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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 12 March 2024

A Dangerous Man in Parliament.

1. The PH government especially those from PKR, Amanah and DAP must be ready for my acerbic criticisms .

2. I tend to speak with candour but with no malicious intent. I support the PH government but will not hold back my criticisms. They are not necessarily correct, but come forward with your arguments.

3. In this essay, we will discuss what many are slow to recognise the near fascist idea of Herr oberst inFahmy.

4. Many are surprised that many MPs have not protested the dangerous idea floated by this fellow. The speaker too has not been sufficiently vigilant to correct Fahmi's erroneous idea .

5. The dangerous idea is this. The cabinet will instruct MPs not lo mislead or deceive parliament. In effect, parliament is a subordinate department of the cabinet.

6. Fahmi does not understand parliament. The business of parliament is conducted by the speaker though house rules. The speaker does not receive instructions from the cabinet. We don't have to read Irskine May to know that. Fahmi , of course doesn't know who the bloke is .

7. An MP enjoys immunity when speaking in parliament. That right is accorded by law. If the speaker fees the mp has deceive, not tell the truth or mislead parliament, he can have that mp referred to the rights and privileges committee. That, after such a motion to refer has been moved by another mp .

8. Speaking of which, why doesn't someone moved a motion to have the Selayang mp referred to the rights and privileges committee for misleading or lying to parliament?

9. Didn't he say that his committee will call the former and present AG to explain the dubious Jahid DNAA?

10. At the close of 2023 parliament business the 2 jokers have not been called. The jokes on us. The Selayang mp lied.

11. Back to the Fahmi business. This young man, who is more interested to see that his hair is combed in place, possibly ensuring his dick is on the go, is a control freak .

12. This young cikku, who's wet behind the ears and only now probably knows how to wipe clean when he pisses , has lately been obsessed with finding all sort of ways to obliterate and silence critics.

13. Which means you can be convicted for thought crimes. Have you thought about what kind of society is compatible with that kind of paternalistic control?

14. It's a kind of George Orwellian society supervised by a committee of temporal dictators. Headed of course by Herr oberst inFahmy.

15. This is the price you get when you have the inclination to appoint young people as ministers. They tend to think more with their dicks than their grey matter. Intelligence is there but wisdom is not .

16. We know, the future belongs to the young but it's not now. It's a case of too much too fast .

17. It does not matter he has since retracted the idea by the usual meandering State. He has shown his Kim Jong Unesque hand. God has mercy on us!


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