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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 24 May 2012

Dont Trust a Party which Doesnt Trust us

Why can’t UMNO carry the Malays to greater progress? Because it’s a low trust organization. It doesn’t trust the majority Malays and it doesn’t trust the rakyat in general. It has creased to become a political party. It has morphed into an organization of black hands composed of 3 million members. It puts its trust on the 3 million members NOT on the rakyat. This is the principal reason why we must reject UMNO.

It fears the rakyat and their judgment. The leader of UMNO who calls others accursed bastards is willing to unleash the instruments of suppression on the rakyat, firing water cannons and spraying tear gas that immobilize people instantly. Where did the UMNO government buy the new variety of tear gas? From Israel? 

UMNO is not trusted nor does it trust those outside itself. This is a hallmark of a backward organization composed like Dr Mahathir says of half past six leadership belonging to an organization which is rotten to the core, corrupt from top to bottom and made up of dullards. Mahathir said all those. 

We have a simple proposition then. Can we bank our future on such an organization? Why should we trust UMNO with our future if it doesn’t trust us? We must reject UMNO because we want to bequeath a better country to our future generation. We owe it to the next generation who are now struggling to cope up with the increasing cost of living, who can’t find jobs because the country is mismanaged economically, or managed by sub-standard leaders. We owe it to those who can’t afford a decent house because a house near where they work now cost RM 700,000 per unit. 

This coming election is for us to lose, NOT for UMNO to win. We lose if we let our guards down and be complacent. We must continue to raise the people’s consciousness and reject the deceit and lies perpetrated by UMNO. We must reject the UMNO controlled media instruments such as Utusex Malaysia, Berita Hairan and TV ¾ .
The only other organization that operates like UMNO by trusting people within an organization and who has recently adopted the act of oath taking or bai’ah is the cosa nostra aka the Mafia.  

Because of this, UMNO can never stimulate or induce voluntary cooperation and sacrifice from others.  UMNO can only get cooperation and sacrifice by paying others. This ability of creating trust between social groupings which lead to cooperation is known among social scientists as social capital. The concept of social capital was developed famously by Francis Fukuyama. 

The basic idea behind the concept of social capital is this. A society with high trust (trusting others beyond just its organization or its own grouping) is able to develop and prosper better. A society with low trust will always remain low on the scale of progress, being able to prosper on the fringes and like the Mafia outside normal society.

Now, apply that concept to UMNO. UMNO trusts only its members. That is why its obsessed of having 3 million members. If the rakyat doesn’t trust it, it hopes it can do it alone by trusting only its own members. It’s therefore a low trust organization. Just as a low trust society occupies the lower end of the scale of progress, so does UMNO.
Therefore, how can a low trust organization that nowadays manage to invite only distrust and revulsion carry us forward?


Anonymous,  24 May 2012 at 08:47  

hermm wonder why dont you talk about your current party that dont it own member, afraid of being thrown away like tunku aziz is it

Anonymous,  24 May 2012 at 09:42  

Tok !!! relaxxs lah,,,why you worry so much ,you pun sama juga ..lets talk about DAP its self ,banyak need to b discuss ...jangan lah selalu blame kat orang lain aje..Ok ya tok!!
Jangan lah marah sangat nanti you kena heart attact kan susah...but you know what tok /i always support your writing /nak bagi duit kat you ,i pun pokai.. ok TOK !! Salammm.

Anonymous,  24 May 2012 at 09:58  

I agree with the statement "why don't you talk about your own party".

All parties that come into power must be scrutinised. PAS/PKR/DAP/Sabah component parties ALL must be receptive to this.

But the fact of the matter is that the large number of Malaysian's have identified and prioritised the problem. The problem is UMNO. Even people from outside the country know that UMNO is and will continue to be the problem.

UMNO just cannot understand why all the money spent on Malays can't buy love and loyalty. We have Dr. Mahathir to thank for this. He might end up in history as the man who singlehandedly destroyed UMNO's culture. So, when UMNO goes into decline we know for sure who is going to take the blame.

What cheeses UMNO more than anything in the world is when PAS steals the limelight despite all the cash and promises.

Anonymous,  24 May 2012 at 10:06  

That mentally sick Mamak from Kerala who set up UMNO Baru after getting UMNO Tulin is responsible for the whole mess. Malaysia will only get better if UMNO Baru is dead.

bruno,  24 May 2012 at 10:42  

Dato,like the doctor said,Umno is made up of half past sixes,as it sorely lacks leadership.Half past sixes are okay,but they also have a moron who would pay 100k-200k to have a pop with his mistress.My personal opinion Umno is made up of mostly more sickos than half past sixes.

Where in the civilised world,have government cabinet members consists
of corruption kings.Then there are hatecrimers,accused murderer and even a minister accused of raping his maid.This minister would be better raping his mule.At least mules don't kiss and tell.

How can sickos' and half past sixes run and managed the country.No wonder the country is going to the dogs.We have a lembu(mr moo)running the education ministry.And our students under him cannot speak fluent English(international language).So how can the country prosper if commerce is only done within the borders of the country.

Luckily,many parents are much smarter than the education minister.They let their children learn English and Mandarin by private tuition,or those better off,sending their children abroad.

Then we have a HM who is good at sending his police force chasing political activists and protestors,while the thugs and robbers go about their daily businesses unhindered.He cannot even look after his skirt chasing activities,having his aunt to bail him out.

Then we have an accused rapist minister whose work is to play dumb and misinform the public.This man will not know quality from quantity,prefering his maid over other beautiful women.

Then we have a former defence minister and now a sitting PM who happens to assumed that all submarines are built to dive underwater.And the submarines he purchased not are only duds,but it comes with a pretty Mongolian lass being blown up to pieces too.

bruno,  24 May 2012 at 10:42  

Then we have have the ruling elites,their families and cronies living in mansions fit for kings.And they expect their people to wear clothes made out of leaves and living on treetops.

We also have a defence minister who doesn't know the difference between a thousand and a million.His defence ministry always send out checks with extra few zeros.

Then we have a lady minister whose ministry spent tens of millions on their facebook pages.All extra added zeros.The Facebook lead underwriter and owners followed their example.No wonder the share prices of Facebook tanked the day after their IPO.

Felda better watch out.Their FGV IPO might fare worst off than facebook.It might tanked and sink like a scorpene submarine.

Red Alfa 24 May 2012 at 11:04  

Salam Dato'

Yes, who would ever want to be in the party when its members subscribe to gangsterism and fascism to support cronyism and corruption. Any guess which party I am talking about?

bruno,  24 May 2012 at 11:11  

Dato,how can a party like Umno trust the people.A party which is mostly make up of leaders who are robbers and brutuses,have to always keep looking over their shoulders.Looking out for the next guy walking near them,fearing that they(Umnoputras/brutuses) might rob or stab them in the back.

And how can Umno trust the people when they cannot even trust their own members.Umno says they have three million members.The total of votes Umno/BN candidates got from the Malays were way below the three million mark.And what about the Malays,non Umno members who also voted Umno/BN.

And who knows.They might even have their own spies acting as election agents,in voting centres checking whether their family members, relatives,friends and civil servants also voted for the opposition.Trust and loyalty are what Umnoputras really do not have.

Quiet Despair,  24 May 2012 at 11:17  

We heard you loud and clear, O brother of mine. We know of UMNO's flaws, foibles and follies.
We know UMNO is not perfect. Infact, the President/PM has repeatedly said the days of Government knows best is over.
That is why he's trying to reach out and connect to the people.
Despite its imperfections, UMNO is still the best bet among the rest.
It's time you educate us on what DAP has done or is doing to better UMNO.
What the party is doing to make us trust it and that the party really trust us the Malays.
The entrance of the Towering Malays like you and Aspan for example do not entice us nor endear us to the party.
I read about the verbal skirmishes between the respected Tunku Aziz which ended with him saying "Lu ingat ini party, bapak lu punya."
If that is anything to go by, the Malays fear of DAP is not unfounded.
Malays still do not want to touch the DAP with a ten-foot pole.
And last night's TV3 chat with Chandra Muzaffar nailed it when he said past DAP luminaries like Lee Lam Thye and Fan Yew Teng etc left because of the undemocratic ways of the DAP.
Hope you can set this blemished record of your party straight. Please post U-tube of all your ceramahs in the blog for us to educate us your mission in DAP for the Malays.
Must qualify that I am mentioning the Malays because we know DAP is still the party of choice for the Chinese It is still not the Malaysia for Malaysians it like to shout.

Jamal,  24 May 2012 at 13:16  

UMNO does not even trust its so-called 3 million members. Many are non membership-paying members 'sponsored' by their ketua cawangan. Many more have to be fed and bribed to get their votes.

Those who trust UMNO do so because they trust UMNO can continue to disperse money. Cut off the money and there will be a stampede to leave UMNO.

Anonymous,  24 May 2012 at 13:55  


Juga jangan mempercayai siapa pun yang terang terang mengagung dan menyokong perjuangan songsang Parti UMNO BN ini. Tengoklah saja macam mana songsang dan daifnya pemikiran pemilik Restoran Ikan Bakar Sekincan berdemontrasi depan rumah warga awam, Dato Ambiga tu.

Boikot saja apa pun bentuk perniagaan yang berkait dengan manusia melayu "kurang ajar" bernama Dato Jamal ini. Saya menyeru seluruh warga KL, Selangor dan kawasan kawasan sewaktu dengannya agar ramai ramai memboikot perniagaan ini agar manusia ini mahu belajar bagaimana cara beradab dan rasional untuk berjuang dan menyokong parti kesukaannya.

Suka suka buat kacau depan rumah orang awam, itu rumah mak bapak dia punya ke?. Macam ni ke mentaliti Dato kebanggaan UMNO BN? Phtuihh ! Dato mental sengkek!

Anonymous,  24 May 2012 at 14:07  

Sir, the UMNO leaders do not trust all their members. They only manipulate and divide them into self center groups with some handouts now and then to each of these groups. Perkasa is their instructmental tool to manage these groups and ensure the continuing infighting amongst rural UMNO members for diversion. Look at Ibrahim Ali, at times, he is more powerful than any MCA minister including it's president.

ajib in london,  24 May 2012 at 15:14  

anon 8.47: ???????? tulis bahasa melayu la oii, tak paham la apa kau komen

Anonymous,  24 May 2012 at 17:45  


‘Why can’t UMNO carry the Malays to greater progress?’

Germany, after the fall of the Nazi 3rd Reich, picked itself up again within a span of 10 yrs, under tremendous social upheavals, political obstacles & racial humiliations.

Ditto Japan.

Now, we have the closest resemblance in Taiwan & S Korea, both were way behind M’sia, both socio-politically just after the WW2. In a short interval of less than 20yrs, these countries have managed to leapfrogged into the 1st world economy! Meanwhile M’sia is still trapped within a day-dream state of going nowhere.

All these countries managed to do that bcoz their citizens has a sense of pride, & a sense of taking the challenge head-on & improvised.

What’s the differences that causing M’sia to be so much lagging?

The keyword is umno’s induced sense of inferiority complex among the Malay M’sians! This feeling of helplessness has chained the Malay masses to the survival of umno.

Ever since her founding, umno’s main objective was to raise the Malay socio-political & economical level. The founding personnel had done a good job with political understanding among the kindred. But the socio-economic plateau was always a flop, due solely to the feudalistic nature of the Malay masses.

Then, that water-walking mamak changed everything. He managed to turn that weak socio-economic undercurrent into an unbroken lecture of u-r-not-good-enough-so-u-need-umno, using the political might of the umno machinery.

Along comes BTN, NEP & disguised cronyism for fat cats. Day in & day out, the Malay masses r been told that they r NOT good enough. They need umno to give them a head-start. Soon, this becomes the self-fulfilling prophesy that if there is no umno, there won’t be any Melayu of caliber.

This scheme works in an entangled manner. umno needs Malay supports, which was created by the fear of the Malay for not been able to compete on his/her own without umno’s helping hands. These two forces feed on each other, they become almost ONE entity. However, this relationship creates oligarchic umno & not necessary caliber Malays. Rather a small cartel of elite Malays feeds on this system to the detrimental well-being of the large masses of the ordinary Malays.

Thanks mainly to the advancement in digital media communications, & the oversea exposure brought partly by the crumbs of the umno policies, the new generation of the Malays r different.

No longer r news one-sided & only comes from single source. Questions r been asked & enquiries demanded. They in turn have enlightened their elders, back in the heartlands, about the injustices they see & been acted within the country.

The oversea exposure ensures that these Malays can break the loop of umno chain, as a sense of collective raising expectation is been cultivated within their minds. What others can do, they must also be able to do, if they put their heart & soul to the tasks. There is a sense of berdikari & want of fair competition.

No longer what umno say is gospel. Umno can no longer be trusted.

So, for the Malay M’sian to advance to the next stage of their socio-political & economical development, umno must be put to the wild pasture as opposition in the federal level.

Only then would the Malay M’sian be free from the tyranny of umno’s induced inferiority complex!

bruno,  24 May 2012 at 20:30  

Quiet Despair,

Hi buddy,I used to have high regards and respect for Tunku Aziz and expect high expectations from him.But sadly to say he really dissapointed me and many other Malaysians.

His resignation from DAP is on his own accord and we all wish him well.But to announced his resignation over public TV live,before informing his party collegues,and airing his grievences and bad mouthing his former party,even before he officially hand in his letter,is unbecoming of a man his stature.

It shows his true behaviour of an ungentleman(if there is a word for it).He should have resign and left the party and let bygones be bygones,instead of behaving like a sour grapes.

By the way Lee Lam Thye left the DAP for other reasons.He was a gentleman to the end.And he never bad mouthed his former party,at least not like the Tunku as far as I can recall.

Anonymous,  24 May 2012 at 23:09  

Sak & blog readers, Salam

A new ruling government that we can trust with responsibilities, accountability and competence to :

- create new and sustainable economies for the new graduates and the thousands of those above 40 of age, qualified, even those with good secondary education as competence comes with vast wisdom, too. But they are made redundant as i have seen many cases these endearing citizens of not being able to seek reemployment because companies are cutting cost, slow economy growth and they rather engage cheap labor. Don't you agree ?

The latter group consists of those born close to merdeka time, slogging hard to enter universities, no short cuts, always doing their very best, yet in the second milestone of their lives, they feel dejected by the very society that they had fought for and contributed much.

With the rakyat voting for PK and they winning the election, i appeal here, fast track a month or so, on their behalf that Sak, Pak Aspan, DAP, PK will transform community halls in the respective constituencies to provide them crash professional courses to equip them with new skills and create new meaningful jobs for them.

It is unkind fairness to deny them that dignity to contribute, to share their resourcefulness with the youths akin to parents/ grandparents mentoring the youth and for the youths to learn life skills, ones can't never possibly learn at the touch of the screen on iPads or at the best schools / universities.

- manage the economy, banking, the whole system of government with the highest competence, the civil staff will get competent support, do away with the vultures - little napoleons and cleopatras - no more redundant meetings, more meetings and more courses.

- the revamp of education - from the inclusive of intensive English, Science, languages, anything of high quality, soft - skills, volunteerism, religion studies with application in community works supervised by retirees ( it clicks ? ), the quality of faculty members by enhancing with very experienced staff as mentors, using the latest teaching photocopied materials and from the net, lots of hands-on teaching learning materials, educational outdoor activities, staff cruising out and learn from top private universities or private schools how the education faculty conduct classes or invite them over.

This is akin to bringing in the most exhilarating educational learning experiences, expectations with social responsibilities experienced abroad.

It does not leech millions of ringgit, take hujan batu to revisit Malaysia or need to jive with the latest hits. Thinking out of the box but with love for HIM, doing things fair to all. Thinking into beyond beyond,the human mind can go haywire into infinity. Perhaps those who have tried being too intelligent can vouch or have a different opinion, please let's share your thoughts.

But definitely, the many children and youths of the next generation can no longer sit and be indifferent to think but romanticize on FB irrationally.

- there is already a vast experience of building affordable and conducive homes for the low income to the middle income segments, so it is just waiting to build hundreds of thousands more ( ? ) for these categories to enjoy the benefits, as Dato Sak has highlighted in this article.

And be far-sighted by fixing innovative doors of wider width and wider staircases. Why do doors have to the redundant dinosaur-aged width and colors. And floors have to be pink, Why not grey for effectiveness and practicality in the long run.

Contemporary but still culturally sensitive, saya nak hormat the elders like having our favorite warm / chilled kopi kampung aka espresso latte in champagne glass.

Merci, Salam.

Anonymous,  24 May 2012 at 23:18  

Ini 'Datuk' Jamal kroni saja. Restoran Sekinchan Ikan Bakar tu milik samseng UMNO Selangor, Noh Omar.

Syarikat kereta terpakai dia pun orang politik besar UMNO punya. Dia ni digunakan oleh perasuah UMNO untuk kepentingan/kekayaan mereka.

Restoran ni bukan sedap pun. Lebih baik beli ikan bakar sendiri. Harga pun amat mahal.

Semua ikan dijual ikut berat. Kembung di jual pada harga RM6/100gm = RM60/kilo.

Jamal ni orang kaya, dia bukan peniaga kecil. Dia ada kereta sport mewah bernilai ratusan ribu. Dia takut kalau UMNO kalah dia akan balik jadi peniaga jual seluar bundle. He is a typical UMNO rent seeker. SPM pun tak lulus. Podah.

Anonymous,  25 May 2012 at 04:14  

Bruno, i couldn't agree more that many are really disappointed. Just that Tunku needs to take a long rest.

@ Anon 23:18
Jamal is hoping to be new Mayor of KL / Sekinchan. He is a typical UMNO rent seeker. Kaya tapi nak tipu trader masa Bersih ? trying to commit daylight robberies by claiming backdated ? We must also claim our dues backdated by decades.

Mark Dean,  25 May 2012 at 09:04  

UMno sudah jadi macam mafia.

Quiet Despair,  25 May 2012 at 09:34  

Jamal whatever personified the success of the NEP. What is wrong with that? Why is it that the millionaire soya bean curd seller is lauded when a Malay ikan bakar trader is denigrated?
Same as Syed Mokhtar who came under so much scrutiny when Ah Bengs and Muthus in the same league is praised for being self-made.

Anonymous,  25 May 2012 at 09:49  

Many non Malays knew that the policies to restructure the ecomony and society by redistributing wealth, instead of creating, will fail the country....many talents left the country for better opportunity elsewhere.

Corruption, abuse of power, wastage and etc. are clear signs of bad and failed leadership.

Anonymous,  25 May 2012 at 10:50  

quiet despair,

u said
"And last night's TV3 chat with Chandra Muzaffar nailed it when he said past DAP luminaries like Lee Lam Thye and Fan Yew Teng etc left because of the undemocratic ways of the DAP."

ever wonder why Tunku Abdul Rahman bapa kemerdekaan malaysia left umno baru?

lee lam thye left dap and quietly continued to help the community. the real reason for him to leave dap is only known to him and those close to him, not chandra mustafar.
the thing is if tv3 is half the journalist they think they are they should proceed to interview lee lam thye.

Tunku Abdul Rahman left umno baru and spent his remaining years condemning the party. he is very public with the reason he left. just look up the youtube videos of his interviews shortly before his death.

and don't even start with tunku aziz. compare what he said while in dap and what he said in the ntv7 interview. read this:

if he is a man of integrity and principal he has lost every ounce of it in the interview. only god knows whats the real reason behind his sudden turnaround and willingness to defile his own hard earned legacy.

it's not about partisan politics anymore my dear quiet despair. question now is do u have the courage to look at both sides of the story, stand on a fence for once and ask ourselves which is a better choice for malaysia. of course you'll have to ditch the racial rhetoric in the process as well.

Anonymous,  26 May 2012 at 23:22  


Betoi ka Dato Jamal ikan Bakar Sekincan tu lulus SPM saja?. Biaq betoi kawan. Kata Kutty ramai ahli UMNO kurang cerdik atau ngaji cukup2 makan saja. Aku percaya Dato Jamal ni satu darinya.

Biasanya ahli UMNO yang ngaji cukup cukup makan jer yang menyokong UMNO gila babi, pertahankan parti cara gila babi. Tak heran laa kalau perangai Dato Jamal macam tu metaliti SPM.

Yang sorang lagi tu...Dato yang tak Dato, presiden geng menungging punggung tu pun sama juga. Sanggup jadi pencacai dan menghina maruah sendiri dengan harapan dapat title "Dato" betoi !!!

Tengok lah dan bandingkanlah pembaca sekalian betapa orang orang yang bertitle Dato ni jenis haprak belaka. Percayalah...mana2 yang keterlaluan samseng dia dalam UMNO...itulah sebenarnya geng ngaji tak cukup makan. Mereka ni sanggup gadai apa saja asal boleh cari makan. Puak macam ni memang tahap setia depa kuat selagi ada duit masyuk.

UMNO boleh hidup sebab depa kuasai khazanah negara. Kalau UMNO jadi pembangkang nanti...puak tak cukup makan ni pun tak kebulur. tengok jer nanti.

Jom tungging jubor...esok lusa boleh dapat title Dato! Jom menonggeng bontot, esok lusa boleh dapat projek! Kah kah kah.

Anonymous,  27 May 2012 at 02:21  

atas pagar peeps ngak mau Analwar to jadi PM/ no NIK Asszest / No Coo Lee Noo noo noo !!!! ATAS PAGAR PEEPS mau nya CARL PAL SINK !!! noooo kami hanya bercanda TOK !!!..

Anonymous,  27 May 2012 at 19:57  


Ada 2 kemungkinan kuat...dia Gila Babi atau dah Nyanyuk. Kenyataan dia bahawa pembangkang akan merusuh kalau kalah dalam GE 13 adalah kenyataan yang boleh dipertikaikan.

Kalau GE 13 dijalankan dengan adil dalam semua perkara, tetapi jika pembangkang atau PR masih merusuh selepas itu, kita boleh terima tuduhan bahawa pembangkang tak rasional. Tapi kalau dalam situasi status daftar pengundi yang masih banyak boleh dipersoalkan selain akses pembangkang untuk media utama langsung tidak ada selain tempoh masa berkempen yang pendek, kalau ditakdirkan berlaku rusuhan kerana protes dari orang ramai..pembangkang dan PR tak wajar dipersalahkan.

Jika dia bernama Kutty menjangkakan perkara tersebut akan berlaku dan tak mau ianya terjadi, adalah menjadi tanggungjawab Kutty ini bersama BERSIH bagi mendesak agar SPR berperanan lebih berkesan tanpa berat sebelah. Kalau SPR gagal lakukan ini dan jika pemerintah sekarang berperanan menekan tugasan SPR, maka pemerintah dan SPR lah perlu dipersalahkan jika rusuhan berlaku kelak.

Tapi walau pun GE 13 dan pemilihan belum bermula, puluhan kes serangan dan samseng melibatkan kedua2 parti yang telah berlaku. Terbaru di lembah Pantai. Apa yang menarik ialah dalam semua kes serangan dan samseng ini, yang menjadi mangsa adalah pemimpin dan penyokong PR. Tidak ada satu kes pun yang boleh membuktikan bahawa majlis UMNO BN yang disokong Kutty ini dirempuh penyokong PR.

Kita boleh bertanya pula..berapa ramaikah mereka yang terlibat dengan aksi serangan ini telah ditangkap polis dan dibawa ke muka pengadilan?. Hampir yilek!. Kita bertanya lagi...cekapkah polis Malaysia ini?. Fikir dan jawab sendiri!

Jadi kenyataan dia yang bernama Kutty ni adalah kenyataan samada dari seorang yang Gila Babi atau Nyanyuk tahap gaban. Dalam hampir semua majlis PR yang diserang samseng ini, majoriti yang hadir adalah penyokong PR, bilangan samseng hanya seberapa. Bayangkan apa jadi kalau pemimpin PR bakar semangat penyokong mereka yang hadir dan membelasah samseng UMNO BN yang sikit bilangannya..mau lebam dan separa mampus dikerjakan.
Tapi realitinya...yang sedikit bilangan i tulah yang berlagak menunjuk samseng dengan kekuatan tidak seberapa. Bak kata orang..sabar ada tahapnya. Pihak polis perlu lakukan sesuatu mulai sekarang sebelum terlambat atau menunggu nasi menjadi bubur.

Kalaulah pemimpin PR tidak rasional dan terbawa bawa dengan provokasi samseng dan penyokong UMNO. rasanya dah ratusan penyokong dan samseng UMNO BN dah patah riuk terlantar di hospital.

Di sini pujian harus diberi pada pemimpin PR dan penyokong pembangkang sedangkan pemimpin UMNO dan pengikut mereka rata2 bermental "longkang", busuk berbangkai. Ingatlah...tahap kesabaran seseorang ada hadnya. KPN dan polis perlu dipersalahkan jika suasana yang sedang berlaku sekarang dibiar terus berleluasa.

Usah peduli komen dan pendapat Kutty yang mentalnya dah tahap Gila Babi dan Nyanyuk itu. Jangan benarkan Kutty tinggalkan legasinya yang berketurunan mental Gila Babi dalam pentadbiran politik masa depan Malaysia. Jika tidak anda akan menyesal tidak berkesudahan. Pastikan UMNO BN tumbang dan kita wujudkan Malaysia baru yang serba adil dan saksama.

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 12:57  

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