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Wednesday 30 March 2016

Saving the Country from a Crooked Government and Crooked Leader

Parliament has been in session for 3 weeks. Many things have taken place. Unfortunately for the worse. Questions regarding 1MDB, SRC, the donation of RM2.6 billion( or was it closer to RM4 billion?), the missing billions cited by the Swiss AG are not allowed to be asked. This is an issue about the integrity of the ruling government. it is not a trivial issue. 
Various excuses under the House Rules (standing orders) are used to exclude the questions.The Speaker of the House is ironfisted. 
Non-issue topics like the purchase of a RM2.8 million house by the CM of Penang got its unwarranted scrutiny. We should also ask all the ministers, heads of departments and those in decision making positions, whether they got their houses/mansions,cars at discounted prices?
The PM faced weightier accusations but remained in office doing all things to stay in power. The Lim Guan Eng bungalow issue is just a distraction to take the heat off the PM. No one believes the accusations and  scheming from the government anymore. 
What about the rumours circulating around, that as gifts for securing the business of demolishing the old Felda head office and the ensuing construction of houses, the contractor is building 6 bungalow houses for the wife of a high ranking office holder at Felda/FGV?   Shall we let the dogs out on them too?

As to their own fiduciary conduct, the government cannot put up decent answers. They suffer from schizophrenia. They are out of touch with reality. They get paranoid at Malaysian citizens. They threatened people with arrests and violence. They allow groups to roam around making threats and now, even stormed the office of a former PM.

There is sponsored anarchy. If you exclude all the impossible, what remains, however improbable must be the truth. The truth, however improbable is that these things must be sanctioned by the government. The truth, however improbable is that the Police countenance this anarchy.

Meantime a new Malay has emerged. That’s the new Malay, the Najib government is nurturing. Thuggish and uncouth. That is why PKR is going around the country speaking on the issue of Morally Upright Malays. 
Meanwhile, the Police are sitting by the side-lines watching events. Allow us to remind the PDRM and the Chief Constable. The PDRM is not a private enforcer belonging to UMNO. They have a duty to side with the people.

If you asked 10 people, 11 will say they hate the government. Even government servants. Eventually the crooked government will be straightened out.

They cannot defend the indefensible. The Malays have lost their moral compass. They find excuses to allow a crooked person continue as PM. The fascists with the Islamic face have also come to support the crooked government. They now say, Islam forbids the removal of the government through undemocratic means.

In the time of the caliphates, leaders are removed by the sword. Nowadays, the sword is replaced by articulation, arguments, writings and finally voting. The government can also be removed by a vote of no confidence. This can now be accomplished by the Perak and kedah way. MPs can petition the King to have Najib removed. Then if the King commands it, the petition can be proven in parliament. If enough MPS signed a petition of no-confidence, and they know the have the numbers to kick out this crooked government and its cooked leader, they will not be afraid to put up their hands and say aye in Parliament. After a new government takes over, the one sided speaker can also be removed.

The siege mentality that has engulfed those holding power has crept into parliament. It serves to confirm our suspicions that the government is hiding many things.  Even questions about the plan to bring in 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers are classified as Official Secrets.

With the numbers they have in parliament and with the Speaker often siding with them, the government has set up a blockade preventing opposition MPs from asking awkward questions. This has forced many opposition MPs to opt for press conferences at Parliament lobby.

How do we describe this paranoid behavior? Paranoid? Siege mentality? This seems to be most apt description since the government thinks it is being subjected to continuous persecution by the public. It thinks it is being attacked from all sides.

There is a reason for all these. Until it clears the distrust and mistrust towards it, the government will continue to be besieged. It has now reached a stage where the rakyat Demand Najib and his governent resign.

I am looking for a suitable term to describe the reaction of Najib and the FONs, when faced with all the accusations- regarding 1MDB and the shadowy dealings, the RM42 million SRC money, the RM2.6 billion and the USD4 billion stolen from GLCs.  How did he and the FONs respond to these allegations?

We all know what happened. The committee of the Tan Sri’s died without a tombstone. It was disbanded unceremoniously. The AG was fired. Officers from the corruption agency were threatened and transferred. A high police officer was transferred and has been kept in cold storage since. The governor of bank negara was threatened many times, the Deputy PM was sacked from his post. The alternative media is besieged and shut out one by one.

What the government is doing to create a blanket of complete denial and feigned ignorance. Ignorance has become a righteous conduct. This is shown for example, by questions posed by journalist when a group of prominent individuals signed a declaration to oppose Najib. That is why I have been saying what is the level of education do journalists have to justify their employment?  Surely it is rank stupidity when they asked- what has Najib done to deserve being asked to leave office? The blind can see what Najib did, and the deaf can hear it too.

Sometimes the strategy is to ask the dumbest questions to disarm the person being asked. The simple answer is, Najib deserves to be removed (and the declaration made it clear, by means democratic and permissible by law) because he is a crooked leader. He acted in concert and probably with full knowledge, to siphon USD1.83 billion of taxpayers’ money from this country. He presided over the investments of 1MDB which are just excuses to swindle money from the country and allowing the country to face a montain of debts and financial obligations. 
Huge Funds have been siphoned and some of these, ended in the PM's private account. No one will know his account number, unless it is he who gave it. There is obviously a link between the siphoning and the the PM. The truth, however improbable, is that the PM knowingly participated in a crime to siphon money from the country. 

Has he been proven wrong? He has not because he obstructed justice. That is a crime. He can meet anyone he thinks he can secure counsel to protest his innocence. The person he meets up is not in the capacity to clear Najib because the person and Najib know, that grave wrongdoings have been committed.

The simple answer to an idiotic question is, he must be removed because the PM is a crooked person. The people who support him are all involved in a conspiracy to cheat the Malaysian people.
As I said in the previous article, the dishonest and the plunderers have a vested interest to keep a leader who can be compromised in power. The honest and and conscientious have a vested interest to save this country. 
to be continued......


Friday 25 March 2016

The PM is not a Crook, stupid.

A few days ago, PM Najib shouted himself coarse declaring that he is not a crook. I invite readers to watch the above video clip. See whether there are parallels.
When he says he is not a crook, it must be painful for him to finally realise that when he came into office, he had no big plans, no grand thoughts and no noble dreams. Just like the character Jack Sparrow, he makes things up as he goes along. He thinks, his I am not a crook, will dispel all the negative things about him and excuse him for his empty can politics.
The first thing readers must remember is that he was talking to a rented crowd. These are UMNO members who will support him anyway. They are transported, probably given money and other goodies to come and show support. And they did their part.
He told a gathering of UMNO members who were transported to the site, who were probably given money, t shirts and food- that you all know me. He is asking people to trust him. He has not taken any tree, any bauxite and has not stolen from the people of Pahang. He is interested only in bringing development and advancement to the people. He is PM for the people.
Has he been listening to Richard Nixon? Or did the idea of claiming innocence come from his many public relations strategists?
I can only express a sense of loathing and disgust hearing the obtuse righteousness coming out from him. This obtuse righteousness now appears to be inscribed in every move he makes- political or physical. Note the condescending lecture-like gestures. He must have taken a cue from the repellent PR minders surrounding him- who have nothing but lowly regard of the lumpenproletariat from Pekan and Kuantan. They must have told him he can get away with the simple minded assertions precisely because his audience was that- simple minded.
We will try to answer the PM. We know him indeed. The more informed members of the chattering class, say he has the qualities of Nixon and slick Willy Clinton combined. Others are calling him the embezzler-in-chief. I am not a crook (Nixon) and I didn’t have sex with that lady (Clinton).
Many people will remember the Nixon era the United States was, in essence, a rogue state. It had a ruthless, paranoid and unstable leader who did not hesitate to break the laws of his own country in order to stay on in power. The threat from a leader who doesn’t understand when to relinquish power, is more disastrous to the country compared to aggression from abroad.
Who are the people in attendance anyway? They are part of the large helot underclass disciplined by fear of authority and softened by BR1Ms and other immediate self-gratifying handouts. They are used as weapons against the conscience of the country. They are simple folks, they come when asked, they go back when sent.
A simple question. What is it that Najib did, that cannot be done by any average person? Give him authority, office and legitimacy, any average person, pound for pound, can do better than Najib at whatever he did.
When I read what he said in front of the bussed and transported simple folks, I was engulfed by a profound sense of loath and disgust.  Most of those gathered did not have an inkling of what Najib did when he was MB of Pahang. He did nothing. Perhaps someone ought to ask him how did the state end up selling a resort on Pulau Tioman to Berjaya Group during his watch.
A certain document is said to be with Dr Mahathir.
He did not take any tree- but the GLC in charge of overseeing the logging industry was run to the ground by a cousin of his in the 1980s. At that time the chap was paid rm40, 000 a month and he was driving around Kuantan, in a Porsche. Logging areas were given to cronies under his watch. He did nothing because the Pahang people did not know what he did. Plus he was busy with other pursuits, studiously pondering over plans marketed around by a then employee of Island and Peninsula.
But that’s old stuff.
We didn’t ask him whether he took trees or bauxite and other things from Pahang. The things he did for the state, taking care of people could have been done better by a conscientious administrator. So it was no big deal.
We didn’t ask him those questions. We only want him to answer how much of the 1MDB money actually went into his account? Now WSJ and other investigative authorities like Switzerland’s AG office are saying that USD 4 billion was stolen from Malaysian GLC and perhaps USD1 billion( RM4 billion ended into Najib’s personal account.
We ask him questions on those, he cannot answer. My 3 questions regarding 1MDB which I submitted to parliament- were rejected by parliament. The answers we seek from him, he does not want to give. The answers we don’t want such as what he did when he was MB of Pahang, he volunteered to give.
Why do we the people want Najib out? Because the powerless and the honest have a vested interest in a leader who cannot be compromised. The powerful and the dishonest on the other hand have a vested interest to nurture, cultivate and put in power a leader who can be compromised. They found one in Najib. Behind the exterior is a cunning personality.
So cunning that Malaysians have only now realised what the concept of big and good government means. To the contractor and the business community, big government will continue to be the patron and dispenser of business bounty; to the common people good government means keeping them fearful and uncertain and clinging on their dependence on the government.
Najib promises to the people, but delivers to the elite.


Tuesday 8 March 2016

Let Us Save this Country-Part 1

Some people say Najib is alright. I am shocked to hear them say that. But they are entitled to their opinion. I hold a different view. And I am equally entitled to my opinion. 
Just like Christopher Hitchens- my own opinion is enough for me, and I claim the right to have it defended against any consensus, any majority, any where, any place, any time. 
Najib is not alright, He is not- unless you have forsaken principles and values. It is especially alarming with the Malays. They seem to excuse wrongdoings if committed by a fellow Malay and Muslim. 
We cannot have a manifestly crooked man running the country. As we shall eventually discover, what he did with 1MDB, the money from SRC and the donation of RM2.6 billion and the yet unaccountable missing RM4 billion reflect, the true measure of the man. Of all our PMs, he is the one most cunning and untrustworthy. 
He brings into office the low class politics of the UMNO bahagians- that every opposition to his leadership can be neutralised by paying those who are opposed to him. Hence his personal motto- cash is king. Second, he believes that whatever money passes through his office, is his. Hence money belonging to the country is his to do as he wishes. 
The combination of these two ingredients make up the recipe for a dictatorship. A dictator with the smiling face. 
I am afraid that if we don't take out Najib politically, we will end up being ruled by a dictator.  The essence of a dictator is his whimsical rule. The whole country is on edge not knowing what he will do next. We already had a taste of what he has done; all those draconian laws of POCA, POTA, SOSMA and the latest, the NSC bill. All designed to keep him in power and destroy any opposition. The means for people to express themselves are gagged up- the vibrant online newspapers are closed down one by one.  He is the dictator with the smiling face, with a knife behind his back. He dupes many people. 

Even the fascists with the Islamic face are supporting him. Islamic principles grounded on the foundation of standing up for justice are thrown away. We will rue the day when the fellows enter our houses and sleep with our wives and daughters or sons, we will excuse their trespass because they are of the same race and religion. What kind of race is that and what kind of religion is that?

We are working to expel Najib from Putrajaya. We attack him because he is crooked and his government is corrupt and reactionary. Our agenda is not hidden. We have to save Malaysia by getting rid of Najib and his government. The whole country has to be reset.

Now we know that PM Najib’s personal crookery and fascism with the Islamic face are closely related. I have the utmost respect for the men of God, but when they side with a crooked leader, they reveal their fascism. Whatever Quranic verses they use to justify their conduct, we now know them as fascists with the Islamic face.

Let us now talk about the crooked PM. There are a lot of similarities between slick Willie President Clinton and PM Najib. Both, it seems have their own Tammany Hall. Some of you may know about this. Tammany Hall refers to a political organisation notorious for corruption, and patronage. It had its origins in the late 19th century in America. The organisation used its resources, money and patronage to control the politics of the nation. It used cash to buy the loyalty of politicians and allegiance of civil servants.

The most notorious figure who controlled Tammany Hall was one William M. Tweed. He was known as “Boss" Tweed, who ran an efficient and corrupt political machine based on patronage and graft. It used graft, bribery, and rigged elections to make money for themselves. By now, I am certain, these things sound so familiar with what is happening in Malaysia.

PM Najib is our Boss Tweed.

In PM Najib, we have our own Boss Tweed who uses cash is king to award patronage and buy political control. His Tammany Hall comprises of his close associates who are most loyal to him. They received money and patronage.

The money from the donation was used to buy the 2013 elections. No one believes that anything was returned to the donor. Everyone believes there was and is no such donor. Our own boss Tweed lied to everyone so that now, there is no one else left to lie to.

Ernest Hemmingway once wrote that real writers have a built in bullshit detector. Real writers detect the bullshit PM Najib is throwing around. Real writers include those journalists (and they are a vanishing breed here in Malaysia) who don’t forsake their subjective journalism in exchange for playing to the gallery.  Real writers have a pact only with the rakyat and they have a duty to them to tell the truth.

From his feigned ignorance of he doesn’t know how the RM42 million from SRC got into his account to the ever changing excuses for the RM2.6 billion donation, PM Najib has not told us any truth. He has shifted the goal posts so many times.

Remember- from money given to fight ISIS, to stay the course as a Sunni state, to money for use to fight DAP and Israel, to do whatever and finally to a simple donation to do don’t know what. It turns out that the money was used by UMNO to win elections. The Malaysian Boss Tweed rigged the elections to stay in power.

He has dutifully returned RM2 billion because he has no use for it. He is indeed a role model in the manner prescribed by his wasathiyah slogan. To slick Najib, it was just a slogan to pacify the Islamic fascists.  

The money was donated to UMNO and he decides for UMNO to return the money. Hence Najibah has entered the Islamic finance lexicon to refer to the act of returning a big portion of a donation to the donor. If najib had used or taken a bigger portion than the portion returned it would have to be termed as Najibahan.

How on earth did the RM42 million get into his account unless the account holder gave his account number. Did Najib place on his blog his account number and asked for donations because he wanted to carry out UMNO programs?

Well it’s all bullshit. And it’s a bullshit heartily consumed by FONs- Friends of Najib who formed the members of Najib’s Tammany Hall. People like chief Nazri Aziz, Saleh Said Keruak, Rahman Dahalan, Azalina Said, Ahmad Maslan , Adnan Mansor, and now Anuar Musa.

The impudence of it all, when we confront Najib about all these issues, he is not ashamed to react with pretentious extreme indignation.  He is simply not capable of doing all these things- he is the son of Tun Razak, well brought up, he is a descendant of the Bugis people, and he will not allow UMNO to be destroyed and so on. He is simply incomprehensible.

All Najib gave a damn about was holding on to power at any costs. We, the people are subjected to Najib’s 7 years of reptilian rule. The phrase reptilian rule, I borrow from Hitchens’s description of Clinton’s rule. In many ways, Najibs shares many similarities with the ‘I didn’t have sex with that woman’ Clinton.

We don’t have the infamous Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress- but we have other smoking guns. We have the 1MDB mother of all financial scandals and the RM42 million SRC money in his private account. We have the RM2.6 million which is given a well-rounded lie treatment and we have around USD4 billion missing from 1MDB declared by the Swiss AG.This too will have to explained. We await more cock-and-bull story telling.

Just like slick Willie, Najib is a serial liar.

Let’s say that the 1MDB, the RM42 million, the RM2.6 million are all ‘accidents’ that will cause the downfall of the UMNO led government. Montesquieu, the French philosopher and thinker once said that if a city or state were to fall because of an accident, then there must be a general reason why it needed just an accident to cause it to fall.

The general reason is because UMNO led government has gone bad. It has become a den for corrupt and abusive leaders. It’s a tool used by UMNO politicians to bleed the county while paying a cursory attention to the welfare of the country. In politics, it has contrived means to accumulate unfettered powers that stifle democracy. In economics, it serves the interests of the top 5%. In social relations, it is a racist government. it promises to the commoner, but delivers to the aristocrats.

The leader of the government is displaying dictatorial inclinations. He will become one if not stopped. The essence of a dictatorship is its unpredictability and caprice. The dictator changes the goal post as many times he wants. He has created uncertainty because no one knows what he will do next.

That is driving people away. That causes people to walk about with a perpetual frown on their faces. Each one carries a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.


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