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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 3 May 2012

A Detached view on Bersih 3.0

I am pleased to share with readers, the thoughts of a frequent visitor to my blog site who writes under the pen-name One Malaysian.  I find his thoughts on Bersih 3.0 very resounding as they come from the heart. You will find answers too to the nitpickers who zoomed in on incidental aspects of the big picture to discredit what Bersih 3.0 symbolizes. What does it symbolize? The courage of the people refusing to be cowed and browbeaten into accepting the evil machinations of an unpopular regime. Sakmongkol. 

I reproduced here, the thoughts of One Malaysian , verbatim. Bless him.
Being away from the country when it all happened allowed me to see the event with the same disinterest as a judge sees a case unfolding before him. I wasn’t caught up in the intimacy of the moment; I did not feel the tensions, the emotions. But I saw it through the independent eyes of the BBC and Al Jazeera, reporting without the ASTRO censorship.
For 3 days I didn’t even open my email, so I didn’t see the many first-hand accounts by participants, and the many pictures that I subsequently received. I had to think if the crowd was 50,000 as reported by the Police or 250,000 as claimed by Ambiga. But having examined the photos, I think the number is closer to the Ambiga number. And this was collaborated by first-hand accounts by people whom I know and trust.

My thoughts are these.
First, we must pay a tremendous tribute to the people of Malaysia for showing courage to want to win their freedom in a peaceful way. Yes, there were a few isolated incidents. We need not worry who caused them. But it is enough that they were very small, and compared to the significance of the occasion, those few isolated incidences are nothing.
Bersih 3.0 was basically a spontaneous out-pouring of the frustrations of Malaysians. Ambiga and her brave gang had initiated the idea, and that really was all to it. The 250,000 Malaysians were not paid by anyone to participate. They knew there could be Police violence. They braved it to participate. They came from all walks of life, young and old, and included people who live in the upper reaches of society, people who are normally indifferent to this sort of events. But they all came, and they sat there. This fact should tell Najib something. It should also tell us to take the Merdeka 69% approval rating of Najib with a big serving of salt. If that number were true Bersih 3.0 would have been a damp squib.

Second, it is obvious that the government, and in particular people like Najib, Hishamuddin and the Police, have totally misread the public. They have believed their own lies. They did not believe that there could have been 250,000 people that the races could unite, that money could not buy loyalty. Now they know. But more importantly, the people now realize they have the power to change the government.

Third, Najib must be a fool to think that the so-called reforms that he had initiated are an adequate answer to the wishes and aspirations of the people. They were not. He has to go back to the drawing board. No, I really don’t think he has the time.
Fourth, I wonder if Najib and Hishamuddin had ever thought the “what if” questions? What if they had allowed the people to assemble at Dataran Merdeka (perhaps we should henceforth call it Dataran Rakyat)? What if they had minimal Police presence and without those FRU men with chemical water trucks and tear gas guns? What if there were no barricades at all? 250,000 people would have assembled peacefully, trampled on some grass and made cricket unplayable for a couple of weeks, but it would have taken the wind out of Bersih’s sails. He would have demonstrated that he really had meant to bring about changes, and he proved it. He would have been the liberation hero. He would have been the renaissance PM.
No, he screwed up. He wasn’t up to it. He didn’t believe in the things he said he would do. He had no brains, no guts and no good intentions. He was just a showman. A simple lady without huge PR machinery, a Police force and government backing, showed him up for what he really is – a weak man unfit to be our PM.


Donplaypuks® 3 May 2012 at 01:44  

".....trampled on some grass and made cricket unplayable for a couple of weeks..." One M'sian

Cricket has not been played at the padang for a good 20 years since Mahathir deemed it too colonial. In a fit he also put up Merdeka Stadium up for sale to the Renong Group to have it torn down for another skyscraper.

Thank god the Asian Financial Crisis put paid to that mad hatters scheme.

But it tells you doesn't it, how fake that sordid excuse is given by unelected mayor Fuad and backed by Najib and Kerismudin, that the "historic" Dataran should not be the venue for peaseful gatherings by the Rakyat.

Looks like they don't understand what 'Merdeka' really means.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

bruno,  3 May 2012 at 04:15  

Dato,Bersih was already a success even before the starting time of 2pm.The crowd was starting to built up late Friday night into Saturday afternoon.

Which NGO's or political parties can organised such a huge rally with supporters in around thirty countries.Even the Umno/BN with its huge war chest couldn't.They have the money but not the brains or organising skills for such an event.

But I would like to digress from some of our readers.Many readers in other blogs do not agree with what I have to say.Many have commented against me,but I will say what I wanted to say.At least my two cents worth.

Much as I would like to enjoy my favourite past-time,that is Umno/BN bashing,this time I have to admit that the trouble makers are the PKR pair of abang/adek and their supporters.

Dataran Merdeka was out of bounds,say the DBKL.But this smart ass got his approval rubberstamped by the kangkaroo judge.He made it legal and tender.So DM was out of bounds.

But the authorities did not stop the protest from going on.Their boys in blue were on their best behaviour,maybe going for the converted trophy of 'Asia's finest in uniform championship'.

Small sections of the crowd were taunting them,throwing stones and water bottles.But the police keep their cool and did not retaliate.All this I got from e-mails from friends who were there.

The protest was already officially over,as Ambiga had already asked the crowd to dispersed.But the PKR's so called taikohs must have some action too.So they urged their supporters to breached the baricades so their international friends can have at least two minutes of fiesta.

The police did not breached the barricades.But they have the license to beat the shit out of the protestors.And who so kindly ask and begged them the to beat the shit out of the people,so that pictures of police brutality can be sprewing all over the internet.This we have to ask the abang/adek tag team.

Although I was not there in KL with the protestors,as least I was at Time's Square.Met an old friend from thirty years ago from Perak SEDC.

mohamad adel 3 May 2012 at 06:47  

Merdeka means merdeka to tipu and rompak harta rakyat. That is merdeka. MERDEKA

akmy 3 May 2012 at 07:24  

tu-satunya kepandaian pemimpin pembangkang ialah menyalahkan dan memfitnah parti pemerintah. Wakil pembangkang sendiri ada di dalam jawatankuasa penambahbaikkan pilihanraya tetapi mereka sendiri tidak mahu menerima keputusan yang telah dibuat. Mereka mahu isu, kontroversi agar boleh terus melakukan pembohongan demi pembohongan. Amat malang sekali jika kita mendapat berita yang dikawal oleh yahudi, seperti yang berlaku di negara-negara Arab hinggakan orang Islam sendiri menentang pemimpin mereka atas fitnah seperti yang berlaku kepada Ghadaffi di Libya.

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 07:27  

Bruno oh Bruno trolling everywhere putting up the same tired old message enough already

Kutu Kampung,  3 May 2012 at 08:06  

"...Looks like they don't understand what 'Merdeka' really means. ..."- donplaypuks®

Of course they do! ;)

That's why that skunk Mayor thought the SOP/SOB had to be followed. KL's Tua Kampung did what all bad Tua Kampungs do.

They understand it so well, they don't want you to have it! ;) That doesn't make sense does it, universally. Of course not. It takes a poet like Pak Samad to delve into things that amongst other things that make bubur of a 3-month Harvard course on game theories.

UMNO's SOP/SOB includes amongst other things how to break your knuckles and rock your head, literally or poetically.

But poor Najib, is not free! He can't live his life: there's his father's, there's the Kutty's there's those dummy scUMNO's leeches (he being a literally a fat one like the lousy half).

You know something? Were I Najib, I'd take a break, clean up the French toast then come what may, I'd live MY life, not Malaysia's not Kutty's or anybody else. I still have to crack that problem of a better half to reform the lousy half. WTF, I could get a better 'whole'!

Err...incidentally, I am humbled by some of the personal observations I read about individual experiences of the Bersih event. These few came for some big do. You know what they found?

They found the kampung in the city!

They found that people were friendly; caring; cheersome; personally effervescent; there was no game!

They found the kampung they thought they wanted to ditch!

Maybe, now we see the Mayor in the city sewers. Who needs a Mayor when all you need is a good Tua Kampung!

the horse 3 May 2012 at 08:11  

Najib and Muhyiddin are UnFit to be leaders of Malaysia. They are intellectually and morally corrupt. Never mind their tolerance for graft and corrupt practices , if not being participants themselves. Those two must be voted out.

Patrick 3 May 2012 at 09:08  

I think 2 very public issues converged to make BERSIH the Quarter Million Freedom March a success.

1. The opposition's stunningly proffessional exposure of the govt and UMNO's corrupt and abuse of power. Never in the history of Malaysia did the public finally see all the documented evidence of the blatant abuses and corruption within the govt. The handling of these revelations was very transparent and speedy. Unlike the govt's handling of all things corrupt and illegal within their ranks. These snowballed on its own as more whistle blowers volunteered documented evidences. Even ignorant rural, uneducated people and hardcore urban UMNO supporters were stunned into open discussions and started questioning the establishment.

2. Mahathir's megalomaniac ambitions created the platform for govt failure. The inbreeding within the govt senior echelon has created a geriatric group of mongoloids. Dont blame Najib for all his absurd and comical failures. His position is the result of actions and decisions made ages ago as calculated moves then, but with disastrous outcome now. The numerous policy disasters is forcing the govt to accelerate spewing more populist policies faster than vomitting out a bad meal. The entire govt/BN is on defensive. The very structures imploding within the govt are teething on the verge of exploding. There were elements of the army in BERSIH 3 that were walking side-by-side peacefully with the protestors, and from what I understand, protecting/shielding protestors from violence.

If BERSIH 3 was a resounding success, because of the size and composition of the disgruntled voices, uniting in one common action, BERSIH 4, 5, 6, etc, etc, will force the govt out. The dirtiest general elections will now be the most nastiest and dirtiest elections ever and the sheer scale and magnitude of manipulations increase many fold as the size of people power increases exponentially.

Quiet Despair,  3 May 2012 at 09:12  

Uh-oh, now we are going after Bruno, yeah, calling him a troll. Let's not chide him.
My dear buddy is a rationale man, not given to fighting those not on the same page with him. He is a good gentleman.
Bruno is an opposition supporter. He is all for Bersih. But he is against the violence towards the police.
Yeah, it's clear as day that from the outset they came to fight the authorities.
The government has got the court injunction to bar the protest in Dataran Merdeka.
But lawyer Ambiga sees it fit to still hold it near the Square. She's spoiling for a fight. If that's not defiance, what is?
Don't say they have not been warned that police have legal authority to take action if they breach the order. And dismantling the barricade is.
You Kiss, You Pay.
The Stadium Merdeka is as good a place as any to say your piece in a big closed venue and then disperse.
And Anwar and Azmin are the provokers. How come there's no violence in Penang and Perak, for example?
Simple answer: Anwar's not there. Trouble follows Mr Trouble everywhere he goes.
In the Bersih thingy, there is no such thing as a detached view.
Everyone has their own opinion, depending on which side they are on.
Videos can be spliced and distorted to suit your purpose.
Even the number of crowd that day are a subject of dispute. Some say its 300,000 and some even inflate it to 500,000. But the real estimate is only 20,000 to 30,000.
Everyone knows that the police will be blamed if anything happened. Same old - same old.
And poor Najib, who allows the Bersih to carry on, is tarred as being unfit.
If he barred the demo, he will be called dictator. He can never win when you think there's an alter-hero - Maha Agong Ah Jub Bor.
That black day confirmed my belief in A BABI. Anyone But Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 09:32  

UMNO wallows in gutter politics. This is the only language it knows...
Sodomy, sex tapes, disrupting ceramahs, beating up people and calling others names.
It does not realize that allowing BERSIH 3.0 to proceed peacefully would bring it brownie points.
UMNO blew it.

bruno,  3 May 2012 at 10:07  

Anon 3 May 2012 07:27

you must be trolling all over the net,to know that I have been trolling all over putting up the same old tired message.For your info I only go over and comment on six regular blogs.Two of these are non political,for making jokes and having fun only.

But you must have trolled ten times more blogs to know,I have been putting up the same messages.One or two of which do not have blog owner's moderation.That is where you can go tit for tat.You must be one of the anons there.

Once in a while it is good to ruffle the feathers of Anwaristas,like to see some of them go bonkers.Coming out of the woodworks to defend the always right,cannot be wrong attitude of their bosses.

Have fun protecting them as you will need lots of energy the next few days.My eagle friends are telling me lots of action coming up.

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 10:29  

It doesn't matter which side caused the violence to start.

The important matter is 250,000 people came in support for "Clean and Fair Elections". That large number means something.

This Bersih3.0 isn't a show of support towards a single person e.g. Anwar. Anwar and/or Ambiga could be dead tomorrow, but Bersih (3.0, 4.0, 5.0 etc) will go on, until its objectives are met. Bersih is an idea, a revolutionary and mind-opening one.

And ideas are larger than individuals.


Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 11:18  

Since a prev comment here implied that you have been trolling leaving such messages all over. I feel obligated to temper your message with graphic evidence that are still emerging on the net on 1 page for prosperity.
Suggestions of a trap.
Suggestions of agent provocateurs inadvertently left on FB wall (probably not so FB savy).
The puliz has yet to publish theirs as part of their 'arrest of rioters'. Of course the puliz dun mean arrest of rioters in blue. They are doing a good job of piling on the public hate of themselves, themselves.

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 11:52  

While the turn out in turns of numbers and composition reflects a new page for Malaysia, it seems limited to the urban folks. So far from the news the only other bersih worthy of mention was in Penang.

The only optimistic reading of this is that the educated middle urban folks are lost to UMNO.

And even that not all urban areas. The bersih in JB was a damp squid.

One must not forget one rural Umno vote equals to 6 urban votes. Even if the comming elections were to be bersih it would still be a gargantuan task to unseat that living carcass called umno.

Quiet Despair,  3 May 2012 at 12:06  

Aw come on One Malaysian. We were not born yesterday. It was not about the venue.
It was just excuses. Even if it's held in Dataran, the riot will happen. As though you don't know Anu-War the confrontational.
As the Malay and Muslims said Nawaitu (Anwar's fave word), mesti bersih, maka murnilah jalannya.
You can see the young ones who really believe in the Bersih asking in the web-site why not held in the Stadium as the government proposed.
Remember, last year they wanted the stadium. Very clear they were going for a fight.
It hurts that after provoking, Anu-war and Azmin conveniently left the place. That's typical of characters who will never be there for the people. Others be damned.
He's like madman Nero who fiddles while Romes burns.
I just read Uncle Lim's piece should there be another peaceful protest. That's the sane leader you should follow. Not the insane power maniac.
And now Hadi wants another Bersih 4.0 supported by old fart Zorro.
Yeah have another May 13.
I wasn't even born then. But pleasssse we peace-loving Malaysians have had enough.
For sincere Bersih goers, thrice beaten, four times shy.

Mom of 4, concerned rakyat,  3 May 2012 at 12:12  

I and my family and friends were there and u were in another place. The police did the same thing at Bersih 2..they appeared to allow people to pass through but it was a setup and we got trapped, blinded and suffocated by tear gas and water cannon, and beaten up. Read this detailed eyewitness account who is NOT an anwar-fan or pakatan-fan .. it clearly reports that neither anwar, azmin nor chegu bard signalled people to break the barrier

Mom of 4, concerned rakyat,  3 May 2012 at 12:16  

reply to Bruno who wasn't even in KL but can deduce who was responsible! I and my family and friends were there and u were in another place. The police did the same thing at Bersih 2..they appeared to allow people to pass through but it was a setup and we got trapped, blinded and suffocated by tear gas and water cannon, and beaten up. Read this detailed eyewitness account who is NOT an anwar-fan or pakatan-fan .. it clearly reports that neither anwar, azmin nor chegu bard signalled people to break the barrier

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 13:17  

Of course, Najib fucked up big time and missed a golden opportunity. If I were in his position, I would turn the event around and trounce Ambiga & Pakatan big time in their own game. Some of what I will do ...

Come out in full support of Bersih! Attend the rally and walk with Ambiga.

Announce some concrete steps to deal with the demands of Bersih (without giving away too much).

Turn the city centre into a mammoth carnival day for 250,000 people. Imagine how much revenue it will generate for the shops and restaurants and businesses!!! These people will love Najib for this!

Order the police, etc. to give full support to facilitate the rally.

Walk among the rakyat and join the street festivities. Have fun and for a few hours, be like one of the ordinary people.

Order BN people to join and support the rally.

The list goes on ...

If Najib has the guts to do these and more ... he will have 250,000 people who become his instant supporters. Anwar will run home crying that Najib stole his march. Muhiyiddin and others in BN who plot against him will be scare shit of Najib for once.

But ... we all know ... Najib is a wimp! He probably has to ask Rosmah for permission.

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 14:03  

I agree with the author. PM and his team srewed up big time. If they had allowed the demo to go ahead with minimal intervention, they would have won many points and in fact, reinforced their claim that they are in the process of reformation (although we know that this is an election gimmick claim by BN).

But it certainly would have swayed some voters. Dato, the urban people and the educated voters are aware of the BN's ploy but what is the opposition doing in the kampung areas where the BN depend to stay in power?

Malaysia is one of those places who votes in MPs and DUNs not to serve the people but to enrich themselves, dishes out crumbs to the rakyat and the rakyat continue to vote them back in every term. Amusing isn't it?

By the way, Bruno, based on your comments, you must be viewing a special Youtube version that is edited by BN!

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 14:39  

Wow...shocked to read about Najib's news of him seeking US1billion for Perimekar!!!

Looks like OUR PRAYERS are being answered - to punish those who have committed evils and had escaped as well as those who are still committing evils!

"What goes around comes around eventually"

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 14:49  


Jut to share with readers a latest update from Franch on Scorpeon court case. I believe Najib more than happy now ! Ha ha !

Follow link below:

I do agree with Dato'! Without money, Najib is nobody ! He works hard for the money right ?

elizabeth 3 May 2012 at 15:13  

Those who are happy about the French court case, please remember to make donations to suaram. They are well short of the target... Also, please support the buy a radio for sarawak project.

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 15:41  


Many police in the recent BERSIH 3.0 demonstrations seems not wear name tags or even the polisce number. I do not think the KPN does not realise or aware these things.

Is it possible all these police without name & number are the mafia gang that specially appointed by the police or KDN ? Or the police themselves addicted to be mafia? If KPN say do not know .. he should just hang himself and say good bye to the world !.

As KPN he should take responsibility. Hisyamuddin too..he should resign because he's not the right person to incharge KDN, tottaly no credibility. Fuck off this kind of minister.

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 16:05  

Scorpenes deal: Najib’s US$1b ‘condition’

No use swearing and insulting your religion.

Kutu Kampung,  3 May 2012 at 16:12  

"...Remember, last year they wanted the stadium. Very clear they were going for a fight. ..."

So why didn't buggers give the Stadium then? Are we missing the durian for the skin?

With those Blue Tigers killers on the rampage because they heard a "rumor" that one of their own kind was killed what do you expect of such people?

Let's see the bomb from the smoke.

They had to "teach" Malaysians how to be "good citizens". Of course these are valuable lessons for justice loving Malaysians. But this game plan must not be known to the world so they bashed those reporters, "chopped up" the videos, all must must be a secret.

Otherwise, how we let the Tua Kampung game plan out to the world?

Malaysians must obey. Eat well, sleep well, otang much. And see nothing nothing, hear nothing and say nothing. When you get very fattened up, you let the butcher chop-chop you lah.

See? Like NFC! ;) Fat lembus are good lembus!

Which do we really think the Police follow?

The SOP or the SOB?

God! We have a bunch of blood curdling kaki pukul who act on rumors. May God save our wives and children (in His mysterious ways).

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 16:27  

You got it right about Pinkie. He is thoroughly screwed up.

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 18:33  

1. Of the 250K who attended, how many were sufficiently incensed by the alleged show of bad faith by AI and AA? Maybe a handful whose fine sense of fair play was hurt by the thought that they and their kids could have been injured. Well, for these few, best to blame yourself for believing the authorities and came for a stroll in the park. So, you made a judgemental error, live with it.
2. What about all those who assembled peacefully in all the other towns in the country. They left with a lot of 'feel-good' and a positive sense that they can bring a change in the political situation. They number far far more than those few cry babies in point 1 above. Have you all been reading the feedback from those in Sabah who attended their Bersih do? There is a muliplier effect for 'feel-good' everywhere in the world where it happens. That sense of empowerment is catching!
3. As for the rural folks - what they see is police brutality, not AI / AA exposing themselves. They are not going to get all whining about 'betrayal' etc becos they were not there, and they did not do the silly thing and brought their kids for a stroll together with sandwiches and fresh flowers. But they do see violence. They do see blood. They can think. They can balance between the pictures of injured police with the pictures of injured citizens. Some will curl up and swear never to venture out of the comfort zone. Some will ask, but why are the police amoking?
4. It will be interesting how many will opt to remain in the comfort zone, how many will say, this is not the way for a government to do things.
5. My little interaction with the rural folks so far is 50:50.
6. My little interaction with the below 30s is 80:20. 80 for change becos they saw with their own eyes their own being beaten to a pulp in a few cases.
6. All you guys on both side of the divide, forget all this wasted bandwidth about the bad faith, etc; it is only so much syok sendiri.

Focus on the 50:50.

pdrmjdh,  3 May 2012 at 18:41  

the answer to the "what if" questions: you'll see something like what happened at esplanade penang. we even gave flowers to the pulis. but hey, with quarter of a million people on the street, it wouldn't be much fun if we just walk around, sit on the field, listen to some guys talking and then go back peacefully. would it? thank you pulis for the fun
to be fair to 1m'sian, i didn't attend bersih too. i was at home watching porno movies on the intenet

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 21:17  

I wonder why you bother to give so much room for QD to comments in your blog. Just censor his comments, other pro-government blogs also censor comments. I dont think you would lose that many readership by this policy. If I want to hear government bias comments i just go read BN blogs it is not hard to find. No need to read pro BN propaganda here cause you hear them everyday on tv and radio. I am quite contend to read only opposition view here. Personally, I think the opposition is the majority now base on bersih 3.0, we just need to have the election to validate it.
I was there at bersih 3 and it was definitely bigger in size than bersih 2. It amazes me how the government continues to create new enemies among the rakyat with their action in bersih 3. Personally I think Amiga is such a freaking p**sy to call it over after sitting 15 mins in the hot sun. What an anti-climax for me. I don't blame the terrible twins crossing the barricade if the allegation is true cause f***k!!! a lot of people travel long distance to get there and waited for hours not just to sit down for 15 mins. Everyone at bersih knows that it was an opposition event cause no one will be there if it was the government event.

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 22:24  

I agree with anon 21 17
Let QD and Bruno rant on pro umno blogs but not here.
I also take offense to the hateful language that QD uses It’s really offensive. You may not agree to a person’s views but calling someone babi(especially a Malay) is despicable. That type of language does not belong on a blog of a gentleman like Mr Sabri.

Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 23:28  

History repeating itself. We are not going to follow the law of the oppressor. We are there that day for a cause, to show the Rakyat Power.

Anonymous,  4 May 2012 at 00:22  

With all that police brutality during Bersih 3.0 ..................... when Bersih 4.0 comes .......

.... "all the PM's horses .............. and all the PM's men wouldn't be able to put Humpty Dumbty together again".

Anonymous,  5 May 2012 at 00:10  

QD you are the mad nero to openly call DSAI as such right in the midst of educated guests of an honorable host. coming from an adult ? not even a child well- brought up ... forgot you are what some commentators call you, " budak- budak "! You are propagating everything abominable,sub-zero level in the superlative form !

No wonder all your paid troopers in masquerades cursed anyone, even God. i encountered such a trooper once ( i had to stay away from several days for healing to take place ), extremely appalling that i immediately teared up. How could a person be so barbaric, no word to describe him.

i believe a few of us here could also have, unfortunately, heard some youngsters and students cursing under their breath in the same tone of your repugnant sickening language !! How could ones be abominable to that magnitude to lead the young ones to damnation and self - destruction ?!

So QD, what five things you must bertaubat and teach your kid kambings likewise ?

Time is short and priceless to do good, so this writer does not waste time doing otherwise.

Red Alfa 5 May 2012 at 11:01  

You say 25-30,000 not 250,000-300,000 were there and they were there to do trouble or but being used by the likes of Hadi,AA, AI, etc.

I was there and a marketing man would just salivate at the market perfect demographics of the huge crowd. He would know the product that attracts such demographics can mean ever growing numbers in the future.

BERSEH 4 or UMNO/BN will lose huge.

Jong 6 May 2012 at 05:55  

Bersih 3.0 Duduk Bantah in Penang and Ipoh was a breeze in air of Carnival! There was no barricades, no police, no agent provocateurs, no hantu thus problems!

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