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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 9 September 2018

The Rule of Law


Even though I am bedridden because of my stroke, I have been watching and reading as New Malaysia events unfold. While I rejoice in a ruling coalition that I support, I will not stop criticising.

It has now been over 100 days since PH’s inauguration.

And I ask, why are we so engrossed over the 100 days issue?

Right off the bat, I must state we have not achieved everything we promised. Instead, we have completed 21 of 60 promises. This is a significant accomplishment to the promises made on the campaign trails. 

And I am not concerned for the rest. We are given a 5-year mandate. So let us not lose sleep over it. There are extenuating reasons as to why we have not accomplished everything. We must not be corralled by the 100-days limit. Explain to the people. They are intelligent enough. After all it is they who overthrew the previous kleptocratic government.

What is the political meaning of the rule of law? It isn’t the application of law or according to the constitution, no one is above the law etc. Those are nice legal definitions to the lawyers. To the politician, it is the intelligent application of political power. You have power—use it wisely.

The PH people appear not to know how to use power. They appear to be more engrossed in proving they are more democratic than the previous government. We have nothing to prove to them. The people’s welfare is more important.

For instance, why give the BN people air time? They didn’t give us any when they were in power so let us give them none. We are no less democratic.

Then there is spending; if we have to spend, then we should. We need to spend on people’s housing. We need to spend on widening roads and street lightings, not on grandiose projects. In Pekan, the former PM Najib’s backyard, areas like Jaya Gading and Sri Damai do not have sufficient street lighting and widened roads. Pekan also has no flood mitigation facilities, nor efficient access to high-speed Internet. In my opinion, the best mark of a developed nation is not the amount of highways or factories, but the quality of life of its rural populace. They must be on equal footing with their urban counterparts.

The idea of open tender is good but it is also slow. Business people want quick results. Ministers must decide fast; business people want to negotiate and deal. After open tenders, ministers must use discretionary powers in deciding. Then they display their powers. Don’t behave like school children who don’t know how to use power.

As for the perpetual thorn in our side, DS Najib does not have to lose sleep over just RM2.1 billion assets. If the late JJ got his wealth through legitimate means, then Najib has nothing to worry about. There were rumours that the late JJ was holding some of 1MDB’s money so that must have gotten Najib worried.

I believe the greatest failure of the 100-days limit is the failure of this government to put the people who committed economic crimes behind bars. If Najib were guilty of economic crimes—and all signs point to yes—he must be sent to the bamboo river resort. He was the one who paid exorbitantly for various IPPs. The government should investigate Ananda Krishnan, the people at Genting Sanyen, and Jimah. Were these people forced to pay tribute money to UMNO?

Najib is hiding behind Clause 117, the MMA of 1MDB. It was he who overrode the board of directors, and ordered Shahrul Azmi to pay 1.3b into Jho Low’s account.

I hope Tun Mahathir will not allow Toh Puan Rahah to intercede on Najib’s behalf. It is not the first time we jailed a minister, why should Najib be the exception? Let’s see if a third-generation fake Bugis warrior can hold court in a six-by-eight cell.

The efforts of the PH government can be sabotaged by the 1.6m civil service. I have a friend who operates a PLKN and has been waiting for his payment just because the TKSU decided to act as a modern-day Napoleon. This idea of rehiring retirees who will give them extensions must end. Let younger people and new names rise up.

Sakmongkol will return.


Saturday 19 May 2018

1MDB: An Unfinished Tale

1MDB: An Unfinished Tale

It has been nearly two weeks since our country rewrote its history. In this short time, we have watched new Councils and a Cabinet be formed, and a shake-up in the former ruling party. But I am concerned that while we celebrate this new chapter of our lives and occupy ourselves with the hustle and bustle of Ramadan, we will find it easy to simply wipe the slate clean and overlook the wrong we endured for so long.

Malaysians must never forget 1MDB and SRC. Did we see Najib return any of the money he took? No, we did not. He stole monies from public funds. This is part of his feudal constitution. He goes around with a feeling of self-entitlement; for years, everything he fancies was seemingly his for the taking. Now that he is no longer lord of the land, the reports by the DoJ should have no issues in naming the mysterious MO1. Many suspect it is Najib, but a confirmation will clear all doubts.

However, I have little doubt. He stole money and people will soon know he is a despicable person. But he is not alone. The UMNO leadership is infused with the feudal mentality, believing they are entitled to anything in life—that the masses owe them a living. For years, the masses continued to live under Malay Feudalism, believing Najib inherited Tun Razak’s leadership. The truth is, he inherited nothing but vileness and was supported by the sycophantic UMNO leadership.

Now everything will be exposed. Everyone will see the real Najib Razak.

The new administration must investigate his role in 1MDB. If the law says he must be jailed he must. After all, this will not be the first time Malaysia has jailed politicians, aging or otherwise. And do not forget he likely did not act alone. Investigate all those sycophantic UMNO colluders, those who received the 1MDB largesse.

Reopen also the case of Altantuya’s murder. Nobody dies without killers.

Investigate the role of former head of SPRM. Did he meet with Nik Faisal in Jakarta and coach the latter with what to say when SPRM officials come? Did he meet with Patrick Mahoney in Bangkok? What was his role in 1MDB in advising the AG to exonerate Najib?

Investigate the role played by the former IGP. Was he the one who ratted on the five prominent Tan Sris?

We are on the brink of serving justice. Private properties have been raided, and assets have been seized. We have seen the pictures and there will certainly be more pictures revealed in the coming days, filled with images of accomplices and ugly truth. Do not worry about feeling sorry for them, because at when it’s all said and done, it will not be about vengeance or vindictiveness.

It will be the triumph of the rule of law. Now that they are no longer in power, they must receive their comeuppance. 

More will come, dear readers.
-        - Sakmongkol.


Friday 11 May 2018

PRU 14

Assalammualaikum and Hello to All.

Like most of you, I watched the results of PRU 14. I am disappointed for not being able to participate in the Elections, as I am still recuperating in the privacy of my home. Many people might not be aware, but in May 2017, I was struck by a brainstem stroke. Fortunately, my doctors are assured of a full recovery. It will take a bit of time and like many things worth doing, a lot of hard work. I am thankful to be surrounded by accomplished medical practitioners, as well as encouraging and supportive family members and friends.

Along with a great number of my countrymen and women, I too was overjoyed by the defeat of the Barisan Nasional government. I together with all Malaysians celebrate the triumph of democracy. I thank those who gave me the opportunity to serve the people of Raub. It was a great honour to do my part in upholding the values of this nation.

I wish to thank all supporters of DAP and Pakatan Harapan. I wish to congratulate the winners in PRU 14. 

‘In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way’ (Roosevelt, Franklin). 

I will be back. Sakmongkol will be back.


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