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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 7 March 2024

The najibfication episode and the effects on our economy.

1. In this essay, we shall discuss the dis-economic effects of the najibfication incident. There is no such term I think, but it refers to adverse economic effects of the najibfication incident.

2. With the najibfication incident, Anwar achieved these dubious ' failures '.

3. ' najibfication ' is a term in our lexicon which refers to the general discount or waiver or flexibility given to you as a result of your misfeasance, non- feasance or your actions.

4. With the najibfication incident, Anwar has achieved the following unenviable 'honors':- * Breaks faith with the people or rather the people's faith in him to change things is broken. * shows he is unable to rule the country according to law * brings the country dishonour and disrepute * can't stabilise the country * Can't prosper the country

5. This najibfication incident has caused people to lose faith in Anwar Ibrahim as a person who can change. It reminds us of the slogan by the Ragin Cajun, James Carville who famously coined the phrase, change or more of the same. Mamu Anwar seems to fall in the latter category.

6. Or as the great economist, Milton Friedman says, most of the time, the good intentions mouthed by someone will produce the opposite results. That appears to be the case with mamu Anwar.

7. The najibfication incident represents the height in the miscarriage of justice. Of course we have also not forgotten when the 47 charges against Zahid were mysteriously dropped . These 2 black eyes of justice pushes Malaysia into the corridors of infamy.

8. Which leads us to the question of implementing the law, more specifically, the supremacy of the law.

9. It shows that the PM is just inept at implementing the law. His bombastic claims that he wants Malaysia to be a country ruled by law, are just rhetorical and empty talks. The fabled law which is blind as justice is, seems to be the law as defined by the PM. It is determined among other things by the flavour at the moment. The law varies not according to the bishop's nose but by the dilation of mamu's nostrils .

10. If an important principle of supremacy of the law is that no one is above the law, that principle is violated already . Obviously Najib is more equal than the reasonable man on the KL MRT.

11. The convict Najib who stole and makan duit and harta Haram jumps the que and gets an early hearing for his appeal. Ordinary felons get to snail-pace to even get their appeal read.

12. Najib, the PUTERA of the bumis( notice that in the word Bumiputera, PUTERA always appear in front of Bumi) is entitled to get special and privileged treatment. He gets a 'happy ending' after a massaged session by the pardons board. That's orgasmic, man!

13. Probably, as a beneficiary of a pardon himself, pmx ( the x not being a 10 but a name for someone who forgets his ideological roots) the Sungai long Bolshevik and the LV liberal feels compelled to help a fellow bourgeoisie.

14. And as if to mollify public anger, rage and fury over the najibfication incident, the pm says sanctimoniously, that even a convict has a constitutional right to appeal. Sure, every citizen has that right, but that doesn't explain Najib jumps the que and has a better right .

15. Further, PM shockingly says that the decision by the pardons board is fair. That statement deserves an expletive, don't you think?

16. In saying this, PM is showing that he is both irresponsible and insensitive to the judiciary . This is a terrible indictment on the implementation of justice in our country .

17. He implies that the courts have not been fair when remitting sentence to bloody Najib the embezzler-in-chief. The courts especially the court at first instance have not considered the many(sic) contributions of Ali babavum Najib .

18. Patting himself on the back, only him and the uncharacteristically compliant pardons board are capable of doing that. The courts, he implies, are not capable.

19. This is patently untrue. The courts have indeed been too fair to Najib. Some people say, the courts favoured the rich and powerful. Mamu Anwar fortifies that favouritism.

20. The courts, especially the court of first instance have been fair and have taken into consideration, the contributions of the felon. The courts could have tried Najib consecutively instead of concurrently. Then he would have gotten 72 years instead of 12 years jail time. Then even if the pardons board gave a 50% discount on the jail sentence, he would kena 36 years. He would have languished in jail as a wilted old man .

21. There is another thing. By his own admission, the pardons board and he, in the capacity as PM, advised the king. Meaning, the King decided upon the advice of the pardons board including the PM.

22. That debunked and repudiated the spirited assertion by Najib's lead counsel, that the king acted alone.

23. The fact is, the king decided upon the advice of the pardons board and not unilaterally decided. The whole episode would then make the opinion by the bar Council President to be more reasonable.

24. More reasonable than the assertion by Najib's lead counsel. So if many people feel angry about the najibfication episode, don't fault them. They feel the decision by the pardons board is both unjustifiable and unjusticiable.

25. Betrayal of the trust of the people and his inability to forge a country ruled by law with its supre of the law principle and the many promises butchered, will certainly shorten the PM's political longevity. We can discuss that elsewhere though .

26. Betrayal of the people's faith and trust and the confused motion of law will turn Malaysia into an economic pariah . This now, is the subject of our second part of our discussion.

27. The immediate result is to turn Malaysia into an investment -hostile country. We do not need a Moody's like rating to know that Malaysia is rated 'c' for for investments.

28. As a result, the country is able and will only attract the 2nd rate investments. These can be seen if we looked at the undoctored and unspun figures on FDI, on our exports, on cost of living index and inflation etc.

29. By the way, I often wondered as to what kind of goods are included in the basket of goods used to calculate inflation by the authorities? The rate of inflation doesn't match at all with the rise in general price level at all. It makes doubt the official inflation rate of 1 to 2%. Why doesn't the authorities say what kind of goods are included in the basket of goods so that we all can calculate?

30. To top the absurdity, we are regarded as bloody fools by DPM fadzilah , who claimed that investments are highest but cannot be seen. So the fabled investments are invisible and can only be seen by the extraordinary sight of the DPM is it?

31. Then the investments are will o the wisp or jack lantern investments. Their flickering lights seen only by the DPM over the swampy investment terrain crafted by Pakatan hipokrasi, eh Pakatan harapan. Led by PKR -parti kencing Rakyat of course.

32. Malaysia is turning into an economic pariah partly due to historical inheritance. But it's pariah-ness accentuated by many mishandling of the economy by mamu Anwar/Nana Non.

33. The deficit in investor confidence is due partly by the scourge of 1MDB. How so?

34. I have not reached the level of sophisticated thinking that links 1MDB to the falling ringgit, but certainly the adverse effects on the general economy, I can understand.

35. There's a real danger that a successor government such as that helmed by mamu Anwar may also inherit the kleptocratic legacy of 1MDB. Sadly the indications are there.

36. Its already happening. It requires only the existence of 20% bad hats to spoil the broth. Or it takes only a dollop of indigo die to spoil the whole cauldron of coconut milk .

37. Anwar has been dragging his feet investigating or hoping people will forget the alleged corruption levelled against PKR people .

38. Consider the following allegations:- A. The alleged corruption over the award of flood mitigation project from 7b to 11b. And 1b rumoured to end up in some people's pockets.
B. The siphoning of monies meant for NGOs or using the name of NGOs.
C. The controversy surrounding the rushed award of HSR project.

39. Ironically these despicable acts are carried out by parti kencing Rakyat helmed by Nana Non.

40. It's the 20% rule mentioned by Murphy's or Parkinson's law. It only needs 20% bad hats to characterize the organization.

41. If a successor government inherits also the kleptocratic and thieving mentality, then the energies and drive of the government are directed at machinations to enrich people in power instead of enriching the country.

42. That the country is idiotically managed is evident now. The ghost of saying the same thing to the government then, is now haunting mamu Anwar.

43. The deficit in investor confidence is caused by the inheritance of 1MDB- like kleptocratic. mentality. It is further made worse by betrayal of the trust of the people, by many promises unfulfilled. The height of investor deficit is reached by 2 mortal sins commited by Nana Non - the DNAA given to the dumbass Zahid and the najibfication episode.

44. Imagine these unenviable achievements were secured within 1 year's of mamu's rule. If more time were given to mamu, more idiotic achievements will take place

45. All these lend credence to a gloss on Parkinson's law - more idiotic work expands so as to fill the time given.

In the next article, I will discuss the effects of the najibfication episode. Herr Fuhrer undt Reichkanzlor and Herr oberst inFahmy told us to accept the decision of najibfication episode and not to discuss the sordid episode. Both invitations we have to politely decline.


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