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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 11 February 2014

The Country Needs New Leaders

UMNO knows it’s doomed. Its lifeline now depends whether it can hold the Malays captive. In mind and body. That is the only explanation behind the spate of issues sponsored by UMNO. Everyone knows UMNO black hands are behind the spate of social unrests. Their brown-shirts are everywhere.
UMNO must show it’s more Malay than Perkasa and more Islamic than PAS. Truth be told, UMNO Malays shy away from mosques and suraus. They want to keep the posts of chairman of the mosques and suraus committees. The religious bureau in UMNO Pekan for example is only active during the month of Ramadhan. The committee members don’t pray the tarawih prayers where Najib does not go. The head of the bureau will just leave packets of rice and other food items on the steps of the suraus or mosques.
So what are the pet issues of UMNO? Malays are under siege, Islam is imperilled, and the Rulers are threatened. The last one – how? They are super-rich and can command the whole government and security machinery to defend them. I have only one proposal- let’s do away with the seditious act or any legal provisions bordering on Les Majeste and see how the rakyat feel. I have no doubts Malays will stay loyal and filial to the Rulers- but they will give a piece of their mind to censure Malay rulers who misbehaved. Maybe that will be a deterrent to rulers behaving unrestrained.
UMNO may be doomed, but its downfall is not the downfall of Malays. The Malay is bigger than UMNO. UMNO is rejected because it has betrayed the trust given to it by Malays. How does that come about? UMNO defaulted on the trust given through its incompetent management of the economy, by allowing rampant corruption, by not leading the country.
The Utusan Malaysia Editorial once ran a critical op-ed lamenting the involvement of rulers in business. How dare they insult our Malay rulers? That’s unsupported allegations. Its fitnah of the most heinous kind!  I, a loyal subject of the Malay rulers am not amused and am royally offended!
Please list down the business activities of the rulers and state which rulers do business? Otherwise Utusan Malaysia must publish an apology for insulting Malay rulers. Perhaps those people who cut off the heads of chickens and cows want to make a police report against Utusan Malaysia for insulting our much loved Malay rulers?
I have said it earlier- UMNO has been shouting about Malay supremacy for years and insisting on their entitlement. The Malays are told they are protected by UMNO which has ruled Malaysia since independence. The supposedly protected and privileged Malays live in hovels, in low cost housing estates, in PPRT and in squatter homes. The immigrant citizens live in posh condominiums and million Ringgit houses. Now, you tell me- how does shouting yourself course till you are blue in the face help out the Malays? Can the slaughtering of chickens, ducks, cows, goats and even camels reduce the rampant and endemic corruption that has infested all the sinews of government? Can such actions uplift the Malays economically, provide food and shelter to them, and provide medical care for them?
The plight of Malays as with the plight of all impoverished Malaysians has nothing to do with the Chinese or Indians or any other race. Chinese don’t impoverished Malays. The Malays are kept poor cause the economic policies of UMNO are ill-conceived and are designed to benefit the select few. If the numb-skulled UMNO people cannot understand this- let them understand this. They are finished in the next elections.
 MCA cant help and offer no benefits to UMNO MPs. They can’t deliver Chinese votes to UMNO. Yet many of the MCA MPs are in parliament because Malays voted for them. Wee Ka Siong is in parliament because the Malays in Air Hitam voted him in. Low Toe-line Lai whose bigger than life picture adorned billboards in Bentong showing him with nurses won Bentong because Malays voted him in. has he been promised the Health Ministry?
A new leader must come forth and save Malaysia. If Anwar Ibrahim is the man, so be it. If Tengku Razaleigh can command enough numbers, let him come forth and lead Malaysia. Let all UMNO people know that the old UMNO was de-registered because the man who can walk on water wanted it that way. That was his final solution to purge the party from all who opposed him. From then onwards, UMNO stood for Under Mahathir No Opposition. The UMNO people who went to court wanted a judgment by the court to declare the UMNO elections illegal and wanted new elections. But the Maverick wanted total destruction so that he can build an UMNO after his own image.


Anonymous,  11 February 2014 at 23:11  

I wonder if I were able to live long enough to witness a change in government through ballot box.

Anonymous,  12 February 2014 at 09:19  

The present goings-on are the travails of a dying UMNO. It's end is neigh.

Anonymous,  12 February 2014 at 10:06  

I wonder if I were able to live long enough to witness a change in government through ballot box.

Very soon you will witness the change in government when the cronies has dried up the national confer and country goes bankrupt. (Debt hitting 600 billion and more unemployed graduate produce each year)

The majority poor Malay will walk the street to ask for a government change (like Thailand) when cost of living hitting their neck.

The anticipation year will be on 2020.

Hope you have 6 more years to live and see the change. Only the Malay can do the correction and Chinese/Indian “pendatang” will be the observer to see the change.

Anonymous,  12 February 2014 at 22:26  

I wouldnt count out MCA for the next election..too early.

Wee Ka Siong hit the correct note with many chinese on the need for the DAP YB to respect the chinese custom and tradition of well wishing for CNY for the chinese.

There is no need for the Malay to try to 'educate' the chinese on what is acceptable or what is offensive and not in keeping with their custom.

Anonymous,  13 February 2014 at 02:26  

Actually, I hope to live beyond 6 more years. LOL......I get your point. Cheers!

Anonymous,  26 February 2014 at 17:12  


UMNO tidak dpat terima bahawa orang Melayu semakin ramai menolak UMNO sebab mereka tahu, menolak UMNO tidak bererti mereka menghilangkan keMelayuan mereka.

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