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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Got Track but no Record, Much Thunder, Little Rain

The PM goes into Selangor as the opposition.
We must not forget that. While he is leader of this country, he enters Selangor as leader of the opposition in Selangor. UMNO is the opposition in PR governed Selangor.
A touch of bravado and testosterone- rushed talk.
A few weeks ago, PM Najib entered Selangor accompanied by thousands of motor bikers and declared, he will retake Selangor. Of course, you will Mr. PM. Could it be any other way? The UMNO president and PM mustn’t disappoint the millions and millions of UMNO ground troopers who will shout Hidup Melayu at the drop of a leaf, if you asked them so.
It’s a gamble.
And the UMNO president must not disappoint the punters too. In Kuantan, bookies are willing and bold enough to give 100:1 odds to BN. they are willing to give RM 100 to RM 1 if UMNO can win in some areas. That is surely a vote of confidence in the PM’s leadership.
With PM Najib at the helm; the future of the nation is being decided in accordance to the laws of gambling.
Got track, no record.
I want to take off from the point I left in an earlier article. PM Najib asked Malaysians to look at his track record and his seemingly bottomless reservoir of big ideas.
Let us begin at his track record. Why should we be obsessed at his track record? Precisely this is the way we can beat UMNO. Since his advisors have been selling Najib instead of UMNO, then, as a matter of strategy, in order to beat UMNO, all we have to do is destroy Najib’s credibility as a leader. That should not be too difficult. 
Najib enjoys, we are told, an approval rating of 69% while UMNO is languishing in the 40 percent range. The fact that nobody expanded on his achievement means people are already set in their perceptions. They don’t give a rat’s ass on what any surveys tell us now.
The Chinese have already made up their minds since 2008. Urban Malays and the Malay middle class are rejecting UMNO. If we don’t, then we Malays fall in the same category as that useful idiot Ibrahim Ali and his band of brigands. Are we Malays willing to be grouped in the same category as the illustrious Ibrahim Ali?
Nursery-rhymed ideas.
So, we will take on Najib on account of his claim on his track record and his treasury of nursery-rhyme type of ideas. Why nursery-rhymed? Because they are capable of only attracting kindergarten level thinking people as adherents. That is the only way I think to best describe the level of thinking that accepts wholesale, the association of Malay future with the fortunes of UMNO. Hence Najib and his band of desperate individuals go around the country admonishing Malays that if UMNO goes down, nobody will look after (1) the Malays (2) Islamic religion and (3) Royal Institution.

Malays do not depend on UMNO at all for their destiny. Islam certainly does not suffer if UMNO isn’t around. The Constitutional Monarchy is accepted by all races as long as it’s constitutional. Laws protect us. Our faith is protected by practising and continue believing in it. The same laws of the land, secures the Monarchy. 
Najib is the personification of a variant of the Dutch disease.
Najib isn’t the role model for Malaysians to look up to whom we can learn from his track record and his thoughts. What expertise does he have other than an overdeveloped penchant for making outrageous announcements of a slew of `initiatives’ coined in acronyms? Would we believe our economy can get better with changes in nomenclature? He has perfected or near perfected one art- the art of saying so many things but accomplishing nothing. He has translated into practice, the Chinese saying- much thunder, little rain.
He is the personification of the Dutch Disease- in which the manufacturing and now, knowledge based economic activities suffer because the economy over-depends on natural resource. The economy becomes one dimensional and becomes in turn uncompetitive.
How so with Najib? He suffers from a variant of that disease- over dependence on subsidized free passages. A person who over depends on scripted solutions, under develops his own thinking capability. Najib is a one dimensional type of leader.We cant depend on this kind of leader.

How can someone who can’t grasp simple and straightforward concepts be in a position to manage and lead a country? Just as Daim intimated to me on numerous occasions, Najib has lost the plot to run the country because he doesn’t understand the business of government. 
Najib’s dependence on natural political resources.
He has been where he is till now, because of his overdependence on fortuitous events that shaped his life. He became MP at a young age because Tun Razak passed away and the Pekan people, in an attempt to overcome collective grief, looked at Najib to continue Razak’s legacy. He became deputy ministers in 3 ministries because the PM then was his uncle. He became MB of Pahang at the age of 28 during which development in Pahang was practically barren. He became the number 2 in Pergerakan Pemuda because he rode on Anwar’s back (side). Who's zooming who baby? 
So all his political life, Najib is where and what he is, because of purely fortuitous outcomes. That is his natural political resource making him the foremost beneficiary of that resource. As a result of this over-dependence, he has become one dimensional. 
What happened to my-first-home scheme?
Consider for example PM Najib’s failed My First Home ownership scheme and the recent decision to scrap the controversial new civil servant remuneration scheme, apart from other flip-flops. What has happened to that much publicized my first home scheme?
Launched a year ago, the house-ownership scheme for low-income earners failed because banks are unwilling to hand out 100 per cent financing applicants earning less than RM3, 000 a month. How can Najib fail to grasp the fact that with a gross income of RM3, 000 a month, a person simply cannot have any spare cash to pay the monthly installments for the house? Surely, Najib must know that a person has also to pay for essentials such as food, transport and other expenses. And after deducting EPF and Socso, there is really nothing much to spare.
The scheme was meant to entice voters especially from amongst the young people. Najib was banking on these schemes to kick in because he has to win the next GE-13 by all ways and means. Yet, it has turned into a disaster.
80% of the participants of Bersih 3.0 are young people. Why should the young who have been promised so many goodies, turned their backs on UMNO? Can we explain away this irritable behavior of the young generation as biting the hand that feeds them?

what happened to civil servants' pay-scheme? 
It is the same with the Public Service Remuneration Scheme (SBPA) announced in February, whereby the disparity between the salaries of the top civil servants and those in the lower grades - who form the majority - is much too wide. This plan was criticized from day one and has finally been scrapped by Najib because it is too hot a political potato to hold onto. The SBPA too was meant to gain votes in the coming GE-13.
Could he save himself when he revised the SBPA? His hands were already exposed. He showed in the first place, he wasn’t thinking seriously about the matter in which top civil servants enjoyed increases of 30-40,000 while the lower rung obedient servants, who are not going to be civil anymore, enjoyed increments of RM 10-20? By revising he has shown he wasn’t sincere in the first place and didn’t know what’s happening on the ground.


bruno,  2 May 2012 at 10:49  

Dato,only nowadays Najib enter Selangor as the leader of the opposition.But let us all be patient.In a few more months Najib will be entering most of the states in Malaysia,as the opposition leader in Parliament.

Skunkorpene,  2 May 2012 at 11:04  

Someone in UMNO lent his crutches to PM Najib to hobble around with.

Najib should resign from Office and save Malaysians from the utter shame of his association in the Scorpene scandal and do some little homage to the Agong instead of breaking his neck to kowtow to Queen E.

Anonymous,  2 May 2012 at 11:22  

Salam Tuan,

Najib is 100% right when he said "See my track record".

Hmmmm .. Track Record?

Well ... historically speaking, we never came across truly big leaders claim that they have achieved excellent track record.

Mahatma Gandhi (just kain sarong putih)? Nelson Mendella (20 years plus in jail)? Did they say about their own track record? Never.

Bak kata pepatah Melayu "Angkat bakul sendiri".

Or the scientist who received Nobel Prize in various fields. These people are very humble throught out their entire career in the lab, without making much noise on their work in public.

Wow! Ros' Man' also received for her track record from one IPTS. Just because of wanita and permata negara.

Not only NajRaz. Hitler, Phaeroh of Eygpt, President of North Korea ..... to name a few all claimed themselves are great leaders with track record. So, same with NajRaz.

"Bagai resam padi, lagi berisi lagi tunduk"

"Jangan bertelor sebiji riuh sekampung dengan bantuan Rm500"

"Jangan bagai tin kosong, bising sana sini, tapi debu pun tarak"

The REPORT CARD is not sign and fill by ourself, but by our own RAKYAT.

Prophet Muhammad never claimed he is a great leader. This humble man of 1400 years ago only said "My responsibility is only to deliver the message from God. None other than that."

Quiet Despair,  2 May 2012 at 11:33  

Dear buddy Bruno

It's been a long time yeah, sparring with you.
You can realise that dream, if you rid Keadilan and Anwar.
He's the albatross around the neck of DAP and PAS.

bruno,  2 May 2012 at 11:41  

Dato,biker Najib and his thousands of paid outstation bikers in tow,considering Najib is a registered voter in Selangor equals only one vote.If Jibby is a registered voter in Pahang,then he has zero votes.This is what Malaysians called phantom voters.

And if the odds for the Kuantan seat is only 100:1,than I would rather bet on a three legged horse at the track for better value than bet on the candidate that Umno/BN is going to field.We punters know how to calculate the odds too,you know.

A three legged horse will even have a chance of winning,if for some unforseen circumstances the horses in front all took a tumble.Whereas the Umno/BN candidate in Kuantan is sure to get decimated.

And how do Najib wants us to judge his perfomance.By the cartoon characters he has in his cabinet.Like this minister is accused of doing this,and that minister is accused of doing that.Even then he will have a passing grade of c- only.

And for the 'my first home ownership program',if Najib was as smart as people thinks he is,he should have ordered his Umnoputras to empty their offshore accounts and have the money send back and finance it themselves.

Then they will be in power forever.And Malaysians will not have to call the GE buy-elections.

NanoNano,  2 May 2012 at 11:51  

And now...let the drums roll...the MAS-WaterAsia has gone 360 deg. Boy, what a fuckup flipflop!

And, by jove, what will the foreign investors say? Poor old Tony, looks like no more advertising for QPR (Any case, its about to be relegated... hanging on to the edge of the cliff for dear life).

Anonymous,  2 May 2012 at 11:55  


Let's Compare Between Pak Lah and Najib (Since the Great Dr M Said Najib was better than Pak Lah!):

They said that Pak Lah SLEPT ON THE JOB. At least he hurts No One.

Well Its even Worse Now!
That's even more dangerous for not only is he going to hurt himself but also everybody else!

They said that Pak Lah Flip Flopped.

Your Current Article Showed Najib to be a MASTER FLIP FLOPPER!! Even Worse than Pak Lah!

It is not going to Stop at Your Flip Flop Examples...Wait till the FELDA Listing gets moving! First Felda CoOp is Going on Board...Then Isa Announced No Not Yet. Then Najib Says Yes Minds have been Changed they are going to be on Board!
Now Look at the MAS AirAsia Tieup!! First Flip! Now Flopped.

Joe Black

Anonymous,  2 May 2012 at 12:04  

"How can Najib fail to grasp the fact that with a gross income of RM3, 000 a month, "

Because, Sir, UMNO has lost the pulse on the ground. The party has been living in the ivory tower for far too long and does not understand the real plight of the down trodden.
To the UMNOputras who light their cigars with a RM 100 bill, RM 3,000 is a huge sum for the poor.
UMNO has to realize that many who got RM 500 from him were also at the BERSIH rally.
Najib is a lost cause.

Anonymous,  2 May 2012 at 12:06  

Every article of your is a breath of fresh air. We need to savvy the vitriol against Najib and UMNO in order to hate them like Satan.

bruno,  2 May 2012 at 12:32  

Quiet Despair,

Hi buddy,long time no see and hear from you.Being so quiet,observing and calculating the odds on who to place your bets,eh.Well,close your eyes and bet on PR.

Why,you may ask?Well,eventually PDRM will be doing the dirty work for us.They owned the rakyat big time and will be returning the favor for beating them up last Saturday.

If my guess is correct,the boys in blue will want to get even with the people who give them a black eye on Bersih day.

Krishna 2 May 2012 at 14:08  

The public perception of Najibullah (Najib Bola) is:

Nanbikai throhi - Untrustworthy
Kolai karan - robber
Kulai karan - murder

Winnable attributes he will say.

Patrick 2 May 2012 at 14:17  

Its all about economics, baby. Pure and simple. Its the economics of power in Malaysia. Your article is spot on in its analysis of Najib's history. It basically says it all about his character, attitude and objectives. Ever noticed the intellectual capacity of each minister to govern within their sphere of influence?

The chinese saying that the third generation will destroy the family fortune shows that in the case of the malays, its the second generation who destroys the family fortune. Look all around the country and you will see sons/daughters of ministers and malay cronies, malay actors/actresses, singer, living to the hilt on daddy's connections and money. But then again, without their daily wild spending sprees, the Malaysian economy would have collapse quite a while ago. Ferrari and Porsche wouldnt have done record sales over these last 3 years!

So its the economics of power for Najib and the current crop of ministers and cronies. There is no more governing capacity in our ministers. The rent seekers are outsourcing governance and policy making with our tax money. They then set up individual toll centres to tax the business class. Talk about toll, ever noticed that there is no toll collection around areas like Kenny Hills, Damansara Heights, TTDI but many around Cheras, Kepong, PJ, Puchong. Ever noticed or heard of any ministers or cronies complain about inability to secure maid for their homes?

Najib and the ministers are only governing for their financial survival and economic longevity. Its a turf war being fought behind the scenes. Economic malaise will destroy the govt while uniting the masses into mobilizing a common cause.

We can expect the business class in KL to 'expect' more BERSIH, judging from the roaring sales they did in that 12 hr period from morning till night. With the six-degree of separation theory, all Malaysians after BERSIH 3 should be charged to unite against the corrupt govt. First hand accounts are always very emotional and electrifying because we know its from the heart and soul. For our future economic survival, we may have to consider BERSIH 4, 5, 6,.....

Anonymous,  2 May 2012 at 15:38  

When strong Malay leaders come forward....big trouble for BN.

Anonymous,  2 May 2012 at 18:08  


You miss mentioning Ajibko's failure in the so-called 1-Malaysia. Its a pure con-job on his part to openly promote this slogan but covertly unleash the vitriol of racialist campaign in the form of the useful idiot and his cover of Perkasa.
Instead if one were to look at the whole scenario of Bersih 3.0, the participants were exhibiting genuine acts of racial cohesion.

Anonymous,  2 May 2012 at 18:24  

Do you believe in luck? All gamblers do but have you heard of gambler who beat the house? As you have shown, Najib has been extremely lucky - until now. But his bet has to get bigger EACH TIME in order to win.But as long as you are still in the game you have NOT won because unless the game is rigged, you will just run out of luck - in no time. Even the man who walks on water is no exception to this law of nature!

Anonymous,  2 May 2012 at 19:01  

Salam Dato,

Sememangnya saya tertunggu-tunggu ulasan Dato mengenai Bersih. Tepat sekali usalan Dato.

Mengenai Najib pula beliau sememangnya tidak layak bercakap mengenai jimat belanja, rasuah, penyelewqengan, salah gunakuasa dan sebagainya.

Dalam politik beliau memang suka ikut bontot dan main selamat. Sesuailah dengan perangainya yang suka flip-flop tu. Lebih teruk dari PM tidur tuu..

drp: zuki ahmad

ajib,  2 May 2012 at 23:45  

which nursery rhyme are you referring to? cock-a-doodle-doo?

Anonymous,  2 May 2012 at 23:57  

I want to highlight one simple n fundamental error of the ETP.Its such obvious..Simple Maths.No brainer.

Najib 2020 target is USD15k/capita.Population in 2020 (based on ETP data) is 31.6 mil.Thus GNI in 2020 is USD 474 bil.

In 2011..the GNI as announced is RM 830 bil.Based on current USD exchange of RM3...the GNI in USD is 277 bil.

Thus a simple maths of the CAGR from 277 bil to 474 in 9 years...whip out a calculator n answer is 6.15%.

This 6.15% is of cos nominal growth.ETP assumes inflation is 2.8%..thus netting off inflation,the REAL growth is 3.35%.

The problem is ETP & Najib says we need 6% REAL growth to achieve USD15k/capita in 2020.That is completely wrong & a huge big LIE.

Cos if REAL growth needed is only 3.3% which is lower than any periods in Msian economy..what transformation is there?Are we transforming from good to bad?

In a nutshell,,Najib's n his advisers maths is pretty get to USD15k/capita in 9 years is nothing special..infact very2 poor performance.

Hope you can review my thots/numbers.Its too blatant to be ignored.

ordinary malaysian 3 May 2012 at 00:56  

Sorry, Datuk, you are wrong! Najib knows what is happening on the ground - nothing grows anymore under his feet!

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 07:20  

Its not just My First Home scheme that is failing - check everything else - KR1M, BR1M, even many projects of ETP - the failures are popping up and that is why Najib cannot postphone the GE

Anonymous,  4 May 2012 at 12:57  

For all Najib's follies. His 1Malaysia is working like a charm though.. hundreds of thousands of Malaysians of different races, religion, age, sex, education level, etc were united and gathered together. No incentives were paid to the rakyat yet all willing to brave the weather and the potential hostility.

Everyone only had 1 cause - to ensure of Malaysia's survival in this global place. To want a fair governance of this country we call our home.

Anonymous,  4 May 2012 at 13:59  

Dear Dato Sak

Also, the failure of 1Care.

How to get it going when the good doctors of the MMA and the well-functioning network of Malaysian neighbourhood GPs were not even consulted ?

And what is the point of a social health insurance scheme that actually provides zero protection against what really should concern us all i.e. financial protection against high bills because of extended hospital stays or major medical procedures carried out.

Phua Kai Lit

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