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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Kajang is on the way to Putrajaya

Why has Anwar’s decision to contest in Kajang caused so much upheaval inside the BN camp? More so in UMNO? This is just a DUN seat. As Muhyidin says, when Anwar wins, at the most he can only be MB. Najib is still the PM.
Yes, why?
UMNO says it’s protecting the people of Selangor. From what? Mahathir says, no one is safe if Anwar is MB. Hmm- maybe. Perhaps there’s some truth in what Mahathir says. I did feel shivers down my spine when I participate in ceramah with Anwar especially with my back facing him. Haha. I must remember to wear an iron chastity belt the next time. UMNO people- please remember that too.
No one who has stolen from the state, no one who is corrupt, and no one who has emptied the treasury will be safe. My own uneasiness dissipates when I think, no treasury, no money is safe when UMNO people are around. No public works are safe with UMNO people around. These are dangerous people to be around- these UMNO people.
Even with projects involving the defence of the country. In Banteng there’s a small shipyard called NGV-Tech Sdn Bhd. It was given a contract to build 2 units of training ships for the navy. The ships cost the government RM943 million. Sometime in December 2012, Rosmah Mansor christened one of them. Then in February 2013, Siti Hasmah christened the other one.
 What happened to the ships? Both were not completed. The company went under. It’s now under receivership. So the UMNO minister in charge of Defence is quietly tendering out (closed tender of course) the completion of the ships. That will cost a few hundred million Ringgits more. That Navy chief who agreed to give the contract to the shipyard, he will certainly not be safe. Whoever the minister who ordered the contract given to the shipyard, is not going to be safe either.
So, I agree with Dr Mahathir. No one is safe when Anwar around.
We ask Anwar why he wants to contest in Kajang. He answers because Kajang is on the way to Putrajaya. Maybe he plans to build a special toll for anyone from the Mines travelling to Putrajaya. It must be a special one designed by world class architect. Maybe Anwar will call in I.M Pei. That way if anyone from there wants to go to Putrajaya to look up the PM for the time being, the person has to pay toll.
Malays after all liked to be punished and disciplined. They derive pleasure from pain. They will protest and demonstrate when the opposition demands tolls be abolished. They protest and demonstrate insisting they want to pay PTPTN when their children can get free education.
The Malays are rich people despite the fact that the bottom 40% of Malay earns RM1300 per month. Despite the fact that the bottom 40% share 12% of the total Malay income.  
Yeah bebe- spank me more. Whip me more.
If as Tun Daim says, Anwar never solves any problems, isn’t that good for UMNO. Next time, they can always point out that Anwar has been a useless ADUN for Kajang. How many years did useless Anwar serve the government?
Even before the by-election in Kajang, people are already benefiting. Suddenly with Anwar planning to contest in Kajang, BN has awoken from their slumber and remember that the Kajang hospital is 102 years old. They will build a new one. But please do it through open tender yes. Otherwise the minister, the MOF people, the tender committee will all not be safe when Anwar comes around.
The JAIS issue with Bibles, the cow-head issue, all the other issues caused by UMNO’s agent provocateurs are suddenly muted. That’s how good Anwar is.
We must save Kajang and Selangor because Anwar is not fit morally, bellowed people from Perkasa. Chew Mei Fun has more moral scruples than Anwar charged Ibrahim Ali.  
But what about the morality within UMNO? The morality in UMNO is a cesspool. The limbahan or water trap behind my late grandmother’s house in Pekan, has got more morality. Sometime that limbahan was where all the effluent and other unmentionable discharge flowed into. That has got more morality than UMNO. So don’t UMNO come to us to talk about morality.
UMNO is acutely aware that when Anwar takes Kajang, it’s a matter of time Anwar takes the whole of Selangor. All the 5 parliamentary seats and the 12 state seats. Selangor will be beyond the reach of UMNO and BN.
Suppose, this by-election needs to be carried out because Anwar wants to solve PKR’s internal problem. What is wrong with that? Not doing anything about it is even worse. Khalid and Azmin may not see eye to eye. They can’t stand the sight of each other. But both can accept Anwar. So why not Anwar steps in to establish peace and get on with managing the state better? Khalid can still serve in a substantive capacity and Azmin can become a senior exco. Let us not make our dislike for Azmin and our preference for Khalid caused us to forget that our bigger enemy is BN.


Tuesday 25 February 2014

The Kajang Move- Part 3/3

Allow me to continue with the white witch’s ( nenek kebayan)  tale. I think, because of patriotic reasons and for the nation’s sake, Ibrahim Ali should contest in Kajang. After all he has claimed that he is 1000 times better than Anwar. It is also strange to me that for an NGO like Perkasa where everything Malay comes first, they should be supporting Chew Mei Fun. This means, PERKASA is by and large, an UMNO surrogate. At least its leadership is. Perkasa is just another organisation of people with vested interests camouflaged under the cloak of supra-nationalists.
A number of my friends from UMNO are disillusioned with Liow Tiong Lai. As president of MCA he should offer himself as the candidate in Kajang. That way, he can back up his warning of wanting to expose Anwar’s true colours. Who is better positioned than he, to show and proof that MCA has regained Chinese support? Instead they are sending in sweet Chew Mei Fun as the proverbial sacrificial lamb.
What special qualities does she have? If her finer qualities among others, is  that she is quite a good looking lady as Muhyidin puts it, I feel sorry for the Kajang people. Are we looking for a beauty queen? This is what you get from an UMNO leader schooled since 1998 to think of nothing but only with anything to do with sex. Don’t tell me, Muhyidin gets turned on by Chew Mei Fun?  Mak-ai! Haiyya! Ayoyo!
Two things are not there in Selangor. I said that in the preceding article. First, those who are supposed to conduct themselves according to the constitution are not doing so. I am talking about constitutional Malay rulers asserting themselves on a weakened UMNO. Emboldened and economically strong rulers are elbowing into politics. UMNO is giving in to so many business demands by rulers and members of the ruling houses. UMNO regards these hand-outs as investments to sufficiently soften these rulers up so that, when the time comes, it’s easy to do a Perak 2.
Secondly, the absence of a political leader strong and resolute enough to prevent onslaught from within and beyond and politically schooled to avoid a Perak-type putsch. PR lost Perak precisely because a coup d’état was ratified by the Palace. Prior to that BN led by UMNO worked on a few ADUNs to cross over. They were paid handsomely.
 Selangor can be a Perak 2. NIzar of Perak was regarded in high esteem just like Khalid is at the moment. But did the high estimation of Nizar save Perak? Would all those who object and are offended at the political manoeuvres now carried out by Anwar condone and live with a BN coup d’état? High estimation would be irrelevant and useless once Selangor falls into BN’s hands. The billions accumulated will be used against PR. Our enemy is always UMNO and BN.
It’s the only way BN with a huge war chest can ever hope to capture Selangor. By milking on the discontented from PAS and PKR. BN can buy over people to defect or join forces with them. It’s no secret that PAS wants their man to be the MB. I have heard of the name of one Iskandar from PAS thrown about by UMNO operatives as their man for Selangor. Witness the explosive reaction from PAS when Anwar’s name was touted as a possible MB for Selangor. PAS was eyeing the MB seat after all.
If BN succeeds in sweet-talking PAS into contesting Kajang, that move would certainly split PR. If PAS Selangor teams up with UMNO because after all, they are united by Islam as the common factor, UMNOPAS will have 27 seats to PR’s 29. BN can easily buy over a few more from PKR to join with sufficient financial incentives.
Then, when the state assembly convenes, the Sultan can advise Khalid- Tan Sri please resign since you don’t have the numbers. Hannah Yeoh will be given a Sivakumar treatment. Khalid and the speaker and the rest of whatever is left of PR will protest and insist they have not resigned. Khalid will then have to find a big tree somewhere near the state assembly to hold an assembly session.
If they cannot cause the split in PKR, UMNO will still support PAS man to be MB. After they have agreed to support a PAS man as Selangor MB, BN can do a Kedah-2. Put up with an ineffective PAS MB while cutting the ground below him and destroying his credibility. Come next elections, BN will recapture Selangor.
UMNO can use its huge war chest or call in contributions from some rich businessmen to pay off a few more people to cross over. In return the corporate benefactor can later reclaim his money in the form of money making projects. Now many of assemblymen are disillusioned with the aloof and stingy Khalid Ibrahim. They are easy pickings and have the reasons to abandon PR. That could easily spell the end of PR government and in particular PKR.
What would we have Anwar do? 
balance of Part 3 to be continued. 


Monday 24 February 2014

The Kajang Move- Part 2 of 3

Warning from the Director General, Psychiatric Division. The feeble-minded, those who develop headaches when reading articles such as this, are advised to take in as much parasetemol as possible. Failing that, in order to eradicate all ailments, they are advised to take paraquat. .

When Anwar Ibrahim announces he wants to contest in Kajang, the whole country erupted into a fit. Most affected is the BN side. They don’t know what to do and say. So they shoot at each other.
Ahmad Maslan the 3.85 CGPA-man announced that UMNO will use Anwar’s sex issue as the main issue. I am sure at the very moment, Kajang inhabitants wake up in the mornings, to find packages containing various CDs on Anwar’s sexual encounters enclosed. That’s how UMNO educate Malays.
Even Dr Mahathir has entered into the fray; first by saying that Anwar is only fit to become MB. As usual his initial response developed into the typical Mahathir vitriol on his onetime protégé turned nemesis.
The whole political saga involving Anwar which sets the country into political turmoil was created in the first place by Mahathir. That is why Mahathir is attacking Anwar. Mahathir knows Anwar will eventually win. So he tries to delay the inevitable.
Despite his admission that he wanted to retire earlier then when he actually did, he was actually planning to stay as long as he is mentally alert. He has to look after his friends’ business interests. He has to take care of his sons’ businesses. He wants to ensure his legacy is intact. Most of all he needed a guarantee to make sure all the mess that he has created is not exposed. He was jolted from his own perceived invincibility and infallibility by the challenge Anwar marshalled against him.
To me and I hope to many more Malaysians, this is a case of a great injustice done to Anwar and his family. He has taken more punishment than he deserves.  This time it is the people of Kajang’s turn to show the world and Mahathir, this country is not owned by UMNO or Mahathir. The country has been ill for some time. Now it’s time to heal.
The Kajang by-election is an opportunity for the people of Kajang to do some correction. It’s true that the right to recall should be initiated by the rakyat. But it’s unrealistic to expect a group of satay sellers, hawkers, pasar malam traders to do a political version of a class-action like this. It must be initiated by a creative minority such as politicians. A right to recall should not be confined to applying a referendum on the ruling government but can also be extended to correct internal politics. This is what PKR is doing. It’s correcting internal politics within PKR.
As to the face-off between Mahathir and Anwar, Mahathir’s persistent interest on Anwar is another phase of a political struggle between an impatient Anwar and Mahathir. In the proper context, impatience is not a personal defect. Tolerating the excesses of Mahathir on the other hand, shows something is terribly wrong.
Dr Mahathir should not be deceiving people further by saying his continued fight with Anwar is spurred on by his desire to protect Malaysia from Anwar. That is a decision to be made by Malaysian citizens. Mahathir must stop patronizing Malaysians with his wisdom in deciding what’s best for our lives. 
Anyone with leadership material is sure to be impatient with Mahathir. Tengku Razaleigh, Musa Hitam and Anwar all are leadership material impatient at the way Mahathir runs the country. Those of lesser constitution like Najib are people who can be cowed into toeing the line. Mahathir loves that kind of pliant and submissive material.
 Mahathir wanted to remove a political threat. It’s all politics to decide who gets to keep power and who can’t.  And the excuses contrived by Mahathir were only just that- convenient excuses. Because if Anwar were to be destroyed because of his legally unproven sexual deviances or moral misconduct, almost all of Mahathir’s cabinet should have been asked to go. All it needed was Mahathir saying so. They were many drunkards and fornicators in his cabinet then.
If Anwar were to be destroyed because of corruption as he was indeed convicted of, then the entire cabinet should have resigned a long time ago. So minus the sexual misconduct and corruption, it all boils down to a power struggle between Mahathir and Anwar and the former needed to remove a political threat. Anwar was a threat to him, to his friends and to the politicians hiding behind Mahathir.
Anwar is still a threat now. With a more powerful Anwar helming Selangor, life as UMNO and BN know as all this while, will come to an abrupt end. No more halcyon days. No more salad days.
The second-rate and half-past-six BN leaders reacted as dullards do when they don’t have the answers-issuing threats and the usual show of outdoing each other by uttering disparaging remarks. Nala says he will expose the dark side of Anwar. Why would anyone believe and place faith in someone who has benefited from his friendship with Anwar but now has turned against him?
 Zaid Ibrahim is a close friend of mine. But I find his rationale for contesting because he cannot agree to having Anwar replace Khalid as MB a bit patronising. Does Khalid Ibrahim need someone like Zaid to defend him? Accordingly I give Zaid two chances on wining Kajang- slim and none. But if he were to enter the fray with financing from UMNO boys, please share with me.
Some say it’s a waste of public funds. Some say it’s a betrayal of trust, even well-meaning NGO leaders appear to accept the BN stock-in-trade explanation of the motives of Anwar.
Anwar need not contest if two things remain. (1) If those having constitutional powers stick to their constitutional role and (b) Selangor has an MB strong and resilient enough to withstand the onslaught.
The two requirements are not there.
In order to understand the Kajang move, we have to widen our sights. In the 1980s when Mahathir held sway, the Malay rulers were held at bay. Mahathir even created a special court to try royal miscreants. The rulers were weak then and UMNO wasn’t that enamoured with them. UMNO did not need the Malay rulers then.
Nowadays, the reverse is true. UMNO is weak despite winning 88 parliamentary seats. BN won only 47% of the popular votes. No matter how they want to disguise it, UMNO knows it does not have the moral victory. The people have rejected them. And Najib knows UMNO won because the gerrymandering and lopsided voter representation. UMNO won in many areas with relatively smaller voter population. It lost in almost all urban areas.
On the other hand, the Malay rulers have become stronger. This isn’t happening only in Selangor but in almost all the states. They have begun to reassert themselves on a weakened UMNO. In Johor, Perak, Pahang, assertive constitutional rulers are making demands that UMNO is only too pleased to accommodate in exchange for political favours and also in exchange for a lifeline. Ask and you shall be given.
Selangor in particular is the crown jewel. It’s the richest state and control of the state confers on a seasoned politician strategic advantages. We already got some indications in this direction when Anwar announced that he will be bringing Tan Sri Muhammad bin Muhammad Taib to help him in Selangor. I was among the people who initially thought the plan to do so was so wrong. But when I look at it from a political angle, I find the plan to bring in Mat Tyson to be a brilliant move.
With Mat Tyson assigned an important and substantive role in an Anwar administration, UMNO’s influence in Selangor can be extinguished. The 5 parliamentary seats now held in coastal Selangor will be recaptured easily with Mat Tyson working his magic there. When he was MB of Selangor at one time, many of the local leaders owed him more than gratitude. The 12 DUN seats in Selangor held by BN can be easily converted by Mat Tyson. There will be complete annihilation of BN in Selangor.
The rakyat should cherish such an idea- a complete decimation of UMNO in Selangor.
Those vested with constitutional powers are asserting themselves on a weakened UMNO. UMNO is too pleased to accommodate them temporarily because UMNO needed the constitutional rulers to support them. 
Anwar on the other hand has the stature, resilience and bold enough to resist attempts from any quarters to launch a coup d’état or mount a Perak-like putsch. Selangor is the crown jewel of Malaysia. Controlling it means having a big say on capturing Putrajaya.


Sunday 23 February 2014

Raub dan Saya.

Saya mulakan artikel kali ini dalam bahasa Melayu untuk merungkai asal usul saya dan hubungan saya dengan Raub. Tujuan nya ialah untuk menerangkan kepada masyarakat Raub bahawa saya bukanlah orang asing yang disemai di Raub. Saya percaya ini semua rencana takdir. Saya kembali ke tempat asal usul moyang saya. Yang demikian, saya ini adalah benih orang Raub dan mempunyai tuntutan hak yang legitimate untuk berada di Raub. Saya harap mereka yang bersaudara dengan saya akan bersama sama saya untuk mengeratkan silaturahim.
Kerana itu saya merasakan amat tidak adil, jika saya mahu melakukan acara meningkat dan mengukuhkan silaturrahim sesama Melayu dan Islam di masjid2 dalam daerah Raub di sekat oleh Melayu UMNO. Amat tidak wajar jika saya mahu mengadakan aktiviti di masjid  dan surau mesti mendapat approval dari kumpulan tertentu. Saya ini tetap berbangsa Melayu dan saya menyembah Allah.
2 tahun yang lalu, tidak terlintas dalam kepala saya bahawa saya akan membina tapak politik di Raub. Maklum sahaja setelah dibuang dari Pekan, saya tidak terfikir akan bertanding di Raub atas tiket DAP pula. Saya mendapat semangat bila berjumpa dengan orang2 tua di Ulu Semantan, di Dong, di Sempalit, di Batu Talam yang meyakinkan saya bahawa sememang sudah dijanjikan bahawa saya akan menyambung usaha untuk membela bangsa di Raub.
Saya adalah keturunan jenerasi ke 6 dari orang Melayu yang berhijrah ke Raub dari Bilah Paning, Pagar Ruyong Sumatera Barat. Cakawari saya iaitu nenek atau datuk kepada moyang saya ialah Tok Shahrum atau Teuku Ali. Dia berasal dari Bilah Paning, Pagar Ruyong Sumatera Barat. Tok Shahrum atau Teuku Ali berhijrah ke Tanah Melayu pada awal kurun ke 19. Kita mesti faham, ini adalah perpindahan dari suatu bahagian dalam Nusantara Melayu ke suatu bahagian lain. Dunia Melayu ketika itu termasuklah kepulauan Indonesia.
Tok Shahrum dengan beberapa adik beradik, pengikut dan tokoh2 ugama mendarat pertama nya di negeri Perak. Kemungkinan besar dalam daerah Bidor Perak. Seorang atau beberapa orang adik nya dan pengikut serta guru agama menetap di Perak. Kerana itu, saya ada waris dan saudara mara dalam negeri Perak. 
Sementara itu, Tok Shahrum dan beberapa pengikut dan saudara maranya meneruskan perjalalanan ke Negeri Pahang. Mungkin tempat pertama ialah Pulau Tawar di Jerantut. Tok Shahrum kemudian nya menghilir lagi sampai ke Raub. Di Raub dia telah berkahwin dengan seorang wanita tempatan- yang kita kenali sebagai Siti Hajar atau Tok Dinar. Asal Tok Dinar ialah kampong Temau Raub. Tok Dinar merupakan cakawari perempuan saya disebelah ibu saya, Almarhum Hajjah Poziah bt Haji Muhammad.
Dengan isteri nya Tok Dinar atau Siti Hajar, Tok Shahrum mempunyai 5 orang anak. 2 anak perempuan bernama Ranting Emas dan Hajjah Maimunah. Ranting Emas, saya diberitahu dikebumikan di Ulu Temau. 3 anak lelaki pula ialah Rasu Abdul Salam atau di kenali sebagai Imam Perang Rasu atau Tok Gajah. Anak lelaki yang lain ialah Haji Mohamad Amin atau khatib Amin atau Imam Amin. Imam Amin ialah buyot saya sebelah ibu saya iaitu bapa kepada moyang saya, Hajjah Aminah binti mohamad amin. Adik lelaki bongsu Tok Gajah ialah Imam Mohamad Arif.
Saya adalah waris lansung Haji Mohamad Amin bin Shahrum. Isteri Haji Mohamad Amin yang pertama ialah Hajjah Banun yang berasal dari Ulu Semantan, Raub. Dengan Hajjah Banun, Imam Amin mempunyai seorang anak iaitu Hajjah Aminah. Hajjah Aminah berkahwin dengan Moyang lelaki saya iaitu Haji Abdullah Serban Hijau yang berasal dari Kelantan. Hasil perkahwinan dengan Hajjah Aminah , ada 2 anak- Haji Mohamad bin Haji Abdullah( iaitu datok sebelah emak saya ) dan Hajjah Jamilah. Hajjah Jamilah binti Haji Abdullah ialah ibu kepada almarhum Dato Shamsiah binti Abdul Hamid yang merupakan bonda kepada Tengku Asmawi bin Tengku Hussin. Tengku Asmawi ialah sepupu kepada DYMM Sultan Pahang sekarang. Saya tidak pasti (setakat ini) dimana tempat kelahiran Hajjah Aminah. Saya percaya di Temau lah juga atau di Ulu Semantan.
Demikian sedikit sebanyak pertalian saya dengan Raub. 
Haji Mohamad Amin juga berkahwin dengan seorang wanita bernama Yang Jeliha berasal dari Burau, Tembeling. Dengan Yang Jeliha anak2 Haji Amin ialah Meriam, Leha, Teh, Kassim, Temah, Hajjah Chik dan Hajjah Busu. Isteri Haji Amin yang ke3 bernama Halimah berasal dari Kuala Kenong. Anak2 dengan Halimah ialah Awang dan Yusuf. Isteri Haji Amin yang ke4 ialah seorang bangsa Arab kerana Haji Amin tinggal di Makkah untuk pengajian agama. Di sana beliau berkahwin dengan seorang bangsa Arab bernama Hajjah Sinnah. Dengan Hajjah Sinnah mereka mempunyai seorang anak bernama Haji Mohamad Akil.
Ini salasilah keluarga saya dari Haji Mohamad Amin. Saya percaya rangkaian saudara mara saya dari Imam Rasu dan Haji Mohamad Arif juga ramai. Saya sedang berusaha menghimpunkan keturunan Tok Shahrum ini yang berada diseluruh Malaysia.
Saya menghuraikan sedikit mengenai latar belakang saya ini untuk memberitahu orang Raub, bahawa saya ini sudah ditakdirkan kembali ke Raub. Haji Mohamad Amin berperanan sebagai perancang dan penyokong Tok Gajah dari sudut membiayai dan mendanai perjuangan Tok Gajah. Saya berharap waris2 Tok Gajah dan Tok Mohamad Arif boleh menghuraikan salasilah mereka pula. Mari kita bina rankaian kekeluargaan yang besar dan bersama sama berjuang menegakkan keadilan. Allah menyatakan keadilan itu paling hampir dengan taqwa.
Sekian Wallahua’lam bissawab.


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