindset - since that business is not done by UMNO, it brings harm to the people. Or maybe, he's trapped within the ideological obsession of UMNOs fascism which sees people who do not subscribe to UMNO authoritarian rule, paranoia and xenophobia are expendable.

27. It's also economic terrorism as closure of KK mart branches nationwide affects the livelihood of thousands including Malays. The closure also affects the patrons of KK mart of all races. These people patronize KK mart because they can buy cheaper and varied items.

28. Isn't it possible that bloody Akmal speaks on behalf of other mini and supermarkets wishing to remove KK mart? Hey, we can get items at KK mart not available at 7E.

29. Are we going to go around living, thinking that whatever the Chinese do, must have sinister motives. If that is so, the Malays are truly a sad race.

30. Akmal has only revealed the true character and what UMNO will become. An extremist, racist, morbid, constantly quarrelsome, paranoid, xenophobic and has the Don Quixote syndrome, always under siege by the Chinese dragon. Sheesh!

31. Those are reasons to justify us rejecting UMNO wholesale. Let us all eulogize and read the talqin over UMNO dead body.

32. I want to now discuss the issue under the headings of political opportunism, polical bullying and coercion, economic predation and terrorism and UMNO attempt to regain relevancy.

33. Many years ago,Ghazali Shafie, then the home minister and UMNO mkt member, during its PAU held up high the Muslim prayer mat/sejadah. He pointed out to a difficult to see a drawing of the Cross.

34. That, he pointed out, a subtle way for non Muslims to undermine the iman of the Muslims.

35. Wah, the delegates clapped and roared at the drama. It satisfied their primordial militant and pugilistic urges. They were ready to mengamuk.

36. But the drama was done at a time when UMNO was strong. It's purpose was to bind the doltish Malays under the stranglehold of UMNO .

37. The present socks drama is done by its main actor, 'bully beef' Akmal Salleh. However it's done at a time when UMNO is a spent force . It's purpose is to restore the past glory of UMNO.

38. It's politics and political opportunism at its best.

39. That political opportunism needs a punching bag. KK mart and it's carelessness over the socks issue provided Akmal with a godsend. It allowed the bully in him to be applied. KK mart was fo
rced into doing things against its will. I am not sure forced apology is valid. It's also forced to close its stores. For good measure young man Akmal, demand the government to revoke KK Mart's license. Best tu .

40. It's the imposition of racial supremacy over KK mart. The Ku Klux Klan section of the UMNO youth can impose it's master race ideology over a subservient race. That's what the Allah socks issue accomplishes .

41. It's also economic predation. The predator hunts the prey to devour it. Calling for the closure of KK mart infrastructure is tantamount to devouring it . The socks issue which is embellished with gusto by Herr leutenante Akmal is also an assertion of the master race on a subject race. It reminds the non Malays, who are Malaysians who is master. As a subject race Akmal wants them to be subservient , obsequious, toadish, kiss-ass and arse kissing race .

42. The point proven by Akmal and UMNO is UMNO is a detestable party. Let all right thinking Malaysians bury UMNO once and for all


Monday 25 March 2024

Najibfication and it's effects. Part 2

1. The new word that has entered our lexicon and dictionary or our treasury of words is:-

  • A. To najibfy
  • B. Najibfication.
  • C. Najibfied.

2. To najibfy means to give someone a discount, concession, special treatment, entitlement, privileges etc. najibfication is the process of getting all the above. It can also mean a noun as in being given the above. Najibfied is past perfect and refers to being already given the above.

3. It's now possible for us to talk that the pardons board has najibfied a convicted criminal.

4. It so happens that the person being najibfied and being given a najibfication, a noun is Mohd Najib bin tun Razak.

5. Row row your boat Gently down the stream Belts off, trousers down, dicks out Isn't life a scream

6. Life is certainly a scream - for a neo feudal lords like Najib.

7. For the common reasonable man, the commuter on the KL MRT, on the toon foong omnibus life is a hellish scream.

8. The Terengganu housewife who was caught stealing a few cans of Milo, the man caught stealing money from the surau's donation box and the Penang women convicted for using money not belonging to her but got her account, all got disproportionate jail time.

The sentences they received were regarded fair. They didn't get their sentences reviewed by the pardons board or if their sentences were already completed, did not get any belated apologies from anyone. Certainly their constitutional rights were forgotten.

9. So Where der Fuhrer undt Reichkanzlor.. asked us to accept the decision of the pardons board, we can but we don't agree. So we continue to talk. When Herr oberst inFahmy told us not to discuss the issue in the social was that a Kim Jong UN-esque directive? By what authority was he enabled to do that?

10. To many right thinking people, the king was ill advised. The decision was salacious, smutty and lascivious. It was, because the unwanted child resulting from this lecherous deliberation was the commuted already legally completed conviction by the courts The king was wrongly advised by the 5 other members of the pardons board, the PM or anyone else.

11. Perhaps because the decision by the pardons board generates so much dissension, ill will and unhappiness among many right thinking people, especially lawyers, the Bar Council approved a motion to challenge that decision in court. Hail to the Bar Council in keeping this issue, alive.

12. Mind you, this is a legal challenge against the pardons board. It is not a legal challenge against the king.

13. This reminder is made to forestall the possible spins by the UMNO mother effers .

14. The UMNO people, especially its Laurel and Hardy characters, will likely say that this is a challenge against the person of the king. Or they will turn this into a racial issue saying the action of the Bar Council is a challenge mounted by non Malays against Malay legitimacy.

15. The resolution of the Bar Council to legally challenge the decision of the pardons board, might confuse or be pictured as confusing, especially to the UMNO A-holes, but it is not to the majority of people.

16. To the majority of people, the right thinking people, the Bar Council represents the majority of the public to uphold the sanctity of the law and the principle of supremacy of the law

17. To circumvent that and to pursue their nefarious, wicked and flagitious aims, UMNO will certainly use the institution of the king/agong to shield itself and the gross injustice created against objections and uncomplimentary opposition.

18. That reminds us of what Lord Denning said-the purpose of the law is to protect the weak against the strong and the law must not be used as a sword on the weak.

19. Read into our situation the statements translate into the king or the institution must protect the weak against the strong and not used as a sword to cut down the weak

20. Sly UMNO will use the king and the institution to show that it is more royalist than other royalists. In reality its using the king to intimidate and snuff out valid criticisms and objections .

21. If Samuel Johnson said to Pitt, that nationalism is the last refuge of scoundrels, to UMNO, the king is the last refuge of its scoundrelism.

22. The merit to what the Bar Council is doing, is to keep the najibfication issue alive and allow it to be the subject of continued conversation. Three Cheers to them!

23. The trump card played by UMNO or UMNO DNA-ed people is the assertion and claim, that pardoning, clemency are the absolute privilege of the king. There that status cannot be challenged in court .

24. I find that hard to reconcile. The king sits in session with members of the pardons board and is accordingly advised. He does not sit alone and decide. Where the is the 'Absolute' quality?

25. If the king sits in session with members of the pardons board, I would argue that the King loses his 'absolute' stature. Thus any decisions emanating from the pardons board are, in theory challenge-able in court

26. The claim and assertion that the king has absolute privilege or has absolute conduct in general to be untenable. Here are my arguments.

27. If I remember correctly, the late karpal Singh filed a suit against the then agong and another suit against another ruler. The suits failed I think, but the fact that the suits were heard at all, mean that precedents have been created which allow such suits to heard. Don't that mean the absolute privilege stature has been broken?

28. The absolute privilege stature of conduct in any form whatsoever, has also been broken, when special courts to try rulers were created. If I am not mistaken, the Negeri Sembilan ruler was tried by such court and found guilty.

29. Which means that the absolute privilege stature is just a legal fiction. Finally, I think there is the constitutional monarchy argument. Our king's are subject to the constitution right? So where got absolute privilege stature one?

30. Those are my non legal arguments. Lawyers may have more cogent legal argle bargle. If my arguments are found deficient, please argue them out .

31. To me then, those people who insist on absolute privilege stature, especially UMNO apparatchiks and UMNO DNA-ied people all have fascist tendencies or self entitlement mindset.

32. I.e .only Malays are naturally entitled to break the law and not be accountable for them. Or in this case Najib is natural entitled to discounts, special privileges and treatment .

33. What is most shocking to us, is that the PM asked us to accept the decision of the pardons board. And his major domo, the gol and gincu actor asked us not to discuss the issue in social media .

34. Sirs, those are invitations we must politely refuse. The requests are the height of hypocrisy.

35. You realised or not Maa, they are actually defending, supporting and enabling kleptocracy. Steal baby steal!

36. The najibfication incident (our Nanking incident) where justice is massacred,has exposed many chinks in mamu Anwar's armour. It has de-fanged him of his many venomous rhetoric .

37. It showed that he has broken faith with the people , the people no longer trust him as a change agent, he fails to build a Negara hukum and worse of all,through the pardons board, encourage more kleptocracy and abuse of power.

38. Its reformasi alright - more of the same, not change. Reformasi is like eating pasembor, grilled fish or serenading deaf-toned audience with the song 'Azizah'.

39. The ways Anwar can restore public trust and confidence are-try Zahid again. He got a DNAA, which actually means he's guilty but for reasons of expediency, got off the hook, ensure that Najib got his real not discounted comeuppance in the 1MDB case. Unless of course, Anwar wants us to believe that monies can fly or walked on their own into Najib's account. Then Najib can do a MAD's Alfie, ' what me know?' mad comic used to be a favorite of mine. Hope, yours too.

40. I can't help but think of the presence of the pardons board as an anomaly in the law. It becomes a me mechanism to frustrate the finality in the court's decision. It's just a upscaled version of a prisoner review board.

41. At a review board, the board will find ways to reduce a prisoner's jail time. The prisoner will display remorse over the crime, admits the crime, apologizes for it and promises not to repeat the crime. All of which Najib does not do .

42. Yet our pardons board, in absentia seems to acknowledge that Najib does all that and therefore deserves some dispensation, courtesy of Nana Non.

43. I now want to look at this najibfication issue from an Islamic point of view. I regard the decision by the pardons board to be un Islamic.

44. The pardons board has usurped the power of Allah to pardon and forgive. That is the sole unchallengeable prerogative of Allah. By confering upon themselves the power of Allah, they have committed Shirik. Muslim members must bertaubat. Non Muslim members must go to the church, temple or kovil to make confessions and ask for forgiveness.

45. When Muslims read the sayyidul istighfar or numerous other istighfars, what do they find?

46. Among others, they acknowledged they have sinned, they have been unkind to themselves, they have shortcomings etc. They acknowledged that Allah is ever forgiving, they asked Allah to forgive them and they affirmed that Allah is the only One who can forgive and pardon. So readers, how do you reconcile the conduct of the pardons board with the prerogative of Allah?

In the next part, I will discuss the najibfication effects on failure to defend the country against the scourge of corruption, failure to prosper the country, failure to create political stability and bringing disrepute to the country .


Tuesday 12 March 2024

A Dangerous Man in Parliament.

1. The PH government especially those from PKR, Amanah and DAP must be ready for my acerbic criticisms .

2. I tend to speak with candour but with no malicious intent. I support the PH government but will not hold back my criticisms. They are not necessarily correct, but come forward with your arguments.

3. In this essay, we will discuss what many are slow to recognise the near fascist idea of Herr oberst inFahmy.

4. Many are surprised that many MPs have not protested the dangerous idea floated by this fellow. The speaker too has not been sufficiently vigilant to correct Fahmi's erroneous idea .

5. The dangerous idea is this. The cabinet will instruct MPs not lo mislead or deceive parliament. In effect, parliament is a subordinate department of the cabinet.

6. Fahmi does not understand parliament. The business of parliament is conducted by the speaker though house rules. The speaker does not receive instructions from the cabinet. We don't have to read Irskine May to know that. Fahmi , of course doesn't know who the bloke is .

7. An MP enjoys immunity when speaking in parliament. That right is accorded by law. If the speaker fees the mp has deceive, not tell the truth or mislead parliament, he can have that mp referred to the rights and privileges committee. That, after such a motion to refer has been moved by another mp .

8. Speaking of which, why doesn't someone moved a motion to have the Selayang mp referred to the rights and privileges committee for misleading or lying to parliament?

9. Didn't he say that his committee will call the former and present AG to explain the dubious Jahid DNAA?

10. At the close of 2023 parliament business the 2 jokers have not been called. The jokes on us. The Selayang mp lied.

11. Back to the Fahmi business. This young man, who is more interested to see that his hair is combed in place, possibly ensuring his dick is on the go, is a control freak .

12. This young cikku, who's wet behind the ears and only now probably knows how to wipe clean when he pisses , has lately been obsessed with finding all sort of ways to obliterate and silence critics.

13. Which means you can be convicted for thought crimes. Have you thought about what kind of society is compatible with that kind of paternalistic control?

14. It's a kind of George Orwellian society supervised by a committee of temporal dictators. Headed of course by Herr oberst inFahmy.

15. This is the price you get when you have the inclination to appoint young people as ministers. They tend to think more with their dicks than their grey matter. Intelligence is there but wisdom is not .

16. We know, the future belongs to the young but it's not now. It's a case of too much too fast .

17. It does not matter he has since retracted the idea by the usual meandering State. He has shown his Kim Jong Unesque hand. God has mercy on us!


Saturday 9 March 2024

Initial notes on the acquittal of the masak lomak cili api bozo.

1. In the film 'Godfather 2', the character Hyman Roth said to the character Michael Corleone:- "one by one, our friends have died. Some from natural cause, some despatched of."

2. In a case of life imitating art, in Malaysia, we can say, one by one, the kleptocratic are exonerated. Some got full acquittal, some got DNAAed, some got najibfied.

3. The masak lomak chili API man, Isa Padang mahsyar Samad is the latest to join the gallery of rouges.

4. He has good company. Azeez Rahim, former Sabah CM, bung Mokhtar, Ali babavum Najib, wak jahid and so on.

5. Most of these unjusticiable acts occurred under the watch of the Sungai long Bolshevik, mamu Anwar, Nana Non, the LV liberal and Herr Fuhrer undt Reichkanzlor. Is Anwar really a closet umnophile?

6. These events showed that Anwar is really incapable of forging a country ruled by law, where the principle of supremacy of the law is sacrosanct. It is indestructable

7. The full acquittal of the habitually eye twitching bozo, shows that Anwar's claim to build a Negara hukum is a whole load of bs.

8. The judge must have not looked at the mischief at the end, rm1b gone. The monies must have walked or fly into someone's account on their own . That's a first. Money with wings or legs. Only in Anwar's Malaysia.

9. Instead of a Negara hukum, we have a frontier country, where John Gotti Anwar's law reigns. Where the Malaysian Jesse James, Billy the kid , the penyanmun tarbus are let off the hook.

10. This emasculation of the law together with the other things like breaking faith with the people, promises unfulfilled, failure to defend the country against the ravages of corruption, failure to prosper the country and bringing the country into disrepute will certainly affect the PM's political longevity in office.

11. If it concerns only his and pkr's future we don't give a damn. But he is bringing down Amanah and DAP.umno and Barisan nak senang is already a basket case. Not worth to print on paper.

12. If UMNO enters the possible the 6 parliamentary by elections, it's carrying a luggage with tons of bricks. UMNO has 2 chances- slim and none.


Thursday 7 March 2024

The najibfication episode and the effects on our economy.

1. In this essay, we shall discuss the dis-economic effects of the najibfication incident. There is no such term I think, but it refers to adverse economic effects of the najibfication incident.

2. With the najibfication incident, Anwar achieved these dubious ' failures '.

3. ' najibfication ' is a term in our lexicon which refers to the general discount or waiver or flexibility given to you as a result of your misfeasance, non- feasance or your actions.

4. With the najibfication incident, Anwar has achieved the following unenviable 'honors':- * Breaks faith with the people or rather the people's faith in him to change things is broken. * shows he is unable to rule the country according to law * brings the country dishonour and disrepute * can't stabilise the country * Can't prosper the country

5. This najibfication incident has caused people to lose faith in Anwar Ibrahim as a person who can change. It reminds us of the slogan by the Ragin Cajun, James Carville who famously coined the phrase, change or more of the same. Mamu Anwar seems to fall in the latter category.

6. Or as the great economist, Milton Friedman says, most of the time, the good intentions mouthed by someone will produce the opposite results. That appears to be the case with mamu Anwar.

7. The najibfication incident represents the height in the miscarriage of justice. Of course we have also not forgotten when the 47 charges against Zahid were mysteriously dropped . These 2 black eyes of justice pushes Malaysia into the corridors of infamy.

8. Which leads us to the question of implementing the law, more specifically, the supremacy of the law.

9. It shows that the PM is just inept at implementing the law. His bombastic claims that he wants Malaysia to be a country ruled by law, are just rhetorical and empty talks. The fabled law which is blind as justice is, seems to be the law as defined by the PM. It is determined among other things by the flavour at the moment. The law varies not according to the bishop's nose but by the dilation of mamu's nostrils .

10. If an important principle of supremacy of the law is that no one is above the law, that principle is violated already . Obviously Najib is more equal than the reasonable man on the KL MRT.

11. The convict Najib who stole and makan duit and harta Haram jumps the que and gets an early hearing for his appeal. Ordinary felons get to snail-pace to even get their appeal read.

12. Najib, the PUTERA of the bumis( notice that in the word Bumiputera, PUTERA always appear in front of Bumi) is entitled to get special and privileged treatment. He gets a 'happy ending' after a massaged session by the pardons board. That's orgasmic, man!

13. Probably, as a beneficiary of a pardon himself, pmx ( the x not being a 10 but a name for someone who forgets his ideological roots) the Sungai long Bolshevik and the LV liberal feels compelled to help a fellow bourgeoisie.

14. And as if to mollify public anger, rage and fury over the najibfication incident, the pm says sanctimoniously, that even a convict has a constitutional right to appeal. Sure, every citizen has that right, but that doesn't explain Najib jumps the que and has a better right .

15. Further, PM shockingly says that the decision by the pardons board is fair. That statement deserves an expletive, don't you think?

16. In saying this, PM is showing that he is both irresponsible and insensitive to the judiciary . This is a terrible indictment on the implementation of justice in our country .

17. He implies that the courts have not been fair when remitting sentence to bloody Najib the embezzler-in-chief. The courts especially the court at first instance have not considered the many(sic) contributions of Ali babavum Najib .

18. Patting himself on the back, only him and the uncharacteristically compliant pardons board are capable of doing that. The courts, he implies, are not capable.

19. This is patently untrue. The courts have indeed been too fair to Najib. Some people say, the courts favoured the rich and powerful. Mamu Anwar fortifies that favouritism.

20. The courts, especially the court of first instance have been fair and have taken into consideration, the contributions of the felon. The courts could have tried Najib consecutively instead of concurrently. Then he would have gotten 72 years instead of 12 years jail time. Then even if the pardons board gave a 50% discount on the jail sentence, he would kena 36 years. He would have languished in jail as a wilted old man .

21. There is another thing. By his own admission, the pardons board and he, in the capacity as PM, advised the king. Meaning, the King decided upon the advice of the pardons board including the PM.

22. That debunked and repudiated the spirited assertion by Najib's lead counsel, that the king acted alone.

23. The fact is, the king decided upon the advice of the pardons board and not unilaterally decided. The whole episode would then make the opinion by the bar Council President to be more reasonable.

24. More reasonable than the assertion by Najib's lead counsel. So if many people feel angry about the najibfication episode, don't fault them. They feel the decision by the pardons board is both unjustifiable and unjusticiable.

25. Betrayal of the trust of the people and his inability to forge a country ruled by law with its supre of the law principle and the many promises butchered, will certainly shorten the PM's political longevity. We can discuss that elsewhere though .

26. Betrayal of the people's faith and trust and the confused motion of law will turn Malaysia into an economic pariah . This now, is the subject of our second part of our discussion.

27. The immediate result is to turn Malaysia into an investment -hostile country. We do not need a Moody's like rating to know that Malaysia is rated 'c' for for investments.

28. As a result, the country is able and will only attract the 2nd rate investments. These can be seen if we looked at the undoctored and unspun figures on FDI, on our exports, on cost of living index and inflation etc.

29. By the way, I often wondered as to what kind of goods are included in the basket of goods used to calculate inflation by the authorities? The rate of inflation doesn't match at all with the rise in general price level at all. It makes doubt the official inflation rate of 1 to 2%. Why doesn't the authorities say what kind of goods are included in the basket of goods so that we all can calculate?

30. To top the absurdity, we are regarded as bloody fools by DPM fadzilah , who claimed that investments are highest but cannot be seen. So the fabled investments are invisible and can only be seen by the extraordinary sight of the DPM is it?

31. Then the investments are will o the wisp or jack lantern investments. Their flickering lights seen only by the DPM over the swampy investment terrain crafted by Pakatan hipokrasi, eh Pakatan harapan. Led by PKR -parti kencing Rakyat of course.

32. Malaysia is turning into an economic pariah partly due to historical inheritance. But it's pariah-ness accentuated by many mishandling of the economy by mamu Anwar/Nana Non.

33. The deficit in investor confidence is due partly by the scourge of 1MDB. How so?

34. I have not reached the level of sophisticated thinking that links 1MDB to the falling ringgit, but certainly the adverse effects on the general economy, I can understand.

35. There's a real danger that a successor government such as that helmed by mamu Anwar may also inherit the kleptocratic legacy of 1MDB. Sadly the indications are there.

36. Its already happening. It requires only the existence of 20% bad hats to spoil the broth. Or it takes only a dollop of indigo die to spoil the whole cauldron of coconut milk .

37. Anwar has been dragging his feet investigating or hoping people will forget the alleged corruption levelled against PKR people .

38. Consider the following allegations:- A. The alleged corruption over the award of flood mitigation project from 7b to 11b. And 1b rumoured to end up in some people's pockets.
B. The siphoning of monies meant for NGOs or using the name of NGOs.
C. The controversy surrounding the rushed award of HSR project.

39. Ironically these despicable acts are carried out by parti kencing Rakyat helmed by Nana Non.

40. It's the 20% rule mentioned by Murphy's or Parkinson's law. It only needs 20% bad hats to characterize the organization.

41. If a successor government inherits also the kleptocratic and thieving mentality, then the energies and drive of the government are directed at machinations to enrich people in power instead of enriching the country.

42. That the country is idiotically managed is evident now. The ghost of saying the same thing to the government then, is now haunting mamu Anwar.

43. The deficit in investor confidence is caused by the inheritance of 1MDB- like kleptocratic. mentality. It is further made worse by betrayal of the trust of the people, by many promises unfulfilled. The height of investor deficit is reached by 2 mortal sins commited by Nana Non - the DNAA given to the dumbass Zahid and the najibfication episode.

44. Imagine these unenviable achievements were secured within 1 year's of mamu's rule. If more time were given to mamu, more idiotic achievements will take place

45. All these lend credence to a gloss on Parkinson's law - more idiotic work expands so as to fill the time given.

In the next article, I will discuss the effects of the najibfication episode. Herr Fuhrer undt Reichkanzlor and Herr oberst inFahmy told us to accept the decision of najibfication episode and not to discuss the sordid episode. Both invitations we have to politely decline.


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