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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 3 May 2012

BERSIH 3.0- A Celebration of Political Maturity

The battle for freedom must be won over and over again. 
I am sure there will be a Bersih 4.0 if the legitimate demands of a people craving for political meaning are not met. Why should the Election Commission resists demands to clean the electoral list? Why should the government deny electoral reforms? Why should the Malaysian people be denied  insisting elections are only for Malaysian peoples? Why should we not demand the exclusion of phantom voters and aliens from our electoral list? Admitting Bangladeshis, Myanmarese, Nepalis and other illegals and giving them instant MYkads because they can support a fearful government, is treasonous!
We are denied because this government fears the judgment of its own people. It has certainly shown it fears its own people. Otherwise what kind of government that has shown it was  willing to unleash the repressive instruments on its own people? 

I almost fell off the chair when someone uttered the unthinkable- that Bersih 3.0 would serve only to whip up Malay nationalism. Because of Bersih 3.0, Malays will gravitate towards UMNO? 

3.7 million of them abandoned UMNO in 08 and the majority will stay there. Once black, they will never go back to the red side. UMNO is in the red on so many fronts- good governance, integrity, clear vision, quality leadership etc etc. the list never ends. The UMNO doctor said it well- UMNO is full of crap and half past six pretenders. So why should the majority of Malays ever want to go back to UMNO?
What can UMNO offer- another half a century of pillaging and subjecting the nation to ruinous policies? RM1.3 trillion of money spirited out of this country and almost RM 30 billion each year of ill-gotten monies smuggled out of this country? 
The Malays who have crossed the Rubicon in 08, have tasted a better life after UMNO. There’s not only life after UMNO, but a better life without UMNO. 
Will the Malays suddenly drop dead once UMNO is evicted from power? If we do, then that is clear proof that UMNO has failed to cultivate and produced rugged and robust Malays. If we do, UMNO has shown that it has only been able to produce a society of wimps. If we do, it is clear proof that UMNO has failed the Malays. 
Then there is this UMNO leader- they call him the President who’s struggling to inspire us with a clear vision. We don’t want a grand vision- all we wanted was a clear vision. Instead he has only come out with a Campbell’s Alphabet soup of strangely arranged letters.  Does he inspire confidence? He can only bribe and pay his way through incapable of inspiring Malays to new heights.  
Not true- unless the UMNO xenophobic propaganda machine make out the marchers of Bersih 3.0 as non-Malays wanting to overthrow a Malay regime. Here is the thing- If the entire population of Malaysia is composed of Malays, there will still be a Bersih-like march and protest. Then it will be a clash between the oppressive ultra-right wing conservative cum feudal clique versus the disenfranchised and marginalized Malay proletariat, tired of the enslaving and exploitative and corrupt regime.
Bersih 3.0 has struck unimaginable terror in the UMNO Plutarchs and corporate potentates. There is a sense of nervousness, increasingly and dreadfully alarming that has forced corporate chieftains to regularize their business interests. 1MDB buys over Ananda Krishnan’s power generation business at an astronomical price tag- obviously the price tag has been UMNOnised. The corporate potentate then sells off a sizeable portion of his oil and gas business ( Bumi Armada). Other corporate chieftains are doing the same on the quiet side. Big businesses are deserting UMNO and the UMNO fools are rushing in where angels fear to tread.
We must not fall into the UMNO trap of pigeonholing Bersih as a clash between the Malaysian people of different races. it was resoundingly not. Bersih 3.0 was a celebration of political maturity of the Malaysian people of all races. Each are committed as stakeholders to ensure a good nation is passed on to the next generation.


Anonymous,  3 May 2012 at 21:33  

confused leadership adds to a confused nation??a top BN x chief said - demonstration is not healthy to the nation>> as a senior citizen can i add__ is rampant corruption by the billions healthy to the nation or healthy to some one bank account?? confused lah

Sukumaran 3 May 2012 at 21:55  

Time to move on and make a change

George Choo 3 May 2012 at 23:06  

Dear Sak,

I was at BERSIH 3.0 and I was marching from Central Market to Dataran Merdeka.
In front of me was Former Perak MB Nizar who was carrying his little daughter on his shoulders.

BERSIH 3.0 is a success in that we have managed to send a clear message to Umno that they are a lot of malaysian who is against Umno.

I came back from BERSIH 3.0, a very happy and optimistic Malaysian
because the BERSIH 3.0 was attended by Malaysian of ALL RACES
and this shows that Malaysians of all races can come together to solve its national problems.

The group of malays that march from Masjid Negara to Central Market was huge and this group join the chinese group who march from Petaling Street to Dataran.

The group from central market and petaling street have around 50000 people and we were sitting on the pavement of Jln Tun Perak.

The report to Umno from its spy in the rally will give Umno leaders many sleepness night.

The only way for Umno to win is by BELI UNDI and TIPU.

Anonymous,  4 May 2012 at 00:09  

salam dato,

if the plutocracy of UMNO and die-hards of their ilks/likes are still seeing that this is all about race, race and race; then the proverbial writing on the wall/tombstone has clearly been etched with UMNO's/BN's name on it.

PM Najib is still talking very much about the blame being squarely on the protestors whom broke the law.

What about overzealous cops whom are beating the daylight out of unarmed civilians?

How about addressing the legitimate concerns and demands by Bersih to clean up the electoral roll of irregularities as well as the treasonous conduct of giving away ICs and MyKADs to foreigners just that UMNO/BN can retain power?

Where then is the legitimate rights of its people whom are born and bred here in Malaysia of their constitutional right to vote in a free and fair manner to choose their political destiny?

Does BN/UMNO/Najib for that matter understand the concept of universal adult suffrage in our democratic country?

Why are we even being bothering to entertain the spewing of nonsenses by Perkasa and their ilks whom are pitting the Malays vs the nons where the rights of Malays are being constitutionally guaranteed and being guarded by the Rulers of Malaysia?

This incumbent ruling party has now gone bonkers.

We the people now wishes for the restoration of our legitimate constitutional rights to vote out the corrupt and incompetent by putting forward the party of our choice.

Malaysia deserves better and only through a free and fair election can we ever taste the refreshing political scene of change for the better.


Anonymous,  4 May 2012 at 00:15  

Salam Dato,

Why Bersih 3.0?

Not only fre and clean election.

But ... to kick out NajRaz.

Refer :

Anonymous,  4 May 2012 at 02:17  


Najib is pee-ing in his pants, tossing and turning in his bed every night....he is disturbed mentally.

The French court is after him....the long arms of the French court is reaching for Najib.

Good.....what goes round comes round. He got his anjing2 in blue to beat Bersih 3.0 participants last ...he might end up in the French jail!! How nice....let him be sodomised by the Frenchies.....

Rosmah will slim down very sooon....pening kepala dia lah.....suami dia mungkin tak akan pulang dari Peranchis lah.....padan muka si gemuk tu.

orang dari kampung

Anti Pembelit,  4 May 2012 at 02:57  

Di perhimpunan Bersih 3 dianggarkan 200,000 hingga 250,000 berhimpun utk menuntut PRU yg bersih & adil .Itu baru di KL, tidak termasuk di negeri2 dan negara2 lain.Bersih 3 telah mempamirkan perpaduan semua kaum rakyat Msia.Ia juga mencerminkan satu wawasan perpaduan rakyat yg lebih jauh & penting dari menyokong seseorang individu atau individu2.Dan wawasan perpaduan rakyat itulah yg digeruni UMNO/BN.

Ministers:99%cow brain,1%human brain for stealing,  4 May 2012 at 03:15  

And when a govt of any nation in the world starts to manipulate and uses all public agencies to oppress its own rakyat, just wait for the day of it downfalls as shown & proven by history.

OneMalaysian,  4 May 2012 at 08:53  

Dear Sakmongkol

Indeed, it was a huge celebration of political maturity. 250,000 Malaysians were united in one purpose: to bring about a change of government through a clean election. They know this government has lost its legitimacy. And it will cheat on a massive scale to cling to power with the connivance of the police and the Election Commission.

When was the last time 250,000 Malaysians marched for any purpose? Never, ever have we marched in such numbers. This clearly shows the pent up frustrations we feel in our hearts

Najib (and Dr M, too) says - either out of ignorance or stupidity - that these Malaysians were only out to make trouble by marching, instead of accepting the government’s offer to let them assemble in the Merdeka Stadium. Pray tell, how do you fit 250,000 people in a stadium meant for 40,000? And how would they get there anyway except by marching?

Can he also not understand that Bersih is trying to rally all Malaysians, not just those who wanted to march that day? They needed the publicity of a very public event. Getting people to sit in a stadium, assuming even one big enough to fit 250,000 people, won’t quite do. Ambiga and Bersih wanted the attention of the whole nation. After all Najib uses the docile press to good effect, or at least he thinks, to publicise his visits to temples and such. So why is Bersih not entitled to some publicity?

While the people have shown tolerance and maturity, the same cannot be said of the police. They have started charging marchers for violence. Was there no police violence too? If violence, provoked or not, is not to be tolerated, then let the police also charge their own at the same time. If they are not prepared to do that, them don’t try to intimidate the people with such tactics. The people will not be cowed. Not any more.

The genie has escape from the bottle. It cannot be put back. Let this spirit bring an end to a government well passed its sell-by date.

Anonymous,  4 May 2012 at 08:54  

You say it all Dato. Sometimes I think our muti-cultural society is actually a bane. Look at how Umno uses it to divide and rule. Like you mentioned, had we been homogeneous, Umno would have been kicked out a long time ago. They stayed on because they use religion and race to the hilt. But thank goodness, we are all waking up. The Malays will be better off without Umno. Kick them our and embrace multi-culturalrism and within a decade, the Malays will be standing proud like everyone in the country.

Anonymous,  4 May 2012 at 12:07  

" Admitting Bangladeshis, Myanmarese, Nepalis and other illegals"....the aim is to keep them in power at all cost.

They don't care about the country.

Kamal Sanusi 4 May 2012 at 12:24  

Dear Dato'

Just like you, I wonder why demanding a clean election has to do with Malay supremacy as loud-mouth of stupid people being saying all this time?

BERSIH on whatever version is to protest the SPR but yet UMNO is the one to feel "pedas". Does it mean that UMNO is against fair & clean election? This is a sign of danger!!!...

Therefore, I'm urging all people to start realizing who is who towards betterment of our livelihood and next generations in this country called MALAYSIA.

Morale of my comment "DO NOT VOTE BN". Let their thieves minded BE ENDed.

Kamal Sanusi 4 May 2012 at 12:27  

One more thing Dato, beware of commentators who will write with empty brain to divert from the topic of your posting. This is their action when they have nothing to say.

Single commentator will use and/or hiding behind 1001 kind of names, let alone usage of Anonymous.


Anonymous,  4 May 2012 at 13:15  

father of acronym?

Anonymous,  4 May 2012 at 18:59  

yeah laa..only Dato sak is genius...UMNO is party for dumber and corrupted...there is no significant development if we trace back from the 1st day of Malaysia independence..Chinese and Indian always neglected in term of economy ad their social rights...there is no fair and clean election even opposition managed to seize 4 state under BN nose...Malay under UMNO are always lame and full of excuses, lazy, but wait...there are such genius Malay in those opposition who all capable to bring this beloved country of our back on their me racist or what...but i rather live under those "corrupted" UMNO leadership than those thugs lead by big but nothing to show...If the opposition win in this coming GE, i'm sure Lee Kuan Yew will reignite the idea of Malaysia Malaysian than reemerge...haha..that day...Malay in Malysia will be as Malay in Singapore...been denied 4 everything...

average joe 4 May 2012 at 19:56  

So why should the majority of Malays ever want to go back to UMNO?

i dont know about the majority, heck i think the majority, well at least the majority among urban malays that is, they wouldnt want to be caught dead anywhere near anything umno...
but sadly, there still are a sizeable number of malays who are too naive too gullible and too entrenched in the decades of continuous brainwashing and relentless propaganda, that even with the slightest doubt raised (created, rather) by their so-called "pemimpin", these confused folks would quickly run back, tail between their legs, uttering: tak payahlah nak ubah2, buat apa, kan semua elok je selama ni?
some even add: kalau ubah pun, bukan tentu lebih baik, entah2 lebih teruk!


-average joe-
klakka-la.blogspot: DON'T HAVE A COW = TAKDE LEMBU?

bruno,  4 May 2012 at 21:43  

Dato,the people,including the Umnoputras and their hardcore supporters,with my buddies Quiet Despair and Kampong man all have to agree that Bersih 3.0 was a real success.Not even Umno with its massive machinery and containers of hoarded money could even come near and match what Bersih 3,0 had acheived.There is no denying that the victory belong to the people.

With hundreds of thousands of Malaysians,with supporters and their supporters all showing up in thirty countries,must have cost many sleepless nights for the Umnoputras and their hardcores.

And if they the ruling regime still cannot feel the anger and thrist for change,then all along they must have been living in the planet,Jupiter.That is what we called out of touch moronic morons of Umnoputras.

p/s yesterday had written a long comment and was about to post when cable,internet and dignital phone lines all went out in my area,leaving me in a mess till early in the morning.Will be back later.

Anonymous,  4 May 2012 at 23:32  

Bersih 3.0. The show.....malay hoolignism at its best.I wonder where were the indian and the chinese hooligans then

bruno,  5 May 2012 at 00:14  

Dato,I am back and just as always being a busy body,I look back at your previous article and going over the comment sections come arcoss one commenter saying 'let QD and Bruno rant on pro umno blogs and not here'.

It shows the immaturity that some political party supporters show.Their idols are always correct.No one is allowed to criticised them.Only kissed ass only.

The only pro umno blog I visit and comment frequently is Wengers blog.Once in a while on Zorro's blog on the sidebar,if I see something interesting in Rocky Bru's blog,I go over and take a read.Once in a blue moon,I might comment and critisised his articles.But he never asked me to take a hike.

That is the difference between partisan and non partisanship.To be able to see the forest from the trees.

bruno,  5 May 2012 at 00:54  

Dato,Najib knows that he is in a deep mess.He knows he is on the one way street of heads you win,tails I lose situation.The coming read on the GE will be an Umno/BN win by a close margin.An opposition victory by a landslide.The loser is Najib.Either way he is out.

That is the reason of the billions and billions Umno is throwing in as carrots.Bersih 3.0 has shown the ruling regime that the exit doors are wide open,and the windows with steel bars will be their next destination.

Although the tide is riding against Umno/BN,the opposition must not be over confident and let down its guard.Closed one eye and get complacent and Umno will steal the GE right under their noses.Look at Selangor and what Umno did in Perak.Selangor is in a mess,and if the factions are not going to closed ranks it will happen.

The little siblings of Umno will more or less lose fifteen seats.Mca and Mic will win a few token seats.Gerakan win eat duck's egg.Twenty five seats upwards from Umno,Sabah and Sarawak and PR takes a stroll into Putrajaya.Fourty seats upwards from these three and we can called it a landslide,because of the massive phantoms flying around.

Taking the momentum from Bersih 3.0and intense pressure on Umno,taking the fight to their front doorsteps in the heartlands and with the organising skills of the overhyped yesmen Najib has,Umno will succumbed to pressure sooner than later.Once Umno implodes the game is over.

All will depend on how the leaders of the opposition play the game.To be able or unable to tilt the remaining fencesitters towards their side.If they pressed the wrong button and used their heels instead of their heads,tilt the remaining undecided back to Umno/BN and its game over for them.

bruno,  5 May 2012 at 01:23  

Just for joking only.Two options of taking over Putrajaya.

Option no:2 first.
Two hundred fifty thousand men wielding sticks,baseball bats,throwing sticks and water bottles at the men in blues guarding Putrajaya.Lead by their heroes Anwar and Azmin charging towards the steps.

Watercannons and teargas starting to go off.Starved hungry attack dogs are set loose.Hungry for food and water.The attack dogs charging,the crowd with their heroes hightail for escape routes in fourty eight different directions.Every man for himself.Five miles down the road,sitting by the roadsides,seen licking their wounds.

Option no:1

The broom(LADIE) brigade.Five hundred aunties,ah ee's,ah mahs,ah soh's,ah kor's,makchiks and tangachis with broomsticks resting on their shoulders marching regiment style towards the doorsteps of Putrajaya.

The men in blues with their attack dogs,tails in between their legs made a u-turn and hightailed for the hills.In the process wetting the sun dried trodden grass in their haste of retreat.The Umnoputras are chased out of Putrajaya.The ladies cheered and screamed at the walkover they had.No violence.No sweat,sup sup soi they laughed.

The end results.Smart and intelliegient ladies using their heads instead of their heels.Go figure lah,they said.

Anonymous,  5 May 2012 at 09:29  

JOKong 8.54, justice is when everybody not getting all. If you were a citizen of S'pore, are you of the same feeling that multiracial society is sometime a bane?

Red Alfa 5 May 2012 at 11:45  


I am not a partisan to any political party (although I do now like DAP despite Karpal nitpicking on Hadi)but I do want BN out and PR to govern next.

But I must be partisan in saying I find out of place your dislike of AI and AI as showing through your pickyness to find faults and blames and picking on them for BERSEH 3 now being less than what it should be.

BERSEH 3 is a huge success, AI or AA whatever and it will contribute hugely to end BN in Government.

Anonymous,  5 May 2012 at 13:30  

Dato '

When there is news of fraud by opposition leaders, Malaysia ACA take action faster even source only come from decadent bloggers.

But when the news of the breach of trust and corruption of UMNO BN leaders who clearly sourced from overseas court cases as Scorpeon trial in French, nor the ACA to take action. ACA in Malaysia under UMNO BN obviously had no credibility. Same with the main mass media today, there was totally no coverage on this matter.

I remember 10 years ago when all the prime media in Malaysia published news about Anwar kept millions RM abroad, but this failed to be proven in court even the entire government machineries are used to attack Anwar.

As a Malaysian, rational and responsive to the progress and developement of our country, I now fully lost the confidence to the existing government. I am confident Malaysia will be destroy and devastated if people fail to overthrown the existing government immediately. This regime should be replaced no matter what way.

Mass movement of people must be started immediately and BERSIH 4.0 movement have to be arranged from now. I do not see any signs of the regime to fulfill the demands of majority rakyat over the years. Instead they try to manipulate each issue and use lot of money to buy rakyat so that all rakyat forget the main issue.

I hope leaders like you Dato are ready to play more aggressive role for the mass movement of rakyat Malaysia. We have to go with more aggresive movement. That is only choice we have now.

Anonymous,  5 May 2012 at 14:22  

It seems very likely we will have to emulate how Indonesian toppled Suharto's gov type of rally to kill Ummno worsen gerrymandering voting system then only PR has a fair chance to win the coming election. Malaysian who vote against BN are increasing at least 55% of the total registered voters by now, we all know how corrupt the BN gov was but what we can do, we have no option but to emulate how Indonesian did it. BN gov now hinting more violence in the future Bersih rally to frighten middle class Bersih supporters

Anonymous,  5 May 2012 at 16:58  

Our " leaders " are corrupt and waste our money and resources meant to create better and fairer opportunity and improve the standard of living of ordinary people......majority never failed to return them to power.

It's our culture and way of life.

Anonymous,  5 May 2012 at 17:15  


Cuba baca kenyataan Najib di bawah:

Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak berkata perhimpunan raksasa di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil sempena sambutan ulang tahun ke-66 Umno pada 11 Mei adalah tanda kekuatan parti itu untuk mara ke hadapan dalam satu barisan yang ampuh bagi mencapai kemenangan yang besar dalam pilihan raya akan datang.

Beliau berkata perhimpunan itu juga akan membuktikan bahawa ribuan anggota parti itu mampu berhimpun dalam keadaan aman tanpa mendatangkan kemudaratan kepada orang lain.

"Saya melihat tarikh lahir Umno yang ke-66 ini satu yang amat sesuai sebab kita dah lama tak buat satu perhimpunan secara raksasa dan masanya sesuai untuk kita.

"Semua orang tahu bahawa pilihan raya (akan diadakan) tak lama lagi jadi eloklah kita paparkan kepada rakyat apakah jasa Umno selama ini," katanya dalam wawancara eksklusif dengan Umno-Online di ibu negara.

Beliau berkata anggota Umno juga perlu berbangga kerana menjadi sebahagian daripada keluarga besar parti keramat orang Melayu itu.

"Jangan kita rasa terhina, jangan kita rasa tertekan bahawa segala-gala yang dikecapi oleh negara ini pada hakikatnya adalah jasa yang disumbangkan oleh Umno, oleh pemimpin-pemimpin Umno, (sama ada) besar dan kecil selama ini," katanya.

Sambutan ulang tahun ke-66 Umno yang bertema 'Umno Pembela Rakyat' berlangsung selama 13 hari bermula 1 Mei lepas.

Rupanya Najib dah perasan ramai ahli UMNO BN sekarang merasa terhina dan malu mengakui diri mereka sebagai ahli parti itu termasuklah saya sendiri.

Tak malu bagaimana kalau UMNO yang baik suatu masa dulu (sebelum era Mahathir), kini dah caca marba. Semua flip flop termasuk mahkamah yang meragukan. Bila ahli ragu2 tentang perjalanan perbicaraan kes pembunuhan Altantuya yang mengaitkan pengawal peribadi Najib, bagaimana mungkin mereka mahu sokong UMNO BN dan Najib terutamanya kalau dalam hati masing2 merasakan Najib dan PM mereka sendiri terlibat dalam ke berkenaan. Bayangkan apa perasaan seluruh warga Malaysia jika benar PM Malaysia seorang pembunuh. Tidakkah amt terhina menyokong manusia yang sebegini?

Rakyat khususnya ahli UMNO sendiri wajar meragui Najib kerana tindakan dan caranya sendiri menangangi segala yang berkai tentang Altantuya sangat meragukan. Menjadi tanggung jawab Najib menghilangkan keraguan rakyat melalui tindakannya yang rasional serta bersedia bersemuka seluruh ahli UMNO BN mengenai isu sangat penting ini.

Kalau Anwar yang hanya dituduh berkaitan moral digembar gembur besar besaran oleh media utama, kenapa kes yang lebih dahsyat Altantuya ini seakan sepi, sesepinya. Itu belum mengambil kira banyak kes besar lain. Najib sebenarnya adalah liabiliti UMNO BN. Sisa rakyat yang cerdik dan pentingkan agama dalam UMNO yang ada, beransur ansur menjadi surut.

Dan kearan itulah Najib mahu sangat adakan perhimpunan di Bukit Jalil itu untuk menunjukkan UMNO BN masih ramai pengikut. Tapi hakikat dalam semua perhimpunan UMNO BN, majoriti yang datang diangkut dan disediakan segalanya percuma selain pegawai2 di institusi tertentu seperti sekolah, kolej dan lain2 diberi surat arahan sebagai tekanan untuk membawa pelajar, kakitangan dan orang bawahan ke majlis tersebut.

Memang layak sangat kami dan semua ahli UMNO BN yabg celik mata dan tajam fikiran merasa terhina dan malu untuk mengaku diri sebagai ahli UMNO. Kalau dulu sticker2 dan banner UMNO terlekat di kenderaan kami, tapi hari ini hampir semua kenderaan peribadi tidak lagi menyangkan sticker berkenaan malah ramai yang menggantinya dengan sticker parti alternatif. So..jangalah salahkan ahli, pemimpin UMNO khususnya Najib perlu sedar diri dengan kesilapan sendiri. Jangan cuma kerana nak menyelamatkan diri dan puakl kroni saja...kami semua dilibatkan. Memang kami sebagi ahli patut meras malu dan terhina dengan tingkah dan perangai pemimpin UMNO yang dinaungi Najib.

Anonymous,  5 May 2012 at 18:27  


You have been writing commendable articles about the Malays and UMNO quite a lot.

As Malaysian, the articles have been truly an eye opener in knowing the truth.

But i wish to know your views about the non malays especially the Indians - Najib has been courting the Indians quite a lot so that they vote UMNO/BN.

What will happen if the Indians vote UMNO/BN?

or What will happen if they don't?

bruno,  5 May 2012 at 21:30  

Red Alfa,

I always said that I am not a fan of Anwar's and I never like him since his student days.Not like him do not mean that I have to hate him.If I am a voter of Permatang Pauh come this GE,my vote will still be for Anwar.

If it was LKS,LGE and Karpal who tried to get the crowd riled up,I would critisised them too.

Malaysia is still far away from the conditions people face in the Middle East.It will need at least another twenty to thirty years of continious Umno rule to drive the people to the stage of the Arab spring.So the antics on Bersih day serves no purpose,except a few minutes of police brutality played over and over on the net.Besides it could also turn out be a double edged sword too.

Anonymous,  6 May 2012 at 11:33  

Altantuya and Scorpenes :

Read this :

Anonymous,  6 May 2012 at 13:15  

why did you allow the above bukti : 5 May 2012 ? Did you check at least one item first ? the intelligent guests need not such bukti, they know how to think as enlightened by intense reading & sembahyang.

walla 6 May 2012 at 22:44  

The mood was sombre at last night's dinner. All factions were present. Both urban and rural were represented. There were enough silver-haired to lend weight and gravity to the gathering.

The conclusion was that Umno and its Barisan hangers-on are going to be decimated at GE13, especially in all the urban sites throughout the country, and for all his hoopla, Najib has only all this while been talking to himself like the hombre trying to giddy-up his marchai's pulling the Umno wagon while the back part of the carriage was already on fire and blackening the sky.

Since the attendees were people on the ground who lead their respective area communities across the land, their unified conclusion came with some credibility echoed from years of their political involvement. They were people who have read each past general election from inside out.

Some had even suggested that the companies which had supplied the flags that are now up at the usual Umno-led sleepy rural enclaves should ask for faster payment for their decorations supplied, taking a lesson from one company which has been unsuccessful for years on just technical grounds to get any payment running into hundreds of millions from Umno to which it had supplied election materiel for GE12.

It's easy to see why the mood was sombre, those present testy. Just take a drive in those rural places and you cannot escape noticing the big bungalows, homes to the local Umno honchos, amidst the drab dwellings of the rest. By osmosis from the cities, these signs of permanently unexplained and unexplainable wealth are being rationalized even by the simple folks in the countryside. They have been talking and comparing notes, albeit amongst themselves only for the moment.

In fact, those with a long telescopic memory of this nation's history have already returned from their own heartland sojourns with only one realization in their minds - they said there has been little to show for real people-centric economic development for all these years of Umno's rule by pillage excused as spillage. Only big but underutilized government buildings, and kilometers of tolled roads which for every ten ringgit paid, only four had gone for actual cost, while six went into the back pockets of the concessionaires and cronies.

Those present had in fact opined it would be woe betide Umno when the folks start comparing themselves with what they have seen of how others like them have been making real progress in other countries. Things they have seen on tv and dvd, for instance. The distance separating them from realizing they have been conned is only six circumcised inches, one crusty attendee had opined.

Which comes back to how Najib has described Barisan as an axis of reality and fact. Freudian slip, perhaps? Or possibly a typo error by the beleaguered MSM?

He had further described Barisan's coalition member ties as bound by compatibility, philosophy and practice. Knowing exactly what has been going on inside Umno and all the component parties all the way back, you will decry his statement as having a hollow ring denoting hyperpole gone amok outcome from time-dependent desperation born from repressed guilt.

Haven't Umno's coalition members in 'reality and fact' been despairing of Umno's unequal treatment of their communities all these years so where's the compatibility unless he meant compatible to Umno only?

Just take one instance which had happened in Johor recently. Schools were okayed but supply of teachers was crimped so that suspicion had spread to burst in anger. Since the days of Razak, there has been racism in the power corridors of those ministries.

That's one of many reasons why the coalition members were massacred at the last general elections. Their own members had fled to vote for the Opposition and new voters just completely banished Umno's coalition parties from the equation without a second thought.

walla 6 May 2012 at 22:45  


All that intra-coalition back-patting was just hand-wringing PR and for some it had hurt bad because their collar-bones were already smashed by years of Umno's implementation arrogance.

Next, philosophy. Manifestos and manuals abound but what is the common philosophy of Barisan, you ask, somewhat mystified? Dividing the rakyat using proxy racial-religious maneuvers in all but name? Malignant neglect of the coalition members communities to crimp allocations for their demand that had increased by natural growth of the numbers and needs of their peoples? Blanket preferential treatment prejudicial against the nature of all Malaysians and the common good of the country?

Umno's lexicon spells its philosophy to comprise only three elements - those in power, plunder, those below, seduce failing which punish, those under, ignore and forget. And if all this happens to come out, first deflect attention by striking the usual 3R fear, failing which plan B is to spread some saucy tale, strangely not emanating from places like Port Dickson, and if that fails, plan C is to lie through the teeth, talk through the nose, and walk away in a huff and puff. In other words, never answer the question, don't bother to do the right thing or pro-act to solve the problem immediately and work hard to mess things around to keep the rakyat busy entertained with other things.

Finally, practice. This and many other blogs have already exposed Barisan's practices. In fact one can say but only in pained jest that the practices which Najib has hinted have been so well-received even the late Don Corleone has already given his seal of hearty approval transmitted by telegram from his afterlife. In the mafia world, ‘official’ has been elevated to ‘way of life’ but without the religious attributes.

Therefore since Malaysia must have what others already have according to the Pharaoh of Kerala, it's high time Malaysia has its own mafia. But what are we saying? That has already existed for decades. Does anyone really need a GPS to locate its positioning?

No. The only reality and fact that people remember when Najib used the word ‘axis’ is that he had said something about bathing some people in something. That might be understandable considering how his somebody had been viewed in the old cabinet as an extremist in reality and fact. Background thus exposed, everything from then onwards is seen in bad light. After all, for one who wants to be identified with 1Malaysia, isn't it odd that the first identification is with a statement he had made that embodies everything that the 'philosophy' of 1Malaysia cannot possibly be?

Add the other things - like a ministerial demand for USD1 Billion off-budget payment for the submarine deal, deafening silence on major item corruptions in his administration, hijacking the judicial and enforcement systems to turn them into mere yes-men, and a certain malady of the tongue that even the best pathology departments in modern hospitals cannot cure because there is no cure for pathological flip-flopping liars.

In which all cases, “axis of evil”, then?

walla 6 May 2012 at 22:46  


Next, it is particularly vile and spurious to make use of journalists to write without engaging their critical thinking about what voters should do. Or to tell the truth, for that matter. For instance, to say without qualification that RM26 Billion in additional revenue has been generated is rather trivial when contrasted with the RM500 Billion in debt. If the former had come from a depleting resource like oil, it is next to irresponsible. Just imagine what will happen when that dutch curse hits at the moment when all oil spigots turn dry. Since the Umno government draws 40% of its revenue from oil, the absence of oil revenue will mean the debt will increase even faster with spiralling cost of future financing which is necessary just to maintain services, or the entire civil service will have to forgo forty percent of their pay, or all the bailouts needed to hold up GLCs like MAS and TNB will go belly-up like the Titanic. Ask back the lima ratus ringgit then?

Having dispensed in short shrift with matters arising, any other business as usual to be transacted, one asks?

The photo. Not yet that one. But try the one which showed someone's son in saffron robe standing serenely and looking at his father taking off his shoes, the same fella who as a former geologist was grilled every day by Lorraine Osman, the same fella who had once bought the Pharaoh a pair of shoes from London, worth thousands of pounds at the height of the sterling, and saying "i know you will like it".

The broadcasting company of this same diminutive man given carte blanche license by the man who wore those shoes has done the unthinkable - it snipped off important segments of its sole franchisors' newsclips on Bersih 3.0.

One important clip had featured a senior citizen clarifying that all that the citizens of Malaysia who were walking peacefully in Bersih 3.0 were doing was to voice out for clean and fair elections.

So how did 250,000 silent-majority Malaysian voters end up being pilloried by the Umno establishment as wanting to overthrow the government?

Surely those MSM, PDRM and Armed Force chiefs who had gone along with the Umno-cooked statement must have at least one thread of moral fibre in them, or is that asking too much?

Too tired from long journeys, i shall not tonight add to the procession of arguments in defence of Bersih 3.0. The defence mounted for Bersih 3.0 is already good and strong; the counter-attacks on them, as with those agent provocateurs caught out on camera, are trivial and evil.

walla 6 May 2012 at 22:48  


The groundswell of goodwill which all the communities had shown together (for eg. was the real 1Malaysia of the Rakyat of Malaysia, not the fake Umno 1Malaysia sold today, expired tomorrow, ad nauseum.

And what the Bersih 3.0 peoples have asked for remains undelivered. Pick any example. Say, the Sarawak by-elections. Take postal voting by our armed forces in that event. They had to fill their postal votes in the presence of their commanding officer. Now, here's one malfeasance. A group of them did just that. Since they were real buddies, they had decided that one time to all vote for the Opposition. But when the result came out, the incumbent had won 100 percent. All the votes. Please explain how that can be possible but don't mumble because a few are hard of hearing. So much for the Election Commission whose two top guys are actually exposed to be members of Umno. Sacrebleu!

So when the PM offered the 400 vote difference for the Opposition win of Sibu as "evidence" that election process has been clean, please find out 'reality and fact' first before talking. Maybe for that reason, he fails to see the voters of this country are not saying they had won "400 votes" in Sibu; they are saying they had won "4,000 votes" in Sibu but for suspicious activities somewhere along the line, in which case the number of seats for the Opposition could well have been more in GE12. Which means it should be more in GE13.

Which is why the rakyat of Malaysia who had walked in Bersih 3.0 have shown political maturity - to call for clean and fair elections so that the results of GE13 can be accepted by all without further contention.

So how can that be construed as trying to overthrow a government that has been 'legally' elected? 'Elected' by who, one asks? Elected by the Election Commission?!

Better call Bomba. The wagon is belching smoke now.

This post, for the late Ms Altantuya Sharibuu and her unborn child, and the late Mr Teoh, En Sabiani, and Mr Kugan. Innocent victims of the ‘legally elected’ Umno officialdom.

Blues are not browns. Shirtwise, except in this country, it now seem.

bruno,  6 May 2012 at 23:11  

Dato,talking about political maturity,a DAP adun asking Tengku Aziz to quit the party for going against Bersih protest.Now the DAP disciplinary board wants to get involved to.Why cannot they let this matter be.

And this adun should asked himself is it because of people like him and the three stooges of PKR that a certain race always present in rallies and protests was evidently missing.

Anonymous,  7 May 2012 at 06:53  

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Get this clear, do NOT sabotage this honorable host,and deprive us, busy people of the luxury of time to read articles here, some written with brilliance, elegance and facts !

Red Alfa 7 May 2012 at 13:45  

Not just that DAP ADUN, we must start to wonder about this Tunku Aziz.

Why for all his intellect he went on and on to condemn BERSEH 3 and at that parroting the reasons and arguments of the authorities and very similar like those of brazen frog Chandra Muzaffar.

As most of us probably have now more or less are accepting BERSEH 3has achieved probably better than expected success, Tunku Aziz's thoughts and words had been and are not just ordinarily contrarian which we can normally accept.

We should expect DAP to maintain focussed and collective commitment, and indeed someone in DAP must invoke some disciplinary action to check his community wayward thoughts and words.

Yes by all means democracy first but thoughts and words should belong with the common struggle. In other words is Tunku Aziz going just being individualistic for the sake. Like Zulkifli Nordin and Hassan Ali both had openly eschewed respective PKR's and PAS' struggles as being unacceptably different from UMNO's.

Yes Bruno all 3 are quite that Melayu. Very much subscribing to Ketuanan Melayu and must defend Malay institutions being attacked, they will after that finding AI and AA (marah anak sindir menantu?) the convenient Malays being ones to villify?

Then they will be asking all Melayus don't you all not see?

Anonymous,  7 May 2012 at 15:43  

I think the Bukti stuff should be removed it is offensive NSFW and may even be illegal

Anonymous,  10 May 2012 at 12:35  

Dear Red Alfa,

we know Tunku Aziz has an impeccable integrity, diplomacy and being moderate in the international arena. His sincere belief in the consistent struggles of DAP for the rakyat has guided him in joining DAP.

At this critical juncture, you are right, DAP leaders, its adun and Tunku must stay focused, must contain this issue - blown out of proportion by the enemies ( in celebration now ) in sheep fleece, by an iota of suspicion within some DAP supporters, which has its validity, but that has to stop, too, for the common cause, to listen more maturely, taking into consideration of tunku's impeccable background and consistent sincerity, taking the odds, suffering from the backlashes for joining DAP.

DAP and Tunku will emerge stronger in unity, scoring more points, against the odds, by agree to disagree behind closed doors, being magnanimous and mature to listen like political leaders of developed nations and international organisations, in finding solutions swift and fast, there is no need of asking ones to resign, blah blah as the norm in this nation, even in private entities ( don't you agree ? ) for speaking up with sincere conviction for prevention / betterment or both.

Someone with an impeccable cv as Tunku's, his speaking up should be considered as good intentions from a good father's heart ( contrary to any bloody tyrant, ruthless political leaders like in the Lady ), fearing the youths, the elderly of all races might get injured, become defendless - the adrenalin of fear of the unknown.

Unfortunately, it may have hindered Tunku from thinking beyond his statement, at that spur of moment as well as, regrettably,throwing DAP leaders and aduns into mayhem
( that's quite ok, provided it is contained, solved, swiftly and fast ) to perceive his good intentions rationally.

DAP, Tunku must stay focused, all for one - for the Rakyat, to vote in a new government with integrity, fairness, competence and an end to endless corruptions, plundering and division in GE 13.

Unknown 10 May 2012 at 17:30  

Not sure about political maturity. The call for ABU itself shows lack of maturity. Yes Bersih was a huge success, and yes civil society is proving to be a very powerful force but we still need those damned politicians.

What I would like to see is a clear direction by all parties before I vote. For instance, what does PR stand for in terms of education, economics, health, etc.

We have DAP who are clearly socialist. PKR, whom I once thought was Libetarian but now I am not sure. Then there is PAS, a religion based party.

So whose agenda will win?
Guess the first step is to remove dirty politics, then at least all Malaysian's views can fight it out fairly. When that happens, I believe Malaysia will finally be considered politically mature....

A lighter side to the whole affair!
Two guys at Bersih are fast becoming legendary (for very different reasons). Check it out

OLD SKOOL RAP by Sasterawan Bersih 3.0 (M.C. Lawrence Saw) Remix By KT

White Idiot - Ah Soh Bersih 3.0 aka the Bigot (Remixed by KT)

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