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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 31 July 2008

The Politics of Medical Reports.

It does not matter whether Saiful the sodomised wants to swear on the Quran. Don’t insult the Muslims further. If he had wanted , he should have done it earlier.

Now it is already too late. No one will believe that you are speaking the truth. He has gone to do a medical check on his predicament at Pusrawi. A trained medical officer, a doctor nonetheless has certified that there were no evidences of sodomy. The sordid details shall not be repeated here.

What did the mainstream newspapers and the government do? They are trying to discredit the doctor. It does not matter whether the doctor is Malaysian or not Malaysian. What actually matters is that he is a trained GP and is more than capable of ascertaining the complaint proffered.

The general manager of Pusrawi was trying to cast aspersions on the credibility of the doctor. First by saying he is not Malaysian. A doctor is a doctor is a doctor. Suppose the doctor were a Chinese. What would he have done? Can he then say- OH he is not a Malay doctor? So one rules out this dirty attempt to cast doubts on the GP’s professionalism.

Secondly, the GM of Pusrawi appears to diminish the GP’s capabilities by saying he is not a specialist. Haha- so there is a specialist specialising in analysing anuses? What is the specialist called? A anustologist? A buttologist? Rectumologist?

So all the GP’s in Malaysia, and they are more numerous than specialists are not up to standard. An ailment such as this- complaint about pain when passing motion because a plastic has been inserted there-OUCH! Can only be examined by a specialist doctor?.

Clearly, the statement by the GM of Pusrawi(we are not told he is a doctor or a specialist in what) was meant to befuddle the public even more.

The deputy DIG must desist in giving out statements that smack of politics. He is after all a civil servant. Only the law courts can determine and decide whether the report from Pusrawi is admissible in the court of law. It is not up to the deputy DIG to decide on our behalf, the public, whether it is confusing or not.

The statement from the director general of health about the credibility of a second medical report from HUKL appears to subvert and meant to overwhelm the report from Pusrawi. According to the good doctor Ismail Marican, the HUKL report was done according to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Let the court decide whether which of the reports are more believable.

All the public wants to know, whether the sodomy charges were real. If they were, let us wait for the new opposition and deputy opposition leader in parliament.


Bugger off! Ezam and Saiful

Bugger off Ezam Mohd Nor. You just re-entered UMNO from the rear, and you have expressed a willingness to stand against Anwar Ibrahim. Are you in a hurry to be in parliament? Your only redeeming qualification now is the fact that you served as Anwar’s slave for many years.

You have your own skeletons in the cupboard. Is it true that many years ago, your late night friends had to douse you with buckets of water to make you sober after a night of drunken binge? Is it true too, that you once scaled the fence at Anwar’s Damansara heights house so that you can sing sweet lullaby to then single and available Anwar’s eldest daughter?

That is why perhaps you were incorrigible and hallucinating and you pre-warn Anwar and his family that you would spill the beans if your reputation is besmirched. Well well, you have already shown yourself to be a political hooker of the cheapest kind.

In French law there is a legal term known as mesprendre. In English its called misprision of felony. It means to act wrongly or in our present context it means a wrong action or omission. If a man knows that a felony has been committed he is legally bound to tell the proper authorities. A fortiorari, this would mean, that if a man knows a crime has been committed he is legally bound to inform the proper authorities. So Ezam, your pronouncements which were eagerly lapped up by the mainstream newspapers, suggest that you know Anwar has committed numerous felonies. What are waiting for my man? By the way, where have you shoved the famous dirty laundry boxes?

I urge the authorities to arrest Ezam Mohd Nor and make him sing like a canary. We can once and for all, solve the mystery of the real Anwar Ibrahim. Whether he is gay. Or Ezam is gay. Or Saiful is gay. Or Uncle pet is gay. Hell, the whole world is gay.

Then for good measure, lets investigate whether there are lesbians in UMNO. If sexual acts between males are against the law, it must also be for sex acts between females right? We must now move on to establish a moral theocracy.

Who the hell is Ezam Mohd Nor to think he can just butt in and asks the UMNO leadership to consider his offer to stand against Anwar?

Ezam Mohd Nor and Saiful Bukhari Azlan have some commonalities. They are all linked to Anwar Ibrahim. For many years Ezam was special secretary to Anwar Ibrahim. He must have idolized Anwar completely as can be seen from Ezam’s verbal mannerisms and so forth. Perhaps he too share some darker secrets with Anwar.

Ezam has his own detractors within the Anwar camp. Perhaps he too was seen to be a very close confidante of sheikh Anwar. Perhaps it was pure jealousy that lead to the spat between Ezam and Azmin. Both were trying to outdo each other to get in between Anwar’s bed sheets. Ezam has shown a penchant of trying to get into the thick of things through the back.

Saiful is a recent conscript to the Anwar sex slave camp. He too has shown a willingness to be a willing rear end partner. Saiful was alleged to have met up with an high ranking place officer at room 619. Man, if it had been room 69, that would have been more raunchier.

Many blogs ago, I have suggested that Saiful does the mubahalah alone. He was so stupid not to think of this action. His interest should have been to clear his own name. Is Saiful still in love with Anwar and wants to be Anwar’s sole object of desire?

Only now, he wants to do the mubahalah. Too late my friend. You too must now subject yourself to a long drawn court battle. Perhaps other than the police report, there may be other matters of interest to the public. Just as the police has dismissed the leaked medical report from Pusrawi maintaining that the case will be brought before the courts because of the existence of other alleged facts, so too, must the same principle be applied on Saiful. This case wouldn’t just go way, just because this fool wants to do malediction.


Wednesday 30 July 2008

Conversations with a street politician

A friend was conversing with an UMNO youth leader. The UMNO youth leader asked this friend, how fare UMNO at present? More specifically he was asking this friend, what he thought of Dato Najib.

The friend, no philosopher in the tradition of Plato, but a person hardened by the school of hard knocks, retorted with a question. What does this youth leader himself thinks of Najib? The youth leader, wasted no time in telling, he prays Najib will ascend the coveted position of the UMNO president. If Najib becomes the president, he will have a better future. Then he goes on telling my friend , then all my friends’ friends will be better off, taken care of by him. The youth leader fancies himself as an emissary of Najib.

Meanwhile, the same friend met our illustrious Dato Seri Dr JJ, in Kratong. It was one week earlier. JJ was resting at his usual place whenever he’s in his constituency. JJ was telling this friend that his fortunes will rise when Najib becomes the PM. Huh? The friend detected a shift in JJ’s phrase. There was a change in the tone. A few weeks earlier, JJ was saying WHEN Najib becomes the PM. So WHEN has now become IF.

JJ was telling this friend. When Najib comes into power, the friend will once again see JJ in his elements. He will be back to is normal self, a bragger and playing the role of Jebat to Najib’s Tuah. At the moment Jebat JJ has a contract out on him. He swims with the political fishes. He is banished. He is waiting for Najib’s Godot. Yes, Najib can be made to play any role we wished him so. At the moment he is the transvestite Tuah to Dato Seri Abdullah.

After listening to the youth leader, the friend fired back. Brother- you are worshipping a fruit within its wrapper. You know, in the kampung, the folks will usually wrap fruits with paper wrappers to prevent insects and other unwanted pests from devouring the fruits. And brother- continued this seasoned friend, the wrapper hides nothing inside, for the fruit has already gone bad and had fallen to the ground.

The fruit is decaying from inside. It is infested with millions of vermin. The youth leader was ashen faced. How could that be? Because the friend said calmly, the rakyat has lost faith in Najib. If the Oracle Tun Mahathir has lost faith in Najib, that indicates Najib is doomed. The people it seems has an uncomplicated assessment of things politics.

Will JJ have a future? He idolizes Najib too much. Najib will not touch a liability. But then JJ knows Najib better.

The friend asked JJ. Why didn’t he want to become the Pahang MB? Because said JJ, being MB is too much a headache. The friend retorted- could your(JJ) lack of enthusiasm be due to the fact that you were rejected by the palace? JJ did not answer ending the conversation.

Then the friend continued. Had JJ become the Pahang MB, the whole state will be sold. Look at DARA. JJ masterminded a scheme to buy out DARA and formed a consortium. With that, he acquired the entire assets of DARA including land. When he became the TNB chairman, he sold TNB the idea of setting up a UNITEN Campus in Muadzam. From who did TNB buy the land and buildings? From JJ of course. Who were the contractors who carried out the construction? Why they were mostly handpicked by JJ. Who owns the National service camp in Muadzam? The bearded one. He is Blackbeard.

Najib will not touch a damaged good. JJ should know better. He finally realises that he has been put to pasture.


Tuesday 29 July 2008

Driving on reserves of depleting hopes.

Let us not be alarmed by the leaked medical report. It’s not necessary for the DIG of Police to come out with a statement. All he need to say is that investigations are not yet completed. One cannot reason with people with mob mentality.

The die is cast. Whatever you do, there will always be people who believed that Anwar is a bloody devil. (may I use the word devil incarnate, Yang Ariff Ian Chin?). Then there will people who believed that Anwar is innocent.

What if the medical report from the doctor from PUSRAWI is itself doctored? Will the fate on Anwar rests on this not a gospel document?

What will it destroy? It will destroy all those melancholic and longing hopes, those subscribing to somehow please please god- let Anwar be innocent kind of prayers. These wretched romantic do gooders, the nerdy green peace types, those looking high on LSD types, these are the people longing for the elusive truth.

They can hope for whatever they want. The truth will prevail anyway. You see, in my opinion, those supporters of Anwar are driving on reserve. Its fast depleting. Even among PAS supporters, there is a gnawing feeling or doubts-what if these allegations are true?

Despite so many times written, that the earlier judges who tried Anwar in the 1998 case acquitted Anwar on technicalities, people like to rush and bulldoze into saying that Anwar was innocent. If I am not mistaken, what the judges said were, there was insufficient proof to convict Anwar of the sodomy charges. That he was let of the hook by just that, but the judges were of the opinion that the allegations did take place.

Anwar’s innocence hinges on hopes and just hopes alone. Relying on an initial MR can only suggest the weakening of Anwar’s armour. Why is Anwar afraid to go to court then? The details of the investigation by the much despised police( despicable to anwaristas only) should be heard in court and must never be presumed to disintegrate and vaporise just because Anwar has discovered a medical report supporting him. Brother- the fat lady hasn’t completed singing.

Imagine the crushing feeling of Anwar’s supporters, who had braved rain and heat, tolerated undue hardships, expended money and time if Anwar is actually guilty of the sordid activity he’s accused of.

Let us allow Anwar to contest. He may win and earn his seat in parliament. We shall see whether he gets to form the government. It does not matter to me if Anwar gets to become the PM by buying in parliamentarians from other parties. Heck! If politicians want to prostitute themselves and form the Sodomy Party of Malaysia (SPM)who the hell cares.

If desertion happens, we will be able to see the betrayers. UMNO must allow itself to do some bloodletting. Its unhealthy to have contaminated blood inside the system. We don’t know who are the vultures inside the party unless the political carcass is out there.

As for the MR from Pusrawi, let us compare it with the report from the government hospital. If if affirms the Pusrawi MR, then - Dato Najib is doomed.


Anwar's fate rests on the MR


The knee jerk response is expected. The bearer of the message is always vilified. We appear to be less interested in establishing the veracity of the report. We want to punish the messenger instead.

The police says that the leaked report is part of an attempt to confuse the public. The statement by the police spokesman seems to suggest they are working to arrive at a different conclusion. Hmmm.

Yes, it’s true, doctors’ handwriting are horrible. Since my younger days, I suspect doctors purposely cannibalise their handwriting to prevent us, the layman from knowing what’s written. Bloody Hell!. Yet I am always astounded the nurses and the dispensary workers always know what is written. Do they have a code somewhere?.

In my case, I had to employ my amateurish Sherlock Holmes skills to DEDUCE what’s written. In the first report, I could only make out patient suffers pain when passing motion. In the second part of the report, it said there was “zero active bleeding”, “zero ulcer or pus” and “zero tear and scar”. It also said To Rule Out assault(sodomise). The patient was advised to go to a government hospital for further investigation.

Referral to a government hospital is not sinister ok. In many normal cases, we are told to go to a government hospital to seek a second opinion. Doctors at private hospitals are humble enough to admit they may not be 100% exact.

And so, we wait for the report from a government doctor. Before the anwaristas jump from balconies out of euphoria and jubilation, hold on to your senses. The report from Pusrawi can always be disputed by another professional doctor from elsewhere. At the end of the day, we will have to make a judgement call.

What happens if the government doctor after examining pretty boy Saiful goes on to certify that indeed that fellow had been analised? We will be subjected to yet another round of mental assault?

Why cant Anwar allow us to get on with our lives so that we can focus on the economic issues and the management of this country. The best way he can do this, is to shut up and contest in a by election quickly. So that he can win and go to parliament. So that he can form the next government as soon as possible. Once in power, you can sack all those who have victimised you. You want to do in Tan Sri Musa Hassan or Ghani Patail, do it after that.

Will somebody now leak the report from the government hospital? Just so you anwaristas can answer us out here- how do you know that this report from the pusrawi doctor wasn’t manufactured. Maybe he is Anwar’s supporter? Jangan marah- just asking.


PSI-Political Scene Investigation on Dato Najib.


Dato Najib has invited anyone to look at his track record. I am happy to accept that invitation. Indeed I am looking. Very hard too.

There are a few things that Dato Najib says that must not be accepted without debate. Tut! Tut! Mustn’t disappoint the punters.

a. His unshakeable belief in UMNO tradition

b. The large number of votes as indicator of the rakyat’s confidence in him(his insatiable lust for things large)

c. His track record.(where are thou, O TR?)

Let us go over these one by one.


He entered politics in 1976. Not purposefully or intentionally. He was drafted by providence. Not preordained but because it was convenient and practical to offer the progeny of Tun Razak as the natural choice candidate for Pekan.

Tun Razak had just died. The people were greatly aggrieved. None more so than the people in Pekan. My grandparents included. It was a natural heartfelt outpouring of grief that could only be relieved by replacing Tun Razak with his progeny. Where else would the gravy falls if not on the rice- so goes the Malay saying.

No big deal to jump start one’s track record. He got a free ticket to ride from Pekan to parliament. Remember the Beatles’ song?

He's got a ticket to ride

He's got a ticket to ride

He's got a ticket to ride

and he don't care.

Yes, Najib didn’t care then. He was just following the times. Many of us will remember the young Najib then. Long haired, full of youthful exuberance. Sowing his wild oats here and there.

Not many of us can chose who our parents are. Dato Najib had providence on his side. So the beginning is nothing to shout about. He had a lucky break.

If there is one permanent feature about Dato Najib’s track record, it is one that can only be summed up as a free ride all the way. He rode on Tun Hussein’s coattails when the latter was the PM. He was made a deputy minister by Tun Hussein Onn I think.

He did not come from a really prestigious university. Nottingham then was so so. It was more well known because some more prominent and illustrious Malaysians had studied there. Among these were HRH Sultan of Perak, Yang di Pertuan of Negeri Sembilan and if memory serves me right, Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen. But these personalities were actually more academically superior than happy go lucky Najib, when you compare age for age.

His track record when he was deputy minister would have been easily accomplished by any other person with above average intelligence. If Najib can do it, others certainly can. Perhaps his most meaningful stint as deputy minister was his tenure under the eminently capable finance minster then, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Under TR’s guidance, perhaps Najib achieved some redeeming feature to his otherwise lacklustre performance. Providence was kind to him.

He then went on to become the MB of Pahang. His only credentials then and indeed his sole credential was the fact that is he Tun Razak’s elsest son. Again providence stepped in. Pahang was in political turmoil. Dato Rashid Abdul Rahman was chosen to replace Dato Abdul Rahim Abu Bakar who was briefly Pahang’s MB. Rahim Bakar was somewhat of a revolutionary politician with combative and adversarial temperaments. He had this legalistic streak in him. Only if the letter of the law provides so, will he extend you whatever you are asking for. He had problems with the palace. Of course his enemies were exploiting the issue of his problems with the palace.

In came Dato Najib. He was young, good looking and handsome. It was said that members of the Pahang royalty would drool whenever Najib goes to the palace. He would send hearts fluttering. He was a descendant of Tun Razak, a member of the Pahang aristocracy. He was made a Dato Shahbandar. Long time ago, in fuedaland, the shahbandar was the local enforcer entrusted to ‘pau’ traders.

He was the nephew of Tun Hussein, was acceptable by the Palace, in the good books of the royal princesses of Pahang. What more do you want?. Ignore his just average ministerial accomplishments. Forget his academic credentials. He can be a useful tool. More importantly, Pahang needed an acceptable figure.

Dato Rashid Rahman had no objections. After all he has made hay while the sun shone. Indeed he has. Pahang then was the cradle of the BALAK civilization. Politically, Dato Rashid was only a stop gap solution. Better him than other buccaneering politicians. In any case, Najib belonged to the same Langgar clan who are considered to be the natural leader for Pekan. Again, providence assisted Najib.

Haiyya…ME TRANSMITTE SURSUM, CALEDONI!- beam me up Scotty! There’s no sign of intelligence here!

TBC( To be Continued, in the same spirit of TRO-To Rule Out)..


Monday 28 July 2008

A Thug and his ways


There you are. You employ a thug as UMNO secgen, he works the only way he knows. Employ thuggish methods. Running down the grassroots. Didn’t I tell you, these bloody goons think our duty, the unsung and unknown UMNO members is to vote for them? We the faceless ones who served our masters and who are then discarded? After voting them in, we are asked to shut the fornication up?

What does this thug do? He whose royal bloodline is yet to be established. During my younger days, he was known as Teuku. Eventually it metamorphosed into Tengku. From which royal house? Anyway, we don’t care two hoots what he wants to self title himself. After all titles are as good as the person who carries it. You may be a Dato, but you are still a country bumpkin. (genuine Datos , please don’t get upset ok?)

What vexes us UMNO members, is when the UMNO secgen, asked the branches not to waste time nominating people for the top posts in UMNO. He says there is no provision in the UMNO constitution. That confirms my suspicions. In my earlier blog, I said I myself hadn’t read the UMNO constitution. The UMNO division secretary in my bahagian had not read it either. Not in a million years. But the UMNO secgen?

If he doesn’t read it himself, then he does not deserve the job of UMNO secgen. Dato Seri Abdullah should terminate his services. Discharged dishonourably. He has exposed his biggest faux pas- being the secgen, he does not have a firm grasp of UMNO fundamentals.

The blogger Dato Ron pointed out the enabling clauses. My blogger friend from Pahang, Smalltalk( had to re affirm the existence of the clauses. That particular clause, 17.5.1 actually gives anyone at the branch level to discuss any of UMNO’s policies under the sky.

Hell, they can even discuss, vehemently if they so chose to talk about the undemocratic planned transfer of power. They can even question the legitimacy of such an arrangement.

In any case, with or without knowledge of the existence of such provisions, during the tabling of emergency resolutions or un-debated resolutions, each branch can say whatever they want. I have heard one branch even denounced the duplicitous way Dato Najib once upon a time claimed his first wife was mad so that he can marry the present wife. Who’s to say this particular bloke speaking, as provided for by the usul tergempar is being pedestrian? Many ketua cawangans especially in towns are highly educated and far more qualified than the UMNO secgen. The ketua cawangan or the speaker assigned to speak, is entitled to do so.

It is the insidious message given by the UMNO secgen that I find disturbing. He has now confirmed that whatever resolutions passed( nominations for top posts at branch levels are given in the form of emergency or un-debated resolutions) , end up in the wastepaper basket. The UMNO secgen’s that is.


continuing Najib's wet dreams


Dato Seri Abdullah and Dato Najib have entered into an agreement. It is an arrangement between them. It was duly endorsed by the MKT, UMNO’s highest decision making body. What has been decided? An agreement whereby Pak Lah will hand over the position of president to Dato Najib.

Thieves have honour among them. One thief does not steal from another thief. Lawyers and clients have their lawyers/clients confidentiality. Doctors and patients have their doctors-patients thing. Politicians have sodomy between them? You don’t screw me, I won’t screw you kind of arrangement? Whatever profession they belong, all of them uphold certain inalienable principles serving their interests. The Cosa Nostra have omerta between them. Only among politicians, such a principle is perpetually fluid and flows according to convenience.

Perhaps, I have missed something here. I never knew that the positions occupied by Dato Najib and Pak Lah are their personal properties. If that is so, will Najib then not agree to transfer his current position to someone else? That would be in keeping to his predilection with UMNO’s tradition of giving and receiving things free.

He could make an agreement for example to transfer power to his cousin. The forever grinning Hishamudin Hussein? The man who studied at Holborn Law Tutors in London. The man with the Hummer. I do not for one moment accept that Najib will transfer power to Muhyidin whom Najib thinks, although on the plump side, has that hungry look in his eyes. And Najib cannot tolerate a person with a mean and hungry look. It gives him the creeps. Blimey! how he wished Rahim Tamby Chik is in the running. At least that bloke have similar interests to his own.

That is how we UMNO members, the downtrodden masses at the bottom of the barrel, look at the agreement. It is a contemptible attempt to stay in power in defiance to public and UMNO members true wishes. It is a political machination to preserve their interests. Pak Lah is interested in staying for another two years. Najib is interested to secure a guarantee that he will take over.

How could interested parties be present in a meeting that discussed matters in which they have an interest? Was there any undue pressure forced upon other MKT members? Who were the dissenters? Were they given space to debate on a very private arrangement between Pak Lah and Dato Najib? .

At the very least, an eastern culture that frowns upon open discussion in the face and a culture that obsesses itself with face saving behaviour, limits an open and candid discussion. It is a most basic principle that an interested party or even someone with a perceived interest should refuse themselves from attending a meeting which deliberates matters concerning them in any way whatsoever. That step is taken to allow remaining members deliberate on matters at hand with candour and uninhibited frankness.

When I was an ADUN in Pahang, any members of the land adjudication committee would excuse themselves from a meeting where their interest or their relatives’ interests are being deliberated. How do we infer unanimity in that agreement when there wasn’t any frank and candid debate?

Even if the agreement between the president and deputy president was duly endorsed by a majority of the MKT members, it was not one agreed upon by UMNO’s 3.5 million members. These top party posts are not personal properties which titles are transferable. Indeed there are no provisions in the UMNO constitution that allow such manoeuvrings. Any changes in leadership must be validated and endorsed by the UMNO General Assembly.

Conniving and conspiring to carry out a coup-de-tat is tantamount to a daylight robbery of a right belonging to UMNO members. That is the residual right by members exercisable though valid assembly, to determine leadership of the party. That right must be vested and protected by the leadership on behalf of the 3.5 million UMNO members. In fact the current leadership must find ways to allow UMNO’s 3.5 million members elect their leadership. Members must be free from being browbeaten to accept decisions which fly against their conscience. It is no longer a matter what the president and deputy president want; it’s a matter of what the UMNO members as a whole want. And what they wanted and dare to reveal is a cry for freedom from the tyranny of the status quo. To employ a much tired agreement- if our leaders are so confident of their track records, why are they scared of the members judgement?

Assume for a moment, the plan power transition ala Pak-Lah and Najib is accepted, why can’t the same principle be applied across the board? If we accept that a power transfer between president and deputy president is doable, why not allow the same arrangement between the rest of the MKT members? Let them decide and agree between themselves who to divest their positions to. If this kind of arrangement is validated by UMNO members, then the phrase honour among thieves is unmistakably reflected in it. The principle is that if allowance is given to the top two posts, the self same principle must also be enjoyed by the rest of the MKT members. In that way, we have self perpetuity. That would put the scientific discovery of biological cloning to shame.

What remains the biggest lesson from the 12th GE? In my mind, the paramount lesson is that a seismic and tectonic shift of Malay preference and allegiance has occurred. Malays are no longer the meek and docile followers. To keep Malays in total acquiescence and submission is the tradition that Dato Najib sorely misses. Its abandonment is that which frightens the living daylights of out Najib. Malays are no longer the deaf and dumb masses belonging to the halcyon days when feudal leaders like Dato Najib reigned absolutely unmitigated.

The 12th GE has clearly shown that UMNO has lost the monopoly on Malay loyalty. UMNO is no longer the natural and first choice of Malay voters. Allow me to offer you some details from the results of the 12th GE. Most of you, undoubtedly are already familiar with them.














Total seats



















The following points are worth noting.

1. The total number of may voters were 5.7 million.
2. UMNO candidates secured 2.38 million votes or 42% of malay votes.
3. Not all the 2.38 million voters were Malays. Assuming only 2 million voters were Malays, UMNO secured only 35% of Malay votes.
4. The above two observations prove that the majority of Malays rejected UMNO. if UMNO secured only 2 million Malay votes, this means that 3.7 million Malays rejected UMNO and the BN.
5. UMNO’s nightmares do not end there. Observe that UMNO members totalled 3.5 million strong. If UMNO candidates secured only 2 million votes, that would mean, 1.5 million UMNO members rejected their own candidates. They did not vote for their own candidates.
6. UMNO has lost Malay and its members loyalty and allegiance.
The results of the 12th GE clearly showed Malay voters are emboldened and resolute to effect the seismic political shifts we spoke of earlier. They can and dare make a transfer of power by themselves and for themselves. And here’s the sting- they are certainly willing to exercise this resoluteness in effecting their own changes on the UMNO leadership.

Accordingly, the planned power transfer agreed between the chief protagonists in the elaborate political play on UMNO stage must be viewed within the context of what has been said above. To me, the planned power transfers agreed between Pak lah and Najib and dutifully endorsed by a majority of the MKT members, is an attempt to pre-empt the changes that UMNO members can and dare make. moreover, UMNO members will be failing in their sacred duty to speak on behalf of the Malays outside there, if they do speak according to its collective conscience.

The entire leadership of UMNO has been responsible for the UMNO debacle in the 12th GE. What the is the morally right thing to do? After all our leaders are all honourable people and none more so than both Dato Najib and Dato Seri Abdullah. The righteous thing that all must do, from the UMNO president to the MKT is to place their fate upon the judgement of all UMNO members.

Refusal and reluctance to do so, can only lead to members concluding that the so called power transfer agreement between the top two leaders was crafted to subvert members true wishes.

So therefore, it is not only morally right for Pak Lah to leave now to save UMNO, it is equally imperative for Dato Najib to follow suit. If Dato Najib does the honourable thing, would it not lead to the mass jumping off the Sultan Abdu Bakar bridge?


Sunday 27 July 2008

Dato Najib's wet dreams.


Anyone wishing to visit Pekan from Kuantan, must cross the bridge spanning the Pahang river at Pekan. This bridge built many years ago, joins the Royal town of Pekan with the Peramu Jaya area. It is named after the late Sultan Abu Bakar. There was a toll before which operated for a good many years. The toll collection was discontinued when the capital outlay for constructing the bridge was fully recovered.

Before reaching this bridge, one passes first, the new house built by HRH Tengku Puan, the wife of HRH the Tengku Mahkota of Pahang. This house is a few yards from the palatial home of Dato Seri Najib. It is Najib’s house in Pekan-On-River.( like Southend –On-Sea, see?) . But it is not about his home that I wish to speak of. It’s the bridge. The bridge!.

From now on, we must observe this bridge CAREFULLY!.

Is there a cause for concern? Will it collapse like so many buildings built on shoddy workmanship nowadays? Built by the contractors endorsed and selected by Samy ‘the Don’ Vellu? Remember the newly repaired ceiling of the Malaysian parliament? Remember the Dewan in Penang?

Fortunately, the bridge was constructed using old school methods. Good workmanship, real china man contractor. Honest to god workmanship. The cause for concern, dear readers is as follows.

A little while from now, hundreds, nay thousand of Pekanians especially UMNO members will be lining up on the bridge. On either side of the bridge. They will hold each other’s hands waiting for the moment. Pray tell us Sakmongkol, what is the moment?

1! 2! 3!, all of them, in unison in the hallowed UMNOesque tradition will jump into the river. They will wait when the tide is low. There is indeed a tide in the affairs of men. Some of you may remember these lines;

There is a tide in the affairs of men.
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

That way no one would die drowned. Unless they jump headfirst or headlong thus breaking their necks. Needless to say, many will have broken legs. And alas, dear readers, they will be bound in the shallows and in miseries.

Have they been seized by a sudden bout of demonic madness? Are they suffering from severe manic depression? The answer dear readers, no, they have not gone mad. Fortunately. But they are suffering from a seizure of the severest form of depression and haplessness.

Their manic depression is brought about by a political affliction. It is caused by the failure of the object of their desire, the centre of their affection, Dato Seri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak to become our country’s 6th PM. What? Didn’t the resolution passed by the UMNO branch of Kampung Ubai acknowledged as a reflection of the true wishes of the people? For a brief moment, the Pekan people forgot that Dato Najib himself has rejected the invitation of Encik Hanapi Salleh to become the UMNO President

The fault, I am afraid, is not with poor Encik Hanapi Salleh. The fault, I am more afraid lies with Dato Najib himself. He does not yet know and the thickies at UMNO Bahagian Pekan will conceal the information from him, that many more branches than lone Ubai, had passed written resolutions supporting Tengku Razaleigh as UMNO president.

So crushing is the realisation that the favourite son of Pekan fails to make it, that the Pekan folks all cried in great despair. This is what drives them by the thousands, standing on the edges of the Sultan Abu Bakar bridge. Out of utter despair, some forgo their meals, losing much weight in the process,. Womenfolk refuse to bed their man and boyfriends. Men refuse their wives and girlfriends. Oh yes, there is much going on in sleepy Pekan. They learn well from their favourite son. Men and adults will cry. Their howls fly to the heavens.

That is the sadness which will soon engulf the Pekan folks. Numerous times spent on special prayer sessions cannot undo what the heavens have already decreed. How can God accept the prayers and entreaties if amongst these congregations are the fornicators, the sodomites, the depraved, drunkards and the corrupt?

This work of part fiction, part fact will be continued. Sakmongkol is sleepy.


Repairing the maligned Protons

The Contracts-Wallahs.

I was hoping not to re-enter into the fray of making noises about the purchase of 14 Mercedes by the Terengganu government. For goodness sake- the KT government has bought them. Look, if you don’t want them cars, my house compound is big enough. Hey I like that black colour. It gives a stern and officious look. Perhaps using that car will belie my lack of credentials. A certain file-searcher who is now a political secretary uses no other cars but Mercedes. Just like a uniform, it gives me a sense of power-lah!

So? Am I speaking out of my platonic love of the depressed rakyat? Or am I speaking from the depths of my envious subconscious alter ego- hell why can’t I too use a merc? Nothing hides my contempt for the downtrodden masses than craftily pretending as though I am championing them.

If any of our EXCO members or ADUN cabuk want to use a Mercedes, or jaguar, or aston martin, or an X5 or X3 or any of the luxury marques, please do so by all means. But use your own bloody money.

I just don’t understand the ballyhooed hoohaa about the Trengganu excos using mercs. In the past, when I was younger, I clearly remembered all ADUNs and EXCOs who didn't use Mercedes would be failing in their designated role as the chosen fews. Or maybe our true other self is actually proclaiming:-

"And thus I clothe my naked villainy
With odd old ends stol'n out of holy writ,
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil."

Ok, I hope I will not have to partake in the feast of demonizing the Mercs or Proton. But something else caught my attention today.

It is the information regarding Spanco Sdn Bhd. This company obtained a monopoly over the maintenance of government cars. We are told that the government pays Spanco RM 80,000,000 a year to maintain its fleet of 1400 Perdanas. It’s another damn story about another company in this damn world of rent seeking world of Bumiputeraism. I have always thought about Bumiputeraism as an euphemism for the privileged few exploiting us all. The damnest thing of all, they exploit us in the name of Bumiputeras.

Now, if the government pays them RM 80 million a year to maintain 1400 Perdanas, then each Perdana guzzles up RM 57,000 a year. If I, an independent Bumiputera mechanic with a basic workshop, were to be assigned 10 Perdanas to maintain, tallyho! my regular and stable yearly income would be RM 570,000 a year. Please Mr(s). Robinson- give me that contract. That would give me a base to expand my business.

But where the hell is Spanco? In Kuantan, I don’t see our proton perdanas being maintained by Malay mechanics. With a budget of RM80 million, assuming one Malay mechanic were to be given 10 cars to handle, we can patronise 140 Malay contractors all over the country. Instead I know for a fact that almost all government cars are sent to a Chinese owned workshop in Semambu( a place in Kuantan) and I don’t see the face of a single Malay mechanic there!.

Strangely, I don’t see any Spanco outlets in Kuantan. Thus I conclude, that Spanco like the other paper tiger companies owned allegedly by Melayus is another of the illustrious rent seeking bastard full of holy camel dung.


Saturday 26 July 2008

Pahang and VP Race


Dato Seri Adnan Yaakob, the Menteri Besar of Pahang has made his decision. He will not offer himself as candidate for the post of UMNO Vice President. With this withdrawal, Pahang will have no one from the state as candidate for an important post.

It is OK. Pahang will not die just because its MB has decided not to contest. Unlike certain other place for example, people will tear their hair, jump into rivers, burn their padi fields, if their favourite son is denied the premiership. Dato Adnan Yaakob has his reasons for deciding so. Others cannot pretend to fathom what he actually thinks. Perhaps he will tell his story sometime.

When the 3 principal characters in the film the last of the Mohicans, stood at the edge of the cliff, the last of the Mohicans( Mohegan actually) chief Chingachgook said with melancholic sadness, he is the last of the Mohegan. Hawkeye( played by the actor Daniel Day Lewis) and Cora Munro(Madeleine Stowe) will soon leave for some distant land and get married.

Chief Chingachgook , the father of Uncas had no more progeny( as depicted in the film). As a principal character, chief Chingachgook embodies all the good qualities of the good man. The rock to Hawkeye’s impulsiveness. Stern and disciplined, forthright and yet hides his sensitive side very cleverly. He betrayed his true feelings perhaps in that film when Uncas his son was killed by Magua the archetypal villain.

You are surprised that suddenly I veered off tangent from Dato Adnan Yaakob to chief Chingachgook, the last of the Mohegans. Ha ha, actually there’s a method in this brief interlude of madness. Adnan Yaakob is probably the last of the UMNO Mohecans.

Adnan Yaakob has been vilified several times over. He became instantly infamous when he instinctively gesticulated a vulgar hand sign to several hundred ranting PAS mullahs during one by election. It is funny how, he being a direct person that he is, was and is still vilified for that hand gesture, while those ranting mullahs doing sanctimonious(?) vulgarities were not ill spoken of.

His exit from the VP race will mean UMNO will forfeit what can perhaps be the true conscience of the party. Forthright, without fear or favour, no beating around the bush as a matter of fact ,in your face kind of assessment. Whoever becomes the UMNO president will need this kind of anchor. The president must be wary of sugar coated empty bellows that carry nothing of significance.

But who are the Maguas in Pahang? And more importantly, is Dato Nan the last true Mohican? Perhaps my friend Dongtalk can enlighten us?


An Oxymoron: Our Pompous Humility


A few weeks ago, the MB of Terengganu announced that its EXCOS will be using Mercedes. The total cost for the purchase is around RM3 over million. The decision to use Mercedes was made over the continued use of locally made protons.

If we want to use Mercedes, we will sing the praises thereof. We will try very hard to discredit proton. Essentially it’s a matter of preference. Personal tastes are also considered.

Hopefully, the decision to use Mercedes will not be viewed purely from the political angle. Deciding to use Mercedes over Proton must not be viewed as abandoning nationalism. Owning a Proton Perdana is not the equivalent to nationalism all right? Pimps use Perdana V6 to ferry live chickens too. Perdana and Protons are used for a variety of purposes.

We can argue till we are blue in the fface and the cows come home, a decision has already been reached. You can’t use all the Mercedes at once to ferry visitors around can you? Patrick Lim comes a visiting on very rare occasions and he will probably use the helicopter anyway. Michelle Yeoh and her partner, come in their own mode of transport. We do not begrudge them nor judge them right? Ministers who come to pay a visit are transported in a Mercedes. I shall not discount a person’s nationalism should he choose to ride in a Mercedes. I think others should not too.

Therefore, let the EXCOS from oil rich Terengganu use the Mercedes they have bought. They can afford it. The state is rich. We can’t impose our own warped sense of social equality on others. if we feel strongly against the use of Mercedes, why should we want others to follow our personal dictates? We the accuse, the finger pointing self righteous fellows, will walk instead. Agree? Saya sokong, saya sokong.

Because the rest of the rakyat is suffering? Because it is not morally proper? What has the suffering of the rakyat got to do with the decision to use a Mercedes?. The MB ofTrengganu has said that maintenance cost for Protons is costly. We must accept this. Maybe the roads in Terengganu are not of the same quality as in KL or other west coast states.

Isn’t it penny wise pound foolish on our part to pooh pooh the decision to use Mercedes when we are clearly wasting money on other things?. I applaud the decision to examine the expenditure made on the crystal mosque and the Monsoon Cup. Above all let us not be hypocrites. If we want to show that we are on the side of the people as judged by the cars we use, then ask the federal government ministers and all the top government officers to ride in protons. The Mercedes, Bentleys, RRs and others should be banned from the Malaysian scene.

The rakyat do not care a rat’s ass whatever cars you want to use. The PM and DPM and all the ministers can show pompous humility riding in protons and so forth, but their private vehicles are all imported. Sell your Range Rovers, your Porsche Cayennes, your Aston Martins, your Hummers, your Rolls Royces, your X5, to me for a song. I don’t give a damn what you think. I find it farcical to denounce the purchase of Mercedes when we are clearly washing our resources down the drain on even more ridiculous projects.

The rakyat wont raise an eyebrow should you choose to ride in your expensive cars, official or unofficial. They however want to know, when you can reduce the price of a packet of rice. The farmer wants to know when you want to reduce the price of fertiliser and seedlings and other essentials.

You and your expensive cars, Mercedeses or not, can go fly kite or better still, those who vehemently condemn the purchase of the Mercedes can all store your arguments, ubi sol non lucet!( where the sun doesn’t shine!).


Friday 25 July 2008

The Tyrany of Uniforms


I am taking time to talk about a certain local issue. Although it may refer to incidents that took place in Kuantan, the lessons therein could be of some usage for other places. The issue I am writing this time is about the highhandedness of our uniformed officers. In the present case, I am referring to officers from MPK( Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan).

I remember reading a long time ago, about an observation made by president Soekarno. I want readers to note that I am recalling from a fading memory on this but the observation goes something like this.

Soekarno said something along these lines. It is an axiom that generally speaking, the depressed masses look up to people in uniforms believing in them as the embodiment of a certain power. The uniform then becomes a symbol of power and strength. From thenceforth, Soekarno would always be seen in uniforms. The spectacle of Soekarno in uniform bedecked with medals, baton and the peci( songkok) inspired awe and ironically, hope in the hearts of the downtrodden Indonesian masses.

That observation has a flipside. Those in uniform ACTUALLY believe that they are invested with special powers. Their behaviour is often shaped by the strange spell of the uniform. The wearer is transformed into thoughtless pit bulls. Maybe uniforms compensate the wearer’s under achievements. Never mind the fact that, in almost all circumstances, those donning uniforms are intellectually less gifted. Armed with a sense of grandeur and power, our uniformed officers march along in the most highhanded fashion. They become transformed into instruments of oppression.

Now, in certain parts of Kuantan, the humble folks often become petty traders selling their wares in morning and weekly markets. Goods such as vegetables, fish caught in nearby rivers or swamps, jungle produce collected somewhere are carted and transported to be sold at morning markets or pasar pagi. Sometimes, these are produce grown on patches of land within the compounds of their houses. Almost always, the harvested produce are more than sufficient for self consumption and accordingly are always brought to be sold in the morning markets.

In such a market, like the one operating in Kampung Jawa in Kuantan, which opens in the mornings, we can see a wide array of goods and produce. Such a market, known in economics as an informal market, is important enough to provide a means of earning extra income for casual marketers. These markets can just be a car parking area, an open space in between shop lots, land spaces adjoining a public playing field and so forth. They provide a service to people residing in nearby areas where they can buy fresh produce which are often sold at cheaper prices.

It is in such a market like this that we can see the oppressive ways of the uniformed enforcement officers of the MPK at work. Officers in their pale blue uniforms will seize the produce, slap some fines on the poor and hapless vegetables and trinkets sellers. The seized goods are transported in MPK vehicles and presumably brought to MPK stores for storage(?). Almost always, what actually happens is that the seized material are distributed among the officers or MPK office workers.

The same treatment are meted out to petty traders selling China-made goods. Usually these are sold by Chinese nationals selling wares such as the magnetic wrist health band( very popular among UMNO delegates and patrons of Kopi Tiams in Kuantan), cloth, imitation watches to impress your girlfriends with and so on. Again these are seized and brought somewhere by our MPK officers never to be seen again. Are seized products converted into MPK property?

Sometimes, these MPK officers would swoop down on hapless traders without even wearing their uniforms. They will carry out the only tasks they are trained in, i.e. seizing and converting the merchandise.

A uniform makes a statement that is both strong and eloquent. We instinctively and intuitively draw conclusions about the wearer of the uniform, about his or her training and discipline; our expectations of that person stem from such inferences. Under normal circumstances, I can assume that a person with a stethoscope is a health professional just as I presume that a person in a certain sort of uniform who is wearing a badge is a police officer. Rarely would there be any need to question the credentials of a person in the uniform of his or her profession. An imposter is rare and would face prosecution and universal denunciation or censure. I hope, my friend who is the MPK boss presently, will read this.

Similarly, a man with a collar is a priest and a woman wearing a habit is a nun, one assumes. This was the intention when Pope Gregory mandated a uniform for the clergy in the Roman Catholic Church. He was creating an “Army of Christ” in service to the church. He labelled this calling a higher one that that of the laity. No matter what the mission or occupation, a uniform proclaims the specialized training, discipline and dedication of a professional.

So give people roles (and titles) and uniforms (cloth or mental ones) and be ready for the unpredictable. Roles and uniforms allow us to exercise power in a legitimized way, under a given authority, be it the boss, the chain of command or the system. Roles and uniforms are powerful creators of new persona. Once we get them we are ready for a daily Greek tragedy and a chameleon-like transformation into a caring manager, a despot, a Samaritan, a sadist, a teacher, a learner, a benign King, a foot soldier, a general, a preacher, a follower, a mentor, a local goodfella or an arms dealer.

Perhaps, we can now look at leadership issues from the aspect of roles, titles, and uniforms( cloth or mental ones).


Thursday 24 July 2008

A Lawyer at every UMNO branch meeting?


I read with hilarious stirrings of bloggers who expect too much from branch meetings. The typical branch leader at least in Pekan is most likely a jaga sekolah, retired army personnel, loafers, local bullies, small time contractors, JKR labourers and so forth. We can’t seriously expect these kind of people to go through the UMNO constitution, can we? These people are certainly no Johnny Cochrane wannabes are they?

The blogger Dato Ron, a former MP for Parit Sulong in Johore urges branch leaders to fully understand the UMNO constitution. I am sad to inform Dato Ron that UMNO branch leaders nor the members hardly read the UMNO constitution. It’s sad but true, even the division rep sent to oversee the branch meeting has never read the UMNO constitution. They do carry around the rules and regulations of branch meetings (Tatacara Dan Peraturan Mesyuarat) - the do’s and don’ts of meeting. That is a poor substitute to infer awareness of the UMNO constitution.

I myself have never read it and have never seen one in the Pekan UMNO division. I doubt very much, whether the division secretary with an academic level of an SPM dropout is aware of this important document. Dato Ron himself may have read it during his retirement phase of active politics.( sorry Ron, I stand corrected).

Therefore to urge branch leaders to leverage the provisions of the UMNO constitution places too high a hope on these wretched fellows. Most of the branch leaders are just looking at ways to extend their tenure as leaders. We can’t expect much either from UMNO divisions. Divisions will most likely follow the dictates of their respective division heads.

In Pekan for example, I would like to see if Dato Najib in the name of democratic tradition is sufficiently resolute to allow nominations by secret ballot. He won’t, I can guarantee it. Not until hell freezes over. Most likely, during the divisional meeting just preceding the mesyuarat perwakilan bahagian, he will instruct the bahagian to nominate whomsoever are involved in the transition plan. No rewards for guessing who, folks.

The clause relied upon by Dato Ron is item 17.5.1 of the UMNO Constitution. It states that one of the responsibilities of the branch meetings is to discuss the policies of the party for submission to the mesyuarat perwakilan bahagian. That my friend is a very tall order.


Kuantan MCA Battle.

Kuantan MCA.

I like the MCA style. They have no reluctance about having a fight in the open. The present brouhaha in MCA Kuantan is a case in point. The newly minted YB of Teruntum is going against the seasoned Dato Ti Lian Ker. I wish them both, the best of luck.

It is in UMNO’s interest and in particular the MB’s to see MCA as a strong partner. A strong party needs good men at the top. I hope the MCA people have the qualities of a good leader in mind. I am sure our MCA friends are aware of the strengths of the prospective candidate.

As for me, I know the incumbent well. Dato Ti Lian Ker who is still young, is a formidable MCA personality. I am not talking about his MCA standing, something which I do not have any knowledge of. I am interested in telling you of his performance in the Dewan Undangan Negeri of Pahang.

I have high respects for two MCA stalwarts. One of them is the man who hails from Kampung China in Kuala Trengganu, Yb Pang (TM Pang) with whom I enjoy very good relations. I have always considered his speech in the Dewan as that with substance.

YB Ti Lian Ker is of course an always in form and polished speaker in the Dewan. His speeches were always diligently researched worthy of the highest praise. It shows he is a man concerned with and paying attention to details. His preoccupation has always been with how to bring benefits to Kuantan. That indicates his interest. His encounters with his favourite topic- tourism as an economic resource’ were always illuminating. His reasoning in his speeches indicate his clear line of thinking.

YB Chang , I have met on several occasions during Mesyuarat Pembangunan Daerah. He often stood in the place of Dato Fu Ah Kiaw, the then MP of Kuantan. He has the good looks of a film star and if the face is the window to the soul, I think he will go far too. He has been a YB for 4 months now. He is also a personable fellow.

In politics, it is good to dispense with sandiwaras. It is good if we allow people to make open declarations. If we stop people from campaigning or standing as candidates in party elections, we are only delaying the inevitable. Anguish, repressed feelings certainly become incendiary material from within.

UMNO should take lessons on party management from MCA. The MCA has no quota system. MCA does not prevent people from campaigning. Its healthy to let out and let go.


Is our country going to the dogs?


Since Yb Tony Pua the DAP’s whizz kid wrote about dog’s charity, I feel kindred to write on the same topic. No, I am not taking about the wolves’ progeny(canis lupus familaris). I am talking of the dogs-with-the-two legs kind.

When Tan Sri Muhamad Muhmmad Taib joined the race for the UMNO VP, I asked myself, who let the dogs out? Who are the Labradors, the chihuahas, the Irish hounds? Immediately my mind flashes to the song aptly named so by the Jamaican group. I asked further- has the country gone to the dogs?

Tan Sri Muhammad is the current minister of rural development. He is a senator appointed by Dato Seri Abdullah for his ‘sterling’ work in UMNO. (read apple polishing and ass licking). He is also the Joseph Goebbels for UMNO being the UMNO information chief.

He has gained fame or infamy depending from the angle you look at hm. He gained infamy for eloping with a princess from Selangor and then went on to say, he was not married to that princess. He pulled a fast one on the Sultan then. Can Tan Sri’s blatant lie to the Sultan be considered a species of les mejeste? By the way, that princess is also RPK’s cousin.

Tan Sri Muhammad has also endeared himself with many class F contractors in Selangor. It is said that during his tenure as MB of Selangor, he acquired loyalty by ensuring that every class F contractor, every ketua cawangan, ketua bahagian and other UMNO leaders obtained contract works. In that way he ensured these foot soldiers were indebted to him. His ascendency now in UMNO will be watched closely and supported by those he has helped before.

Tan Sri Muhammad Taib was the centre of controversy in the case involving his bringing of huge amounts of cash into Australia. He did not declare he had large sums of cash on him. In his trial before the judge in Australia, Tan Sri Muhammad admitted the transgression. His excuse was that he did not know nor understand the English language. He was defended by the eminent lawyer Dato Shafi Abdullah who by the way, was a final year law student in UM in 1976.

Here is a former teacher, who entered University Malaya in 1976, cheekily admitting that he does not understand the English language. The PM should ban Tan Sri Muhammad from travelling abroad unless he is accompanied by a translator. Imagine the shame he can bring upon Malaysia should he be caught transgressing laws in other countries written in English.

There is a more sinister side of Tan Sri Muhammad or Mike Tyson as he is popularly known. Yes- he socked it to the late Sultan and he of course socked it to the princess. Yea baby. O! Plus! Perge! Alo! Hui! Hem!- Oh! More!Go On! Yes! Ooh! Ummm!

The insidious side of Tan Sri Muhammad is hidden behind the ever smiling persona. In actual fact, he is a person who eschews the practice of democratic decencies. As minister of rural development he is responsible for the network of Jawatankuasa Keselamatan Dan Kemajuan Kampung( JKKKs). These are village level organisations comprising of village residents, usually UMNO members who assist the district offices in developing and managing villages. The ketua kampung ( known by different names in different states) is paid an allowance of RM 600 per month while committee members are paid RM 20 per meeting.

Tan Sri Muhammad’s madness in his methods was revealed in his handling of the JKKK in Perak. When the Barisan Alternatif won Perak, it was the agreed democratic decency that as the government in Perak, they had the mandate to appoint new office bearers in the JKKK. Tan Sri Muhammad ought to know and must accept this. It is the right of the state government to decide on how they want to go about forming and reforming the JKKKs. How the Barisan Alternatif does it in Perak, falls entirely within their rights as the state government.

What does the great Tan Sri do? He quickly announced that the previous JKKK office bearers who were dismissed shall be paid by the federal government. Not only this decision resulted in unnecessary and costly continuance of paying money to people who just sit around, it must be seen as a clear attempt to undermine the practice of democratic decency. Unless of course, Tan Sri Muhammad wants the dismissed JKKKs to stay on as fifth columnists. .

Does UMNO condone this kind of behaviour? Woof! Woof! Who the hell let the dogs out?


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