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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Give Everyone a Chance, Mahathir and Najib already had theirs.

These UMNO people are really sanctimonious bunch of people. This overarching self-righteousness has created the arrogant Malay. The sense of birth-given entitlement has alienated them from people. Najib is entitled to be given a chance but not Nik Aziz, not Lim Guan Eng, not Khalid Ibrahim, Ustaz Azizan and never Nizar. You must be given a chance on what basis? Because you have the correct surname or because of what you can achieve? It’s time we give a chance to people who can convince us they can achieve things for us and not give a chance on account of who you are. It should be, give everyone a chance and not Najib alone.
The haughtiness in part has also been accentuated by the infusion of behavioral traits not entirely of purely Malay origins.  This break from decency started mainly during Mahathir’s reign of power. Mahathir’s main legacy will always be the hemorrhaging of UMNO from within and the destruction of its sense of purpose. The fight for the greater good is replaced with the fight of the select few. Can we expect Najib who is cast from the same mould   bring forth anything different? Beware of empty promises uttered loosely in the karaoke setting singing stand by me.
You have UMNO leaders going around the country, asserting their birth-given entitlements. Hence give Najib( a Malay)  a chance  but no chance to Nik Aziz. Khalid Ibrahim who has increased Selangor’s cash reserves from 800m to 2000m is not to be given a chance. Lim Guan Eng who has reduced Penang’s debt from almost 700m to 30m after 4 years, is not to be given a chance. Ustaz Azizan who has managed Kedah better than all previous UMNO MBs, is not entitled to a chance. The right, not chance earned by Nizar in Perak was taken away. But Najib who has a track record of fumbling and flip-flopping exceeding that of Rip Van Winkle Badawi must be given a chance. His track record is littered with controversies- commissions demanded from the sale of Scorpene submarines, purchase of armored vehicles at UMNO prices, purchase of fighter planes and so on. A man with a track record of ruinous management and utter understanding of economics is to be given a chance. UMNO has had 50 over years of imposing ruinous policies on Malaysia and on Malays. They don’t deserve another moment of chance. We, the people MUST be given the chance to decide who can better manage Malaysia.
UMNO is now no longer the only legitimate voice of Malays. It’s not that Malays do not want UMNO. They are expressing and articulating their rejection of UMNO hegemony. UMNO is more suited to people like Tunku Aziz with his overrated sense of self-importance, natural entitlement and self-righteousness. UMNO and Tunku Aziz can’t operate in an egalitarian, democratic and proletarian setting. UMNO and Tunku Aziz are at home under the holy alliance of the bourgeois and aristocracy.
When we mocked and question them on their commitment to fight for Malay interests, they turn around to say we are questioning their Malayness. But then, that is the typical UMNO way- accuse others of doing what they are actually doing. Who is discriminating their own kind if not UMNO? The Malays outside UMNO are not accepted as Malays unless they accept UMNO. UMNO has this mental blockage to accept the reality that more Malays refuse to subscribe to the UMNO ways but NOT forsaking the Malayness. What increasingly more Malays are doing, is to reject UMNO hegemony.
They have always defined the Malay as the UMNO Malay. Malays outside UMNO and those who do not subscribe to the philosophy of UMNO, are regarded as not Malay. The missing element in the constitutional definition besides professing the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, adheres to Malay customs, and is domiciled in Malaysia, born to Malaysian parents, is that, he or she MUST also be an UMNO member. Hence those who reject UMNO and joins another party, is considered not Malay.
The point I am leading to is- if UMNO feels it has the liberty to define who is Malay or not Malay, others must be given the same liberty to define who is and who isn’t. So why the fuss if there is anyone who refuses to acknowledge that Mahathir is a Malay in the true sense? He is  Mamak.
There was a commentator who flays me for questioning the Malay credentials of Mahathir insisting Mahathir is a constitutional Malay. I am inclined to think the commentator who of course hides behind the overrated cloak of anonymity is of the same stock of Mahathir. Even among UMNO people, Mahathir has always been considered not Malay. Can Mahathir claim beyond 2 generations that he is of pure Malay stock? He can’t, can he? But I can. I can claim beyond 5 generations of Malay stock which makes me more Malay than Mahathir. I am not going to disengage myself from my view that Mahathir wrote the Malay Dilemma as a means to lay claim of being a Malay by making himself out to sound more Malay than the ordinary Malay. The Malay dilemma is just a collection of pamphlet standard emotional outpourings that gained traction only during the heat of the moment at that time. Now, it’s an item of curiosity valued more for its souvenir-ish qualities than the substance it contains. The UMNO Malays have been duped for so long. 
I once asked the Oracle of Syed Putera when will Tun Daim write his memoir. I was told that Daim told the Oracle that Mahathir’s memoir (Doctor in the House and now Doktor UMUM) is not competed until Daim writes his. I was also told by the Oracle that Daim couldn’t publish his memoirs yet because the ` Mamak’ is still around. The desire to distinguish their Malay-ness is evident there.
Being sanctimonious, UMNO people have this overriding claim of self-importance and natural entitlement. These get the better of them almost all the time. Hence UMNO people and leaders are naturally entitled to lay hands on the riches of this country. Being self-righteous entitle UMNO people the right to be able to break the law with impunity.
Can the petty traders organizing a pasar malam in front of Ambiga’s house do the same in front of the PM’s house? Or will the departments concerned including the equally self-righteous and sanctimonious bastards inhabiting City Hall unleash their repressive forces on petty traders not in agreement with traders led by Ferarri driving Ikan Bakar Sekinchan owner?  Traders planning the same thing in front of the PM’s residence will be considered as uncivilized and democrazy while traders doing the same in front of Ambiga’s house are doing the civilized thing?


Anonymous,  29 May 2012 at 10:50  

"...holy alliance of the bourgeois and aristocracy."

This perhaps is the greatest danger facing this country. They are having such a good life that they dread the thought of allowing the opposition to rule the country.

Then how would you explain the Perak coup?

Mark Dean,  29 May 2012 at 11:04  

Enough said.My family, my friends and I have all turn to a new leaf. No more UMNO the plunderer from now on.

shashikaru 29 May 2012 at 11:22  

i agree with this article, this is good. corrupted elements under the mahathir regime have had chance to rule this country and states. so out with Najib and Muhyuddin, let other have a chance..

and on that same logic of note lets kick out Anwar and Azmin as well? Since they are by-products of the same corrupt Mahathir UMNO culture, having risen in rank under their regime.

I'm not even going to mention anything about any new article on Malaysia-Today - but since you, Dato, are so hell-bent on ridding this country of UMNO culture - would you rid the UMNO culture within the opposition as well?

Frank,  29 May 2012 at 12:23  

Well said, Dato Sak. I cannot agree with you more.

Anonymous,  29 May 2012 at 12:33  

Salam Dato,

Saya rasa yang menjadi masalah ialah segelintir masyarakat Melayu yang mindset mereka macam orang sekitar tahun 60an. Masih terperangkap dalam hukum hakam pemikiran sempit UMNO.

Bukan kerana undang-undang negara yang semua akui, tapi rekaan-rekaan cerita wayang kulit UMNO baru yang masih skrin hitam-putih.

Masyarakat bukan Melayu sudah beralih arah kepada skrin berwarna dan High Definition 3D, yang kasihan pakcik makcik di kampung masih suka dengan skrin hitam-putih lagi suara tidak jelas dan kabur. Sebab itulah walau tinggi mana korupsi pemimpin UMNO, orang kampung masih tidak percaya 100%.

Dan sekarang pimpinan UMNO, sudah kembali ke zaman batu .... ganas , tikam batu kat orang, tikam telur, bising tak tentu pasal macam orang gila. Ini kerja lembu-lembu kat bawah, yang ikan jerung besar sibuk buat kerja main kotor.

Contoh :

Banyak lagi kita lihat tingkah laku pimpinan UMNO dan penyokong totok, yang kita geleng kepala, buat malu orang Melayu saja.

bruno,  29 May 2012 at 12:53  

Dato,Najib has had his chance and he screwed it.By letting warlords and small napoleans bred and mushroomed in Umno.Then because of his lack of leadership,Najib couldn't handled them letting them run wild and out of control,creating havoc all over the country.

And then his cousin Hisham cannot see the forest from the trees.Ordering the IGP to set loose his dogs out looking for political activists.In the meantime letting Ibrahim Ali and his twin Hassan,free reins running bonkers chasing after Christians and their talking bibles.And gangsters,rapists and crazy mongrels are running loose all over the country,because the half past sixer IGP and his deputy are to busy chasing after political activists,forgetting what their top piorities are.

Then we have thugs sent by Umnoputras by the hundreds showing up at Ambiga's home.And Najib has no control over them.Najib has lost all sense of direction of what to do.We even have Umno members going around slashing tyres and damaging cars of opposition members.

If damaging cars are not enough,they are pelting opposition supporters with eggs,water bottles and stones for attending ceramahs.Some are even beaten up too.Umno has turn into an organisation,breeding of street level hooligans and gangsters.

All these are happening under Najib's watch.If he cannot control hooligans and gangsters belonging to his own party with three million members,how can he watch over a country of over thirty million people,that is including a few millions of illegals.Rosmah Mansor would have made a better PM.

bruno,  29 May 2012 at 13:12  

Dato,if Umno bred thugs disguising as petty traders could turn up for protests driving ferraris,that how come the country has to wait for 2020 to achieved developed nation or high income status.

It doesn't make sense.Since this thug who calls himself a petty trader has been showered with AP's,why not give everyone an AP,and distribute the wealth evenly.Then we can achieved developed nation status tomorrow.

Why wait for 2020.Then everybody will be happy and Jibby will be given a second chance of warming the PM's chair.Then maybe he can appoint the sour grapes Tunku Aziz as a senator and his deputy,at the same time push out the brutus Mr Moo.

loveMyKris,  29 May 2012 at 13:46  

way to go sak. panas panas.

Anonymous,  29 May 2012 at 14:04  


kampong lad 29 May 2012 at 14:19  

Selangor’s cash reserves from 800m to 2000m

so what?

reduced Penang’s debt from almost 700m to 30m after 4 years

where did cm lge get the money?

paklah musang berbulu ayam..sapu BERSIH or mr CLEAN up. najib alhajex bapak transformer aka kartun. mamak det selama 22 tahun menanam pokok buah2an yg beracun utk dimakan oleh rakyat sekarang, depa semua makan imported & healthy fruits. nevertheless, liberate putrajaya..BEBASKAN PUTRAJAYA!

Anonymous,  29 May 2012 at 14:25  


When UMNO has robbed us blind and stupid with only our shirts on our back and our underpants left as our only possession, they will still ask us to give them a chance for them to rob us of our remaining shirts and underpants.

After 53 years of BN with UMNO at the helm, I would rather take my chance with Pakatan come what may. Pakatan cannot possibly do any more damage than what UMNO had systematically destroyed this country and its people in the last 53 years.

OneMalaysian,  29 May 2012 at 15:22  

Dear Sakmongkol

I think it is about time this country elect a government that is prepared to do away with race-based economic and social policies. No country can stay united if people are discriminated based on race. If we abolish “Bumiputra” policies then Indian Muslims will stay as Indian Muslims. Malaysians of Arab descent will be Arabs. Chinese Muslims will stay Chinese. We would all retain our racial origins, and not be one bit less Malaysian. Malaysia should be home to all of us irrespective of our racial origins. No one should have more or less rights.

This does not mean we do away with social or economic policies to help fellow Malaysians who need help. But such help should be based on needs not based on race as it is now. Now we have a situation where people can constitutionally change their race. Indians and Arabs can become Malay. And the only reason they do so is because there are economic benefits to be gained.

Before Mahathir became PM, Indian Muslims were quite happy to be classified as Indians, and they join KIMMA. When Mahathir registered as a medical student in Singapore, he registered himself as an Indian Muslim: Mahathir s/o Mohamed Iskander. But somewhere along the political line, the Iskander part of his name and the “son of” bit were conveniently dropped. So it is now just Mahathir bin Mohamed – thus an Indian has become Malay. And that had opened the door to millions of other Indians, Arabs and Pakistanis to also claim “Malay” as their race.

The discard and rejection of one’s race and racial heritage is shameful. It is done for the sole reason of economic advantage. This was not something that the framers of our constitution – Article 153 – had in mind when they put in that article to provide for the disadvantaged in 1956/7. At that time the Indians were Indians, the Arabs were Arabs and Pakistanis were Pakistanis. Had the Reid Commission foreseen such shameless scramble to take advantage of the privileges intended for the real Malays, they might have written Article 153 differently. And we won’t have this terrible situation. There won’t be Umnoputras, and certainly we won’t have this raft of racist and racial policies blighting this otherwise wonderful country.

Let’s vote in a new government that is prepared to enact policies based on needs and not race. No one need ever change their race, and we can once more be proud of our racial origins and make Malaysia truly a multi-cultural and multi-racial country.

Anonymous,  29 May 2012 at 15:43  


Mahathir had hoodwinked the Malays for so many years into believing that he is a true-blooded Malay by getting rid of messrs Musa Hitam,Tengku Razaleigh and Anwar Ibrahim.Why, Mahathir is more Malay than the Malays, a pure bred from India that is.

Anonymous,  29 May 2012 at 16:31  

dear dato,

love your comment on tunku aziz..nothing sums it up better than 'his overrated sense of self-importance, natural entitlement and self-righteousness'.

keep it up!

Anonymous,  29 May 2012 at 17:41  

UMNO is a party that led by the devil masked man! Support this party like book a place in hell.

Party leaders made ​​up of thugs, robbers, murderers not eligible to rule Malaysia. Kick out of all this evil leadership. Save Malaysia!

Let ask Najib why his bodyguards kill Altantuya. Maybe he had the right answer! He should help the judge find the cause of Altantuya was killed by his bodyguards because this question hanging for so long. While the judge himself puzzled to give an answer.

Is there such a strong supporter of Najib can explain this to us, rakyat Malaysia or all Najib & UMNO supporters has foooled of the big mama "nasi kangkang" too?

Anonymous,  29 May 2012 at 22:13  

all the "celups" are having a field day telling the 'real malays' what to do and what not to do.

to me, thats the saddest thing ever.

especially since the Constitution guarantees the special position of the Malay.

joehancl/PRAY, it works,  29 May 2012 at 22:29  

"This break from decency started mainly during Mahathir’s reign of power. Mahathir’s main legacy will always be the hemorrhaging of UMNO from within and the destruction of its sense of purpose."
mahathir WILL RUE his long life.

Anonymous,  30 May 2012 at 09:48  

There are many capable leaders out there....anyone as long as they service the best interest of ordinary people.

Hopeful,  30 May 2012 at 11:00  

On the nose Dato'. 5 decades of using lies and half-truths and "offerings of beads" to treat malay citizens like foolish sheep must be made known to the malay grass roots. They, the malay grass roots must be made to understand the opportunities that are denied them and the impoverishment of the future of their children because of the corruption and abuse of those in the corridors of power.

Anonymous,  30 May 2012 at 11:21  

The corrupted regime are frighten day and night if there is a change in government.

Once the lost power, the law will come after them and their ill gotten wealth.

Memory of Marcos, Suharto, Gadafi etc at the end of the supreme life are just too hard for our gov to swallow

nick 30 May 2012 at 21:18  

The problem with the Malays is their unwillingness to accept responsibility (perennial denial mentality) when confronted with the fact that it was Mahathir who destroyed much of the country and it was the Malays who idolized mahathir to the point that the destruction done by Mahathir is swept under the carpet of their consciousness. We the Malays bears much of the blame because it was the Malays who believed wholeheartedly in mahathir's ketuanan Melayu dogma of "the end justifies the means" so much so that WE sinfully collaborated in treasonous and sinful act perpetrated by mahathir and UMNO.

It is we, the so called muslim (who believed in the hereafter) who allowed Mahathir to do as he pleases without even blinking our eyes. it is we, the muslim who permitted Mahathir to indulge in corruption without even raising a voice of opposition. It is we, the muslim who believed (deludedly) that Islam and Melayu can be served by cheating in election, gerrymandering and phantom voters and naturalized illegal aliens (masterminded by Mahathir). In fact it is we "the so called" pious muslim who permitted mahathir to do all sort of sinful act, treasonous act and unislamic act and yet we sleep soundly at night because we falsely believed that those heinous act by mahathir will serve the purpose of Islam and melayu (and of course deludedly we dreamt of going to heaven for serving Islam and Melayu).

It is time for the Malays to wake up and smell the stink that is UMNO and Mahathir. Islam in Malaysia is nothing but a tool for hegemony in the hands of mahathir and UMNO. Melayu or ketuanan Melayu as it is labelled is nothing but the means to loot and plunder for mahathir and UMNO. The Malays must realize that we are to blame for many thing that is broken in this country and we must take responsibility. We let Mahathir and UMNO loose to do much damage to this country and it is we who need to correct those damages. And the first step is to elect someone else. Someone other than UMNO and someone who is not affiliated to UMNO or to Mahathir. In short we need someone who is not corrupt like UMNO and Mahathir. We made the mess and we have to clean it. It's time for ABU and no compromise!


Anonymous,  30 May 2012 at 22:14  

After being verbally abused with the filthiest vulgarity, plus saying i'm so stupid, to the extent of being harassed for two days by a Malay who claims he is a Muslim all his life over my civil comment, which is my style... not knowing that i also berdoa, fear God more than him. His behavior is in total contradiction against the truth teaching of the Quran. And he went round threatening those he bullied not to question Islam. I want to ask him, but I am not religious, no point talking to a mad cow.

And he also went around abusing other races' religions and comments, literally. I don't know how to retaliate using his kind of vulgarity because of my upbringing and love for God. Then he berated i was gay / l.

The bullying culture has reached ground zero in extreme that as a tax -paying rakyat , my personal privacy, freedom and rights to speak, to safety have been threatened.

All these recalcitrant extremely condescending behavior is stifling unity, multiracial friendship, mutual trust, and goodness amongst fellow Malaysians, the soul, mind and intelligence of an individual.

In quietness, i couldn't withold my calm and composure. Many a time, i want to leave Malaysia and work again with international people and really enjoy engaging with Malaysians and be real happy again - abroad.

Anonymous,  31 May 2012 at 04:09  

Signs of UMNO BN going to collapse is more significant lately. MACC speed acting on RPK blog posting about Azmin 17 years old corruption case is the latest evidence. Their main motive is to send Anwar & Azmin into prison.

If MACC honest to open and reinvestigate old case, please reveal everything including cases that closed by the EG. UMNO BN has been living desperate and they willing to do anything for their survival.

Let save our Malaysia. Make sure the UMNO BN died in the next GE. This is compulsory for all Malaysians, the only way to remove the main problematic leaders. "Kepala penyamun" khazanah negara will not be easy to admit defeat unless UMNO BN party is overthrown.

The whole country and institutions need radical reforms for the future of Malaysia. Let together we do it with Kuasa Rakyat! Rakyat BOLEH !

Anonymous,  4 June 2012 at 22:55  

What a pathetic figure Hosni Mubarak has been reduced to. On trial, humiliated, hated and just buying time before the time on this earth comes to an end for him!

Dr. Mahathir better reflect back on his life on how much grief the effects of his policies and leadership has infected this nation. Just one man over a short spell of 3 decades has literally obliterate our noble Malay values to the point of no return.

Whatever good he has done will be overshadowed by the mess he's left Malaysia with.

Does one wonder why he keeps bashing Abdullah without remorse? That's Dr. M's insurance strategy to keep the faeces off him like Teflon by squarely blaming all things wrong during his watch on Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Might have been a Machiavellian move, but people pick up on these things in this day and age where secrets and misdeeds cannot be cloaked forever and alliances are no longer made by men of honour.

The biggest sting will be when UMNO BARU distances itself from him at the eleventh hour and lets him fade into oblivion.

History will not be so kind to this person named Dr. Mahathir. He damn well knows this too. THE ONLY THING LEFT TO DO FOR HIM TO REDEEM HIMSELF IS TO DO THE RIGHT THING! SAVE THE NATION FROM UMNO BARU even if it means sacrifing it, for the greater good.


~Budak Parit Jawa~

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