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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Lessons in Democracy- Part 1

Congratulations are in order. Two in fact. First to Yb Teresa Kok for coming out with a sanitized version of what has taken place in our country under Najib. If the FT UMNO Youth cannot deal with it, then, that’s too bad. You can condemn all you want but do it through dialogue and thought engagement with the rakyat. Your portion of the rakyat if you want- it doesn’t matter to us. Present your ideas and defend your platform and let the people judge. But don’t use the police as a private enforcer of your porous policies.
 The issues raised in the video clip- cost of living, education, racial tension, religious tension etc., which are elements of the platform or manifesto unveiled by Najib and gang in the 13th GE, deserved to be pointed out. The BN platform was even elevated to a form of contract- aku janji. The rule of contractarian politics is that having won power, the winner must implement what it has promised. What happened? Almost all have been repudiated. And the rakyat’s displeasure through Teresa Kok was done in the form of humour.
All that UMNO can come up with, is a xenophobic response by making a police report alleging what Teresa Kok has done was seditious. I urge the police to conduct themselves professionally and not turn themselves into willing tools of oppression. The police should instead waste no time investigating the authors behind the banners and placards warning of an impending repeat of May 13.
Vilifying Najib who has reneged on most parts of the BN Manifesto is not seditious. He is leader of 47% of the country. He does not understand the concept and idea of the entirety rule- that having won power; he governs the entire country and not dance to the tune of 47% of the electorate. So why should we not pelt Najib?
The Chinese have their mandate of heaven. The Malays have their own Magna Carta- the charter between Demang Lebar Daun and Sri Teri Buana. Or was it shri Teri Buana- a godlike Indian? Now that the people are thoroughly vilified and oppressed, the obligation to stay subservient and loyal to the modern ruler is no more. The Malay rakyat has the right to peacefully remove the modern ruler.
The UMNO mental retards should listen to what the ordinary folks are saying about Najib. If they hear what the people are saying, entire villages would be charged under the seditious act.
I read the report by the federal territory UMNO youth on Teresa Kok. Clearly, the part of the ONEderful CNY 2014 that offended the UMNO chap is the part that is interpreted as insulting Malays and the PM and the missus. Not the Malays really- the PM and the missus. The police should dismiss the rant by the Federal Territory Youth.
The author of the You Tube who is the MP of Seputeh should be congratulated instead of being the subject of a police report. While doing that, we all should have a good laugh.
Next congratulations to Anwar Ibrahim and PKR for enhancing the values of universal democracy. That will be another essay.


Anonymous,  4 February 2014 at 17:53  

Like i said before, UMNO/BN are run by a group of idiots & morons.

the cuckoo guy who know's,  5 February 2014 at 04:40  

What good is Anwar contesting Kajang do for the well being of Selangoreans and Malaysians alike.Besides politicking,what can Anwar and his sidekicks,Azmin and Rafizi do better than Khalid.Looting the coffers of the Selangor people's bank?

amin,  5 February 2014 at 09:45  

Calling upon the rakyat. Let's contribute to the Kajang DUN even though we might not be registered voters there. We should ensure victory for the opposition as a clear message and a protest to the UMNOBN THAT we were taken for a ride in the PRU 13. Since then and now it's proven price increase is for real.

Kaalaikathiravan 5 February 2014 at 10:19  

A true leader is one who takes note of criticism and initiate changes in line with true democracy. Teresa has the right to point out the wrongs. Which part of Democracy says that a leader is beyond criticism ?
Anyway, the ordinary citizens cannot be hoodwinked by UMNO!The bad and ugly will have to face reality.

Sam,  5 February 2014 at 10:30  

Dear cuckoo guy, what you wrote is a possibility. Never know what Malaysian politicians can do. Most of them are pariahs.

But do tell us, what do you recommend to stop BN-UMNO from looting our country's treasury, bleeding it almost dry and now expect us to pay more taxes? What measures do you propose to stop those in power from acquiring untold wealth through family owned companies via the crony system? Cuckoo guy, please help to stop the looting by BN-UMNO, pleeeze???

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