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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 31 May 2012

Hayek vs Keynes

 Here are my responses to the excellent article written by Pirates of PuteraJaya in response to the Greek Tragedy. That article must never be treated as endorsements of Mahathirnomics.


Tuesday 29 May 2012

Give Everyone a Chance, Mahathir and Najib already had theirs.

These UMNO people are really sanctimonious bunch of people. This overarching self-righteousness has created the arrogant Malay. The sense of birth-given entitlement has alienated them from people. Najib is entitled to be given a chance but not Nik Aziz, not Lim Guan Eng, not Khalid Ibrahim, Ustaz Azizan and never Nizar. You must be given a chance on what basis? Because you have the correct surname or because of what you can achieve? It’s time we give a chance to people who can convince us they can achieve things for us and not give a chance on account of who you are. It should be, give everyone a chance and not Najib alone.
The haughtiness in part has also been accentuated by the infusion of behavioral traits not entirely of purely Malay origins.  This break from decency started mainly during Mahathir’s reign of power. Mahathir’s main legacy will always be the hemorrhaging of UMNO from within and the destruction of its sense of purpose. The fight for the greater good is replaced with the fight of the select few. Can we expect Najib who is cast from the same mould   bring forth anything different? Beware of empty promises uttered loosely in the karaoke setting singing stand by me.
You have UMNO leaders going around the country, asserting their birth-given entitlements. Hence give Najib( a Malay)  a chance  but no chance to Nik Aziz. Khalid Ibrahim who has increased Selangor’s cash reserves from 800m to 2000m is not to be given a chance. Lim Guan Eng who has reduced Penang’s debt from almost 700m to 30m after 4 years, is not to be given a chance. Ustaz Azizan who has managed Kedah better than all previous UMNO MBs, is not entitled to a chance. The right, not chance earned by Nizar in Perak was taken away. But Najib who has a track record of fumbling and flip-flopping exceeding that of Rip Van Winkle Badawi must be given a chance. His track record is littered with controversies- commissions demanded from the sale of Scorpene submarines, purchase of armored vehicles at UMNO prices, purchase of fighter planes and so on. A man with a track record of ruinous management and utter understanding of economics is to be given a chance. UMNO has had 50 over years of imposing ruinous policies on Malaysia and on Malays. They don’t deserve another moment of chance. We, the people MUST be given the chance to decide who can better manage Malaysia.
UMNO is now no longer the only legitimate voice of Malays. It’s not that Malays do not want UMNO. They are expressing and articulating their rejection of UMNO hegemony. UMNO is more suited to people like Tunku Aziz with his overrated sense of self-importance, natural entitlement and self-righteousness. UMNO and Tunku Aziz can’t operate in an egalitarian, democratic and proletarian setting. UMNO and Tunku Aziz are at home under the holy alliance of the bourgeois and aristocracy.
When we mocked and question them on their commitment to fight for Malay interests, they turn around to say we are questioning their Malayness. But then, that is the typical UMNO way- accuse others of doing what they are actually doing. Who is discriminating their own kind if not UMNO? The Malays outside UMNO are not accepted as Malays unless they accept UMNO. UMNO has this mental blockage to accept the reality that more Malays refuse to subscribe to the UMNO ways but NOT forsaking the Malayness. What increasingly more Malays are doing, is to reject UMNO hegemony.
They have always defined the Malay as the UMNO Malay. Malays outside UMNO and those who do not subscribe to the philosophy of UMNO, are regarded as not Malay. The missing element in the constitutional definition besides professing the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, adheres to Malay customs, and is domiciled in Malaysia, born to Malaysian parents, is that, he or she MUST also be an UMNO member. Hence those who reject UMNO and joins another party, is considered not Malay.
The point I am leading to is- if UMNO feels it has the liberty to define who is Malay or not Malay, others must be given the same liberty to define who is and who isn’t. So why the fuss if there is anyone who refuses to acknowledge that Mahathir is a Malay in the true sense? He is  Mamak.
There was a commentator who flays me for questioning the Malay credentials of Mahathir insisting Mahathir is a constitutional Malay. I am inclined to think the commentator who of course hides behind the overrated cloak of anonymity is of the same stock of Mahathir. Even among UMNO people, Mahathir has always been considered not Malay. Can Mahathir claim beyond 2 generations that he is of pure Malay stock? He can’t, can he? But I can. I can claim beyond 5 generations of Malay stock which makes me more Malay than Mahathir. I am not going to disengage myself from my view that Mahathir wrote the Malay Dilemma as a means to lay claim of being a Malay by making himself out to sound more Malay than the ordinary Malay. The Malay dilemma is just a collection of pamphlet standard emotional outpourings that gained traction only during the heat of the moment at that time. Now, it’s an item of curiosity valued more for its souvenir-ish qualities than the substance it contains. The UMNO Malays have been duped for so long. 
I once asked the Oracle of Syed Putera when will Tun Daim write his memoir. I was told that Daim told the Oracle that Mahathir’s memoir (Doctor in the House and now Doktor UMUM) is not competed until Daim writes his. I was also told by the Oracle that Daim couldn’t publish his memoirs yet because the ` Mamak’ is still around. The desire to distinguish their Malay-ness is evident there.
Being sanctimonious, UMNO people have this overriding claim of self-importance and natural entitlement. These get the better of them almost all the time. Hence UMNO people and leaders are naturally entitled to lay hands on the riches of this country. Being self-righteous entitle UMNO people the right to be able to break the law with impunity.
Can the petty traders organizing a pasar malam in front of Ambiga’s house do the same in front of the PM’s house? Or will the departments concerned including the equally self-righteous and sanctimonious bastards inhabiting City Hall unleash their repressive forces on petty traders not in agreement with traders led by Ferarri driving Ikan Bakar Sekinchan owner?  Traders planning the same thing in front of the PM’s residence will be considered as uncivilized and democrazy while traders doing the same in front of Ambiga’s house are doing the civilized thing?


Monday 28 May 2012

Same Pillow, Different Dreams

I am just back from a grueling 2 day ceramah sessions in Terengganu and Kelantan. The interactive responses from the rakyat- most notably from the marginalized Malays in the rural heartlands are sending shivers down the spines of UMNO leaders. 

Provided one can still locate the spines. We can now speak of UMNO and no longer of BN. perhaps UMNO’s most important ally is now the parti Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia. BN now exists in name only. The 14 component parties are just stooges to UMNO’s devices. 

The MIC will be reduced to the status of a beggar with outstretched hands just like the PPP shouting ayoyo, amama. MCA has lost any semblance of credibility since it cannot be Chinese enough because it obeys the dictates of its master, UMNO. Who cares if Soi Lek says MCA is the only brave party to object to the implementation of hudud? A non-Muslim party says that in the face of UMNO leaders who are Muslims and they just stood by cupping the breeches to ensure their manhood is still intact?  Because they are eunuchs, they can’t feel anything there. 

Everywhere we go, people are asking when is the election date? We will let the UMNO hoi poloi and digits think they have got the upper hand. Let them be deluded into believing their own hype. Najib sees thousands of UMNO members being transported into stadium Bukit Jalil and he was LSD-ied into  declaring he wants elections now. But when he sobers up from the drunken blankness of being mesmerized by a well-orchestrated attendance of the mindless by his political minders, his punahsihats and punaisihats and realized that 300,000 over people attended the Bersih 3.0 gathering, he chickened out. 

Of course he will be intoxicated once more at seeing the gathering of his one million youths who came to have a good time, roller blading, bike-racing or just hip-hoping with the well paid singers in attendance. He and the missus can play the teh-tarik sellers for a day and the mainstream papers will vomit the usual sycophantic praises. Perhaps the underage boys and girls plus the tourist who came too, can vote UMNO in the next election? 

What he will never realize is why are his UMNO ground troops clamoring for the election date? Everyone has been worked up so intensely that they are going into epileptic fits. Now, epilepsy is an ailment that Najib has personal experience but we shall not go into that. We want to answer why the UMNO men and women, girls and boys on the ground are having the seizures. 

Much money has been spent to spruce up the operations rooms all over the country. The Terengganu UMNO chief distributed RM 5000 to each operations room to have them all make-up and powdered. Much money has been spent to on the election paraphernalia- bamboo poles for the flags, tee-shirts and caps for the UMNO troops, vests and so on. But more importantly, the UMNO troops are growing impatient asking when is the real money coming? Many have placed orders for that motorbike they dreamed. They can’t wait to race across the padi fields in Sungai Panjang, Sungai Besar and Sekinchan.

You see, for the UMNO troops, the GE is a real festive time to earn big bucks. They want to fleece the UMNO leaders for the last time before UMNO loses the next GE.

Are the UMNO troops motivated by a purpose or are they fighting for a cause? They have no clue whatsoever what is UMNO fighting for. 

For those not supporting UMNO, they want to know the election date because they are impatient to kick out the thieving and hypocritical UMNO leaders. You have a leader lecturing and insulting the intelligence of people receiving RM 500, 100 and 200 on how to spend the money wisely forgetting that it will take millions receiving the RM500 to equal the purchase of one diamond ring costing RM 74 million. It takes thousands of recipients to equal one Birkin Hermes handbag. The same leader who closes one eye on the spindrift ways of people close to him are lecturing people on how to spend RM 500 wisely? 

These people are impatient to usher in a better life after UMNO. That is why they want to know when is the elections? They know they have a better future under Pakatan rule than under empty promising UMNO. The UMNO president went to Gua Musang 2 weeks ago and promised the people of Kelantan thet he will give a better Islam than PAS can in Kelantan. We have a simple question for him. Has he provided a better Islam in the states UMNO and BN are the governments? Why doesn't he implement a better Islam in the states UMNO and BN won rather than shooting his mouth about Islam in a state where BN and UMNO lost?

The infamous Abe Jak ( Abang Jak) is ROTFLOL- rolling on the floor laughing out loudly at Najib's political comedy. Abe Jak was the man fined by the courts for indecently exposing his private parts to some Puteri UMNO members many years back. Or Perhaps he didn't go full Monty and was only teasing much to the chagrin of the Puteri UMNO girls.

When Lim Guan Eng took over Penang from UMNO and Gerakan he inherited a debt of almost RM 700 million and after only 4 years the debt is reduced to RM 30 million. He has balanced the budget and Penang has emerged as the sate with the biggest FDI. He offers a better future for Penang people.

When Khalid Ibrahim the stutterer took over Selangor he was left with a reserve of RM 800 million. Khir Toyo the tempe seller thought he could gloat but after 4 years, Khalid Ibrahim has increased the cash reserves to just over RM 2 billion, balanced the budget and received the second largest FDI. Khalid offers a better future for Selangor people and has a better record to compare to boastful Najib.

When Nik Aziz, the kampong man vilified by UMNO as a village ustaz in sarong who can never manage a state took over Kelantan, he inherited a debt of over RM 600 million. Now Kelantan has no federal debt. Nik Aziz offers Kelantanese a better future.

Similarly when Ustaz Azizan took over Kedah, he inherited a state better known for rampant losses in revenue from timber extraction. Under his management, revenue from timber and logging has increased manifold. The losses perviously incurred were the result of UMNO's gross mismanagement.  Also, Kedah under the ustaz has also raked in more FDI than 9 other UMNO managed states. Kedah was in the top 5 states receiving the highest FDI. PAS offers a better future to the Kedahans than and Mukhriz can ever do.

So you see, the UMNO troops are impatient for the election date for another inglorious reason but one that is typical of the UMNO mindset.

The majority of the people are impatient to have a better life after UMNO.


Friday 25 May 2012

UMNO's low trust culture is unMalay

continuation from the previous article....

What is the typical effect when UMNO behaves like this? Because it is a low trust organization, UMNO is not capable of producing voluntary cooperation. The most noticeable deficiency in UMNO now, is the absence of voluntariness. Everyone must be paid to get work done.

Paying people to do work, is introducing the mercenary culture into UMNO and this stands in direct opposite to Malay culture of mutual self-help and voluntariness. UMNO is no longer compatible with Malays. Its championing a culture that destroys the building blocks of Malay culture. And this culture was started by Mahathir since 1988. 

Mahathir has singlehandedly destroyed Malay culture. Because he is not Malay in the first place. We stupid Malays have adopted him as our own and we allowed ourselves to be mesmerized by his politics of development. That development which took place over 22 years was borne on the shoulders of cronies and selected individuals who have become excessively rich with their own private jets, helicopters and immeasurable wealth while the rest of the Malays on whose backs these people rode, remained left behind as faceless digits. Mahathir did not forget to mouth Hidup Melayu all the time. 

Why do we continue talking about UMNO? We have already explained yet the knuckle heads have ignored our previous explanation. We will continue talking and bashing UMNO to destroy the myth that Malays MUST depend on UMNO. We will continue bashing UMNO because they are now in power. 

We don’t have to speak about the PR parties because, unlike Najib, PR has track records to speak of. Pakatan led states outperformed states led by UMNO on almost all fronts- in terms of FDI, balancing the budget, reducing federal loan debts and increasing reserves. 

We must kick out UMNO because the values it upholds are inimical and poisonous to Malay culture. Therefore Malays do not need UMNO. UMNO’s poisonous culture is building a low trust society which blocks further progress. Look at UMNO’s process of choosing leadership. it adopts the ascriptive leadership norm- one chooses a leader on account of who he is in contrast of what he can do in terms of achievement. Mukhriz is touted as the next Kedah MB for no other reason other than him being son of Mahathir- Mukrikz anak lelaki Mahathir i.e. who he is, - the erroneous idea being, that because he is son of Mahathir he must have inherited the leadership qualities of Mahathir.  What has he done in terms of achievements? Dishing out IPO shares to selected individuals? 

Ordinary Malays cannot become leaders of Malaysia if they don’t have surnames like Abdul Razak, Mahathir Hussein Onn. It used to be if you are not from Oxford, you don’t have a future. Now, if you are not bin Mahathir, bin Najib, bin Tun Razak, bin Hussein Onn, you all don’t have a future. 

Mahathir went over to Kedah and gathered UMN leaders in that state, asking Mukhriz be given a state seat in a place of his choice. Not all UMNO leaders went to meet up the ex UMNO President which led Mahathir the ever acerbic fellow to say- it’s all right, I was not keen to meet them either. He ignores the signals from UMNO warlords, that his time to bulldoze what he wants is over and the idea to allow Mukhriz to become the next MB is already opposed at the beginning. 

We Malays must now adopt new values- the achievement norms. We measure and value leaders on account of what they can achieve. And what they can achieve will depend on their abilities, educational levels, experience, dedication, single-mindedness in purpose. These values lead to achievement in contrast to that single determinant of being born in the right circles of belonging to a closed group. 

For people of Selangor for example we must continue to support PR government because of its achievements. Not because we may not like how Khalid Ibrahim looks. His achievements are more important that how he looks or what surname he has. The people of Penang must continue to support Lim Guan Eng because of his achievements. The people of Kedah must continue to support Ustaz Azizan because of his achievements. The people of Kelantan must continue to support PAS and NIk Aziz because of the achievements and pride he instills in Kelantanese. 

The people of Malaysia must reject UMNO because it’s one big organization of rent seekers with a mercenary culture inimical to Malay culture.


Thursday 24 May 2012

Dont Trust a Party which Doesnt Trust us

Why can’t UMNO carry the Malays to greater progress? Because it’s a low trust organization. It doesn’t trust the majority Malays and it doesn’t trust the rakyat in general. It has creased to become a political party. It has morphed into an organization of black hands composed of 3 million members. It puts its trust on the 3 million members NOT on the rakyat. This is the principal reason why we must reject UMNO.

It fears the rakyat and their judgment. The leader of UMNO who calls others accursed bastards is willing to unleash the instruments of suppression on the rakyat, firing water cannons and spraying tear gas that immobilize people instantly. Where did the UMNO government buy the new variety of tear gas? From Israel? 

UMNO is not trusted nor does it trust those outside itself. This is a hallmark of a backward organization composed like Dr Mahathir says of half past six leadership belonging to an organization which is rotten to the core, corrupt from top to bottom and made up of dullards. Mahathir said all those. 

We have a simple proposition then. Can we bank our future on such an organization? Why should we trust UMNO with our future if it doesn’t trust us? We must reject UMNO because we want to bequeath a better country to our future generation. We owe it to the next generation who are now struggling to cope up with the increasing cost of living, who can’t find jobs because the country is mismanaged economically, or managed by sub-standard leaders. We owe it to those who can’t afford a decent house because a house near where they work now cost RM 700,000 per unit. 

This coming election is for us to lose, NOT for UMNO to win. We lose if we let our guards down and be complacent. We must continue to raise the people’s consciousness and reject the deceit and lies perpetrated by UMNO. We must reject the UMNO controlled media instruments such as Utusex Malaysia, Berita Hairan and TV ¾ .
The only other organization that operates like UMNO by trusting people within an organization and who has recently adopted the act of oath taking or bai’ah is the cosa nostra aka the Mafia.  

Because of this, UMNO can never stimulate or induce voluntary cooperation and sacrifice from others.  UMNO can only get cooperation and sacrifice by paying others. This ability of creating trust between social groupings which lead to cooperation is known among social scientists as social capital. The concept of social capital was developed famously by Francis Fukuyama. 

The basic idea behind the concept of social capital is this. A society with high trust (trusting others beyond just its organization or its own grouping) is able to develop and prosper better. A society with low trust will always remain low on the scale of progress, being able to prosper on the fringes and like the Mafia outside normal society.

Now, apply that concept to UMNO. UMNO trusts only its members. That is why its obsessed of having 3 million members. If the rakyat doesn’t trust it, it hopes it can do it alone by trusting only its own members. It’s therefore a low trust organization. Just as a low trust society occupies the lower end of the scale of progress, so does UMNO.
Therefore, how can a low trust organization that nowadays manage to invite only distrust and revulsion carry us forward?


Tuesday 22 May 2012

Dr Mahathir and the selling of Oxymoronicracy

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today reiterated his advice for Umno leaders to discard self-interest and acts of sabotage to ensure a Barisan Nasional (BN) victory in the next general election.
There are two things that stuck out as very sore thumbs in the above statement. Both are never the hallmarks of UMNO. Indeed if they are practised, UMNO ceases to be UMNO. They are the elimination of self –interest and absence of acts of sabotage. Asking UMNO people not to sabotage and to disown personal interest is like asking a camel to go through the needle hole.
Dr Mahathir does not only walk on water- he is also the chief spokesman of oxymoronicracy.
Since the creation of UMNO Baru in 1988, every UMNO leader who has assumed the mantle of leadership has been motivated by self-interests. What’s more, they are motivated by the desire to perpetuate the self-interests, where self-preservation is top of the list. It will be interesting to investigate these fellers bank account when they are no longer in power.
Sabotaging is second nature to UMNO people- by incumbents who are no longer chosen to stand or by aspiring candidates scheming and plotting to overthrow incumbents. What is absent from UMNO ? - A sense of purpose and a cause to fight for. So if we want an example of oxymoronicracy- Dr Mahathir is its foremost spokesman.
Let’s dissect the substance behind the statement by Dr Mahathir in Jitra the other day. What do we make of this statement?
This is a clear sign that all is not well in UMNO.  He has to reiterate. He has to remind. Someone asked me- the same question I posed some time ago, if UMNO is in dire straits, doesn’t that mean easy defeat of them?  So why bother writing about UMNO? Just ignore them. Let them destroy themselves by their won devices.
No can do. We write about UMNO to speed its demise. To hasten its exit from the seat of power so that the real interests of the people are taken care of. We bash UMNO because it has something that we want. Power to do good as opposed power having done evil. We are not power crazy, but we want to take away power from crazy people. All UMNO leaders and ministers are replaceable. Who can do worse than them? If Najib can become PM, this means anyone can too.
Now, Mahathir the man who I described as one who can walk on water- is giving out unsolicited advice. I am not sure if anyone cares to listen to him nowadays. He has contradicted himself so many times. During an interview with BBC, the interviewer read from a speech Dr Mahathir once spoke from; quoting passages from that speech, Dr Mahathir can cavalierly deny he said that.  He said that with a straight-face. Dr Mahathir is utterly honest even when he is lying.  Now that is an oxymoron.
The polygraph machine doesn’t work on Dr Mahathir. Wasn’t he the one who was the chief saboteur to UMNO doing whatever he can to unseat Pak Lah? He even left UMNO as it was preparing for elections.
Other than Dr Siti Hasmah, his constant companion is Ibrahim Ali. But then Ibrahim Ali’s most noticeable personal trait is his sycophancy. Ibrahim is a perennial rival to PAS’s Mat Sabu. The latter says while it’s true he isn’t good looking as Shahrukh Khan, he is a little handsomer than Ibrahim Ali. But Mat Sabu doesn’t know Ibrahim’s portrait is a best seller with padi farmers. His portrait, when placed at strategic points in padi fields scare the living daylights out of pesky birds, rodents and other pests.
Just a little diversion folks. Let’s get back to the main issue.
Dr Mahathir is back to the scare tactics for which he is an accomplished master. The intent of his exhortations and pleadings are clear- Malaysia is finished without UMNO and Malays are finished without UMNO. Nothing can be farther from the truth.
When the Congress Party of India was defeated, that didn’t stop India from growing further, when LDP( Japan’s UMNO) lost, the Japanese rushed forward without missing a heartbeat. When Indonesia’s UMNO( Golkar) lost, Indonesia appeared to be placed on a better footing. UMNO and Malaysia is no exception. Malaysia does not depend on UMNO to survive and Malays can dispense with UMNO.
We can’t depend on a party whose very future in turn depends on another person’s asshole. We can’t depend on a party whose survival depends on the continued peddling of pornographic material in the media. We can’t stake our future on a party led by a Larry Flynt. (He is the owner of the Hustler Magazine).  A most memorable quote from Larry Flynt:- wherever there is a scandal, we try to get involved. That’s UMNO for you.
Now you have people like Ustazah Umi Hafilda, Ezam Mat Nor, Hassan Aqidah Ali and Zul Nordin fighting for UMNO’s cause. The dirty job by dirty people.
He just doesn’t get it- people don’t want the continuation of BN administration in the country. People see BN as the perpetrator of empty promises, people see BN as the abuser of power. BN especially UMNO is the embodiment of corruption and deceit. UMNO is no longer the preferred choice as the political platform to advance the cause of the greater good.
And his scariest statement of all- defeat of Umno would be akin to the Malays losing power in their own country. How can Malays lose power? If UMNO loses, the people replacing them will be other Malays. If Najib loses in Pekan, the person who defeats him is Malay. So how can a Malay lose power when it’s another Malay replacing the UMNO reject?
Let’s take on Dr Mahathir in what he says? What are the elements that make up the constitution of the Malay? His religion? No one disturbs his religion. It’s enshrined in the Malaysian Constitution. It’s therefore protected by the laws of the land which no one challenges. DAP accepts that. Islam is the official religion. The position of Islam doesn’t therefore depend on the existence of UMNO. It’s protected not by UMNO but by the Constitution of Malaysia.
Is there anyone threatening the use of Malay language?  It’s accepted as the official language. We know language is an integral part of the Malay people. No one in their right frame of mind is against the use of the Malay language.
The main ingredients that constitute the Malay- his language, his religion and his cultural make-up including the institution of the Malay rulers are protected by the laws of the land. They are not protected by UMNO. Whoever comes after UMNO are not going to disturb the provisions of the laws of the land.
Just remember this – in 2004 when the Malaysian peoples gave Abdullah Badawi UMNO’s greatest victory, the people were actually rejoicing at the exit of Mahathir. Its downhill for UMNO ever since. That victory has proven to be the pride before the inevitable fall.


Monday 21 May 2012

The Rakyat's Convictions were Forged on the Pavement of Injustice

Their convictions were forged on the stone and pavement of injustice.

 This is another article by the perceptive Walla. Here, there and everywhere, UMNO is pushing so many panic buttons. In a few days, it will hold a rally of sejuta belia. Yesterday, I wrote of the symbolism behind the behemoth sized posters where Najib is hovering over the masses proclaiming his one million dreams, one thousand happiness. Thats One million input, producing not even 1% whats put in. As usual, 99% is lost during delivery, hijacked most probably by the pirates inhabiting the deep corridors of power. All government measures now are seen clearly as fire-fighting measures designed to hold to power by every unscrupulous means necessary. lets take a few minutes and digest what Walla has to say.- Sakmongkol.

Yellow and red are just colors. By themselves, they carry neither meaning nor context. These properties are instead conveyed by the people who wear them as symbolic of some belief or conviction.
 When the rakyat wore yellow and marched in Bersih, they were saying they wanted clean and fair elections. They were saying they have had enough of the flip-flopping double-standard chicaneries of the present government. Coming from all over the land, they had assembled on their own accord, driven by inner concerns about outer grievances layered one after another, for they could clearly see how Umno was skirting away from the real and key election reform demands needed to ensure a clean and fair GE13. And they knew they would be pummeled for their march but yet they came, young and old, tall and short, simple and sophisticated. They wore no armor and carried neither shields nor batons nor stones. Just bottled water to slake their parched throats on a hot but inspiring afternoon.
Their convictions were forged on the stone of injustice.
In fact, the entire world was witness to the first technicolor event of how the rakyat of different races had come together under one sky to remind the Umno government that they to the last man and woman already knew Umno's transformation is just some shifty pocket-money vote-buying without the clean and fair governance of administration that is the heart of all matters and whose absence has been the root of all ills besetting this nation for the last thirty years.
Next, look at the other side. When Umno members dressed in red were corralled and ferried in style to attend an assembly just like their local chiefs to the Umno GAs, each was merely putting on a show for the next guy in a convention of blinkered, clueless, cowardly and empty-headed zealots. Not a single member had raised the issue of governance or clean and fair elections. They were just putting on a counter-balancing show of numbers while knowing their numbers could never equal those from the general populace.
 So if Umno neither commands the voluntary, open-heart and real numbers of the rakyat nor the context and conviction of our society, how can it continue to preside over the conscience and thus the future of this nation?
 And that is why when Najib talked about rule of law as necessary to avoid anarchy, the rakyat who know guffawed in disbelief. In the case of Altantuya and the scorpene deal, was there real rule of law, they asked? What about the cowgate and copgate cases, they added? How can there be rule of law in this country of double standards when there is one set of laws for the rakyat including Umno general members, and another set of deflect-&-close-off laws for the Umno elites, they collectively echoed. Which leaves them to conclude that the real anarchists in this country are those currently finding party support, protection and amnesty under the shield of an Umno that has been disfigured beyond any possible recognition until it is only good for one thing - the munafiqation of our Malay race.

After all, how can there be rule of law when those who lead and command put themselves above the law and use it to punish the very people who are fighting and marching for its return? Be assured this question has already been asked by enough people in the PDRM, judiciary and armed forces that have apparently been inducted under the wings of what is supposed to be a transformed government.

So who're the real anarchists, Najib of Nottingham, anak of Tun Razak?

 And that is why the rakyat who know will continue to wonder how people like Hasan Ali and Tunku Aziz can show they're oblivious of the full plight of the rakyat they have projected themselves otherwise to be concerned about. For one, it was a four hundred thousand personal office renovation prelude to some aspiration to be the next MB of Selangor; for the other some personal slight out of an extinguished status as a senator. Surely they would have asked themselves what are these things compared to making sure a clean and fair election takes place so that the rakyat can elect clean and fair leaders from a pool already contaminated by years of rapacious and corrupt administration? Or are there some other reasons? What be them?
 Let everyone in this country conclude here and now that there is no point increasing the microphone decibel of every Azan across our land if it goes in one ear and comes out the other in the heads of our Umno members. And that you already know is because there is nothing between those two ears.
We cannot expiate and extirpate the sins of Umno merely by praying. To our Malays at every place across the land, you already know that. So start showing some backbone for once.
 Those who have seen the action in many forums have seen how even the most vocal and so-called educated Umno defenders have been cornered until they were silent at best or whimpered incoherent or irrelevant arguments at worst. Even our youngsters will cringe at the immaturity of their arguments, and i am talking about the best in Umno. And the only reason you can advance in their defense is that they have already buried their conscience.

 Oil or no oil, a country led by people who have no conscience or pretends to have one is already finished.
The real blessings on a nation are its enlightened leaders and rakyat walking a path towards good governance based on clean, fair and trustworthy administration.
Has Umno really been clean, fair and trustworthy, you reckon?
Just engage one grey cell He gave when born and ask where has all that pocket money come from? It could not have been in the budget approved. So what we are seeing is Umno dishing out un-provided off-budget taxpayers money to buy votes so that it can continue to punish the rakyat for being anarchists whenever they articulate anything disagreeable to Umno.
 Why not just cancel GE13 and outsource the running of this country to the military junta from Yangon? Saves some money that way to give more to the rakyat before the coffer finally runs dry. And that you know is happening because a half trillion ringgit debt is telling you that more had gone out than ever had come in. Does any Umno knucklehead reading this think the situation can be reversed in the next five or even ten years? With what from where?

 Let's take a simple example of Umno's method. Just a day or two back, that P.Domingo who has just flip-flopped on our educational standards said millions will be used to repair some of the schools. Now, if those millions have already been provided in the approved budget, he was just taking an election opportunity to announce an administrative matter, to wit, spinning the bovine tail. But if those millions are taken out from somewhere else for this purpose, then it shows the move was less out of a sudden concern for the conditions of the schools, which in itself shows dereliction of normal duty, and again more out of vote-buying-at-all-costs. Yes, or no?
It's all about protecting personal turf at the expense of the rakyat even if it kills the future of the young.
Too dramatic? It's like the jumbo jet. A marvel of six million precision parts working together. Unadorned confidence about its impregnable security. Yet in the older models, it had crashed more often than not when the tail rudder or wing flaps got stuck because some simple hydraulic servo-valve had jammed, or the engines had flamed out because ice from the water residue in the fuel got stuck in the intake of the heat exchanger.

This moment before us is the tipping point. The post event of Bersih 3.0 shows there is already a permanent fissure between the rakyat and the Umno government. Except for those who want to remain deluded because of personal reasons or inadequacies, the rakyat of Malaysia don't and can no longer trust the Umno government. The Barisan scale is crooked and not balanced. The Umno keris is jagged and pointing at the heart of the nation. Just thinking back how they have been trying to muddy away from the essence of the march, the demands for a clean and fair GE13. Because they know if it is clean and fair, they will lose.
Given such situation, project for yourselves what will happen AFTER GE13.
Good night, and thanks Sak, for another of your sharp posts, laced with the special logic and reasoning representing the best of our Malay minds.


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