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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Dr Mahathir and the selling of Oxymoronicracy

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today reiterated his advice for Umno leaders to discard self-interest and acts of sabotage to ensure a Barisan Nasional (BN) victory in the next general election.
There are two things that stuck out as very sore thumbs in the above statement. Both are never the hallmarks of UMNO. Indeed if they are practised, UMNO ceases to be UMNO. They are the elimination of self –interest and absence of acts of sabotage. Asking UMNO people not to sabotage and to disown personal interest is like asking a camel to go through the needle hole.
Dr Mahathir does not only walk on water- he is also the chief spokesman of oxymoronicracy.
Since the creation of UMNO Baru in 1988, every UMNO leader who has assumed the mantle of leadership has been motivated by self-interests. What’s more, they are motivated by the desire to perpetuate the self-interests, where self-preservation is top of the list. It will be interesting to investigate these fellers bank account when they are no longer in power.
Sabotaging is second nature to UMNO people- by incumbents who are no longer chosen to stand or by aspiring candidates scheming and plotting to overthrow incumbents. What is absent from UMNO ? - A sense of purpose and a cause to fight for. So if we want an example of oxymoronicracy- Dr Mahathir is its foremost spokesman.
Let’s dissect the substance behind the statement by Dr Mahathir in Jitra the other day. What do we make of this statement?
This is a clear sign that all is not well in UMNO.  He has to reiterate. He has to remind. Someone asked me- the same question I posed some time ago, if UMNO is in dire straits, doesn’t that mean easy defeat of them?  So why bother writing about UMNO? Just ignore them. Let them destroy themselves by their won devices.
No can do. We write about UMNO to speed its demise. To hasten its exit from the seat of power so that the real interests of the people are taken care of. We bash UMNO because it has something that we want. Power to do good as opposed power having done evil. We are not power crazy, but we want to take away power from crazy people. All UMNO leaders and ministers are replaceable. Who can do worse than them? If Najib can become PM, this means anyone can too.
Now, Mahathir the man who I described as one who can walk on water- is giving out unsolicited advice. I am not sure if anyone cares to listen to him nowadays. He has contradicted himself so many times. During an interview with BBC, the interviewer read from a speech Dr Mahathir once spoke from; quoting passages from that speech, Dr Mahathir can cavalierly deny he said that.  He said that with a straight-face. Dr Mahathir is utterly honest even when he is lying.  Now that is an oxymoron.
The polygraph machine doesn’t work on Dr Mahathir. Wasn’t he the one who was the chief saboteur to UMNO doing whatever he can to unseat Pak Lah? He even left UMNO as it was preparing for elections.
Other than Dr Siti Hasmah, his constant companion is Ibrahim Ali. But then Ibrahim Ali’s most noticeable personal trait is his sycophancy. Ibrahim is a perennial rival to PAS’s Mat Sabu. The latter says while it’s true he isn’t good looking as Shahrukh Khan, he is a little handsomer than Ibrahim Ali. But Mat Sabu doesn’t know Ibrahim’s portrait is a best seller with padi farmers. His portrait, when placed at strategic points in padi fields scare the living daylights out of pesky birds, rodents and other pests.
Just a little diversion folks. Let’s get back to the main issue.
Dr Mahathir is back to the scare tactics for which he is an accomplished master. The intent of his exhortations and pleadings are clear- Malaysia is finished without UMNO and Malays are finished without UMNO. Nothing can be farther from the truth.
When the Congress Party of India was defeated, that didn’t stop India from growing further, when LDP( Japan’s UMNO) lost, the Japanese rushed forward without missing a heartbeat. When Indonesia’s UMNO( Golkar) lost, Indonesia appeared to be placed on a better footing. UMNO and Malaysia is no exception. Malaysia does not depend on UMNO to survive and Malays can dispense with UMNO.
We can’t depend on a party whose very future in turn depends on another person’s asshole. We can’t depend on a party whose survival depends on the continued peddling of pornographic material in the media. We can’t stake our future on a party led by a Larry Flynt. (He is the owner of the Hustler Magazine).  A most memorable quote from Larry Flynt:- wherever there is a scandal, we try to get involved. That’s UMNO for you.
Now you have people like Ustazah Umi Hafilda, Ezam Mat Nor, Hassan Aqidah Ali and Zul Nordin fighting for UMNO’s cause. The dirty job by dirty people.
He just doesn’t get it- people don’t want the continuation of BN administration in the country. People see BN as the perpetrator of empty promises, people see BN as the abuser of power. BN especially UMNO is the embodiment of corruption and deceit. UMNO is no longer the preferred choice as the political platform to advance the cause of the greater good.
And his scariest statement of all- defeat of Umno would be akin to the Malays losing power in their own country. How can Malays lose power? If UMNO loses, the people replacing them will be other Malays. If Najib loses in Pekan, the person who defeats him is Malay. So how can a Malay lose power when it’s another Malay replacing the UMNO reject?
Let’s take on Dr Mahathir in what he says? What are the elements that make up the constitution of the Malay? His religion? No one disturbs his religion. It’s enshrined in the Malaysian Constitution. It’s therefore protected by the laws of the land which no one challenges. DAP accepts that. Islam is the official religion. The position of Islam doesn’t therefore depend on the existence of UMNO. It’s protected not by UMNO but by the Constitution of Malaysia.
Is there anyone threatening the use of Malay language?  It’s accepted as the official language. We know language is an integral part of the Malay people. No one in their right frame of mind is against the use of the Malay language.
The main ingredients that constitute the Malay- his language, his religion and his cultural make-up including the institution of the Malay rulers are protected by the laws of the land. They are not protected by UMNO. Whoever comes after UMNO are not going to disturb the provisions of the laws of the land.
Just remember this – in 2004 when the Malaysian peoples gave Abdullah Badawi UMNO’s greatest victory, the people were actually rejoicing at the exit of Mahathir. Its downhill for UMNO ever since. That victory has proven to be the pride before the inevitable fall.


KoSong Cafe 22 May 2012 at 09:14  

Our country must be the only one with an opposition more worried about sore losers, which reflects badly on the integrity of the incumbents... LKS's post in his blog:
Question to Najib for June Parliament – “would he give categorical assurance to accept verdict of voters in 13GE, including change of government in Putrajaya”?

2020,  22 May 2012 at 10:13  

yes speed it up. we have been on defisit state for how many consect years? aiming for 2 decade u say, why not make ot jubeliiii... and we want to do minwages u say, i say man - we got to break a record somewhere.

the cabinet needs to be revamped - not just personality, but structure wise. what is this thimgy about high/low edu min or culure+mmc-u got deputies oredi. but again,the shadow of a man who walks on water looms large.

Anonymous,  22 May 2012 at 10:17  

This mamak turned Malay is the most despicable human being ever to set foot in this country.
He can even cry on TV about corruption and Malay needing crutches while he and his family are utterly corrupted and depend on crutches.
Yes, he spoke about the Jews ruling the world by proxy and then denied with a straight face.
This man is better dead than alive.
May he burn in hell for the cruelty he brought upon so many families using the courts and the ISA.
If I were the next PM I will make sure this mamak is arrested the same day I become PM and then hauled to court and then to Sungai Buloh.
Mahathir is Satan in human form.

Anonymous,  22 May 2012 at 10:23  

" The position of Islam doesn’t therefore depend on the existence of UMNO ".

But UMNO is like a religion...may be more powerful in controlling its members.

2020,  22 May 2012 at 10:29  

yes speed it up. we have been on defisit state for how many consect years? aiming for 2 decade u say, why not make ot jubeliiii... and we want to do minwages u say, i say man - we got to break a record somewhere.

the cabinet needs to be revamped - not just personality, but structure wise. what is this thimgy about high/low edu min or culure+mmc-u got deputies oredi. but again,the shadow of a man who walks on water looms large.

Anonymous,  22 May 2012 at 11:04  

Dear Dato Sak

It's ironic that Dr M's
Vision 2020 (developed nation
status by 2020)
is looking more like
Nightmare 2020
(national bankruptcy by 2020)
under this bunch of UMNO-BN kleptocrats. Don't forget the "contributions" from the other non-UMNO BN kleptocrats too
as Malaysian goes further down the road to Nigeria-style "failed state" "collapsed state" status

Sad prospect for all concerned, thinking Malaysians.

Phua Kai Lit

justicenequality 22 May 2012 at 11:31  

Quote:'His portrait, when placed at strategic points in padi fields scare the living daylights out of pesky birds, rodents and other pests.'


The Defeat of UMNO/BN is a long time coming...

justicenequality 22 May 2012 at 11:31  

Quote:'His portrait, when placed at strategic points in padi fields scare the living daylights out of pesky birds, rodents and other pests.'


The Defeat of UMNO/BN is a long time coming...

bruno,  22 May 2012 at 11:35  

Dato,why cannot the doctor be like other leaders of state who has stepped down or being kicked out of their position to quietly fade away.Badawi doesn't meddle with business that is not his.Even American presidents,when their terms are up,they just step aside and do not meddle around with state business.They indulged more in charitable work.Or became baby sitters.Looking after the grandkids.

First of all the doctor must ask himself why are the Umno warlords out sabotaging the party's candidates if they are not selected as the party's candidate.Why do Umno leaders get involved in money politics.Spending tens of thousands to millions trying to get elected to division leaders to party senior positions.

Because the rewards are there.If they can get elected they can make many times more than they spend on getting elected.It is all about corruption.Able to get a share of the corruption pie.And the doctor was the one who revolutionised corruption in Malaysia.Politics in bolehland has been commercialised.

Power means to be able to build their wealth.To have their families live the lives of luxuries.Have mansions built like castles.High end imported playtoy luxury cars.Mistresses here and there,for costs of a hundred to two hundred thousand ringgit a pop,orgasm or no orgasm.No wonder Umnoputras are all out to topple themselves.

Anonymous,  22 May 2012 at 11:52  

"Just remember this – in 2004 when the Malaysian peoples gave Abdullah Badawi UMNO’s greatest victory, the people were actually rejoicing at the exit of Mahathir."

That's very true .......... to let Mahathir, a PM of 22 years, lose face in front of his new successor. Mahathir the Maverick who did not even have the courage to lead the 2004 election fearing rejection by Malaysians.

Navi,  22 May 2012 at 11:52  

UMNO's desperation knows no boundary.
Rais Yatim (Masters in Law) says that there were only 22,xxx people at the Bersih 3 rally. So much for his power of observation and mental capacity.
He is a typical example of the quality of leadership in UMNO. Do the rakyat really want to continue having such mediocre mouthpieces leading the nation? Certainly a cause for concern and seeing off BN from the pedestal of power.

Anonymous,  22 May 2012 at 12:39  

All the past and present ills in the country was created by this man call Mahathir. You are right that if Najib can do the PM job anyone else also can. As long as Mahathir is there lurking in the background, no one would be able to do the job properly without his consent. The man is evil. And greedy.

Umai Lalapan 22 May 2012 at 16:21  

What is most interesting is, UMNO is still harping on Anwar. Well guess what, the people have move on beyond Anwar. Yes, Anwar WAS the catalyst, a small spark that has become a bonfire... with UMNO as the burning effigy....

Anonymous,  22 May 2012 at 16:51  

1 M left behind a legacy of corruption n destruction - see pkfz- mas gate . cow gate- proton gate n all the gates - correct correct correct- key institutions were destroyed

Anonymous,  22 May 2012 at 16:57  

while it is certain the country is fast going downhill of no return and would take a long long time to turn it around, it is better to be really late than never.

This man continues to talk nonsense to fit his situation forgetting his saying " Malays forget easily".

He forgets what he says, the moment he leaves the stage.

Abdul Haq,  22 May 2012 at 19:00  

UMNO has destroyed whatever gave identity to a Malay.

I would venture that there are about 5 things that would define " The Malay":
1. His language; this has been diminished by the death of Jawi writing and the rise of rojak Bahasa Melayu.

2. His religion; what form of Islam have we here? The symbols such as mosques etc are there without soul. We have been told that 100k plus Malays have abandoned Islam.This did not happened in the past, when Malays would drink alcohol without a blink of an eye,but would fight when you called him a kafir...! The brave religious scholars have been denigrated and insulted and hence Islam has become a tool of control rather than a force of liberating the mind!

His Land: Whatever little Malay reservation landbank has been eroded by conversion for development but not replaced, even though the is a law to this effect!

His Culture; This includes the royalty that have had their status eroded by UMNO's constitutional changes and now by having the royalty reduced to being accomplices in UMNO's exploitation of the country's resources.

The Malay Man; What sort of person that UMNO has produced in 50+ years of ketuanan Melayu when we have more than 1 million drug addicts of which the majority are Malays...?

Anonymous,  22 May 2012 at 19:31  

Salam Dato,

I like this one articulates its content as well as you did.

The guy who walks on water...he will soon be kicking the bucket...his time is up.


Anonymous,  22 May 2012 at 19:47  

If man can be vicious and venomous at the age of 87, do you think such a person will repent, turn to God and prepare for his death.
This man will die like a worm.

Pak Belalang,  22 May 2012 at 23:11  

Do you think this man is currently an asset or an asshole to UMNO. Dr M is no longer what he used to let him will be fodder for the Pakatan Rakyat...

Anonymous,  23 May 2012 at 10:41  

"UMNO has destroyed whatever gave identity to a Malay"... Abdul Haq 22May 1900

Yes, yes, a 100 times yes. I grew up with Malays and I can tell you there "were" once a very humble, simple and accommodating people. Many of them (outside UMNO) still are.
The Malays were religious and never imposed their beliefs on others nor criticised other religions and races.

Mahathir destroyed all that. He destroyed Malay culture, docility and civility.
He taught them to cheat, to humiliate, to be dishonest, to lie mock other religions and races.
He made them think they were the 'supremacist' when actually they had nothing to feel supreme about.

Meanwhile, he shackled their minds, lured them with crutches and handout but imagine they were Global Malays.
I tell you sir, Mahathir polluted the Malay identity by converting Indians to Malays.
These are the Malays (Indian turned Malays - Mamaks) who are causing all the problems in this country.
Today, the mamaks think they more Malay than the 'original' Malays.
Will someone tell me I am wrong.

Anonymous,  23 May 2012 at 11:19  

I think what TDM is trying to tell the current BN leaders is that they are just a bunch of nincompoops. TDM is the Maha Master of double talk and backstabbing, all done without even a blink. But none of his successors come near, hence the embarrassing flip flops and U-turns.
Thus it is better for Najib and co. to utter less and stick with simple issues in order to preserve the largesse TDM and cronies have amassed. But he knows it is all too late now :) as the curtain is certainly on its way down on UMNO.

Anonymous,  23 May 2012 at 11:32  

You said, " the polygraph machine doesn't work on Mahathir "

You are wrong, someone told me Mahathir said, " The polygraph machine lied "

Li'l Abner

ZorroReMasked,  23 May 2012 at 11:48  

Sdr. Sakmongkol,

Betul ke dengar khabar bertiup mengatakan Mukriz akan bertanding DUN je?

Kata kalau menang balik Kedah, bakal ditabalkan menjadi MB baru...?

Mungkin nak perkukuhkan "grass-root" support kut...?? Hmmm...


Anonymous,  23 May 2012 at 11:52  

The issue confronting most UMNO-BN beneficiaries today is how much more they could grab and get away with before the end of the Dr. M, Ah Jib and his deputy, UMNO-BN era. The next most pressing issue these beneficiaries faced post GE 13 is how much they could hid their illed gotten wealth away from a new MACC, PDRM, AG and DG of Income Tax. Those are their real problems. They will not give a damn to UMNO-BN if they could strike a deal to keep some of these gains post GE 13.

walla 23 May 2012 at 12:11  

We can easily understand why Mahathir still doesn't get it that he has only been good for spewing oxymorons these days. After all, isn't he one himself?

Someone who would deny half his roots his entire life until confronted only to whimper a halfhearted confession must have all along been secretly congratulating himself that he has managed to get away with his masquerade as the premier two-faced hypocrite of the nation while being celebrated by the conned as the grand vizier of an Umno he has merely reconstructed on his platform of racist politics.

It is because he only sees our society through his racial lens that he could use his trademark political tool of race-based scare tactic to unnerve our Malays for their loyalty to a party that has in fact lost all credibility and claim to real political leadership of Malaysia.

During his reign, our Indians were all but forgotten and neglected. Perhaps he thought they were insignificant just as he would have oxymoronically thought half of himself insignificant in sacrifice for his political ambitions and craving for power. And admiring the KL skyline from a Petronas Tower, did he not also say it would not have been so but for our Chinese?

Yet he continues to use his scare tactic on our Malays in a vile and vexing attempt at pitting them against our Chinese and Indians so as to win back all those lost Malay votes in order to propagate further the tension and ruin that his 22-year of forked-tongue iron-fist tyranny had delivered.

While the pharaohs of Masir built their great pyramids as one of the wonders of this world, this pharaoh of Malaysia built only his own pyramid scheme of rewarding his cronies with contracts and concessions in advance of their support to an Umno of his own making and dispensation.

Creaming rakyat money to fuel the greed of a syndicate that destroyed both institutions and goodwill have destroyed the fiber of our society and the future of our country.

So what credentials can he still present today to exculpate himself from all the mischief and malignancies he has tumored on us for generations yet to come?

Meanwhile, his unalloyed chutzpah, hoopla and mojo must have rubbed onto his automatons in Umno Penang.

You get to see for yourself how low those mamaks have sunk themselves. It is insulting to say one represents our Malays and yet can use Indian symbols of bereavement to taunt the island's chief minister. Maybe those half-Malays have forgotten our Malay culture does not condone such sacrilege, what more debasing the symbols of other cultures. And he has the gall to say the remnant Umno veterans on that island can be "kingmakers" in GE13. As a trained medical practitioner, he should know there is no cure for delusion in the pharmacopeia of politics. Including any febrile attempt to create alternatives to our Royalty.

walla 23 May 2012 at 12:12  


Mahathir had also advised all party members to support the selected electoral candidates, even those "parachuted" to a constituency by the leadership.

If you are a present electoral candidate, wouldn't you feel aggrieved and insulted at such a cold and calculating banishment?

You have braved rain, sun, storm and floods to meet the folks, giving them green ang-paus taken from other folks, faking your smile when you actually want to frown, listening to their harangues on how bad the government is when you really want to siesta, and here is this man who has certainly moved upwards from his old boneshaker when he was an MP like you to a fleet of Bentleys and Porsches with the Perdana for show only, and he is now telling you to sacrifice yourself?

You ask back mr magoo - "why was i selected then in the first place if you are asking that i sacrifice myself now? How has the selection criteria changed? If the rakyat still don't like me because they don't like the leaders who had selected me, why should i take the blame for their misdeeds? And, why can't i also have my own mini-NPC, seeing how someone who goes around just touching babies can get something even bigger? From your high-and-mighty seat, you don't even know what i've had to touch as an MP for our Umno. I've had to sell my soul and conscience so that political roaders like you can put on your airs of grand viziertry.'

Be assured every single present Umno MP feels exactly that. That same sense as before of being used and abused all over again. Like the rakyat.

And the feeling is compounded by his choice of the word 'parachute'. You know, when candidates have to be parachuted in from nowhere with their credentials untested by hard work and personal sacrifice, it shows the internal situation of Umno is in reality dire and critical. You only use paratroopers to plug gaps.

No amount of MSM-laced propaganda can hide that. No billboards, slogans, gatherings of a million, dreams of a thousand and what-next can dispel the gnawing, growing nightmare that Umno is going to be trounced at GE13.

And deservedly so because all the troubles we have been getting since he ascended to the throne are caused using the Umno brand of governance. Which is 'make hay while sun shines on me and damn be to the ninety percent of the rakyat if they get screwed kau-kau, for they are good only for my occasional display of generosity using their money'.

Ask yourself again. If the MSM is removed as puppet of Umno now, what will come out of the real political landscape of this country today? All the shit will hit the propeller blades of your two Scorpene submarines.

The reason why Mahathir is so afraid that Umno will lose in GE13 is that he will lose all that he has put in place to ensure the continuity of his interests. That's why he got angry when the crooked bridge project was cancelled, as just one example.

Another reason is that he knows when Umno loses in GE13, there will be a massive exodus of members from the party to join the majority of our Malays who have already succeeded in discarding the chains of deceit and fear that are still imprisoning the minds of the remnant members who had not voted for the Opposition in GE12.

walla 23 May 2012 at 12:12  


If the locals of India, Japan and Indonesia could do it, what's so special about Mahathir's Umno that our Malays cannot? You go to a cineplex and have a choice of eight or more halls. Why choose the one nearest the washroom?

Our country needs a massive swing in votes away from the mahathirism that has ruined so many so much so long. His Malay first dream has punctured itself against the harsh reality of the world, and the faster we all become again the real Malaysians that we were until he came along, the safer it will be for this nation to rise again by cooperative effort, harmony and brotherly bonds.

And this will be easier to achieve because our young marchers have already shown it in Bersih 2 and 3. It will be achieved when there will be more money saved from the present Umno's greed and unaccountable excesses to give to our poor and needy or invest in real enterprises that create jobs for all and build capabilities to take us to a real 2020, not the one on the brink of financial implosion currently veiled by Umno propaganda working just on your holiday-air feel-good new-shopping mall carnival mood.

In fact, but for him and Umno's past racist policies, our society might well today have been so united each will help according to his ability all according to their capability.

There will be no need to make political distinction by race for economic redistribution because the rakyat will do so on their own accord and out of their own feelings of goodwill and brotherly love and concern. Because by then, race will not be an option.

After all, how can one feast in the comfort of one's home when one's brother is standing hungry outside on the pavement?

Carrying this to the end-point, is it so difficult to imagine one day when we can care for one another so much that we can adopt each other as our own?

Just as our nonMalay families can be enhanced with adopted children from our community, it would be nice to have an adopted son or daughter who is a Chinese or Indian or Sikh or even our Orang Asli, wouldn't it?

When that happens, we will defend one another as we would want others to defend us. It then becomes personal, not political. Then the only people left to marginalize themselves will be the mahathir's who continue to walk this land as if they alone hold monopoly to what is right and good and relevant. Nyet! Nein!

It remains to move the man who walks on water from his own whirlpool. His favorite song was 'My Way'. Coincidentally, a new Korean war epic has just been released with the same title. He should watch it. It has a very powerful ethic on the notion race juxtaposed against humanity. He will know it is a well-crafted movie for the significance of the beginning arcs all the way to the surprising but poignant ending. He also won't be missing how Korea which was way behind us has raced ahead to produce such quality. Meanwhile we can only show small butts to big world.

He should tell the rakyat he has led astray to put Umno on the opposition bench in GE13. That way, parachutes won't be needed. And he will bring closure on his own unfinished redemption from being a political leader who apartheids locals while antiapartheids africans half way around the world. Another oxymoron, perhaps?

Quiet Despair,  23 May 2012 at 12:30  

Much as I love Dr M, I gotta agree with you that he is oxymoronic. Not a moron of course!. A bundle of contradictions for sure.
But you ain't seen nothing yet! That text you quoted is just a start. Our much loved ole man will be playing a major role in the coming GE.
More so in Kedah if his beloved son is slated to be the MB. Tun will be embedded there. It's rather a slap in the face for Mahadzir Khalid.
But win kedah, BN must. And Tun will gladly take the role.
He has already kick-start the campaign with the words you quoted at a close-door meeting of UMNO state leaders in Langkawi.
Zahir Hamidi went one step further that those who sabotaged UMNO will be immediately expelled. Not after the GE like before.
Yep good move. UMNO has realized that it is UMNO people itself who contributed to UMNO's near defeat in 2008.
Pakatan will be fooling itself if it thinks it was the one who defeated UMNO then.
They have learnt their lesson well. And they are united for a big victory.
That is why I believed UMNO/BN will win big this time.
Tun M too gotta redeem himself for the one who's responsible for the failure of Abdullah to get 2/3 majority.
He even quit UMNO then. It was the unkindest cut of all.He and his supporters including bloggers like Rocky were against one man and son-in-law but nearly destroyed the party.
But Mahathir is still not forgiving to Abdullah. He should be a statesman and learn to forgive and forget.
He cannot be saying about unity when the whole word knows he is still bitter enemy with the man whom he himself chose.
You can see the akward situation in official functions like the installation of the Agong for example. The government is kind enough to accomodate the seating arrangement of Mahathir and Abdullah.
And Abdullah is kind enough not to attend UMNO fuctions if Mahathir is there. It would have showcase real UMNO unity if Abdullah were at the UMNO 66th anniversary recently.
And of course I wish Tun M will behave like the living ex-presidents of the US. They do not interfere with Obama at every turn. Remember Bush's promise to give the silence Obama deserved from him.
But Mahathir is not to be blamed entirely. Its the press who like to cajole him knowing he will come up with "gems' which made good copy.
Hey Sak, you too read Hustler? That's what i like about you - well-read like me.LOL.
I remember when I was young i curi-curi read my Dad's Hustler in the attic. Mom always asked why I am always up there and the answer is cleaning the mess there. LOL.

Here are some quotes from Larry Flynt which I still remember which is very apt for politicians:

" A pig has just as many rights as a man." From the 1984 novel

" Politics is my hobby, smut is my vocation." Does that sound like a certain someone?

"Majority rule only works if you're also considering individual rights. Because you can't have five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for supper.

P.S. Am sure you watched the KJ-Rafizi debate last night. The future PM of my time as usual performed splendidly.
Mahathir must now accept him as a good MB or minister material. And not let prejudice cloud his judgement.
It will be sad if Najib did not choose him just to please Mahathir.
Winnable candidates mean people like KJ.

Anonymous,  23 May 2012 at 13:59  


Nampak nya Najib & Co sudah tak ada jalan lain lagi untuk menentang lawan cuma tinggal mahkamah sahaja yang boleh dipergunakan..

Semua Suku Sakat Korupt mengharap mahkamah akan menyelamatkan mereka terutama sekali NFC dan Gerakan AntiBerseh...

Sekarang pihak yang benar cuma mengharapkan pada anggota anggota yang berkhidmat dengan pejabat AG serta Polis akan tampil memberi sokongan menentang kerja kerja kesat yang makin menjadi dikalangan UMNO dan kuncu kuncu mereka.

Mafioso Mahathir dan leftenen leftenen beliau sedang sibuk mengambil langkah untuk membuat huru hara dinegara supaya Pilihanraya tidak akan dapat dilaksanakan.

Joe Black

Anonymous,  23 May 2012 at 14:52  

A HONEST LIAR....I like that. No one else can lie with a poker face better than this Keralla nincompoop.

Malaysian, and proud to be one,  23 May 2012 at 16:12  

Abdul Haq, well said ….

However UMNO
not just destroyed the identity of the Malay
but also our society
with its divide and rule policy
just for the sake of staying in power.

In my time, we were ALL Malaysians
as we were able to embrace our differences
even as we cherished our diversity,
With a common vision to make this country
a nation we are proud to belong to.

But now with greedy and power-crazy politicians
rear its ugly head
pitting us against each other,
Never in our history
is there so much distrust and intolerance.

But BERSIH 3 have shown that
That there is still hope
That this place that many of us call Home
Is indeed a blessed country
Without those ugly politicians.

Dato, thank you for your article (and many others)
I hope that would put to rest
The fear in some Malays that
We NONs want to take over the country!

Let me say it ONE MORE TIME!
Malaysia will not be the country we love
if its Official Language is not Bahasa Malaysia
and if its Official Religion is not Islam!

Anonymous,  23 May 2012 at 17:46  

His 22 years had failed the country and her ordinary people - politically, economically and socially.

It would take at least 50 years to clean up the " mess " and put the country on the right path.

Anonymous,  23 May 2012 at 20:27  

Consent of CIMB Bank and AM Bank withdrew the listing agreement relating to the FGV and settlers is a clear evidence that the responsible parties are "animals" and not a human for failing to understand the procedures and laws that have long standing in Malaysia. How can leader and administrators who is directly entrusted by existing goverment do not know Bank Negara Malaysia requirements and regulations? Therefore it is appropriate for us to treat these people as "animals". Only people with no brain can not read and understand law and rules.
If ANAK not bring this issue to the attention of the Central Bank, settlers would forever will be manipulated by the UMNO BN leaders which are given space to manage FELDA. The question is what are the roles of those involved people should be left alone even though they clearly did immoral thing with the cooperation of bank officers?

This case shows us how dirty and desperate is UMNO BN leaders to get some gains from the FGV listing. These "animals" so willing to ignore the basic procedure and rules for their own benefits.

Are we prepared to leave Malaysia ruled by a leader who continues to behave the devil? It is compulsory for us, rakyat Malaysia to kick out UMNO BN and Najib, our current PM. Be careful with these T Rex's !!!!!!

By Pattani Warrior

Anonymous,  23 May 2012 at 21:12  

i wonder you are so mean to Dr M, you are in power during his time right dato sak.

why turn your back on umno who earlier gave you power, money and good life.

something missing here.

umno is here to it or not

Quiet Despair,  23 May 2012 at 23:09  


Wonder why your ceramahs are all on PAS platform? Why didn't your party provide you a platform especially in Malay areas?

Anonymous,  23 May 2012 at 23:55  


Dato' something to ponder.

Extracted from

In the Name of Allah; Most-Merciful, Most-Compassionate.

Many people, myself included, have written about unity and given reminders about the importance of being united. Today inshaAllah I'd like to spare you my words and share some of the beauty that was displayed by the companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) regarding this topic.

During the leadership of Uthman ibn Affan (may Allah be pleased with him) he led the people in prayer during the Hajj in 29 H. At Mina he prayed four rak'ah. However, AbdulRahman ibn Awf (may Allah be pleased with him) prayed two rak'ahs. Afterwards, he went to Uthman and challenged him:
"Didn't you pray two rak'ahs in this place with the Messenger of Allah?" He said: "Yes." Then he asked: "Didn't you pray two rak'ahs with Abu Bakr?" Then he said: "Yes." He further asked: "Didn't you pray two rak'ahs with Umar?" He said: "Yes." And, he asked: "Did you not pray two rak'ahs at the beginning of your Caliphate?" He said: "Yes." And, Uthman responded to explain why in this year, in this case and in that specific situation why he prayed four rak'ahs.
However, after having had that discourse, these two great and noble companions (may Allah be pleased with them) held different positions. In order to seek a third opinion, ibn Mas'ud (may Allah be pleased with him) was asked to give a ruling on this situation. ibn Mas'ud heard the situation and asked:
"Have you come to some agreement?" They said: "No." In response to that, ibn Mas'ud said: "Differing is evil. I heard he [Uthman] prayed four rak'ahs and so I led my companions in praying four."
ibn Mas'ud (may Allah be pleased with him) avoided focusing on the differences and wanted not to divide the people, so not only did he follow Uthman in praying four rak'ahs, he ruled that differing is evil - not that four or two was preferable.

As we read history, let us not get side-tracked and wonder should it have been four or two (and for those who are curious, there is a difference of opinion among the Companions on the ruling of shortening prayers when travelling). What is important here is unity. ibn Mas'ud is also reported to have said: "I hate differences." Let this be a lesson for us today, as we often focus all of our attention on these differences. It is better for us to avoid controversial topics. It is not productive for us to spend large amounts of our life and time arguing about minor issues in jurisprudence.

Allah says:
"Indeed, those who have divided their religion and become sects - you, [O Muhammad], are not [associated] with them in anything. Their affair is only [left] to Allah ; then He will inform them about what they used to do." (6:159)
Allah and His Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) enjoined Muslims to be united and in harmony with each other - and discouraged or forbade everything that would run counter to that. Furthermore, unity is one of the aims of the Shari'ah and it is sought after by the Muslims in implementing it.

And Allah knows best.

Ministers:99%cow brain,1%human brain for stealing,  24 May 2012 at 04:16  

If this type of 'mind-breaker' article doesn't open-up those UMNO/BN supporters mind, I dont know what else could. Maybe a sledgehammer on their thick skull. Haha..

Another masterpiece by, who else....

Anonymous,  24 May 2012 at 04:33  

Hello QD!

I do not think you are stupid! But your question at Sak's really a stupid question. DAP, PAS and PKR are in one team, similar to the BN with UMNO, MIC and MCA. So it was a good idea when PAS organize events in the Malay majority while DAP focus to Chinese-majority areas. PKR him self have their own duty.

Bare in your mind that DAP is not greedy like UMNO, a Malays gangster party. But the funny thing is when UMNO won majority seat In Penang during the reign of the BN, why the Chief Minister from Gerakan?.

Look inside yourself first before pointing your finger to the other! Jangan hanya pandai berkokok tapi bontot sendiri diselaputi najis!

Anonymous,  24 May 2012 at 08:11  

" Will someone tell me I am wrong " - anon 10.41.

Malays have two extremes. The good are very good and bad very bad, in particular those misguided by politics of race and religion.

Do you think a single person or a few could do so much damage?

He is an average person but dare to say things that others would not and used by his party to advance their narrow, divisive and self interest.

For power and fame, he will do and say anything.

Anonymous,  24 May 2012 at 08:42  

Helo QD mangkuk,

Umnogok ade beberapa kerusi DUN di Penang, Gerakan zero....where is the UMNOgok bolas....who head the BN in Penang now? Gerakan! yes.... UMNOgok telah diKudakan olih Gerakan, ape nak cakap QD.

Anonymous,  24 May 2012 at 09:00  

anon 24 May 2012 04:33

apa nak heran.. qd memang penjilat jubo.. sikit sebanyak najis masuk juga kan..

Anonymous,  24 May 2012 at 14:02  

That's why i hate this QD boy and umno trooper so much. They're brainless. Kita sedang bincang pasal wrong doing of the government tapi dia cuma cari isu Datuk SAK ceramah di pentas PAS. Apa ni QD boy. Commonlah. Lagi banyak budak ni bercakap lagi banyak menunjukkan he is so childish. Bagi budak ni corruption is okay as long it's done by the malay. WTF.

Anonymous,  24 May 2012 at 15:00  

Salam Dato,

Ini tanda UMNO baru sudah nyanyuk terlalu awal. Baru seusia pemain Harimau Malaya, sudah tidak tahu nak control bola. Bahkan bola dipegang macam main ragbi.

200 ribu Bersih 3.0 Pak Cik Rais Yatim kata hanya 20 ribu lebih.
100 ribu pada perhimpunan UMNO 66 tahun , walhal tak sampai 60 ribu.

Ini kalau pemimpin UMNO tak pandai matematik, inikan pula blogger UMNO yang bawah barangkal gagal matematik UPSR.

Rujuk umur Lim Guan Eng pada tahun 1969 :

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