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Tuesday 25 February 2014

The Kajang Move- Part 3/3

Allow me to continue with the white witch’s ( nenek kebayan)  tale. I think, because of patriotic reasons and for the nation’s sake, Ibrahim Ali should contest in Kajang. After all he has claimed that he is 1000 times better than Anwar. It is also strange to me that for an NGO like Perkasa where everything Malay comes first, they should be supporting Chew Mei Fun. This means, PERKASA is by and large, an UMNO surrogate. At least its leadership is. Perkasa is just another organisation of people with vested interests camouflaged under the cloak of supra-nationalists.
A number of my friends from UMNO are disillusioned with Liow Tiong Lai. As president of MCA he should offer himself as the candidate in Kajang. That way, he can back up his warning of wanting to expose Anwar’s true colours. Who is better positioned than he, to show and proof that MCA has regained Chinese support? Instead they are sending in sweet Chew Mei Fun as the proverbial sacrificial lamb.
What special qualities does she have? If her finer qualities among others, is  that she is quite a good looking lady as Muhyidin puts it, I feel sorry for the Kajang people. Are we looking for a beauty queen? This is what you get from an UMNO leader schooled since 1998 to think of nothing but only with anything to do with sex. Don’t tell me, Muhyidin gets turned on by Chew Mei Fun?  Mak-ai! Haiyya! Ayoyo!
Two things are not there in Selangor. I said that in the preceding article. First, those who are supposed to conduct themselves according to the constitution are not doing so. I am talking about constitutional Malay rulers asserting themselves on a weakened UMNO. Emboldened and economically strong rulers are elbowing into politics. UMNO is giving in to so many business demands by rulers and members of the ruling houses. UMNO regards these hand-outs as investments to sufficiently soften these rulers up so that, when the time comes, it’s easy to do a Perak 2.
Secondly, the absence of a political leader strong and resolute enough to prevent onslaught from within and beyond and politically schooled to avoid a Perak-type putsch. PR lost Perak precisely because a coup d’état was ratified by the Palace. Prior to that BN led by UMNO worked on a few ADUNs to cross over. They were paid handsomely.
 Selangor can be a Perak 2. NIzar of Perak was regarded in high esteem just like Khalid is at the moment. But did the high estimation of Nizar save Perak? Would all those who object and are offended at the political manoeuvres now carried out by Anwar condone and live with a BN coup d’état? High estimation would be irrelevant and useless once Selangor falls into BN’s hands. The billions accumulated will be used against PR. Our enemy is always UMNO and BN.
It’s the only way BN with a huge war chest can ever hope to capture Selangor. By milking on the discontented from PAS and PKR. BN can buy over people to defect or join forces with them. It’s no secret that PAS wants their man to be the MB. I have heard of the name of one Iskandar from PAS thrown about by UMNO operatives as their man for Selangor. Witness the explosive reaction from PAS when Anwar’s name was touted as a possible MB for Selangor. PAS was eyeing the MB seat after all.
If BN succeeds in sweet-talking PAS into contesting Kajang, that move would certainly split PR. If PAS Selangor teams up with UMNO because after all, they are united by Islam as the common factor, UMNOPAS will have 27 seats to PR’s 29. BN can easily buy over a few more from PKR to join with sufficient financial incentives.
Then, when the state assembly convenes, the Sultan can advise Khalid- Tan Sri please resign since you don’t have the numbers. Hannah Yeoh will be given a Sivakumar treatment. Khalid and the speaker and the rest of whatever is left of PR will protest and insist they have not resigned. Khalid will then have to find a big tree somewhere near the state assembly to hold an assembly session.
If they cannot cause the split in PKR, UMNO will still support PAS man to be MB. After they have agreed to support a PAS man as Selangor MB, BN can do a Kedah-2. Put up with an ineffective PAS MB while cutting the ground below him and destroying his credibility. Come next elections, BN will recapture Selangor.
UMNO can use its huge war chest or call in contributions from some rich businessmen to pay off a few more people to cross over. In return the corporate benefactor can later reclaim his money in the form of money making projects. Now many of assemblymen are disillusioned with the aloof and stingy Khalid Ibrahim. They are easy pickings and have the reasons to abandon PR. That could easily spell the end of PR government and in particular PKR.
What would we have Anwar do? 
balance of Part 3 to be continued. 


bruno 25 February 2014 at 22:20  

Dato,I think that Anwar should do a CSL gimmick.Win big or else I will dissapear from ----?

the mean machine,  25 February 2014 at 23:51  

Dato,I was wondering whether Anwar will do much better than the last Kajang adun.With his strategist,warlord and bulldog,Rafizi concentrating his fire power on Zaid who is going to lose his deposit anyway,maybe Mei Fun will get a free ride and coast home by a nose.

bruno 26 February 2014 at 01:16  

Dato,the last few weeks I have been watching what the Anwar loyalists been doing.Especially Rafizi,the new MP and warlord.He not only has been acting like a warlord but also like a street fighter.For a strategist acting as a street fighter going after Zaid,a candidate who pose no threat and might even lose his deposit.

He should spend more time on Mca's candidate Mei Fun.Even Mei Fun poses no threat to Anwar,but the winning majority by Anwar is the most important issue at hand.A man of Anwar's political stature standing in a state seat has to win by a very huge margin.Much much better than the last adun.If Mei Fun can hold Anwar's majority to somewhere near the previous adun,she can claim a moral victory although she will not be the next adun of Kajang.

the gaffe guy who know's,  26 February 2014 at 12:34  

If Abrahim Ali were to contest in Kajang,then we will have two sure birds who are going to lose their deposits.Brahim and Zaid.Ms Mei Fan can give Anwar a good fight if these two fellas can take a substantial amount of votes away from Anwar.No wonder the PKR boys are so afraid of Zaid as a third party candidate.The more the merrier,Umno says.

Anonymous,  26 February 2014 at 17:12  

Datuk Sak

Astute analysis.

The 1PM-cum-Finance Minister is
useless at governing the country and managing its finances.

He is only good at political intrigue and Perak-style coups.

He will go down in Malaysian history as the worst PM ever !

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  27 February 2014 at 15:22  

Just wondering how is the cleanliness at your neigbourhood?

My hse at shah alam, not sure anyone from Majlis ever come to clear rubbish and cut grass at your backyard esp. and surrounding, so dirty

miss the good old days, where workers from majlis often come and clean surrounding housing areas

what is the point of MB Khalib keeping so much money RM3billion without spending when necessary?

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