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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Tunku Aziz's exit from DAP

It offends UMNO that Malays choose to join DAP. Why do the action of Malays joining another legitimate political party which is not UMNO, induce that feeling? The answer: It springs from arrogance and political xenophobia. Najib apologized for this inbred arrogance a few months ago. 

UMNO is the chauvinist party that sees people who reject it ( for whatever reasons they choose) as a betrayal to UMNO. That is what offends UMNO actually. They can’t understand why people can be `disloyal’ to UMNO. UMNO expects Malays to be loyal to it- but what principles and values does it offer that can sustain the much desired loyalty? What is UMNO's purpose that cant be done by any other political party better?  If not DAP, PAS for example? Who can perform any worse than how UMNO does at the moment?

UMNO arrogantly believes that an UMNO Malay is the only Malay. So it offends UMNO to see Malays abandon UMNO as though, the Malay has converted into another race. UMNO is fast adopting the Hassan Aqidah Ali mentality. 

Next it offends UMNO not being able to see an exodus of other Malays from DAP. Suddenly UMNO has credited Tunku Aziz with some extraordinary attributes that must without fail, encourage other Malays to leave DAP. Alas, Tunku Abdul Aziz is alone. UMNO’s hope that Tunku Aziz’s action can serve as the catalyst prompting other Malays in DAP to do likewise crumbles. Indeed, Tunku Aziz’s action reinforces the determination of Malays who joined DAP to stay put despite his  u-turn. 

Then it dawns on UMNO- despite them being feeble in mind, that people adopt a certain political stand not because of loyalty to a figure. Such loyalty is ephemeral. You will see that soon- as soon as Najib performs worse than Pak Lah, those fellas now tripoding Najib will abandon him like rats do to a sinking ship. 

The real issue in my mind, is not about Tunku Aziz’s departure from DAP at all. It’s all about UMNO seeing this as chance to revive its own diminishing legitimacy. UMNO thinks, by being able to cast this action as a racial thing, it regains its own lost legitimacy as representative of the Malay voice.  How many times have I said, that UMNO can’t event claim it’s representing the Malays. In 2008, UMNO candidates got only 2 million of the 5.7 million votes. That’s a clearer sign that UMNO is no longer relevant to Malays than Tunku Aziz’s exit from DAP as suggesting that DAP is not compatible with Malays. 

Like UMNO’s favorite line when interpreting Tunku Aziz’s exit, the exodus of Malays from the UMNO mother ship can only mean that Malays are no longer compatible with UMNO. If you are eager to arrive at such conclusion from Tunku Aziz’s exit, then you must apply the same line of reasoning and accordingly, conclusion regarding UMNO. Can? 

If cant, then see Tunku Aziz’s departure as it really is- the departure of one man who realizes now that changing something cannot happen within a self-imposed time frame. Just like Tunku Aziz’s sudden eureka moment that Najib’s transformation takes time that same logic must be applied to whatever Tunku Aziz wishes to happen to DAP. 

Except the problem with Tunku Aziz: - changes that Tunku Aziz wants in DAP must take place NOW, but the changes that Najib sloganizes MUST be given a chance to take place. Why not the same treatment? 

Since leaving DAP, TunkU Aziz has become UMNO media’s darling. He has been described as the Malay face that DAP can use to attract more Malays. What rubbish. Malays who joined DAP did not even include Tunku Aziz in their equation. With due respects to Tunku Aziz, he was an unknown political entity. It’s absolutely not true that DAP wanted to use Tunku Aziz as the face that would entice Malays into joining DAP. I find that offensive. The Malays who joined DAP find some resonance with the values and struggles which DAP espouses. 

If the Malays joined DAP on account of Tunku Aziz’s presence and face, the party must take steps to weed these people out. 

To repeat, UMNO is offended that Tunku Aziz’s exit did not create the opening the floodgates effect. UMNO is offended that Malays reject UMNO. UMNO’s longevity and legitimacy rests very precariously on its success to cast itself as the sole spokesman and savior of the Malays. It’s not.

If Malays don’t want to join DAP, there are better off joining PAS- the real Malay party founded on values and principles. UMNO? No principles and no integrity. It has as much integrity and principles as the plunderer and thief. It’s a sinking ship.

Why is UMNO worried at all about a handful of Malays being in DAP? It should encourage more Malays to join DAP to restructure DAP as a multiracial party. It should not stand in the way if Malays choose to join DAP. Unless of course, it’s very survival depends precisely in being able to keep alive the racist slants of Malaysian politics. Then  having an opponent composed of only a single race or even races opposite of themselves, UMNO keeps itself alive. More Malays must join DAP to serve the bigger agenda of speeding up the demise of UMNO.

Thats how UMNO is. it can only survive on the misfortunes of others. It has never  grounded its survival on the strength of its own principles and values.It Must depend on the weaknesses of others. 

Who shall look after the lot of Malays then? Why should or must it be UMNO? UMNO hasn’t improved the lot of Malays despite having and placing Malays at leadership levels in politics, in government institutions etc. Malays dominate the land offices, served as director generals of departments, become district police chiefs,  the State secretaries are almost exclusively Malays- does having Malays at these leadership positions helped the Malays? They have not achieved the desired results because the UMNO Malays helped out the chosen Malays. 

We Malays don’t depend at all on UMNO. The laws of this land, the institutions of democracy and most of all our own industriousness and work, protect us. We absolutely don’t depend on UMNO. 

My advice to Malays in DAP- don’t belabor yourselves with lofty agenda at the moment. The immediate agenda is to kick out xenophobic UMNO.


Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 04:07  

You are right Tunku Aziz has no significance whether he stayed on or he left DAP. But he is definitely on the wrong side of history. I feel sorry for him at his age to say such harsh words which reinforces public person that he is a bitter and an unforgiving man.

KoSong Cafe 19 May 2012 at 08:45  

Just like the offer of a Fellowship in DAP's think tank, which was misconstrued as a 'bribe' (was surprised how some actually considered this as one, with lodging of police report and followed by demonstration), because DAP was too eager to try to change Tunku Aziz's mind, the overkill in using Tunku in the msm looked so fake and lacked originality. They did that when Raja Petra started criticizing Pakatan and its leaders.

To an average person, Tunku Aziz is known for his past commitment to transparency and anti-corruption. That he joined DAP could have been a mistake because he is actually not a politician. But having exited from DAP, he could have remained like a non-politician before instead of allowing himself to be used by BN's msm in their blitz on the opposition. His behaviour was not that of someone who was just having a different opinion on Bersih 3.0 rally. That he found the offer of a Fellowship insulting gave me the impression that he felt let-down by the loss of senatorship, and could even be misconstrued as considering the offer as of no substance rather than a bribe.

The sudden change in opinion: from being critical of the government to actually backing Najib in his transformation programmes, is without doubt a U-turn. Especially for someone who had been convincing before, a U-turn does not look good because he cannot be right before and after. But if we believe there is a difference between good and bad governance, then a U-turn from a bad one is more credible.

nick 19 May 2012 at 08:47  

The UMNO media circus surrounding Tunku Aziz departure from DAP is the most telling example of how far removed UMNO is from the Malays and especially from all Malaysian. UMNO Baru which is founded on the cult of leadership/personality, first on TDM and then AAB and later, centered on Najib (no matter how absurd that would look to any sane outsider) still and firmly believed albeit mistakenly and delusional, that Malaysian politic or more to the fact, the voters are still hung up on personalities or political celebrities (and of course to those men many but empty slogan and rhetoric). Perhaps that is why UMNO oft times still highlighted and occasionally even trumpeted the views and the ideas of past leaders such as TDM (ok, I have to admit it is just TDM's) no matter how skewered or slanted and outdated those views and ideas are!

To actually see and hear with our own eyes and ears as to how detached UMNO (especially its leaders) is on the current realities of the political environment and especially on the feeling and hope of the Malays, governance wise, only further solidify or some would say justify our current belief that UMNO (and especially its leaders) is UNFIT and most UNSUITABLE to govern let alone safeguarding the interest of the Malays and Malaysian at large.

No organization or any society for that matter, will even entertain the idea of a complete and utter stranger, unfamiliar with their need and wants, becoming the leader and so called protector (with all the powers and privileges that comes with it). AND that is what UMNO has become to the Malays and to all Malaysian, a complete stranger who is unfamiliar and unconcerned with the needs and the well being of all Malaysian. Nothing illustrate it more than the curse coming from the mouth of its President (Najib now famous "haram jadah" jeers to the FELDA folks as if he is GOD's gift to Felda folks) and the brainlessly uneducated racial statement spouted by his deputy who ironically is the education minister (Muhyiddin infamous "malay first, Malaysian second" affirmation)!

In truth UMNO has missed or deliberately refuse to acknowledge the earthquake or in the Malaysian context, the tsunami that have change or shifted the political paradigm of all Malaysian and especially the Malays. UMNO deliberately or not, has refuse to change to better suit itself to the new political environment and aspiration of the people and by doing so, UMNO have incurred the wrath of the people and subsequently, has lost its legitimacy and credibility with the Malaysian.

And no matter how many "Tunku Aziz" is paraded to the people or how many time sodomy and sexual perversity is served to the Malaysian people, UMNO cannot and will not recover back those which it has lost for good and the most sad part of it all, being a total stranger totally unfamiliar (by design or by desire) with the Malaysian people and their thinking and well being, UMNO will keep on doing the wrong things, saying the wrong word and most importantly arrogantly distancing (refusing to familiar) itself with the very people it needs to survive, the voter!

I reckon that if ever UMNO lost the next GE, Najib will still be an unfamiliar stranger in a strangers' land and I even bet that even in the position of the opposition leader, he would still come up with derisive remarks mocking the Malays and Malaysian for having forsaken him and UMNO. Maybe he would even call us "1Malaysia Haram Jadah" and given his track record with those felda folks who oppose him, I would NOT even think that is an impossibility!


stk,  19 May 2012 at 09:03  

Tunku Aziz,may have some effect on the DAP,but he is no politician.He belongs to the "upper stiff lips"class,intellect but unable to mix with common people like you and me.
If Tunku Aziz were a gentleman as many people "assume"he should have resign quietly and not start bad mouthing the DAP and the MSM having a good time whacking the DAP using interview Tunku as a platform.Is he any different from other "frog"?my answer is no.
A gentleman won't do that,remember Kerk Choo Ting(hope the name is correct)who resign or Lee Lam Thye do they make such a fuss?This is what I call gentlemen.
I used to have high regards for Tunku,but not now.Bersih 3.0 gathering is legal and the demands are reasonable,why split hair?unless he has already have a evil agenda in mind ,i.e to cause maximum damage to the DAP.Yesterday in Malaysiakini,Tunku urged to gave Najib a chance,if a person who proclaim to be high intergrity,transparent and upright can utter such a word,I think he is just another"frog".Najib is not a PM that can be trusted,reason is simple,do you see him walking his talk?he lied all the time and we had be taken us for a ride umteens times already.With murder,corruption allegation against the PM and yet keep quiet means he belongs to the "guilty" lots,if Lee Kuan Yew,he will sue your pants off if you make false accusation against him,this I call "berani kerana benar"
I can't help but thinking thats Tunku is already in Najib's payroll.

Quiet Despair,  19 May 2012 at 09:11  

You won't be long in DAP, bro. Trust me. Much shorter than Tunku Aziz's four year stay.I will be waiting to shake your hand when you leave.
DAP does not become you. If Tunku Aziz whom I regard as like Chinese can't stick, I don't see a Malay through and through you will last.
I see Tunku Aziz's stint in DAP like living in George Orwell's books. Like 1984 and Animal Farm.
You will find you are not going anywhere. That you have no free rein under the thumb of a demagoguge.
You will agree with me that DAP really do not feel any loss with Tunku Aziz's exit.
Both son and father are just shedding crocodile tears over the supposed loss.To put on a front that they value Malay face to suit their Malaysia for Malaysian agenda.
That RM50,000 carrot LGE dangles is just a show because he knows Tunku Aziz a man of principle and integrity will not bite it.
It cuts no ice with the DAP. It's business as usual. They are happy and contented with the Chinese votes - the ones they coveted.
Can go to town with we always accomodate the Malays, but they are not accomodatng!

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 09:27  

"The Malays who joined DAP find some resonance with the values and struggles which DAP espouses."

Care to elaborate? All these while I thought democracy was about saying something back when you don't like what other people are saying. Not letting people continue their post because of what they said is not democracy in my book. So which values and principles?

"He has been described as the Malay face that DAP can use to attract more Malays. What rubbish."

I thought he's the Towering Malay? And it's curious he was made vice-chairman and senator despite his "unknown political entity" status. Or are these influenced by UMNO as well?

"UMNO? No principles and no integrity. It has as much integrity and principles as the plunderer and thief."

You mean to say that you were once a man with no principles and integrity since you were an ADUN and a Ketua Penerangan under UMNO? That you're bashing them now must do a lot for your principles and integrity

"More Malays must join DAP to serve the bigger agenda of speeding up the demise of UMNO."

Ahhh... so this is the struggle, the principles et al. Don't you think that that's a petty reason for joining any cause? -so that we can speed up the demise of another group of people?

Will you publish my comment? I hope so. Unless you don't really believe in democracy. Now THAT is ironic, oh DEMOCRATIC Action Party member.


Sba,  19 May 2012 at 09:37  

Thanks. My cat died yesterday. I blame it on UMNO.

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 10:02  


Tunku Aziz is simply NAIVE...

Can you Imagine a football player who is a member of your team calling the referee to give his team mates a Red Card!!!

Tunku... If you can't be a Team Player, Stay out of the field and just be an observer, that way you can support either sides at your convenience and preference ...Funny though, Even Fans only support one side.

Guess Tunku is not a Football Player or Fan!!

Joe Black

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 10:03  

This Tunku fellow is no politician. I wonder if he ever attended one DAP ceramah and went round shaking hands with, or talk to the common people, the poor and the down trodden.
He must have placed a premium on his 'Tunkuship'and assumed that Malays will join DAP in droves because of him.
In fact he came without a whimper and left with a battle cry against the DAP.
Is he an UMNO mole, a Trojan horse? Was he bought? Or he was just a sore loser who could not accept being admonished by a younger man?
Whatever it is, the modus operandi is exactly the same as previous betrayers of the Opposition - Ezam, Zul, Hasan, Zahrain etc.
First they criticise their own party, then they quit and blame the party for its 'failures', go on prime time TV and praise BN and Najib.
People like Tunku Aziz are a dime a dozen?
Did they say he is a man of integrity? How come such a man use forked tongues?
Let's not be gullible. UMNO is capable of buying (or blackmail) even Sultans. So, Tunku Aziz is chicken feed. Can be tempted, induced, threatened or whatever by UMNO? I say Probable.
His departure will not cause a ripple in the DAP because the party survives and grows on its own strength - principles, integrity and sacrifice.

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 10:38  


You know pretty well how the Umno's propaganda machinery works. Once a Malay departs from its opponent's party, it spins and blows the whole issue out of proportion. It is classic Goebbels.


bruno,  19 May 2012 at 10:51  

Dato,since Tunku Aziz's quitting DAP was the buzz in the political scene last week,let us talk about it first.

I always have high regards of Tunku Aziz due to the positions he has held and the work he has done.And also his honesty too.For that I assumed he has leadership qualities,and will be a good politician,which he has proven us wrong.

Tunku Aziz is more suitable for a corporate or academic job,but not a politician.Maybe because of his past achievements,his pride and ego is more important.He cannot take heat,and as a politician,one has to take as much if not more than one gave.

And the way the Tunku resigned over public telivision and praising Umno/BN.He never even have the courtesy to informed his party collegues first.And the rest of what has been said is history.And like Kit Siang has said,let us part ways as gentlemen.That should put this issue to rest.

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 10:52  

'..I thought democracy was about saying something back when you don't like what other people are saying. Not letting people continue their post because of what they said is not democracy in my book.'

See the short & fault of this argument?

It gives a dirty meaning to democracy!

Here is another long quoted similar phrase;

'Yr rights end where my nose begins!

Catch the draft?

When one talks about democracy, association has often been ignored. There is a larger picture here.

U fight for yr rights, fine. & u join up with people with similar concepts. So within that entity, everyone MUST hold up to that core believe of fighting for that right, even though the approaches might be different.

All should be acted in the samilar understanding of state laws give way to federal laws, which rule supreme.

In an organisation, individual must be bonded by the rules of the organisation. Personal outrages/differences r only 2ndary & should be discussed in private.

Not washing the dirty linen as of it now with this 'gentleman' Tunku! Especially now with the political u-turn for BN! what rubbish principle is this tunku claimed to be!

Self bride 1st & common good last?

So interpret yr democratic right correctly & use it truly. Otherwise, go back to the cocoon. U don't deserve IT.

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 10:54  

Macam nilah Datuk. UMNO is fighting for survival. They are so scared of losing power. Scared of losing power not because they care about the rakyat but more because they would not be able to plunder and steal anymore. And they are scared that they will go to prison for all their wrong doings that they have committed over the years should they lose. That is UMNO's biggest worry.

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 11:29  

I refer to KoSong Cafe's comment.Maybe Tungku Aziz is doing all this U turn and running down of Pakatan on MSM because he wants his senator's job back and wants BN to nominate him.After all BN has nominated other far more unsavoury characters before like Dato Nalla.

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 11:33  

Well said.

Tunku with all his ideals will never fit any political party.

Neither can he able to join Pas, Pkr and Umno, etc.

By going against the party direction, showed that Tunku has no political wisdom

bruno,  19 May 2012 at 11:46  

Dato,Umno thinks that it is the only party that deserves to have the respect of all Malays,and the Malays shall all be members of the party.That it is the only party that can look after the Malays interest and well being.After fifty five years and it still haven't gotten the message yet.

They should have ask themselves this question."If we are so good at looking after the welfare and interest of our fellow Malays,how come our brothers and sisters are deserting us like we are the plaque".But of course,these ignorant Umnoputras wouldn't know the difference between a goose and a duck.

So since that the Malays are leaving Umno in droves,they are in panic mood.Losing support of the Malays might mean losing federal power.That is why they are sending out the hamburger and butt dancing brigades.

Abrahim Ali's Perkasa and all its trouble making and clowning theatrics are not working.Hassan Ali's talking bibles have fizzled into thin air.Last I heard they have been exiled to Golok.

I always said that Najib is being surrounded by overated clowns and yesmen.Sending out these clowns to offend,insult and intimidate Ambiga at her front doorsteps is very poor miscalculated judgement.

After trying so hard to wooed over the Indians to Umno/BN,dangling so many carrots and many tens of millions of ringgit later,to see all the time and efforts go down the drain.What better way to insult,offend and lose the support of the Indians of the hindu faith,and Malaysians alike than to parade a cowhead or cooking beef hamburger in front of their homes.

As far as I can see,the exit of Tunku Aziz from DAP has no effect on their Malay support.The ungentlemanly behaviour of the Tunku's exit has taken the bite out of his resignation.No matter how Umno played this issue,it will not work.And Kit Siang has came out to settled the issue once and for all.And nobody wants to be called a nagging granny or pondan letting this issue dragged on.

The DAP have seen better and worst days.They have fallen flat on their faces many times,but they have always come back much stronger.Many opposition parties have seen bad days and have dissapeared for good.

Even BN component parties have seen bad days and remained worst.Take once so strong and in power Gerakan.Soon it will smell dirt and fade away like PPP.This time around the MCA and MIC will take a beating they will never forget.Even Umno will finished the coming GE with a sore butt.

Jong 19 May 2012 at 12:45  

I now believe Tunku Aziz had an evil najis agenda and that explains his sudden opposition to 'Bersih 3.0's Duduk Bantah' which was just an excuse, then cam the sudden turnaround! So much for this dignified man of 'principle and integrity' who was so full of himself!

Good riddance to bad rubbish and may the hyena rip him further apart!

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 13:09  

I think may be Tunku Aziz doesn't believe in toppling the goverment by way of demonstration. It is not suitable with the political culture inherited in this very plural society of Malaysia, if peace and harmony is to prevail for our future generation. Later, this coincide with his tenure as senatorship is not being renewed.
I believe that our politics is moving towards two party system of goverment. The plural nature of our society really the deciding factor of which political party having better share to lead this blessed country.

Donplaypuks® 19 May 2012 at 13:50  

"The real issue in my mind, is not about Tunku Aziz’s departure from DAP at all. It’s all about UMNO seeing this as chance to revive its own diminishing legitimacy."

The real issue is Tunku knew DAP's rules and regulations BEFORE he joined it. Therefore, if he disgreed with the majority in DAP over the Bersih 3.0 rally, and it was so fundamental to his principles, he should have resigned first BEFORE, NOT AFTER, publicly voicing his dissenting views.

That's what real gentlemen and honourable men do!

Also, BUMNO and their cyberbloggers have turned this into a racial issue. That is clearly a red-herring. Tunku was left without support, not because he is a Malay, but because his action and words was so blatantly designed to hurt DAP, and Pakatan as well.

I have asked them a simple question - which political party is it that has a constitution that allows membership regardless of race, religion or creed, DAP or BUMNO/MCA/MIC? Which are the race-based parties, and which, not? No one has dared answer yet.

Tunku's petulant conduct forced DAP from renewing Tunku's senatorship. You don't deliberately provide cannon fodder to the opposition and then expect that all will be hunky dory.

Now, Tunku's further supporting Najib's GTP shows how two-faced these old-farts are - they would foist upon us an unelected PM who has for 5 years refused to order the IGP to arrest and charge the man who gave the orders to murder Altantuya. Tunku has wilfully chosen to completely ignore the moral dimension in pursuit of money!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 14:58  

QD, QD : I see Tunku Aziz's stint in DAP like living in George Orwell's books. Like 1984 and Animal Farm ? How in comparison to Tunku, in what ways, you explain ?

Which character, btw must be Molly, vain like you eating sugar cubes from the neigboring wealthy farmer when the downturn of the economy hit the working class badly.

Let's divide the polticial satire Animal Farm into :

Corrupted leaders
Apparently all the main characters :

Napolen depicted Joseph Stalin;
Snowball aka Leon Trotsky was intelligent, passionate, eloquent, and less subtle, had flaws. He challenged his counterpart Napolen.

Question: Does the above depict more of a rhetoric of an era, the struggle between the preeminence of vile and corrupted leaders
against whom in the past and continuosly against political dissidents, the latter, the many being incarcerated ?

2. Lying and changing the laws to suit their whimps and fancies through pro regime media and then propagated to the masses of laborers, with little or no literacy.

3. Having ferocious dogs, trained by own trainers to be so mad to attack the commoners as well as those who violating their prohibitions eg Squealer ( Squealing, Squeaking, also means Betraying the rights of the poor ) with unimaginative lewdness and lies ). He was the trumpet blower, paid to do that " job " and then reported back to the regime immediately within 24 hours for further actions in the same velocity as light.

4. Promises of economy transformation, drawing up and showcasing of flaux impressive plans, jargons, tactics, mind-boggling vocabulary, of fictitious and suspicious statistics - but the masses were incapable to understand, or already brainwashed and paid to agree' or indiferrent -come what not, like Mollies - the sugar cube lovers - they are secured. Leaving Idris Jala out, but the people around him. How about comparing it to MAS and other bailouts, COWs, PKFZ scandal, APs, etc.

On the other hand, the kiddy education plan to train up the selected "kids" belonging to the regime leaders to read, write well was non surprisingly succesful, being given selective coaching and the best of diets and rest.

Right, your guess is of wisdom or intrinct brilliant common sense every kampong man has, if ones start thinking deeply, asking wise people. No need Einstein brains. They are more for competement planning and execution of plans with consisitent checks and balances.

Those kiddies were given the best quality education to be the brains or elites to topple their demise leaders ? To succeed ? More of which schemes or bailouts ?

A lot of fear, and falsehood were also created, implanted in the mind of the poor, the masses and executed daily by the selected media, Squealers.

The conclusion is for you to decide how the fame satire, Animal Farm by George Orwell captures our mind to apply and compare
both unrelevant leaders and those not wanting to fade away.

Tunku,LGE, DAP, Sak, Sdr Aspan, Malays joining DAP are way up, working, listening hard to the rakyat, and not in the bunch. So who are they ?

Kesian QD, this time we want to be nice to you for reintroducing the famed satire. And reciting it to the tune of let's not do the tango and yes we dance, not to your screeching tunes, squeals. We dance in our mind only to create better ideas, strictly without illegal stuffs, not our type, get it ? Doing meaningful things with eternity in mind. Kesian QD.

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 15:04  

yes- AMMNO helped the poor malays by giving rm 500 but stole 5 billion. this theft is not seen by the poor malays community-the ruling party of the day must progressed the nation as a whole country n not some cronies are enriched which is happening now?? TUNKU is anon entity n as agentleman - he should leave quitely n not used the media to attack his former party> his actions has damaged his NAME N INTEGRITY N principles>> is he playing GUTTER POLITICS NOW

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 15:05  

From further development of the Tunku Aziz's episode, I am now convinced that this man was turned around even before he joined DAP. Tunku Aziz was not his own man anymore, he was compromised and he had to follow orders. He was planted inside DAP to observe and to sleep. Once he joined DAP he was not the crusader that he once was when he was at Transparency International Malaysia. He lost his voice and not once did he speak on behalf of the people when crisis after crisis were swirling around the country. He was conspicuous in his silence, and his failure to attract even a single Malay into the party is testimony to his impotence to act on his own free will. He was not allowed to recruit by his handlers, and when he was appointed a Senator, he merely warmed the seat and did not raise any pertinent questions regarding his favorite subjects: transparency and corruption. He was as quiet as a church mouse.

He was a a sleeper agent who remained inactive for a long period while establishing a secure and comfortable position in the party. Other agents such as Chandra Muzaffar was activated from time to time in order to discredit the Pakatan parties, usually when the UMNO regime was facing a crisis or election. True to form, Tunku Aziz was activated just in time to discredit the Bersih 3.0 rally, and following the exact script à la Chandra Muzaffar, he resigned from his party which he once said he held in high esteem. Yes the timing was suspicious but it was planned to be that way. As I have said before, money was not his motivation. If he had his choice he would have remained a gentleman and ride into the sunset without rancor. But in a high-stake game of political brinkmanship he was not allowed to be a gentleman. He was ordered to inflict as much damage as possible and that could have broken his gentleman's heart because he was not in control of his own life. He was blackmailed and he had no choice but to follow orders.

Regarding his joining UMNO, I don't think UMNO needs him into the party. UMNO only needs him to be kept on a tight leash and not let him to exercise his conscience because what he stands for is diametrically opposite from what UMNO practiced. He will be a kept dog and from time to time will be let loose to bark and bite. Judging from his demeanor, he appeared robotic as he acted on the script that was written for him. Tunku Aziz is a miserable man, pity him.

kampong lad 19 May 2012 at 16:16  

1. pemimpin umno mengumpul 'harta rampasan perang' atas nama nak tolong melayu. bangsa melayu bukan hak mutlak umno & berjuta2 melayu benci umno dari dulu, kini & selamanya. bukan semua melayu umnoputra & bukan semua umnoputra bumiputra contoh anaconda krishnan, vincent tan tin tong, you tiew lay. 2. dap dgn slogan malaysian malaysia, apa binatang tu? pernah dengar tentang american america? japanese japan? korean korea? secretary general adalah supreme ruler, yg lain hanya pak angguk. 3. tunku aziz nak jadi 'walking tall', dia tidak ada pengaruh samada melayu nak join dap atau tidak, he is nobody & no politician, jadi, dia boleh pergi main jauh2. pas belum ada katak lagi, dap ada sekoq & pkr?

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 17:54  

But... does UMNO, the real UMNO, exist anymore?

Is the present UMNO, renamed so from the "UMNO Baru" name it was registered as in 1988, imbued with the same semangat, values and character of the original UMNO founded by Onn Jaafar in 1946?

Or does it reflect more the values and character of its member No.0000001, Dr Mahathir?

Would Onn Jaafar, whom I was told actually quit the party he founded becuase it refused to open its membership to non-Malays, ever have accepted the Ketuanan Melayu, and the "arrogance and political xenophobia." of UMNO Baru?

I would not bother with Najib's apology. He flip-flops and speaks words tailored to suit his audience so often that I think most Malaysians, most likely including large numbers of UMNO members, already know that what he says are just empty "tin kosong" words, whatever the many, many millions spent on public-relations and image rebranding by mutliple outfits may try to hawk to the rakyat and the world.

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 18:07  


Biarlah Tunku Aziz pergi meninggalkan DAP. Biar dia bawa dirinya menghala kepada UMNO BARU. Mr bean, pengunjung tetap blog Din Merican telah memberi sedikit insight tentang diri Tunku Aziz. Keduanya adalah sebaya dan sama-sama berasal dari Kedah dan saling kenal mengenali.

yang pergi kita biarkan pergi. Yang nak datang lagi hebat. Malaysian Insider melaporkan bahawa bekas pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah, PDRM, Dato Fauzi Shaari akan menyertai PAS esok, aahad, 20 Mei 2012.

Jika berita ini benar, ia akan merupakan satu keuntungan yang lumayan bagi Pakatan khasnya apabila berhadapan dengan PDRM. Sama-sama kita berdoa agar ia menjadi kenyataan.


Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 18:50  

Tunku is somebody...let him go.

Opposition parties cannot win government base on a few's their fight for good, accountable, responsible and fair government that wins the ordinary people support and eventually government.

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 19:05  

kata kampong lad, " slogan malaysian malaysia, apa binatang tu? pernah dengar tentang american america?

Jawapan : Perlukah, kalau semua rakyat, tak kira warna serta agama diterima sama rata ?

japanese japan?

Jawapan : 99.9 peratus adalah terdiri dpd 1 bangsa, senang lah nak perintah, tapi Japan, korupsi tetapi korupsi, leaders hiraki - meant for political improvement but never to take own's life or euthanasia as going against Him. hiraki sendiri dengan rasa punya malu, minta maaf berpuluh kali, bonkok sampai tercium lutut serta resign dlm masa 24 jam. Pernah dengar Japanese Indian ? Kenapa tidak ? Kawan saya Indian Chennai, kahwin dengan Japanese. Kedua-dua graduan Harvard, jadi dua orang anak mereka adalah Japanese Indian.

korean korea?

Jawapan : keseluruhan bangsa Korea, kerajaan demokrasi, namun syarikat2 gergasi dikenali chebol, sama sistem kapitalis - kontrol maha anak2 hinggalah kronies albukhari, mydin, vincent tan, taib mahmud, muktamad, ge - orge chan sebagai proxies. kalau lah cekap sgt, kenapa pulah rakyta korea datang berduyun2 ke Malaysia, start mini2 korea mereka, monopoli segala business dari kedai runcit sampai lah kedai kek untuk kepentingan mereka ? Salah siapa ? Kalau lah kerajaan mereka hebat, inflasi terkawal, perumahan tak melambung tinggi sebab chebol2, inflasi, peluang pekerjaan jadi habuk, kenapa mereka berhijrah ke merata dunia ?

Tak lama lagi tumbuhlah bank mini indon, pasar 2 indon untuk indon, wakil rakyat malaysian indon utk indon di parlimen ? ikut saja mini korea ? kenapa tidak ? bila lah kaya, mereka kebanyakan apartmen, sewa yang mahal, sewa semula kepada bangsa mereka. Punya bijak umno selama ini ? Besok Malaysians jadi kuli, pengemis sebab dosa kita Melayu tipu sendiri, ada di antara kita sampai hati panggil " apa binatang tu ? " maki - hamun saban hari melalui troopers, penyedekahan, penjualan kerakyataan segera, mensia- siakan rakyat, peluang dihadkan, dirampas daripada golongan minoriti yang tidak terdaya, yang tidak ada kabel.

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 19:17  

Tunku is no gentleman and wiser than any other politicians,

The first few things that he did after leaving DAP is to run down the party and its leadership.

Appear on Umno TV and giving interviews to Umno papers and said all the adverse remarks about his former party leadership. It that a gentleman behavior?????

This is typical bad characteristics of a politician. He may not have seen the worst of him yet, just wait and see.

Tunku has no foresight to go against Bersih, he should ask whether the government of the day will change for the better after 50 yrs??

After what he had said, i think he is at the same levels as those political frogs

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 19:49  

Can someone explain why Tunku Aziz didn't object and resigned after Bersih 2.0 which was declared illegal gathering compared to Bersih 3.0 which was not declared as illegal???? His principle then is different from now???

bruno,  19 May 2012 at 20:48  

Anon 14:58

Are you referring to my buddy QD.If you are repeat kesian QD,kesian QD couple of dozen times and he will be voting for the DAP.

yum,  19 May 2012 at 21:38  

When Tunku Aziz first joined DAP after the 2008 GE, he spoke of "shared ideals". I suppose ideals were not so shared after all, with the senatorship being up for renewal?

A principled person is often an euphemism for a pain-in-the-ass, by-the-book, stickler for processes, etc. Devoid of flexibility. It is easy for people to spout "principles" when they are well-fed. Sometimes principles are confused with being a stick-in-the-mud.

But he probably dented his much vaunted principled persona by making some uncalled-for remarks about the "son being a different kettle of fish."

People should just stop wearing the 'principled' badge as it was an honour.

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 21:40  


With all his sophisticated English and Elitist Upbringing and so called smart assed thinking....

He doesn't even know which side he is on??!!

Sah Dah Nyanyok!!!


Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 21:58  

Aku peduli Tunku Aziz keluar DAP. Asalkan DAP tidak rasuah macam UMNO aku akan sokong walaupun orang bukan seagama dengan aku jadi pemimpin aku akan patuh.

Kalau UMNO yang kononnya beragama Islam tapi curi duit rakyat, tipu duit rakyat dan rasuah itu bukannya Islam tapi pengkhianat.

Baik aku sokong kafir yang amal nilai Islam.

Bullshit with UMNO.

Adun Raub

walla 19 May 2012 at 22:05  

Yellow and red are just colors. By themselves, they carry neither meaning nor context. These properties are instead conveyed by the people who wear them as symbolic of some belief or conviction.

When the rakyat wore yellow and marched in Bersih, they were saying they wanted clean and fair elections. They were saying they have had enough of the flip-flopping double-standard chicaneries of the present government. Coming from all over the land, they had assembled on their own accord, driven by inner concerns about outer grievances layered one after another, for they could clearly see how Umno was skirting away from the real and key election reform demands needed to ensure a clean and fair GE13. And they knew they would be pummeled for their march but yet they came, young and old, tall and short, simple and sophisticated. They wore no armor and carried neither shields nor batons nor stones. Just bottled water to slake their parched throats on a hot but inspiring afternoon. Their convictions were forged on the stone of injustice.

In fact, the entire world was witness to the first technicolor event of how the rakyat of different races had come together under one sky to remind the Umno government that they to the last man and woman already knew Umno's transformation is just some shifty pocket-money vote-buying without the clean and fair governance of administration that is the heart of all matters and whose absence has been the root of all ills besetting this nation for the last thirty years.

Next, look at the other side. When Umno members dressed in red were corralled and ferried in style to attend an assembly just like their local chiefs to the Umno GAs, each was merely putting on a show for the next guy in a convention of blinkered, clueless, cowardly and empty-headed zealots. Not a single member had raised the issue of governance or clean and fair elections. They were just putting on a counter-balancing show of numbers while knowing their numbers could never equal those from the general populace.

So if Umno neither commands the voluntary, open-heart and real numbers of the rakyat nor the context and conviction of our society, how can it continue to preside over the conscience and thus the future of this nation?

And that is why when Najib talked about rule of law as necessary to avoid anarchy, the rakyat who know guffawed in disbelief. In the case of Altantuya and the scorpene deal, was there real rule of law, they asked? What about the cowgate and copgate cases, they added? How can there be rule of law in this country of double standards when there is one set of laws for the rakyat including Umno general members, and another set of deflect-&-close-off laws for the Umno elites, they collectively echoed. Which leaves them to conclude that the real anarchists in this country are those currently finding party support, protection and amnesty under the shield of an Umno that has been disfigured beyond any possible recognition until it is only good for one thing - the munifiqation of our Malay race.

After all, how can there be rule of law when those who lead and command put themselves above the law and use it to punish the very people who are fighting and marching for its return? Be assured this question has already been asked by enough people in the PDRM, judiciary and armed forces that have apparently been inducted under the wings of what is supposed to be a transformed government.

So who're the real anarchists, Najib of Nottingham, anak of Tun Razak?

walla 19 May 2012 at 22:05  


And that is why the rakyat who know will continue to wonder how people like Hasan Ali and Tunku Aziz can show they're oblivious of the full plight of the rakyat they have projected themselves otherwise to be concerned about. For one, it was a four hundred thousand personal office renovation prelude to some aspiration to be the next MB of Selangor; for the other some personal slight out of an extinguished status as a senator. Surely they would have asked themselves what are these things compared to making sure a clean and fair election takes place so that the rakyat can elect clean and fair leaders from a pool already contaminated by years of rapacious and corrupt administration? Or are there some other reasons? What be them?

Let everyone in this country conclude here and now that there is no point increasing the microphone decibel of every Azan across our land if it goes in one ear and comes out the other in the heads of our Umno members. And that you already know is because there is nothing between those two ears.

We cannot expiate and extirpate the sins of Umno merely by praying. To our Malays at every place across the land, you already know that. So start showing some backbone for once.

Those who have seen the action in many forums have seen how even the most vocal and so-called educated Umno defenders have been cornered until they were silent at best or whimpered incoherent or irrelevant arguments at worst. Even our youngsters will cringe at the immaturity of their arguments, and i am talking about the best in Umno. And the only reason you can advance in their defense is that they have already buried their conscience.

Oil or no oil, a country led by people who have no conscience or pretends to have one is already finished.

The real blessings on a nation are its enlightened leaders and rakyat walking a path towards good governance based on clean, fair and trustworthy administration.

Has Umno really been clean, fair and trustworthy, you reckon?

Just engage one grey cell He gave when born and ask where has all that pocket money come from? It could not have been in the budget approved. So what we are seeing is Umno dishing out un-provided off-budget taxpayers money to buy votes so that it can continue to punish the rakyat for being anarchists whenever they articulate anything disagreeable to Umno.

Why not just cancel GE13 and outsource the running of this country to the military junta from Yangon? Saves some money that way to give more to the rakyat before the coffer finally runs dry. And that you know is happening because a half trillion ringgit debt is telling you that more had gone out than ever had come in. Does any Umno knucklehead reading this think the situation can be reversed in the next five or even ten years? With what from where?

walla 19 May 2012 at 22:09  


Let's take a simple example of Umno's method. Just a day or two back, that P.Domingo who has just flip-flopped on our educational standards said millions will be used to repair some of the schools. Now, if those millions have already been provided in the approved budget, he was just taking an election opportunity to announce an administrative matter, to wit, spinning the bovine tail. But if those millions are taken out from somewhere else for this purpose, then it shows the move was less out of a sudden concern for the conditions of the schools, which in itself shows dereliction of normal duty, and again more out of vote-buying-at-all-costs. Yes, or no?

It's all about protecting personal turf at the expense of the rakyat even if it kills the future of the young.

Too dramatic? It's like the jumbo jet. A marvel of six million precision parts working together. Unadorned confidence about its impregnable security. Yet in the older models, it had crashed more often than not when the tail rudder or wing flaps got stuck because some simple hydraulic servo-valve had jammed, or the engines had flamed out because ice from the water residue in the fuel got stuck in the intake of the heat exchanger.

This moment before us is the tipping point. The post event of Bersih 3.0 shows there is already a permanent fissure between the rakyat and the Umno government. Except for those who want to remain deluded because of personal reasons or inadequacies, the rakyat of Malaysia don't and can no longer trust the Umno government. The Barisan scale is crooked and not balanced. The Umno keris is jagged and pointing at the heart of the nation. Just thinking back how they have been trying to muddy away from the essence of the march, the demands for a clean and fair GE13. Because they know if it is clean and fair, they will lose.

Given such situation, project for yourselves what will happen AFTER GE13.

Good night, and thanks Sak, for another of your sharp posts, laced with the special logic and reasoning representing the best of our Malay minds.

Quiet Despair,  19 May 2012 at 22:55  

Anon 14.58

Congrats bro. At least you know literature well. I dont have to explain since someone here boasted only people with intellect read and comment in Sak's blog.
It's time to stop chiding the good old Tunku. When he joined DAP, he was praised sky high and when he left, he's torn to tatters.
I guess because you all are incensed with him streaking LGE naked.
To the genteel readers, I don't know whether you have read the well-worn sentence of St Jerome's: "If an offence come out of the truth, better is it that the offence come than that the truth be concealed."
This is so apt for those who cannot endure to have said what everybody nonwadays thinks and feels!
No worries y'all, after this Tunku will be a private citizen. He has everything and do not need politicos to survive. Leave the septuagenarian alone.
Bro, tak payah kesian kat saya. Baik kesian kat Anu-war yang saya dengar ketar perut( Pahangspeak) dengan St. Bick nak muzakarah dengan UMNO.
All this while the saint is the one who posed a stumbling block to the much aborted muzakarah.
Dah tentu Anu-war being pressing him on this. I saw on TV tonight Pok Nik gave two conditions including involving Pakatan in the muzakarah.
We will wait and see how it pans out.
What say you if UMNO/BN and PAS cooperate together in the GE. DAP will win in the Chinese constituencies as usual.
And the loser is Keadilan.
That is why that fella is so jittery now.

Anonymous,  19 May 2012 at 23:53  

One thing I know ... I have not read of anything extra ordinary that Tunku Aziz has fought for other than being a Malay joining DAP.

Now with this revelation and how he behaved.... his reason for joining DAP is clearer .. to be a ear for some one?

He was a non fighter .

So it is better and no loss for DAP rather than having a potential mole among DAP top guys.

Good riddance. He was all the time quiet as a mouse.

Anonymous,  20 May 2012 at 00:01  

Quiet Despair,

Again you are posting full of rubbish and one sided BTN opinions of DAP.

Well we all know, nothing DAP does can convince you otherwise their sincere work for a better Malaysia and prevent the demise of this nation with your kind of mentality.

You posts are fullllllll of nonsensical assumptions... no need to elaborate agree too(yes I form the conclusion for you because even though your warped mind is full of hate and deceit, your logical mind will say.. You are talking through your nose.

Be prepared to lose in the GE ....

cin2tan 20 May 2012 at 04:24  

AT his age & status &
be thankful/grateful lah & leave gracefully to gain RESPECTS !!

Anonymous,  20 May 2012 at 08:07  

Anon 00.01

Say what you like, Boy QD is one smart guy. He is perceptive.
I like him for his honesty and nonchalance. He says what is the truth actually.
It's so clear you cannot write and argue like him. He's got the benefit of a good education.
If that is an example of BTN brain-washed, I don't mind if my son is trained by BTN.
The beauty of QD is dia tau bodek Sakmongkol. And of course dia lagi tahu bodek Umno.
If QD is an example of our kid's future, we have nothing to worry about.
Do you really see that if he's here. many will be coming to take part. And the blog becomes a real forum and not DAP bodekers saying nothing.
Why is it you guys want Sakmongkol to delete him. Fight him because there is so many of us here.

Arif's old friend

Anonymous,  20 May 2012 at 08:38  

Good sir morning:
As usual this is just what this QD boy can offer as umno trooper. With the tag freedom of speech and agree to disagree, he is just a parrot try to show that he got his piece of idea. After quite some time following his comment i find that he is just nobody in umno just a paid umno cybertrooper. He cant write a long valuable comment giving a good reasoning to prove himself but only parotting what his subject's badmouthing people ending up "Najib say so or Tengku aziz say so or muhyiddin say so". I like him to be a real thinker in real world but endup just a empty tanker.

Anonymous,  20 May 2012 at 10:49  

yes sir, sakmongkol you said it

Anonymous,  20 May 2012 at 11:47  

Hi Walla,

Mewish your language is as beautiful as your looks (only wishful for you may well be a he)....

Keep up the poetic lingo for it is hard to come by in a Malaysia saddled with leaders of miniscule intelligence.

Joe Black

Anonymous,  20 May 2012 at 13:31  

to anon 00.01
"Why is it you guys want Sakmongkol to delete him. Fight him because there is so many of us here."

To fight him (QD boy)with what. He give no reason at all to what he said.

"You won't be long in DAP, bro. Trust me. Much shorter than Tunku Aziz's four year stay.I will be waiting to shake your hand when you leave" this is just small rubbish from him about sak joining DAP. If u notice he keep on posting the same rubbish. He is so childish in opinion.

"That RM50,000 carrot LGE dangles is just a show because he knows Tunku Aziz a man of principle and integrity will not bite it."

What type of intergrity that he really meant?? Kosong cafe described QD's idol tengku aziz perfectly.

Anonymous,  20 May 2012 at 15:23  

There will be more capable Malays joining the well as leaving the party.

If one is concerned of members leaving, it is a weak party.

You don't want to be like BN parties creating unfounded fear and insecurity to keep their members...and at the same time do nothing to fight corruption and mismanagement.

Anonymous,  20 May 2012 at 16:26  

In a nutshell it is UMNO and its supporters who will destroy this country.

It is now for the Chinese who will save this beautiful country with the help of 'good' Malays like you, Aspan and others in DAP, PAS and PKR.

Believe me, those who shout demi bangsa, ugama dan negara are the ones who will disembowel and bankrupt this country.

Mark Dean,  20 May 2012 at 16:41  

QD don't you ever thought of leaving.We just love to have you here even though we are at opposite end of the political divide.

Anonymous,  20 May 2012 at 16:46  


it wasn't meant to be a mantra, as forbidden, saying Kesian QD, he is kesian QD this time to mention the satire. How about saying Kesian Bruno as well, putting you on the highspeed treadmill, scurrying from your high IQ fence, with informed decision, reliable facts and statistics, and jump on board and kickstart the rocket further with Sak & Sdr Aspan, huh ? You can't be indecisive to stay inertia on the fence, giving us constructive criticism, though pls keep it at the right tempo punctuated by staccato bursts of encouragement. Will certainly appreciate if you provide a feasible suggestion or two. Don't you agree without the latter, it is kind of a spoiler of any progress for the nation ?

QD doesn't have to earn his merit to be here as Sak's guests, we have gracious decorum, ahem besides the IQ, don't we ? infrequently the patience might be lost if he gets obnoxious, though. He just have to eliminate his recalcitrant grunts.

ok, there is this incredibly sophistication of another masterpiece to read and decipher. Have a restful weekend, all. Thanks.

Anonymous,  20 May 2012 at 17:08  

Dear Walla,

Stunning article and the stunning visual distracts my focused attention a little bit, hence have to read a few times to remember the multilevel of facts, elegance and importance. Keep writing. Merci Sak, Merci Walla.

bruno,  20 May 2012 at 20:57  

Anon 16:46

Once in a while it is good to crack a joke about QD.Always bashing QD is not good for our health.About QD I meant it to be a joke.You can buy QD dinner at Meatworks a couple dozen times and he will still vote BN.

Anonymous,  20 May 2012 at 21:45  

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a satire novel written depicting the totalitarian regimes before WWII.

As to be extremely respectful and sensitive to our Melayu cultures and religion, and fellow Malaysian communities and their religions, the characters in the novel will be replaced with geese, goslings, goats ( the leaders ), kangaroos, buaya, owls, horses ( the rakyat ), elephants.

Thank you, Sak & all.

Anon 19 May 14:58

bruno,  20 May 2012 at 22:19  

Anon 16:46

QD doesn't have to earn his merit here as Sak's guests,we have gracious decorum,ahem besides the IQ.

What IQ you been preaching.Just because QD is an Umno diehard,and of course his views will be different,he should be chased away.Like I said in my earlier comments about Tunku Aziz,to be a politician one has to be able to take more than he gave.

We want to criticised others,but there is no such thing as a one way street.Sometimes QD can be a pain,but we need people like him here,to keep PR supporters on their toes.Or else it would be too boring and everybody will end up as Badawi,sleepyheads.

Like I always said,too much partisanship is not good for politics.One will not to be able to see the forest from the trees.

For example,the hamburger and butt dancing brigades.Bersih is not only about Ambiga,but Umno is targeting Ambiga.And this clown acts against Ambiga sure will backfired as it will firstly angered the Indian community because of the beef hamburger thing.

OneMalaysian,  21 May 2012 at 01:11  

Dear Sakmongkol

A man who earned his reputation fighting corruption now asks us to support a party that is corrupt to the core. He says we should support Najib. Has he not read about the bribery in the Scorpean deal involving Najib. Has he not heard about Altantulya and Baginda Razak? Has he not seen photos of that big RM70 million diamond sent to Najib's wife?

How could Tunku Aziz turn his back on the very principles he stood for all his life just because he disagreed with the DAP stand on the march to Dataran Merdeka? What is the value of his political conviction? How staedfast is he in his fight against corruption?

You are quite right to say Tunku Aziz is not a political entity. There is no reason for the public to fuss over his resignation from the DAP. A man who forsakes his principle so easily is not worth bothering about.

And Tunku Aziz is no Malay fighter. Let not any one make him out to be what he certainly is not. As a honorable man he would be embarrassed by this new and false label people now ascribe to him.

Anonymous,  21 May 2012 at 05:03  


For sure, your QD buddy will neither exit nor vote for any other party. Anyway he is brave, writes well, asks sincere questions, real funny, too when he tries to sound innocent. So will not sakat him more than necessary, knowing that behind every nickname, there is a fellowman. The mantra was intended to be good humor in a good way. That is the beauty of writing in English, good humor. Thanks for your advice. Have a good week, Sak, Bruno & all.

Anonymous,  21 May 2012 at 14:42  

Quote : "well-worn sentence of St Jerome's: "If an offence come out of the truth, better is it that the offence come than that the truth be concealed."

Brave words indeed ! Can we have the truth on PKFZ, Cowgate, Scopene and AP fiascos ?

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 12:17  

Well said Dato. You are a true Tokoh Politik in every sense.... I salute you

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