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Friday, 25 March 2016

The PM is not a Crook, stupid.

A few days ago, PM Najib shouted himself coarse declaring that he is not a crook. I invite readers to watch the above video clip. See whether there are parallels.
When he says he is not a crook, it must be painful for him to finally realise that when he came into office, he had no big plans, no grand thoughts and no noble dreams. Just like the character Jack Sparrow, he makes things up as he goes along. He thinks, his I am not a crook, will dispel all the negative things about him and excuse him for his empty can politics.
The first thing readers must remember is that he was talking to a rented crowd. These are UMNO members who will support him anyway. They are transported, probably given money and other goodies to come and show support. And they did their part.
He told a gathering of UMNO members who were transported to the site, who were probably given money, t shirts and food- that you all know me. He is asking people to trust him. He has not taken any tree, any bauxite and has not stolen from the people of Pahang. He is interested only in bringing development and advancement to the people. He is PM for the people.
Has he been listening to Richard Nixon? Or did the idea of claiming innocence come from his many public relations strategists?
I can only express a sense of loathing and disgust hearing the obtuse righteousness coming out from him. This obtuse righteousness now appears to be inscribed in every move he makes- political or physical. Note the condescending lecture-like gestures. He must have taken a cue from the repellent PR minders surrounding him- who have nothing but lowly regard of the lumpenproletariat from Pekan and Kuantan. They must have told him he can get away with the simple minded assertions precisely because his audience was that- simple minded.
We will try to answer the PM. We know him indeed. The more informed members of the chattering class, say he has the qualities of Nixon and slick Willy Clinton combined. Others are calling him the embezzler-in-chief. I am not a crook (Nixon) and I didn’t have sex with that lady (Clinton).
Many people will remember the Nixon era the United States was, in essence, a rogue state. It had a ruthless, paranoid and unstable leader who did not hesitate to break the laws of his own country in order to stay on in power. The threat from a leader who doesn’t understand when to relinquish power, is more disastrous to the country compared to aggression from abroad.
Who are the people in attendance anyway? They are part of the large helot underclass disciplined by fear of authority and softened by BR1Ms and other immediate self-gratifying handouts. They are used as weapons against the conscience of the country. They are simple folks, they come when asked, they go back when sent.
A simple question. What is it that Najib did, that cannot be done by any average person? Give him authority, office and legitimacy, any average person, pound for pound, can do better than Najib at whatever he did.
When I read what he said in front of the bussed and transported simple folks, I was engulfed by a profound sense of loath and disgust.  Most of those gathered did not have an inkling of what Najib did when he was MB of Pahang. He did nothing. Perhaps someone ought to ask him how did the state end up selling a resort on Pulau Tioman to Berjaya Group during his watch.
A certain document is said to be with Dr Mahathir.
He did not take any tree- but the GLC in charge of overseeing the logging industry was run to the ground by a cousin of his in the 1980s. At that time the chap was paid rm40, 000 a month and he was driving around Kuantan, in a Porsche. Logging areas were given to cronies under his watch. He did nothing because the Pahang people did not know what he did. Plus he was busy with other pursuits, studiously pondering over plans marketed around by a then employee of Island and Peninsula.
But that’s old stuff.
We didn’t ask him whether he took trees or bauxite and other things from Pahang. The things he did for the state, taking care of people could have been done better by a conscientious administrator. So it was no big deal.
We didn’t ask him those questions. We only want him to answer how much of the 1MDB money actually went into his account? Now WSJ and other investigative authorities like Switzerland’s AG office are saying that USD 4 billion was stolen from Malaysian GLC and perhaps USD1 billion( RM4 billion ended into Najib’s personal account.
We ask him questions on those, he cannot answer. My 3 questions regarding 1MDB which I submitted to parliament- were rejected by parliament. The answers we seek from him, he does not want to give. The answers we don’t want such as what he did when he was MB of Pahang, he volunteered to give.
Why do we the people want Najib out? Because the powerless and the honest have a vested interest in a leader who cannot be compromised. The powerful and the dishonest on the other hand have a vested interest to nurture, cultivate and put in power a leader who can be compromised. They found one in Najib. Behind the exterior is a cunning personality.
So cunning that Malaysians have only now realised what the concept of big and good government means. To the contractor and the business community, big government will continue to be the patron and dispenser of business bounty; to the common people good government means keeping them fearful and uncertain and clinging on their dependence on the government.
Najib promises to the people, but delivers to the elite.


Anonymous,  25 March 2016 at 11:10  

Najib is the biggest crook that is alive in Msia or perhaps the world. Even Botak Chin, Bentong Kali and all other gangsters of malaysian descents pale in comparison to him.

He is cursed by God and by most malaysians who wants to see the last of him. The creatures supporting him now; the ministers, divisions chiefs and Umno members are getting their worldly rewards from him. Another rewards will await them in the hereafter for supporting a corrupt person to be in public officer.

Anonymous,  25 March 2016 at 11:52  

Nixon was not a thief and yet he resigned. So honorable as compared with Najib.

Anonymous,  25 March 2016 at 12:15  

I don't even have a cent, only dollars.
If you have no bread to eat, go eat cakes.
I have not taken even a tree nor bauxite. ( only cash lah, in billions)

Anonymous,  25 March 2016 at 12:17  

Semoga Allah swt melindungi kita dan negara Malaysia dpd pemimpin yang zalim. Amin

Aku,  26 March 2016 at 19:36  

En Sak,
Again you write about the morbid theatre that passes for a government. Methinks, that is only part of the solution. The perambulation and articulation need to move to another level. By your leave, it needs to move to planning, well thought out, immaculate even, and outright action.
Dr M and gang is I believe, one up on this, latest being the court action following quickly soon after the 'people's declaration'. In military terms, it may constitutes a flanking manoeuvre after some frontal action met only limited success. This could be partly due to the lukeworm, discoordinated follow up by other stakeholders..
This latest move however presents another window for coordinating supportive action, again in military speak, in rapid fire mode to 'awe and overwhelm' to set up ambushes, lay booby traps etc.
And all this by yesterday already.

Anonymous,  26 March 2016 at 20:22  

betul,sahingga terpaksa guna nallakurappan..

Anonymous,  26 March 2016 at 21:46  

Just wondering when will your site be blocked by pea brains in mcmc

Mali Bin Muyung 27 March 2016 at 01:29  

Busuk2 Botak Chin he knew n appreciated leadership when he saw one.
I read somewhere in a book authored by an ex SB chief, he actually send a wreath of flowers when Tun Razak died.
It was mentioned that he admired TR.

Anonymous,  27 March 2016 at 07:59  

Najib dah terdengar orang kata malah oleh punahsihatnya yang ia adalah seorang krook ...

Donplaypuks® 27 March 2016 at 09:37  

"The PM is not a Crook, stupid."

Najib is just a stupid crook. He can't understand himself how he got into this mess. Of course, Grossmah will not let him resign. There's too much of Ketuanan and face here!

Firestone 28 March 2016 at 03:28  

If people hate me this much and I have enough money in the bank to last a few generations, I will just take my leave. What kind of idiot is this still want to cling on to power and be hated and scorned and be cursed everyday by the rakyat?

This must be a sick man backed by an equally sick wife.... even my life is a notch lower and I am not cheerful anymore due to the frustration of seeing this stupid circus everyday!

Really, how I wish somebody out there help solve this headache and do some thing - I don't really care what - shoot a lastik (catapult), throw a stone, throw whatever lah, just throw lah!

Graphics 28 March 2016 at 05:05  

What say you about tg razaleigh now?

Anonymous,  28 March 2016 at 09:16  

Dato, thanks again for saying all that we want to say but are limited by our capabilities. There is little doubt that the biggest and slickest crook in the country is now sitting on top of the heap. The grand master of the grand thieves. Malaysians are getting disgusted with him but he seems too thick-skinned to care. He's corrupting all the institutions in the country to do his bidding and there is little doubt in most Malaysians mind that he's using money to buy their loyalty.

Anonymous,  28 March 2016 at 11:55  

A smart crook would fly off to Hawaii, the Middle East
(or the Near East), Europe etc. and enjoy life (and the wealth

Middle East -- Idi Amin Dada
Hawaii -- Ferdinand Marcos
Europe -- "Baby Doc" Duvalier

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  28 March 2016 at 17:09  

Ku Li said he has been consistent all along. He is indeed a con.

Anonymous,  28 March 2016 at 21:43  

Cone on, Najib is a blessing to Malaysia. Without his 1MDB scandal and his evading escapades, UMNO, the party of thieves will not get to close shop quickly and will continue to plunder the country's wealth, left right and center. Secondly, the unprincipled money face opportunists would not crawl out into the open.

Now, the whole world and the Rakyat has been entertained non-stop at every twist and turn by Najib and his army of repairmen. This 1MDB thriller (aka Arabian Tales) is better than the Korean serials and all the James Bond movies put together.

Now, new characters e.g. LTAT are slowly coming into the picture. Pls do not stop this "hide and seek" blockbuster.

Anonymous,  29 March 2016 at 15:56
State of Fear: Murder and Money in Malaysia Watch Online

Kantoi-Exposed Again Melayu UMNO-Najib BN ...jadi Najadi dibunuh untuk bagi semua yang tahu rashia satu Amaran?? Malaysia Habis...siapa mahu invest-labur kat Malaysia??

Anonymous,  30 March 2016 at 00:20

Is RPK telling the truth about Daim? Is RPK claims are true? That the ANC group is trying to frame Najib Razak? You people needs to refute RPK claims, or more people will starts to disbelieve in you.

Anonymous,  2 April 2016 at 18:18  

Enjoying how mushrooms bloom when watered, najib is what he is but suddenly as the cabinet reshuffled, top parasites such and keruak and dahlan surfaced...laws of nature, the parasites to food

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