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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Lessons in DEmocracy- Part 2 of 3.

Congratulations to Anwar.
For exposing the dark side of UMNO. As Milton Friedman said: The battle for freedom must be won over and over again.
The idea of universal democracy- rests on 2 pillars. The right to platform and the right to recall. Both are at play in the coming Kajang by-election. The kajang people are in a historic position in our democratic history. Never before have we been conscious of a game changing process.
Right of platforms.
The right of platform means the people have the right to know what the winners of an election will do after they have been elected. This right of platform belongs to the people as well as the political parties. Right of platform to political parties means they are free to present policies, ideas and specific programs for the betterment of the people.
That right to political parties is unrestrained subject only to the disapproval of voters at the end. This means UMNO and BN can present whatever policies, ideas, specific programmes and contents of a special manifesto they want for the Kajang by-election. They can offer racist, nationalist, reich-wing programs or whatever- they can offer smut to people as the big idea which they can muster instead of defending the various elements in their manifesto so grandiosely launched by Kim Il Najib before GE13.
This is the beauty about right of platforms. Political parties are free to present and market their regressive policies to the people. This means, the right of platforms provide a medium of expression of the dark forces in our society. It is therefore cathartic in nature in that it allows UMNO for instance to market and offer its racists programs, holier than thou policies, its bullying and corrupting practices and even sordid sex details to the public. In the coming Kajang election, the freedom to offer platforms has exposed that UMNO is nothing, but a pedlar of pornography. That’s how UMNO runs the country. That’s how they roll.
Now, the regressive programs of UMNO measure the moral health of UMNO and put everyone on notice about UMNO’s racial, religious and national sentiments. What can we say about that? UMNO and its president are morally bankrupt. 
Exposing UMNO’s hypocrisy is worth the spending by SPR. The worthiness is already apparent by the incoherent responses from BN leaders and their media minions. The utterances expose them for what they truly are.
So technically, the chairman of SPR is right in saying, SPR has no supervisory role to play in political parties drawing up its election platform. It has a supervisory role on the conduct of election proper.
The right to platform introduces the idea of contractarian politics. The right to offer platforms raises the responsibility to implement them. To avoid parties using platforms to offer empty rhetoric, we the people, treat them as contracts whereby, having offered us the platforms and accepting them by voting them in, we have something like a contract. Hence contractarian politics, whereby winning parties are obligated to carry out their programs.
The worth of this by-election to the Kajang people.
The people of Kajang have the opportunity to strip UMNO naked and expose its regressive programmes. The people of Kajang will have the opportunity to combat and destroy UMNO’s regressive platforms through dialogue and rebuttal. We engage the people in dialogues instead of using the mentally-challenged method of making police reports or invoking the fear of another May 13. And the best form of rebuttal is by voting against UMNO and BN in a great way by making them lose their deposit. Let them eat Kangkung.
UMNO fears Anwar Ibrahim.
That’s the truth which explains the morbidity and maniacal responses from UMNO and its underlings. With Anwar leading Selangor in whatever position the PKR coalition eventually agrees, we will see a stronger political leadership with matching political skills to combat the evil machinations of UMNO.
Let’s face it; Khalid Ibrahim is a sound manager for Selangor. The results speak for themselves- good budgetary management, surplus reserves, good all round management, etc. what he lacks are political skills- the skills needed to consolidate power in Selangor. A weak political leadership can lead to a BN takeover and whatever reserves that Selangor has accumulated can be frittered away in an instance.
Consolidation of political power is the key for Selangor. The issue of whether Anwar can become MB or not, should not distract us from the bigger picture- Selangor is the lynchpin state pointing to Putrajaya’s heart. Let’s give them a heart attack.
Waste of public funds.
SPR is going to spend some RM2 million for the by-election. UMNO is going to spend whatever it takes to stop Anwar. Maybe billions. I hope the Kajang people take whatever money BN gives them and consider them as atonement money for the evil BN has done. People are not obligated to reciprocate by voting in BN.
The RM2 million- budget for the by-election is only equivalent to one year’s utility bills for the PM’s official residence. The expenditure can never equal the wastage committed by the PM and his government. The amount of money spent on operating and maintaining the various executive jets is much bigger.
So the people can reject the pious and sanctimonious pleadings by UMNO and its BN underlings that this by-election is a waste of money. Right thinking people should not fall for the pretentious pleadings of BN leaders who are staring right in the face of exposure of their hypocrisy.
Right to Recall.
It shall be money worth spending to allow the people to exercise the right to recall. Right to recall is the modern equivalent to the Malays' right to repudiate the Original Covenant between Demang Lebar Daun and Seri Teri Buana. It’s the modern equivalent to the withdrawal of the mandate of heaven. It provides voters the opportunity to re-evaluate the platform which BN promised at the onset of GE13.
The Kajang people can use this by-election to reaffirm their vigorous objection to what BN has done after GE13- which is reneged on almost all its platform. Punish them severely by sending a strong message that, eventually the rakyat has the right to recall, i.e. the right to censure the ruling government, without waiting for the periodic 5 years. That message can serve to educate the whole of the country. The opportunity to censure and reaffirm the rakyat’s displeasure is worth the RM2 million that SPR is going to spend. UMNO and BN are going to spend much more. Just wait for the torrential rainfall of money in Kajang.
So, in this respect I congratulate Anwar Ibrahim and PKR for enhancing the meaning of universal democracy. This is a great opportunity for the people of Kajang to also teach Najib and UMNO the meaning of the entirety rule. According to this principle, once having won the right to govern, the legal winner governs the entire nation not just the section of that nation that voted for them. 
Let us pray and work for Anwar's victory for his victory is ours too. 


Anonymous,  5 February 2014 at 11:29  

apa benda lah hang merapu ni.? hang ni sesuai jadi cikgu bahasa di sekolah menengah.

zakwan 5 February 2014 at 11:40  

Knowing your history of being highly critical of Anwar Ibrahim's leadership before and after you joined DAP,it is very surprising to hear this signature of approval from you regarding this tactic dubbed "The Kajang Move"

Since you are known to be a no nonsense type of politician, I expected some scathing postings articulating your critical views on this by election

Regardless, if anyone asked me last week on Anwar's chances in Kajang, I'd say that he's in for tough road as he will be facing a very disgruntled and disillusioned electorate regardless of his star power

But after numerous gaffes by UMNO/BN from the nonsensical suggestion to field Lee Chong Wei as BN candidate to Ahmad Maslan's not so surprising scheme to use the sex/sodomy card as campaign fodder, I'd say Anwar's chances are brightening up more and more

KoSong Cafe 5 February 2014 at 12:43  

Other than a GE, this by-election is extraordinary in that it is the nearest we can get to selecting a prospective PM. After GE13 (when despite the support of popular votes, PR was denied a chance to takeover because of inherent electoral weaknesses), PR seems more pro-active in trying to change the situation instead of waiting another 4 years during which it is being subject to incessant attacks.

Anonymous,  5 February 2014 at 14:07  

Puki kau. Skrg semua PKR buat halal. Yang haram pun jadi halal. It is morally and ethically and seriously wrong for a YB who is able to serve to resign. We the rakyat want to know why.
Jgn cakaplah pasal right to platform n right to recall. Kami orang kebiasaan tak perlu mumbo jumbo. Benang basah nak ditegak2kan. Spt Anu WAR menegakkan kote benttheresakoknya.

Anonymous,  5 February 2014 at 14:16  

Khalid GaGap is a sound manager!!!.Betul le tu. Guthrie masa di bawahnya merudum.
Skrg sampah kat Selangor merata2 tak dikutip secara berkala selepas kontrak AF ditamatkan.
Krisis air is looming. So many housing and office projects have been approved n under construction by Selangor gomen which all need water supply. And what Khalid does. Nothing. Main tarik tali benang tunggu sape akan menang.
Khalid ni tak de vision n mission le bro. Masa interview bersama Mdm. Speaker Selangor boleh tido sbb kerja kuat sangat.Sound manager kataken. Duit reserve banyak tu tak le banyak sgt, mostly dari penjualan aset2 PKNS(perniagaan Melayu) n pembayaran timbal balik kerajaan Federal utk tanah Putrajaya.
Mungkin dia ni sound manager to PKR goonies but not a sound leader.
Tak caye, ask him how many wives and concubines he got. C how he will reply.

Anonymous,  5 February 2014 at 16:24  

This is perhaps the best commentary on the Kajang Move. Well done. Make UMNO eat humble shit.

Anonymous,  5 February 2014 at 16:32  

pencacai UMNO dah mulakan attack di blog SAK....kah..kah..kah...

Anonymous,  5 February 2014 at 20:19  

Hang tak faham diam sudah

Anonymous,  5 February 2014 at 21:38  

DUMNO habislah kali ini

Anonymous,  5 February 2014 at 22:56  

Pencacai umno ni kalau komen mesti maki hamun, mencarut & shows how they are among low class mentality... hahahaha

Anonymous,  5 February 2014 at 23:34  

Sak ,please do not censor the stupid comments,let sit tight and enjoy their moronic comments .

casper c 6 February 2014 at 02:31  

Despite the awkwardness and distaste - incumbent resignation to Anwar as candidate and roadshow ahead - it is my belief Kajang remains a Pakatan seat, hands down.

For too long, UMNO led BN has dug its own grave forsaking the welfare of the people, and hence in any contest of mixed constituency ie Kajang - any BN candidate would be hard pressed to mount a meaningful challenge.

Speculations aplenty as to the reason/rational in this internal tussle within PKR but where lays the truth - perhaps - it all boils down to dollars and cents after all but my fear, all of this "wayang" is all for nought when we consider the fact that HRH Sultan Selangor kisses the hand of one s/o Kutty.

Can't see how AI and PKR can overcome this "veto" obstacle ! Anyway, salam SAK and all out there.

Anonymous,  6 February 2014 at 07:43  

"it all boils down to dollars and cents" - casper c

+1. The political reality is money reigns supreme. BN will activise and organize all its machineries plus plus to bring down Anwar. The consequence will be tremendous for PKR. They have dug their own political grave.

I have been following Dato Sak's blog for so long. I think this is the first time he is talking nonsense. The right of recall should be initiated by the voters - not the politician.

Anonymous,  6 February 2014 at 08:11  

We can see the ungentlemanly response from some quarters that can be said as from pro BN supporters. This is the low class mentality state of being and denial. For as long as the brain lacks grey matter and unable to articulate reasoning, the battle in any debate has been lost from the beginning or failed u the opening gambit. Such is the level of the opposition (BN) in Selangior be it from their top leader to the grassroots members who are blind with eyes wide shut. The eyes will be come to see and the brain will come to tickle when the reds and blue papers would again be handed out so that the mocking bird behaviour once again come to be alive.

سومڤيتن امس,  6 February 2014 at 10:26  

Dato: " ...what he lacks are political skills- the skills needed to consolidate power in Selangor...

I read this as meaning Khalid is an old-style politician - forthright, gentle and unwilling to play gutter politics. I have no objection to anyone taking over as MB as long as he or she is from Pakatan. I see the rivalry as driven by a go-getter Azmin trying to push out a Khalid solely focused on "...good budgetary management, surplus reserves, good all round management, etc...,".

It is obvious to many that Azmin has been in politics longer than Khalid, hence his impatience to see that political problems are solved politically and not by the push of the administrative pen.

Of greater concern to me as an observer is the underlying rivalry between political camps within a party, specifically, political pay-offs and paybacks — who gets to sit in municipal or district councils and other political appointments.

In the days long gone, there were people who quietly rejected such positions simply because they thought there were other better candidates. Today, such appointments are much sought after because they provide semi-permanent financial security - the goodies are just too irresistible to allow gentlemanly behaviour, and this is Khalid's biggest burden at the moment.

Is there another side of Azmin, despite all his achievements and sacrifices that the public doesn't know, that which Khalid must keep close to his chest until the Rubicon is crossed? We shall wait, but our instincts must rest with a party that is relatively untainted.

"...UMNO is going to spend whatever it takes to stop Anwar. Maybe billions..."

I beg to disagree.

UMNO is too astute to put money on a lost cause. It would most likely, and justifiably so, force MCA to bankroll its own political adventures after all the latter has so many towkays and taikors hanging around. To mention Lee Chong Wei as a possible candidate clearly smacks of an exploitative MCA in retreat ever ready to humiliate an innocent 'outsider'.
Why not the old sifu, Chua Soi Lek?

Platform and Recall are the small opportunities in parliamentary life available to the electorate to put up a tactical challenge to those who use Platform to overwhelm others.


Anonymous,  6 February 2014 at 18:02  

I think ABI will win the PRK Kajang with or without the assistance of DAP or PAS. AS for UMNO their time is over, no matter what they do or said, no one will be listening. Should UMNO spend billion on Kajang in the run up of the voting, just listen to Dato Sak of DAP grab everything but don't vote BN.

AS PKR member, let's restrain from taking anything thrown UMNO to Rakyat in Kajang...we are after all as one of earlier commentator said in abhorrence of UMNO ungentlement conduct..the idea of taking everything thrown at us, sounds like we are anjing. This anjing like connotation should be applicable to PKR supporters in Kajang especially.

PKR would have plain sailing in the by election with Khalid Ibrahim clean track records and the rakyat in Kajang really don't care if they are not consulted about the YB Kajang sudden resignation to make way for ABI to rise. The credibility of PKR has been vouched when even after the GE13, both DAP and PAS bowed to PKR to take up the mantle of CM Selangor.

With ABI winning the Kajang seat and the massive surplus accumulated by Khalid for the state, more Rakyat programme would be dished out by PKR to the Rakyat especially the Kajang folks. The only different between UMNO and PKR would be , UMNO is able to give before the election, but Rakyat would get it from PKR after they won Kajang..that could be the promise of PKR to Kajang folks...

Anonymous,  7 February 2014 at 11:44  

Betul. Bunyi mcm org sudah mati tapi hidup balik

Anonymous,  7 February 2014 at 11:46  

Bunyi mcm org mabuk je !!!

Anonymous,  7 February 2014 at 11:49  

komen mcm ni mmg tanda dah makan byk duit BN

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