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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 7 May 2024

The battle for KKB -part 2

1. One of the podcast two Ronnies, derided minister NGA Kor Meng . He said the people are not stupid.

2. Nga had announced a few million allocation for KKB . He said, the allocation was on account of KKB being an 'ong' place. It wasn't given because of the impending by election .

3. Its unavoidable. Nga can foam at the mouth saying that the allocation wasn't an election allocation. The people in KKB in particular, will insist that it was an election "grease' .

4. That's because people are smart. They do read in between the lines. They are not just commuters on the toon foong omnibus.

5. That's the state of mind the people possess as they go into the KKB polls. People getting smart is the Achilles heel of any party that propagates extremism in all forms, racial supremacy and religious bigotry.

6. Because people are not stupid, IE because they are smarter enables them to reject extreme right wing political parties like UMNO and the successor of UMNO, PN. Smartness and fair-mindedness is actually a boon for pragmatic political parties

7. There is an inverse relationship between smartness and the fortunes of political parties at least now, in Malaysia. The smarter people are, the more politically aware, more informed, more enlightened, the less acceptable parties that expound extremism in all forms, racial supremacy and religious bigotism , become .

8. So when one of a popular podcast 2 ronnies say people are not stupid, that's actually a boon to PH especially DAP.

9. Clearly as the intelligence and wisdom of the people increases, fortunes of parties like UMNO travel south . The same will happen to PN.

10. Then, they will looked askance, puzzled at what happened. Their conceit and arrogance will prevent them from discovering the causes

11. Look at what happened to UMNO. The recent anarchy created by one Akmal will hasten the demise of UMNO. The same will befall PN .

12. The people 'not stupid' IE politically sophisticated, aware etc., is the state of mind with which they go to the polls in KKB.

13. The voters of KKB, as do many people in the country are tired of the scorched earth politics of PN .

14. Because people are not stupid and are politically aware, the will enter KKB and vote according according to what is good for business.

15. And what's good for business is to vote in a party that supports inclusiveness, mutual racial respect, shared prosperity and happiness. They will shun a party that preaches divisiveness, perpetual racial tensions, religious bigotry and racial supremacy.

16. They will also vote in the party that promises to fight against all forms of social injustice and will not compromise against corruption and abuse of power.

17. Does the PN publicized these principles? It hardly talk about these intransigences

18. The pas mother-effers are quiet on the warnings of Allah in Al Maidah 78-79 on the children of Israel.

19. The people in that community were cursed by God through the pronouncements of David and Jesus. This was because they kept quiet when their brothers commit corruption, abuse of power, excesses and other intransigence.

20. The same refusal to correct wrongdoings will be perpetuated if people choose the PN candidate.

21. What can you expect from a candidate , who at first proudly published his so so a academic results. Getting into University in Pahang is nothing to shout about.

22. I said at first, because the seemingly misogynists PN people especially the actually sex crazed PAS people thought their candidate's academic results cant possibly be bested by a woman .

23. They were shocked to see Pang's excellent academic credentials. To now compare apple to apple, why not publish the PN's candidate UPSR, PMR and SPM results. Ada berani? The PN already lost here . It's the harbinger of ultimate defeat.

24. To control the damage done and embarrassment felt, PN questioned Pang's vernacular education.

25. The keen mind can see the ecclesiastical and racial supremacist principles at work here . The ecclesiastical dictator and the racism in them couldn't countenance differentiation in educational pathways except that permitted by them .

26. So beware, voting in one vermin even at state level will be the start of establishing an Orwellian society. Our freedom is at stake voting in the PN candidate.

27. The UMNO people, at least those who helped in the election will have no trouble in debunking these underlying extreme right wing principles. For over 60 years they have been drilling the very same principles on right thinking Malaysians. Snuffing them out will be easy-peasy to them .

28. PN can't hide its religious bigotry and racial supremacy principles behind issues which concerned ALL of us and are not unique to KKB alone.

29. Things like the cost of living, economic direction of the country, the exchange rate of the ringgit, rice issue, free supply of water etc. All problems associated with these will not disappear over night by giving a WIN to PN in KKB.

30. Assuredly, these things are tackled in earnest and given a sense of urgency. But it takes time to produce the desired results, encik!

31. We can't get instant results as demanded by such anarchists like papagomos, YBs viral, cikgu bards, the various tik-tokers and so on. If I plant a rambutan tree it takes 3 to 5 years to mature and grow fruits. If you take a piss, you have to unzip your pants and take your dicks out. Ada butot?

32. The people in KKB will also look at the candidate. Clearly Ms. Pang is superior. Choosing a person with better academic excellence is a no brainer. You will also want to choose a person with humility and approachable by all races. The Ah Moi has that. She is also ready to serve with dedication and is EVEN willing to physically move to KKB.

33. Apa lagi PN Mau? Nang bohtee Nang, kui bohtee kui!

34. Finally I want to address this issue. Which is the obsession by many Malay centric on line media to insist that KKB is better off with a Malay candidate. And with the same insistence by a certain Tropicana ' Hampstead liberal, sarcastically wanting a Malay candidate from DAP. Because of not choosing a Malay, PH can only win by 500 votes.

35. As though lah, choosing a Malay candidate, KKB would immediately turn into a miraculous economic enclave. Tiu Sama lu!

36. There's simply no guarantee to that. For years we have heard this-indoctrinated by UMNO. Kau tak membelit bukan India, Kau tak nenipu bukan cina. But what we have not heard is, kalau tak korap dan tak menepati waktu, bukan Melayu .

37. Many of us and I are simply dismissive of that obsession. We don't care whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice!

38. Given these exogenous and endogenous reasons, Ms. Pang will win by more than 500 votes. Indeed given the state of mind of the people in KKB, as opined by one of Malaysia's 2 ronnies, ms Pang can even win by a bigger majority than previously.


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