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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 17 February 2014

The Enemy of the People

I will come back to the Kajang topic soon. It is now becoming more interesting as Zaid Ibrahim is entering the race.
At the moment, I want to share some thoughts on a topic that has been at the back of my mind for some time. It is UMNO’s perversion of the idea of nationalism and the UMNOnisation of Islam. The danger is this. If left unchecked, UMNO will confer upon itself the right as final arbiter on who is a Malaysian or not Malaysian and eventually who is Islamic, less Islamic and so forth. In a bizarre twist, UMNO has totally outflanked PAS in portraying itself as the religious zealots bent on talibanisation of Muslims in Malaysia and eventually over all Malaysians.
We are all in danger. The country is crumbling under a fainéant leader. His madmen are on the loose.
UMNO’s nationalism.
It may have gone unnoticed, but the government’s loose categorization of all those who questioned its conduct on handling the nation’s security for instance as unpatriotic, is an expression of this high-pedestalled self-conferred stature. Tian Chua’s criticisms on the conduct of the security forces on the Lahad Datu invasion for instance, were used to brand him as a traitor.
The chief of army  isn’t a politician. He is a civil servant who swore allegiance to King and Nation. Acting unprofessionally, he joined others to brand as traitors those who questioned the inept handling of the invasion. But let us question his motives over his own conduct over the whole affairs.
Why isn’t there a white paper or post mortem analysis done on Ops Daulat? What lessons have we learnt from the invasion? How much money was spent over the operations? The chief of armed forces can easily justify the purchase of military assets and consumables under the excuse of an emergency situation. He didn’t even have to go through any administrative motions. Perhaps we have heard of a bar of Cadbury chocolate costing RM80?
Those responsible for equipping our soldiers with substandard armaments and equipment are traitors of the highest order to our country. No amount of pantomimes or pretentious sympathy on those who lost lives in the invasion by a band of under-nourished sarong-clad individuals can absolve nor excuse the government over its inept handling.
Instead we must ask, with the military capabilities stationed in Sabah, why wasn’t the handling of the invasion entrusted to the field commander in Sabah? We seemed to have mobilised our security forces as though we were at war with the Philippines. The chaotic handling I assure you is not lost on our neighbours who are better equipped militarily. Purtjaya actually moved to Lahad Datu for a short while with two ministers stationed there over an extended period. And to do what? To handle a band of sarong clad, slipper-wearing and under nourished individuals?
UMNO’s sponsored 1Malaysia is dead. As long as UMNO divides the country into the various races, we can never achieve a Malaysian nationalism. We are moving towards an oligarchy where power seems to be divided between a select few including those entrusted to guard our nation’s external and internal security.  UMNO now acts on the basis, might is right. Because it controls the federal government, it thinks it can bully everyone into submission.
It’s helped further by the legitimate coercive forces of the country- the police and the military. The military has shown it was quite inept when dealing with a mere incursion of a band of under nourished sarong clad men. The IGP and Chief of army descended on Sabah to direct operations. The defense minister as his Home security colleague were there too making it out as though we were at war with another country. Surely, these are signs to shudder about the capacity of our country’s defence.
UMNO has claimed absolute ownership on the concept of nationalism and how it shapes religious thinking. UMNO’s Nazi-like definition of Malay means only UMNO Malays are Malays. Other Malays of differing politics are apostates. There’s only UMNO nationalism which crushed all other variants.
Our country continues to be divided into UMNO Malays, non-UMNO Malays, Chinese Indians, Melanaus, Ibans, dayaks, kadazans so on and so forth. The indigenous people in Sabah and Sarawak are only Bumiputeras if they are willing to give up their own ethnicity and become Melayu.  Otherwise your 10% strength serves only to add comfort to the Peninsula Malays so that they can say they are 61% strong.
The fact is Malays are only 50-51% strong in Malaysia. To the Sabahans and Sarawakians, I only ask- how come when it comes to claiming to be Malays, UMNO doesn’t differentiate you but when it comes to distributing gains and rewards, UMNO discriminates you. And still you want to be with UMNO despite the discrimination and humiliation. What is it with East Malaysians? Do they have political BDSM or what?
As long as UMNO plays us off against one another along racial lines, we cannot have a Malaysian Nationalism. So Najib’s 1Malaysia is a hypocritical slogan with no real intent. It’s already dead before it can assume life and will be buried without tombstone if it’s not already buried.
A former deputy UMNO president and a former deputy PM puts it laconically; UMNO’s survival strategy is to show that it’s more Malay than Berjaya and more Islamic than PAS. And it cannot win in both areas by being on the same level; because in the case of Perkasa, the NGO gained the earlier ground to put up the claim;  in PAS’s case, Islam has long been the party’s raison d'ĂȘtre.
So its only option is to appear ultra-racist and ultra-religious. We are looking at the rise of UMNO’s Reich-wing nationalism and the start of UMNO’s inquisition


Anonymous,  17 February 2014 at 17:44  

UMNO will destroy our beloved country if nothing is done to stop them.

Sam,  18 February 2014 at 00:03  

If the 2013 GE is a gauge, I think its safe to say that an estimated 50% to 53% of Malaysians know or at least could guess, whats happening in our country - the UMNOnisation of everything.

Unfortunately, the odds are still stacked against the knowledgeable rakyat who wants change (for the better) because almost all the pillars of government have been perverted by UMNO (its ex-president the dear Dr.).

Anyway, get ready for some UMNO macai to start spewing nonsense here in your blog. Those guys are full of B**S**T.

the mean machine,  18 February 2014 at 00:36  

Well said,Umno is only good when it comes up against the weaklings.Just look back at the Lahad Datu incident.It used fighter jets and heavy artillery to rained hell and fury against a group of sarong and slippers clad gang of rag tagged ill equipped fighters.

Now let us look back at the bible burning and grabbing fiasco.How about the hoodlums actions of the Onederful CNY video.The brave Umno,brave men against the weaklings were as quite as church mice.Go figure.

the gaffe guy who know's,  18 February 2014 at 00:40  

The recent actions of certain Umno/BN ministers have shown that they have placed politics above their loyalty and duties to king and country.These are traitors of the lowest degree.So what is the people going to do to these traitors?

Anonymous,  18 February 2014 at 01:51  

It is crystal clear that UMNO will eventually decay from the heart of the Malays....I'm a Malay & Muslim,I don't bow to UMNO,as there were other Malay parties in the country, but to me UMNO similar to Hitler's Nazi...the racist based political party irrelevant to the multiracial society..should be banned!

bruno,  18 February 2014 at 03:40  

Dato,the only time the PR has a chance of beating the Umno/BN is that they speak with one voice,and one voice only.In GE 13th,they never came close to beating the Umno/BN.How can the PR chase the Umno/BN out of Putrajaya,when they cannot beat Umno/BN when they were at their weakest.

MCA and MIC were falling apart.Umno was in a leadership crisis.And although the DAP did good,PAS and especially PKR fared badly.And to add salt to injury Umno and MIC won more seats.

PKR,the party acting as the 'taikor' has no good captains to helm the ship.They even let Warthamoorthy fooled them and pulled the rug directly from under their feet.Instead of putting all their efforts in trying to oust Umno/BN they were more interested in fighting among themselves.Even today,they are still fighting among themselves.

These stupid politicians cannot keep thier own house in order.How on earth can they run the country if they cannot even keep bedroom roams or pillow talks on the quiet.

Anonymous,  18 February 2014 at 08:40  


Looking at what's happening in Malaysia now and how Malaysians are reacting to the situation, I would say that Malaysia will continued to be ruled by UMNO for the next 30 generations.

Malaysians lament about their predicament on blogs, emails, facebook, teh tarik stalls. And then the next day, they go back to doing what they have been doing all this while. Malaysians just need to let off steam now and then. Throw them some peanuts and let them groan and whine to cyber agony aunts once in awhile. They will be happy until their peanuts ran out and they start groaning again.

Call me an UMNO macai if you want. I don't really care. Just sick and tired of all these cyber groaning and whining when the time and effort could be better spent waking up the 48% Malaysians who are living under the clutches of UMNO.

Anonymous,  18 February 2014 at 09:13  

Its really sad that many Malays still don't realize that Umno is not for Malays in general but just for an elite group of thieves, bigots and racists. And the way they spread their brand of politics of hate will eventually eat away the Malays themselves, destroying their gentle and care-free way of life. But thank you Dato for keeping to remind them and the rest of us that they are being led by the nose and purposely kept ignorant by Umno for their own selfish agenda. We hope that you will be able to attain some success in convincing them otherwise.

The three amigos.,  18 February 2014 at 10:11  

If the chief of the armed forces and the inspector of police wants to play politics,well all they have to do is to resign and stand for elections.That is what aspiring politicians should do.Pengakut,eh?Hehe.

Anonymous,  18 February 2014 at 10:23  

UMNO’s sponsored 1Malaysia is dead. As long as UMNO divides the country into the various races, we can never achieve a Malaysian nationalism.

UMNO has claimed absolute ownership on the concept of nationalism and how it shapes religious thinking.



The above blaming on Umno will not able to improve the country if the majority rightful Malay don’t take the street to change the Government.

You should blame the Majority Malay from the kampong/urban folk for choosing Umno to rob the nation.

Umno cronies gangs always go for street protest in opposition state for unwanted issue like Allah/Teresa Kok’s video/Anti Islam/anti Raja…etc but you hardly see any rightful Malay to protest for the cronyism (rich getting richer) practised by the Umno :

1) Petrol hike (resulted all foods and manufacturing product hike)
2) Sugar hike (Enrich the cronies at the rakyat’s expense)
3) TNB hike (Enrich the cronies at the rakyat’s expense)
4) Astro hike (Enrich the cronies at the rakyat’s expense)
5) Assessment hike
6) Toll hike (paid by taxpayer money)
7) Cooking Gas hike
8) Rice hike (Enrich the cronies at the rakyat’s expense)
9) Costly internet.
10) Abuse of Power.
a) Use ISA against the opposition.
b) No action taken against corruption based on Audit Negara.
c) TBH/Sabrini/Kugan Murder case.
d) ….etc more

If this situation had happened in Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand, Europe, US……etc. I am sure the rightful citizen will throw out this useless Umno with the massive street protest due to practising cronyism and abuse of Power.

The Majority Malay still think that Umno can protest their “Ketuaan” interest but their next generation will suffer when the country goes bankrupt.(Indonesia is a very good example as what had happened during Suharto’s regime where all the rakyat is bankrupt despite having huge natural resources like petrol/timber/sawit…etc)

Hope to see this day to happen in the next 5 years. (2018 – High expenditure vs low revenue will resulted high inflation – basic food mix rice will cost RM 10 per bowl)

Malay have 2 choices before its too late :

1)Take on the street to change the Government or

2)Continue to support BN to get “Bankrupt”.

The political joker,  18 February 2014 at 11:14  

The more to join in the merrier it will be.Let us all have a party.

bumi-non-malay 18 February 2014 at 12:18  

Kepada semua askar melayu yang hidup atau yang mati Kat Lahat Datu hanya perlu tunjuk jari terhadap UMNO-Barang Naik. UMNO islam cult ni masih perlu semua Terrorist Islam cult Sulu dan Abu Sayaf untuk kegunaan mereka pada hari Sabah-Sarawak PECAT malaya. Pasal itu yang ditangkap belum digantung kerana ada senapang....kalau kat semenanjung ditangkap - terus Mati digantung. Banyak rancangan2 UMNO-BN yang rakyat tak tahu.....nak bincang dengan Terrorist Abu Sayaf dan Sulu....Sampai hari ni.....apa sebab Pecat Singapura....selepas 60 Tahun...Jumlah pengeluaran dari negara yand TIADA hasil semula jadi lebih tinggi dari SEMUA Malaysia+ Petronas+Sabah+ Sarawak kurang dari Singapura.......$1 Ringgit tukar $0.36 sen Singapura.....Masa UMNO terror pecat Singapura $1 Ringgit $1.09 Singapura..... Kerana Agenda Racis oleh UMNO-BN sesak dengan persetujuaan Sultan/Agong....maka Allah tak bagi RAHMAT kepada Malaysia....apa lagi yang perlu dihitung/kaji lagi.....?? Ini bukan Soal Melayu, Islam....tapi Ke-CELAKAAN....KE-Jijikan..Korrupsi...Penghinaan ALLAH oleh....UMNO-BN.....dengan persetujuaan Sultan-Agong. Maka Mutu Hidup sekali Gus Semua Malaysia DAH Tergadai....apa lagi kena buat?? 1 Hijrah, 2 Pecat UMNO, kalau gagal Pecat Malaya!! Inshah Allah semua ketua UMNO-BN yang celaka dapat balasan mereka dari rakyat!!....ini termasuk semua tokoh2 media, surat khabar....PDRM, tentera....BBB....Bangun Bangkit..Bantah UMNO-Barang Naik!....buat UMNO-BN Ubah HIDUP KAT PENJARA HOTEL SG Buloh!!

Anonymous,  18 February 2014 at 15:55  

Honestly, can this country survive at the rate it is going now. Without a moral fibre, without racial unity, religious antagonism, poor quality education, declining economy, low IQ leaders and decadent police force and judiciary we are doomed.
Never in our history we had so many idiots with no intelligence and education running the country.

Anonymous,  19 February 2014 at 22:17  

Add also we have bloggers running the country.

Both BN and PR are having a field day poking each other day and night. pulling pranks, giving out scandalous info of each other, some went to become actress in youtube parody, some went on mudslinging in twits excanges and some went or air with accusation to each other.

Many are wondering that the joke is on us...rakyat. Even the Malays are being pitted on each other as the liberated urban Malay PR vs the dumb rural Malay who support BN or UMNO

walla 20 February 2014 at 08:52  

What happens if all this continues? That's the only question everyone can ask.

MAS is done for. With the Asean trade pact, Proton is next. The ringgit is literally heading south. The education edge has been blunted beyond reprieve. All federal institutions have been compromised. Putrajaya is just going through the motions of paper-pushing. Meanwhile charlatans have flexed their muscles and are getting louder and more fascist every day.

Unless a massive and major change is made across the land, things can only get WORSE. Every country has a breaking point. Every citizen wants a more permanent solution. The way of the racist, fascist and chauvinist is not the way; all history everywhere in the world has shown as much.

What's the context of all this for our Malays? Fifty years of running the country and economy even to the extent of trying to reengineer society and we are today left with more polarization, fragmentation, apathy and non-competitiveness. We are all in trouble.

But the biggest trouble lies on the lap of our Malays. The mirage of the NEP miracle has collapsed. All visi's have been punctured. Reality has come in by the front door and sat on the sofa permanently. Our Malays must wake up from dreamland. Fixed numerator divided by increasing denominator means every new member of the burgeoning family size will get less and less. With openings reduced because investment money has fled in the face of the madness of race, religion and rights, where will the money of the future come from to feed the young of the future generations when all will have to foot the bills for obscene and unsupportable excesses of Umno and its charlatan leaders? Who? You?

This small post just to supplement and complement the blogger's excellent piece. Salut, Sak, and morituri te salutans, Rakyat.

Anonymous,  20 February 2014 at 20:02  

The current events in our country point to UMNO maintaining power not thru democratic means.

bruno 21 February 2014 at 21:55  

With the surpression of our educational standards towards the likes of third world countries,keeping the poor more or less illiterate,vulnerable and needed handouts of crumbs from the ruling elite,Umno/BN will forever remain in power.Unless the PR comes up with more capable and talented leaders to counter these segments of tongkat,crutches and wheelchairs dependents the ruling elites have created.Or else just warm the opposition benches forever.

Anonymous,  22 February 2014 at 22:47  

Dato Sak, dah letih mendengar dan membaca rungutan keatas UMNONGOK2 ni. Masih di takuk lama. Mentadbir negara macam penyamun. Sapu sana, kebas sini sampai tak ada kesudahan. Tak sedar2 lagi. Pendek kan cerita saya rasa bangsa Melayu UMNONGOK ni teramakan 'sumpah' sendiri kerana memperlekehkan agama dan bangsa sendiri. Salam

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