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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 25 May 2012

UMNO's low trust culture is unMalay

continuation from the previous article....

What is the typical effect when UMNO behaves like this? Because it is a low trust organization, UMNO is not capable of producing voluntary cooperation. The most noticeable deficiency in UMNO now, is the absence of voluntariness. Everyone must be paid to get work done.

Paying people to do work, is introducing the mercenary culture into UMNO and this stands in direct opposite to Malay culture of mutual self-help and voluntariness. UMNO is no longer compatible with Malays. Its championing a culture that destroys the building blocks of Malay culture. And this culture was started by Mahathir since 1988. 

Mahathir has singlehandedly destroyed Malay culture. Because he is not Malay in the first place. We stupid Malays have adopted him as our own and we allowed ourselves to be mesmerized by his politics of development. That development which took place over 22 years was borne on the shoulders of cronies and selected individuals who have become excessively rich with their own private jets, helicopters and immeasurable wealth while the rest of the Malays on whose backs these people rode, remained left behind as faceless digits. Mahathir did not forget to mouth Hidup Melayu all the time. 

Why do we continue talking about UMNO? We have already explained yet the knuckle heads have ignored our previous explanation. We will continue talking and bashing UMNO to destroy the myth that Malays MUST depend on UMNO. We will continue bashing UMNO because they are now in power. 

We don’t have to speak about the PR parties because, unlike Najib, PR has track records to speak of. Pakatan led states outperformed states led by UMNO on almost all fronts- in terms of FDI, balancing the budget, reducing federal loan debts and increasing reserves. 

We must kick out UMNO because the values it upholds are inimical and poisonous to Malay culture. Therefore Malays do not need UMNO. UMNO’s poisonous culture is building a low trust society which blocks further progress. Look at UMNO’s process of choosing leadership. it adopts the ascriptive leadership norm- one chooses a leader on account of who he is in contrast of what he can do in terms of achievement. Mukhriz is touted as the next Kedah MB for no other reason other than him being son of Mahathir- Mukrikz anak lelaki Mahathir i.e. who he is, - the erroneous idea being, that because he is son of Mahathir he must have inherited the leadership qualities of Mahathir.  What has he done in terms of achievements? Dishing out IPO shares to selected individuals? 

Ordinary Malays cannot become leaders of Malaysia if they don’t have surnames like Abdul Razak, Mahathir Hussein Onn. It used to be if you are not from Oxford, you don’t have a future. Now, if you are not bin Mahathir, bin Najib, bin Tun Razak, bin Hussein Onn, you all don’t have a future. 

Mahathir went over to Kedah and gathered UMN leaders in that state, asking Mukhriz be given a state seat in a place of his choice. Not all UMNO leaders went to meet up the ex UMNO President which led Mahathir the ever acerbic fellow to say- it’s all right, I was not keen to meet them either. He ignores the signals from UMNO warlords, that his time to bulldoze what he wants is over and the idea to allow Mukhriz to become the next MB is already opposed at the beginning. 

We Malays must now adopt new values- the achievement norms. We measure and value leaders on account of what they can achieve. And what they can achieve will depend on their abilities, educational levels, experience, dedication, single-mindedness in purpose. These values lead to achievement in contrast to that single determinant of being born in the right circles of belonging to a closed group. 

For people of Selangor for example we must continue to support PR government because of its achievements. Not because we may not like how Khalid Ibrahim looks. His achievements are more important that how he looks or what surname he has. The people of Penang must continue to support Lim Guan Eng because of his achievements. The people of Kedah must continue to support Ustaz Azizan because of his achievements. The people of Kelantan must continue to support PAS and NIk Aziz because of the achievements and pride he instills in Kelantanese. 

The people of Malaysia must reject UMNO because it’s one big organization of rent seekers with a mercenary culture inimical to Malay culture.


Anonymous,  25 May 2012 at 10:06  


Semalam saya dengan dua orang kawan hadir di program umno Lembah Pantai. Kebetulan di sebelah program tersebut ada program pembangkang di hadiri Anwar Ibrahim. Apa yang sangat mengecewakan saya ialah perbuatan penyokong UMNO sendiri yang telah melontar batu ke majlis pembangkang telah menyebabkan kecederaan kepada orang awam.

Kejadian ini serta layanan yang dilakukan oleh pengikut UMNO terhadap majlis parti lawan tidak dapat saya terima walau pun saya sendiri ahli UMNO. Kejadian malam tadi yang berlaku di depan mata saya telah menimbulkan simpati saya terhadap Anwar dan parti pembangkang. Kerajaan pimpinan UMNO terbukti gagal memahami konsep demokrasi dan berlaku kejam seolah olah pembangkang adalah musuh negara. Kini saya dan kawan kawan sedang pertimbangkan untuk tinggalkan parti UMNO kerana hilang kepercayaan saya kepada pimpinan parti ini. Insyallah dalam masa terdekat kami akan bersama pembangkang. Kejadian malam tadi menginsafkan saya kerana ia berlaku di depan mata. Benarlah apa yang saya dengar selama ini dan peristiwa malam tadi seolah olah petunjuk dari yang Esa pada saya dan kawan kawan.

Anonymous,  25 May 2012 at 10:15  

"...this stands in direct opposite to Malay culture." Sak

Malay culture? What is that?

Is it accepting Redzuan Tee, the Chinese and Mahathir the Indian as Malays.
Is it about performing butt exercise in public?
Is it about performing mock funeral rites for a Chinese?
Is it about throwing stones and eggs at your own people?
Is it becoming rich at the expense of the poor?
It is teaching the young all about sodomy, sex and prostitution using TV and the media?

Is Malay culture about amassing billions and billions of ringgit in their and their children's bank accounts with ill gotten gains?

Have you ever heard of a Malay woman screaming invectives and obscenities and accepted as UMNO top campaigner?
Look at Umi Affilda Ali who turns up at cerahmas in a chauffer driven car with bodyguards to boot.

Malay culture descended to the gutters when a fake Malay became the community's President and PM.

What is culture without morality, decency, civility and maruah bangsa?

bruno,  25 May 2012 at 10:38  

Dato,during the time of the Alliance under Tunku,the leaders enter politics to serve the people.After when Dr Mahathir became the PM he commercialised politics.

It was during Dr Mahathir's watch that corruption and money politics hit the roof.He also destroyed the independence of the public institutions.It was also during Dr M's tenure that our courts got the nickname of 'kangkaroo'.And PDRM became the stooges of Umnoputras.

It was also under Dr Mahathir that Thambi Chik escaped prosecution of statutory rape.He got a slap in the wrist by losing the CM'ship instead of getting scarred by the rotan.

bruno,  25 May 2012 at 10:58  

Dato,the reason that Mukriz's name is being mentioned as a possible candidate for MB of Kedah,if BN regains the state is to test the grassroots if they support him.

Everybody in Umno knows that KJ and Najib has come to an understanding that he will stand as a candidate for parliament.And this time if he wins and BN retains federal power,he will be a full minister.

If BN retains federal power and KJ becomes a minister,there will be no place for a ministeral post for the half past six Mukhriz.Then he will be stuck as a deputy minister or worse given the pink slip.

To save face for his daddy,Najib wants him to stand for state assembly as a pretense of becoming a MB,and not for parliament.Hoping that he will lose and fade away from the political scene.That way Dr M will not come back and haunt him.

Mukritz is no minister or MB material.He got to where he is,is because of his daddy.He will be the laughing stock for a long time to come if he were to lose in a state seat in Kedah.He might have to relocate somewhere where nobody knows him.Maybe in the Indonesian jungles.

Anonymous,  25 May 2012 at 11:26  

If the Chinese can vote a Malay based party like PAS, they will vote for Umno if Umno can be a fair and just. Unfortunately, Umno is getting from bad to worst...and worst to repulsing.

Suci Dalam Debu 25 May 2012 at 12:42  


Thank you for your splendid effort in writing all the brilliant articles.

We must allocate more time to reach out to the young. They will be the ones that will make a significant difference to the results of the next GE.

The older ones are important too but many have very thick skulls and are blind in the eye and mind. A few of your commentators are prime examples.

Anonymous,  25 May 2012 at 13:59  


NOW Its becoming more clearer that UMNO is also a Party of Gangsters led by the Chief Mafia Mahathir (Hence MM)!!

Get them out before its too late!!!


Anonymous,  25 May 2012 at 14:10  

Mahathir is not a Malay. Being confused racially, he confused the Malays. He destroyed the Malay culture. About time the Malays to show him the finger!

Rahmat,  25 May 2012 at 14:27  

Aiyooh!! mamak botak mahu jadi MB. Sudah kena dengan mamak syaitan utk 22 tahun tak cukup ke?
Malaysians don't need to have sex b'cos the government fuck them everyday.

Cucu Mat Kilau,  25 May 2012 at 14:43  

Dato' Sak,
This is the gist of this struggle. To end the mediocrity performance and the thieving UMNOs. Indeed the Malays under PR are eager to compete and to prove that voluntarism is very well alive and that the struggle to end ignorance perpetuated by the UMNOmedia represents the purest of intention and the greatest deed of today. Salam perjuangan

Anonymous,  25 May 2012 at 15:25  

Well said Dato'. The inhibition of the Malay's mind set is UMNO's way of remaining in power. Look at the Indians and Chinese, they are able to be where they are today was mainly due to the initial set back they suffered. Being deprive of support from the government had driven these non-Malays to be fiecerly independent and able to servive in any conditions. If only the Malays will detach themselves from UMNO, they too are as capable as any other races. Unfortunately, the Malays at large do not realise the trap set for them from day one

Anonymous,  25 May 2012 at 15:35  


And the people of Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Johor must kick out those who have been sitting their butts too long in the state assembly.

Overall, the people of Malaysia must reject feudalism.

Anonymous,  25 May 2012 at 16:14  

The malays I ueed to know had time for other races - I mean "time taken" to ask simple questions like what is your child's ambition, favourite food etc? (not the pseudo malays now)

they would ask advise from non malays too on marital issues, gardening, cooking and child upbringing (not the pseudo malays now)

non-malays or kafirs as we are called now apparently are the worst role model a malay can have as a friend or someone to look upto. Strange because despite all these why are there so many malays ever ready to marry a non malay?

My advise to my malay friends would be not to give up your malay identity too soon. Your dressing, your traditional rrcipies, culture and your charms. Once lost, it is forever lost.

Anonymous,  25 May 2012 at 17:55  

A low trust culture creates an unhealthy and damaging environment - politically, economically and socially.

This explains why our country is sick and falling behind others...could take decades to fix it.

Anonymous,  25 May 2012 at 18:04  

its wake up time people .we must reject umno.rotten to the core.its now or never.

ss,jb.,  26 May 2012 at 10:29  

Dear Dato',when i read this article i had tears in my eyes.i am sad and happy that finally someone is brave enough to reveal the truth.we all know what has been happening for the last 22 years and everyone have been keeping silent.
the truth is about time and i sincerely salute you.
please take good care of yourself.
good luck and god bless you.

Anonymous,  26 May 2012 at 13:43  

correct correct correct - where is lingam curry lah-who destroyed our judiciary- sacked the lord president n judges - so easily done// who started all the corruption scandals - bmf- perwaja - pkkfz - maminco - n so many- its 1 M lah- can walk on water- thats his legacy to malaysia- how sad - many malaysians think m is a hero- proton is bleeding n mAS is a dead duck- why??

Anonymous,  27 May 2012 at 06:26  

Salam Tuan,

Saya rasa pihak PR semacam slalu di pihak defensif. Kena fitnahlah, kena ejeklah. Ini perkara biasa dalam perjuangan.

Bak kata Cek Det, hanya org pandai saja yang masuk PR atau PAS, yang bodoh masuk UMNO.

Saya rasa why not pihak yang bijak dalam PR buat sesuatu yang lebih praktikal, seperti adakan jelas tuisyen contoh matematik, kelas memasak kepada umum. Atau seminar mengenai kerjaya. Atau pertandingan puisi, Pak Samad Said jadi jurinya. Ini lebih menarik perhatian rakyat.

Kalau setakat ceramah AI yang isinya serang Najib, kena belasah di penjara, jumpa Pm Turki dll, maka ianya tidak banyak membantu, bahkan agak membosankan.

Mungkin cari lebih banyak aktiviti kemasyarakatan yang lebih strategik dan lebih praktikal.

Hanya pandangan penyokong PR.

elizabeth 27 May 2012 at 09:11  

UMNO's ways do not build commitment amongst their members, because umno uses its vast resource to pay people for a job done. At last GE, the polling agents of BN were paid at an hourly rate for the few hours they attend. People who attend BN ceramah are feted with 9-course dinners. On the contrary, pakatan supporters (mind u, not necesary members) give donations at each ceramah. When doing paca duties, we make our own transport arrangement driving from PJ to ulu selangor, buy snacks and drinks to share with fellow paca, and make our own way to training sessions. UMNO and the BN components have lost the art of building trust and commitment amongst its people and malaysians at large. The adage, no money no talk, is what their members and supporters live by. Sad, and this is no way to build and move our nation forward.

Anonymous,  27 May 2012 at 11:29  

mahatir is not Malay. no wonder he dares not tell he is just a second generation msian from kerala. just checked and found kerala is not a state of malaysia. hmmm..

Anonymous,  27 May 2012 at 11:58  

"The people of Malaysia must reject UMNO because it’s one big organization of rent seekers with a mercenary culture inimical to Malay culture."
Clap: clap:
And I may add 'enslavers of present children and children yet unborn with their financial chicanery'.

Anonymous,  29 May 2012 at 06:50  

25 May 2012 16:14
Quote : My advise to my malay friends would be not to give up your malay identity too soon. Your dressing, your traditional recipes, culture and your charms. Once lost, it is forever lost. Unquote.

Let's put forward these following contexts to you. Any one of the reasons, dual, three or all of the reasons inclusive to consider :

1. with excellence of education, fair mindedness, color blind, with love for God, and nice attributes, respectful to both cultures, good career, respectful to parents of both sides, and the parents in return, why deny them - educated adults, of their rights to have a love mixed marriage ? based on myopic thinking ? Why interfere in their marriage, why not celebrate with them ? How sure an unirace Chinese / Malay / Indian marriage will last? why not ? On the other hand, definitely thousands last, why it happens meaningfully ?

It certainly shows one's strength to be able to accept others, to influence others by the inborn niceness of God fearing Malays. i was once bashed by a racist trooper on a public net, implying that niceness mean weak. How insane, misleading can this ill mannered boy be, to speak condescendingly to an adult on the public net ? it was so bad to me who is brought up color blind.

What has been become of "some" of the youths - seriously the family institution and society of every race is in trouble, if left without engaging them with soft skills, showing them skills how to make better choices without forcing them and giving them religion and moral guidance in real application through fun educated activities.

2. Is it marriage with polaroid ( a borrowed term, i'd like to give credit to its author )citizens ? Then there are huge concerns and their implications beyond control, we all know these - the govt's plan.

3. Nothing is as real issue to loose ones' mind and sleep if an educated working adult wants to marry a very nice Malay or vice- versa. The real terrifying issues are the GLBs hitting every nation, the insurmountable pressures you can't handle, we can't handle which i may share alongside every writer here, some day, when appropriate.

3. if well educated malays, migrate to join multiracial friends aboard, what are the chances, they mustn't be enhanced by the niceness of other cultures and influence others as well ?

There are two factors of migration :
( i ) the push factor by the racism, corruptions, abuse, the status quo of reserving positions and exclusive jobs for elite malays etc

( ii ) the pull factors abroad: fresh innovations, better job prospects, education, friendship, acceptance and inclusiveness of others though ones are homesick thinking of our beloved elderly parents and loved ones in Malaysia and likewise.

To celebrate the similarity of niceness, to be color free, ones' martabad is strengthened, actually race is a nice feelings to be aligned with, if it is handled with maturity and inclusiveness.

Fast track forward 20 years, every thing that is pleasing to God still holds : goodness, fairness, empathy, compassion, honesty, responsibility, respect beyond self and community...

Thank you Sak, Salam.

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