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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 9 March 2024

Initial notes on the acquittal of the masak lomak cili api bozo.

1. In the film 'Godfather 2', the character Hyman Roth said to the character Michael Corleone:- "one by one, our friends have died. Some from natural cause, some despatched of."

2. In a case of life imitating art, in Malaysia, we can say, one by one, the kleptocratic are exonerated. Some got full acquittal, some got DNAAed, some got najibfied.

3. The masak lomak chili API man, Isa Padang mahsyar Samad is the latest to join the gallery of rouges.

4. He has good company. Azeez Rahim, former Sabah CM, bung Mokhtar, Ali babavum Najib, wak jahid and so on.

5. Most of these unjusticiable acts occurred under the watch of the Sungai long Bolshevik, mamu Anwar, Nana Non, the LV liberal and Herr Fuhrer undt Reichkanzlor. Is Anwar really a closet umnophile?

6. These events showed that Anwar is really incapable of forging a country ruled by law, where the principle of supremacy of the law is sacrosanct. It is indestructable

7. The full acquittal of the habitually eye twitching bozo, shows that Anwar's claim to build a Negara hukum is a whole load of bs.

8. The judge must have not looked at the mischief at the end, rm1b gone. The monies must have walked or fly into someone's account on their own . That's a first. Money with wings or legs. Only in Anwar's Malaysia.

9. Instead of a Negara hukum, we have a frontier country, where John Gotti Anwar's law reigns. Where the Malaysian Jesse James, Billy the kid , the penyanmun tarbus are let off the hook.

10. This emasculation of the law together with the other things like breaking faith with the people, promises unfulfilled, failure to defend the country against the ravages of corruption, failure to prosper the country and bringing the country into disrepute will certainly affect the PM's political longevity in office.

11. If it concerns only his and pkr's future we don't give a damn. But he is bringing down Amanah and DAP.umno and Barisan nak senang is already a basket case. Not worth to print on paper.

12. If UMNO enters the possible the 6 parliamentary by elections, it's carrying a luggage with tons of bricks. UMNO has 2 chances- slim and none.


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