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Friday 7 February 2014

Are we Turning into a State of Lawlessness?

Is this country descending into a state of lawlessness? The chief executive is acting irresponsibly by allowing mobs to place posters making offers to people at large to collect reward money if they can assault Teresa Kok, a member of parliament. What if there were posters offering reward money to people if they can spit upon Najib or Rosmah? I am sure the police will come down swooping to arrest and jail whomsoever is responsible.
The police must act responsibly by going after the authors of the various reward posters offering money to assault Tersesa Kok. Surely these are invitations to the public at large to commit physical harm on someone else.
Causing physical harm or the threat of making one isn’t the same as making a parody of the country’s leadership and its management of the country. What if RM1200 is not enough and posters are put up to invite people to do more than slap?
The people of Kajang should take note of this. The unrestrained behaviour of the mobs acting under the cloak of Muslim NGO should be condemned vehemently. They should take this as indicator of the moral health of the BN government led by an incapacitate leader. Mob action and lawlessness appear to be popular medium of expression for UMNO supporters. This can only be taken as indicative of UMNO’s depraved religious, nationalist and racial sentiments.
If some people feel the reputation of Najib and Rosmah is worth dying for, why not take it a step further- self-immolation?
Why are we so upset over the humorous depiction of what is actually going on in this country? Cost of living going up, educational standards are declining, the wealth of this country being frittered away by free spending executive and his band of merry men.
I notice the people slaughtering chickens over posters of non-Malay elected MPs are Malays. So too are the members of the Muslim NGO who put up the reward posters on Teresa Kok. It’s as though our country is descending into a cowboy state in an early stage of America where members of white supremacist groups go after non whites.
Why don’t they stop to ponder- we have been shouting ketuanan Melayu for so long- but the tuans stay in hovels and squatter houses. The non-tuans who are still condemned as immigrants even though they have been here for 5-6 generations live in million Ringgit houses and posh condominiums. We shout ketuanan Melayu, but the tuans find difficulty in getting a piece of land to seek sustenance and make a living. We shout ketuanan Melayu, but the tuans remain the poorer section of the community. The tuans earn an average monthly income of RM1200; the non tuans earn RM 12,000.
Who do we blame for this state of affairs? If we cannot blame the government in power for allowing these things to happen, who else can we attach responsibility? Do we condemn the poor because they are poor? Why don’t we condemn our mothers for giving birth to us?


the cuckoo guy who know's,  7 February 2014 at 07:15  

The ruling regime's lackeys are running wild.Very much much wilder that the criminals running loose on the streets.The actions of the ruling regime's lackeys have turn Malaysia into an international laughing stock.Go figure.

bruno 7 February 2014 at 07:36  

Dato,I remember very well the cowboy days in the sixties and seventies,when armed maurauders were running loose in Medan and Hadyai.But those cowboys then weren't brave enough to put up posters of their enemies,least to say their faces were on the posters instead.

Malaysia,with its two sets of laws,one favoring the ruling elites and their cronies and one set of law against their political opponents and supporters.Their set of laws favoring themselves and cronies have emboldened their supporters as they are immune from the law.Therefore they can go on provoking and threatening physical harm to members of the opposition and their supporters.

This is the reason that Najib is loosing control of his party Umno,because of his enemies non stop internal sabotaging.And what is the police whose duties are to protect the peace loving rakyat doing.They are being instructed to watch from the sidelines with their hands tied behing their backs.

the gugu guy,  7 February 2014 at 07:56  

DS Najib and his cabinet have spent hundreds of millions of ringgit on consultants,local and foreign ones.What is the point of wasting hundreds of millions if not billions of ringgit of the rakyat's tax money,if they have their own supporters comprising of hooligans,gangsters and hired thugs tainting the good names of Malaysians.Doe's it not make the leaders look like stupid moronic fools.One thing we can say.The shit has hit the fan and back into their moronic faces.

2020,  7 February 2014 at 08:49  


the state of mind for the gomen is one of going through the motion... this is not to be confused with the state of mind of the ruling party, which is that of being totally mindless.
mix them together and we have a very potent potion which leads to....

...compensation being allocated for the tol [400m] and AES [360m]... in a wink of an eye and this is only feb of 2014..

i suppose these figure were not budgeted in the belanjawan and i suppose this will lead to the fastest belanjawan TAmbahan to be called by Q1 of 2014... [part 1 that is] and i wonder what the audit report for 2014 would supposedly deem these compensation as...

yet, we are all supposedly concern about the cost of running a by election, the supposedly wastages... hogwash, i say.

now, Dato...
here a perspective to ponder, tabulate the belajawan of each state in this blog.. let it out just like the ones done for post election analysis... that would a sight to be hold!!!!!!!

Anonymous,  7 February 2014 at 08:50  

You have just given a good script for a new parody to be made and shown to the world for everybody to see and cherish the comical sense of Malaysian.

DAP MP could produce that video about immigrant like treatment to certain community living in posh condo and million dollar houses but are yet being pushed around by the poorer section. let's have a parody where the poor security guard of certain race scolding the owner of the condos whenever they pass the security guard posts.

But then again, it should not been the job of DAP MP to manufacture such production for the comedy club. The comic in the CNY greeting seemed absurd when other political party such like MCA denounce it as disrespectful to Chinese tradition.

Let the comic do what they are supposed to do and let's have YBs serve their constituents instead of dabbling in other profession

Grace lim,  7 February 2014 at 09:07  

Datuk if we have more moderate Malays like you who can understand how bad UMNO is we can have a future as a united Malaysians. If not there is no future for the non Malays in this country. As a senior non Malay citizen who has lived here for more than 60 years it pained me to see what this country has become and I really fear for my children and grandchildren. Words cannot describe how we feel as a non Malay in this country. We have nowhere to go and this country is where we have to live. We are so sad on the lawlessness and the double standards and can only pray that the country is peaceful but everyday the government cronies are talking about May 13.

Datuk I wish to thank you once again for your write ups
Which give us non Malays some hope that one day things will change.

Three Amigos,  7 February 2014 at 09:55  

The country needs a strong leader like Mahathir to grab the bolas of the the cowboys.It needs a cat to keep the mice under control.Or else they will bred and crime will become an epidemic.

Anonymous,  7 February 2014 at 10:02  

See the consistent pattern of these lumpenprolitariats display of lawlessness provocations?

1)Every damn issues raised by PR, especially DAP, is an insult to the Malay kings/leaders, Islam & race, irrespective of the real issue raised.

ie Kalimah Allah, Kangkung flashmod, Teresa's onederful M'sia satiric.

2)Every protests MUST invoke May13.

As if they r finally openly admitting that the orchestrated May13 69 was the beginning of their ketuanan right. All pendatang minions MUST remember that, or else May13 act2 will be release to claim back that right!

3)The law enforcement units r keeping their hands off against these small number of hooligans, unlike those protests/assemblies organised by PR. See how quiet is Hamidi & Khalid.

This leniency is telling these hooligans that they r been 'protected' & thus fanning them to be more provocative & daring in approaches, leading to the current theme.

I dread to think of the next Allah assembly in front of the Federal Court when the decision of The Herald's appeal is been allowed! When there r more blur-sotongs that r been enticed to take part to 'protect' Islam & their easily confused dogma indoctrination!

All these proved that there r consistent plan to provoke/incite another racial riot.

This time, besides the racial element, the royalty & the Islam r been throw in to add more vroom.

Since after the May13 act1, the racial push has since lost its appeals. More Malays r not buying into that. But the other 2Rs, especially Islam, would certainly increase the 'amokness' of the participating masses.

So, Dato, as a season & reasonable Malay politician, u has yr plate full at this page of the M'sia history.

Dont let what Razak allowed then to happen again!

As u keep mentioning, 'We shout ketuanan Melayu, but the tuans remain the poorer section of the community.'

This time round, if May13 act2 happens, the majority of the Malay populace would again be the BIGGEST collateral damage.

The Others r too small in number to make up the final tally!

Sam,  7 February 2014 at 10:15  

When it was announced that DSAI will stand in Kajang DUN by-election, I honestly thought he is risking it. He won't lose the seat but he wouldn't win it by a huge margin, which is saying its a slap for him.

But now with his RM500 Reward for slapping a properly elected MP, I think DSAI has already won Kajang with a huge margin.

BN-UMNO has scored an own goal even before the game has started.

What a laugh! Real dunggus!

Unknown 7 February 2014 at 11:10  

Data, you are right even add a few thousand can take a human's live !

Unknown 7 February 2014 at 11:12  

Data, you are right even add few thousand can take one human live !

nick 7 February 2014 at 11:17  

Malaysia became what it is today (lawlessness and hooliganism becoming the tool of those in power) are directly the fault of the Malays and especially the "UMNO" Malays (who are fanatics about their leaders) by first, letting TDM ego maniacal behavior and conducts go unchecked (and unpunished) and secondly letting it become the approved behavior of successive UMNO Presidents and his deputies (warlords). TDM taught the UMNO malays, the principal of "Might is Right" ("with great power you can even deflect responsibility and punishment") and for decades, mob behavior, undemocratic attitudes and unprincipled action became the standards in UMNO.

UMNO members (with their mutated moral compass guiding them) believed faithfully that with their party holding the power of government, they HAVE "the right" to do anything and everything (even immoral behavior and crime) ! Becoming the government meant simply to the UMNO Malays that they are the lord of the land and they are above the law and the constitution (even if it meant stealing the govt coffer or even selling the country). They really believed that they have the right to do that. Put simply, UMNO members believed in a new religion beside Islam and in that religion, they are permitted to do everything and anything that is prohibited by Islam and still go to heaven in the end.

Thus we now have those affiliated with UMNO trampling the law and the constitution without fear and if the rakyat did not approve of their conduct, they would immediately labelled the rakyat as traitors who are unfit to be Malaysian citizen (and told to get out, of course!). UMNO is truly a broken party filled with lowlife that has little or no morality whatsoever! It is a party that is beyond repair and worse, if left unchecked and still holding the rein of power, they will surely destroy Malaysia and its people.

Najib is nothing but the major symptom of the disease that UMNO is spreading and our declining social and economic health is the main indicator of its destructive effect on the country. Looking at the rate of destruction Najib and UMNO are shoving down our throat, I don't believe that we can survive the 4 years until next GE. In order for Malaysia to survive as a nation, we direly need a new and fresh government. It would seem that Najib and UMNO MUST be kicked out of the govt IF we were to have a future! It's no longer the matter of replacing Najib BUT kicking out UMNO out of political relevancy.

It's a choice of Malaysia or UMNO and we have to pick one! My only hope that most of my Malay cousin understand that we do not have any other choice! Only one can survive and the choice is very clear even during the last GE. Hopefully the Malays have learnt their lesson and learn it well so that they will not forget it even after receiving the "welcomed but still measly and doesn't really help very much" BR1M money!


Anonymous,  7 February 2014 at 12:11  

Muslims step on cow heads.
Muslims do the butt dance.
Muslims send stool-like cake to Lim Guan Eng.
Muslims perform funeral for LGE.
Muslims burn and step on LGE and Chinese leaders portrait.
Muslims slaughter chickens and smear blood on Chinese.
Muslims now offer reward to assault a Chinese.
Muslims steal the Christian Bibles.
Muslims threaten to burn the Bible.
Now tell me, why should a great religion and its muftis, ulamaks and imams condone such actions.

Now tell me, how come Malays and Islam are under threat from Christians.

The Muslims are doing that and bring shame to their religion. Thank You.

Anonymous,  7 February 2014 at 14:43  

By not taking action, it shows that Najib is either not clever and a coward or he has no power to act. His inaction and more such idiotic behaviour by the UMNO goons will only make the Kajang folks give their middle fingers to UMNO.

Najib's inaction has just sabotaged the eunuch's Kajang candidate.

Anonymous,  7 February 2014 at 15:19  

The original Malays must be aware. Not all UMNO members are true malays -- these people are Muslims who claimed to be Malays. These peoples are using UMNO to further their causes --- eventually to dominates Original Malays. Once they're successfully hijacked UMNO, the original Malays soon will be outcasted. And Malaysia will be ruled by this new bred of 'Pendatang Melayu'. Look at the faces of those who demonstrates, they're alright Muslims but majority of them are not real Malays --- they're actually assimilated Muslims malays. These peoples intention is to create havoc and destabilize UMNO then hijacked the party for their vehicle to dominate the 'True (original) Malays, to run this country. The biggest LOSERS will be the 'Melayu Asli' that's why their modes-operandi is Agama, Bangsa, .... the so-called to protect the Muslims Malay is so deceptive. Melayu Asli must not be fallen to this deception and trickery.

Anonymous,  7 February 2014 at 16:04  

Dati. A well written article. You have always been ckear cut, reasonable n fair. If the country have more like you

Anonymous,  7 February 2014 at 17:05  

Don't expect Najib to take any action on these idiots. He is as much the same as them. These NGOs really got nothing better to do. What a disgrace & shameful these people are. They are destroying the good name of Islam & the good Muslims.

Pok Li,  7 February 2014 at 20:58  

Strong leader yes, but like Mahathir NO NO NO.

Antonio 7 February 2014 at 20:59  

I am a Singaporean... I,am sad of how a blessed country turn out today.. We come with nothing n go with nothing, so stop going after things you cant bring along... Pls bring harmony to the country since God place you as a leader Najib.

the mean machine,  8 February 2014 at 00:08  

To be honest,the video by Teresa Kok was disgustful and not funny as most think for a CNY greetings.At any other time the video will be okay,as a political gimmick at political funtions.

Anonymous,  8 February 2014 at 16:04  

Dato Sak,

How I wish that more Malaysians, especially the Malays, can think objectively for themselves and not let themselves be goaded like a herd of cows or sheep by the likes of the many bogus NGOs claiming to represent the Ketuanan Melayu, Islam or the Royals.

The fact that Najib, his cabinet ministers, UMNO and BN politicians, the police, the AG office and the many more civil institutions standing by and condoning the actions of the many bogus NGOs only lends support and credence to the suspicion that these bogus NGOs are the henchmen of the UMNO led government.

Malaysia is already the laughing stock of the international community just like the Mugabe-led Zimbabwe but Malaysia under Najib is upping the ante of Malaysia being the creme de la creme as the undisputed No.1 laughing stock country of the world. I guess Najib and his cabinet ministers would be proud then to announce that Ketuanan Melayu has reached the pinnacle of world attention.

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