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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 29 September 2022

The dove and the shit it bombs .

1. First, investigate the kajang prison chief. Is he on the take? Is he constructing luxury facilities for convict Najib?

2. Is this true? He is still feted like a VVIP thief. The prison chief faham the meaning of convict or not?

3. Najib is behaving like he is entitled to all the creature comforts. The sycophantic jailers cover at the sight of this hypocrite in chief.

4. The staff and the prison chief at kajang will be held accountable for this despicable commission of a heinous crime.

6. We will also investigate the role played by the ignominious twins, the ketua pengarah penjara Malaysia and his pliant deputy. 
5. That will be Dato Nordin and Dato Aziz.

7. These people seem to conspire to make life for Mr saggy bottom most pleasurable and agreeable.

8. The pleasured life includes special vehicles with flags and outriders, exemption from prison garb, possibly access to laptops, mobile phones and pampered living quarters. It's the halcyon days for Najib, the convict in chief.

9. There seems to be an unholy alliance between the powers that be, which further exacerbate the lie imposed on us.

10. The unholy alliance I refer to is the role played by the ministers of health, home affairs and the pm. Who among them insisted that Najib the convict in chief, be warded at all costs, to hkl?

11. Although the idiot only complained of a normal nose block, no intestinal haemorrhage, no severe headaches, no spinal injury nor any disability on any part of the body, save perhaps on a strategic part of the groin.

12. A nose block is easily treatable ordinarily and certainly does not require admission to the first class or even royal ward at HKL.

13. So, I repeat the question -who is the bozo insisting that Najib must be warded at HKL?

14. The point is, these people are making fools of us all. A patient must have a history of a particular ailment afflicting him. If Najib has high BP, he must have been taking a particular medicine for the past 7 or 10 years. We heard nothing of it. If he has diabetes, he must have done a similar thing.
In the absence of all these, we can only confirm that Najib is lying. He is a congenital liar

15. Perhaps because of this fake illness, HKL gave him a clean bill of health. Yet some minister insisted that Najib must now receive further specialised treatment at HRC.

16. We have found and met the enemy, and the enemy are us. We become our own worse enemy when we allow ourselves to be made stupid into believing najibs drama

17. Many of us find the State by the health DG to be facetious and waggish. He said it's not possible to reveal najibs ailment but can commit Najib to HRC.

18. Maybe we need a court order to compel KKM to reveal what actually ails Najib.

19. The statement by the dishevelled health minister is equally confusing. He says Najib is not given any preferential treatment. But he also said Najib is to receive physio therapy treatment. Will that be massage treatment from velly good health center of bukit bintang?
20. It is fortunate that we have a cluster of independent professionals who refused to be part of this crap.
21. I am referring to the group of medical staff at HKL who dared to defy the covering DG and gave Najib a clean bill of health.

22. Let us hope there are conscientious clusters of medical professionals at HRC who would do the appropriate thing.

23. When I was struck by stroke, I was admitted to HRC. I stayed there for 3 months. I underwent physio therapy. To bring life to my disabled leg and arm. Did Najib suffer any of these abilities? Or HRC had to prepare vvip facilities to accommodate me saggy bottom?

24. Further checks on HRC, reveal they treat the following ailments.

25. It is incumbent on all the powers that be to reveal what is really wrong with Najib. In particular, not to hide behind a protocol medical construct.

26. It's a moral imperative on the good medical people not to perpetuate the lie initially concocted by crooked politicians. Of course, if you are also crooks, nak buek camno.

27. We want certification from the hospital or KKM. Not from the prison department, whose piece of paper on health is like a kacang putih wrapper. Sah my foot.

28. Isn't it strange, a certification on a person's health is issued by the prison department? Might as well ask a sundry shop to issue a sick leave cert.

29. Let's not treat this as a trivial matter. If we do, it reflects our lackadaisical attitude towards the rule of law, where everyone is equal before the law. Najib should be treated as any other convict.

30. Certain Malay leaders abuse their power, do as the wished, make people stupid etc. Some stupid malays will do anything extra judicial to free a Malay thief. Including elevating the stature of a convicted plunder to a messiah. Thus punishing him of is sacrilegious. Sacré bleu!

31. That's what you get, when the material that should come out from the posterior, comes out from the mouth!

32. All the people connected to the scam of making najibs wet dream a realty, are all accountable for perpetuating the lie. They all are accountable and must be punished accordingly. To the politicians, your days are over.


Wednesday 28 September 2022

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. The najib's ruse.

1. This bloody cow dung, AliBababavum Najib is testing the patience of the Malaysian people and making a mockery of Malaysian laws.

2. The sissy and saggy bottom Najib is trying all the tricks to lighten his penultimate solo sojourn at kajang Hilton.

3. I have said in this country of ours, the fabled Darul Rasuah, everything is possible and everyone seems to have a price.

4. For example, has anyone thought of investigating the kajang prison director, to see whether he is on the take?

5. I know he has cited the prison acts and the prisons rule book, as a response, insisting that convict Najib is given no preferential treatment.

6. But throwing the book can be done by any jinjang joe or balakong brother.

7. So why is Mr saggy bottom and cleft pants getting all the preferential treatment? Unless the prison director is compromised?

8. Just what is ailing Najib?is it ulceritis, blood pressure fluctuations or as one famous blogger puts it, auta-ritis?

9. Many of us want to know why can't it be treated in standard regulation hospitals? If they are good for the other convicts, it must also be good for him.

10. Are the other convicts eligible for the same treatment as Najib? Can they choose to go to specialist hospitals and eventually IJN? Let's go to Tungshin next.

11. The irony is when Najib was galavanting around, going on shopping sprees, accompanying the missus on her shopping binges, playing 1 hole and 18 hole golf and campaigning here and there, Najib was in the pink of health.

12. Oh, because he's a former pm deserving proper treatment, comes the controlled subdued reply.

13. Hello, Anwar Ibrahim was a former dpm. He was punched senseless by the Gestapo IGP or the Malaysian Beria. In Saudi Arabia, Najib would have his hand cut or his head beheaded. In china, they shoot corrupt convicts. In South Korea, they have no compunction jailing ex-presidents.

14. Let us not cave in to this dog tail wagging unsolicited statement. Najib is a former pm who stole from the rakyat and deserves this comeuppance.

15. To aggravate the overcast, sad sky, najibs daughter comes out with this tearjerker.

16. Indeed, the lumpenproletariat, is the oxygen from which he inhaled the lifeblood. I want to paraphrase Proudhon, property in indeed theft!

17. KKM stated it gave here Najib the same generic medicine. Unfortunately, they got it wrong. Najibs real illness is as follows:-

18. To which my macha apoo responded thus.

19. Many of us are puzzled with the statement from our pekpo pm. That Najib be given the best medical treatment.

20. Huh, all along our medical system is caste structured. Different but superior medical treatment is given to the rich and powerful, which are few, while scrappy medical treatment is for. The majority, which are many.

21. All this while we don't know, now we know.

22. We must avoid being held ransom by najibs babyish tantrums. Unfortunately some malays, who believe it's wrong for Muslims to also grief over QE2s death and believe in the Hocus pocus of being able to yaqazah with the holy prophet who died over 1000 years ago, will believe the torture of AliBababavum Najib.

23 Perhaps Najib 'kena' all this is because of his unilateral sumpah laknat. Maybe, it's divine retribution.

24. So let us not fret about what's happening to Najib. Let us redha. Perhaps the ailments are a small penance najib pays for mocking his religion.

25. Instead, what we ought to find most disturbing is the conspiracy to undermine judicial sentencing.

26. I say, we ought to investigate the kajang prison chief. He may be busy supervising najibs living quarters.

28. Of course, the mother of all treachery and duplicity are the allegations that some ministers, including the pm, were also a party to the shit smeared on us.

29. The lawyer representing Najib will of course say, it's nonsense to allege that Najib is getting preferential treatment. He is najibs lawyer, isn't he? Do we expect him to say, yes, Najib is getting vip treatment? What he can expect is to have some people say, it's nonsensical to say it's nonsense Najib is getting preferential treatment. The probability that Najib is so treated is very high. It's not nonsense, sir.

30. The whole gangbang involved in the deceit and chicanery is indeed making a mockery of our judicial system. In furthering, abetting and playing along with najibs ruse, they are defeating the judgment of our supreme court.


Sunday 25 September 2022

A pigeon in a gilded cage. The tale of AliBababavum Najib.

1. Is Najib a pigeon in a gilded cage? I have been asking for an independent body to verify Najib's 'sudden' ailment.'s a moral disgrace if a convicted felon like Najib is given preferential treatment, while ordinary convicts do not get such treatment.

3. Let's have a bipartisan body then to verify Najib's mysterious ailment and the treatment so accorded to him.

4. KKM has said that Najib is given the same generic medicine and suffers no serious ailment.

5. Is KKM then lying about najib's situation, or can Najib determine what ails him?

6. If Najib has a tummy problem that is easily treatable, isn't it? If he has BP problem, that does not warrant an extended stay in hospital.

7. Now, HKL and HRC will have to issue official statements regarding najibs health. If Najib is just playing possum, then both HK Land and HRC are abetting a crime.

8. The prison director and his deputy can religiously quote the prison act that they are also responsible for an inmate's health.

9. Hooray! Belts off, trousers down, isn't life's a scream. Spare us the sanctimonious lecture, boleh tak?

10. Don't be hypocrites, is the same treatment accorded to other inmates? They are probably sent to prison hospital under heavy guard. Is the same given to AliBababavum? Or are you his thirudargalum:?

11. I think both Dato Nordin and Dato Aziz should appear before a parliamentary select committee to testify. I am sure their balls shrink.

12. I have a few questions. Why does Najib accorded with special vehicles instead of the usual prison truck?

Why is Najib not in prison garb?
Why is Najib accompanied by his personal doctor?

13. Is it true a special budget is allocated for najib's prison vehicles?

14. Is it true that a budget of rm3.5 m has been approved by kdn to take care of Najib? Renovate room, vehicles and health care?maybe a jacuzzi too eh?

15. What is the true role of pm, internal affairs minister and the health minister in the Najib medical drama?

16. Are they conspiring to lie about najib's health and subvert the implementation of our criminal justice system?
That najibs health condition is really a fake?

17. Why do they insist that Najib be warded at HKL and later cheras? So that AliBababavum can rest and serenaded by nubile nurses?

18. The bloody chap may be complaining of nose block like any other sissy. No tummy ache, no bloodied intestines, no BP fluctuations. So why insist be warded ? If he complains about his neck and back, call a masseuse then. Massage all other inmates too.

19. No need for an orthopedic specialist. If he has bp problems, his medication was given by HKL, not by a sengseh or bomoh. HKL must issue an official letter referring Najib to cheras.

20. The puzzling thing is, Najib did not complain any of these ailments when he was gallivanting around, shopping, playing golf or campaigning here and there.

21. Are the higher up bozos, pm, health minister and home affairs minister, doctors? Why did they override the real doctors and insist that Najib be warded?

22. My guess is hkl may have a special ward for Najib or the royal ward be available to him. And cheras may have vvip facilities there.

23. Pak sheikh, when you become the pm, haul up these people. Pek moh isy,kj, Hamzah, Dato Nordin, Dato Aziz and the stooge, Hisham.

24. Rudyard Kipling says that stranger things happen in the jungles of India, but even stranger things happen in the jungles of justice in Malaysia.



Friday 23 September 2022

The Yoda of Malaysian politics.

1. The first person to use the term hermit of langgak golf on Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah was the late k das. I don't particularly like the term because it signifies a person isolating himself from the word. Emerging from his cave once a while, to deliver apocalyptic messages.

2. On the other hand, whenever and wherever he chooses to deliver his messages they have reverberations and cause ripple effects

3. So from henceforth, I shall refer to him as the Yoda of Malaysian politics.

4. Take the save Kelantan movement. He met pkr Kelantan leaders and ngo heads in kb.
5. Although he has since denied it, saying there's nothing to it, just a storm in a teacup, the meeting has caused much consternation all around.

6. The reaction of 2nd rate umno kelantan leaders was expected. They Pooh poohed it, saying it was just a move by a washed up leader.

7. The reaction by these 2nd rate leaders came about as a result of pure envy and sour grape-ish in aftertaste.

8. None of these duds ever thought of organizing the forces opposed to pas. Or maybe they don't want to.

9. Obviously, self interests override that of the public. Federal Funds get channelled through them as long as the status quo remains.

10. It is in the interest of these umno second rate leaders to retain pas rule. So that they can continue skimming the milk, so to speak.

11. Accordingly, they direct their verbal venom not at pas, but at those they see as threats to the status quo. One such person is TRH

12. Enter ku li the refined but indomitable kelantan prince, the Yoda of Malaysian politics.

13. Pas took the matter seriously. Pas clerics go around the mussolahs and suraus insisting that kelantan can be saved only through Islam.

14. It all started when the indefatigable ku li convened a meeting of like-minded people to explore the possibility of ousting pas.

15. it was enough to throw pas off balance. Clearly, ku li is the kryptonite to pas super mullahs. Conceited pas took the meeting as an assault on Islam itself.

16. That's the typical knee-jerk response from the ecclesiastical dictators, who cover their inefficiencies with religious edicts.

17. You are always in a merry-go-round instead of getting a straight answer. When pas wants to justify a certain position, they will use verse A or Nas A or Hadith A. When they want to justify another position in contradiction to their earlier position, they will use verse B or Nas B or Hadith B. How do you reconcile A and B?

18. Listen to what Nik abduh says. When he objects to detention without trial as unislamic, he quotes certain Quranic sources. Now when he wants to justify detention without trial as Islamic and justifiable, he quotes some other Quranic sources

19. You can read or download that from parliament Hansard. How can you be Islamic and unislamic at the same time on the same subject?

20. Is double-talk and deception an integral part of Islamic virtue? That's what Nik abduh is actually saying.

21. Pas is by nature a deception. The whole time, it's ruling kelantan is a great deception. It represents not Islamic emancipation, but a great deception.

22. That is what tengku razaleigh and like-minded people are offering. Liberation from ecclesiastical fascism to real liberation.

23. The voters in kelantan better think hard about this. It is not greatness to be classified as the kelantanese diaspora without effecting change at home.

24. It's time for Trh to detach himself from self-serving umno politicians. Perhaps it's time for Trh to form a new political vehicle. Umno is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

25. Trh owes a duty to kelantanese in particular and Malaysians in general, to bring honourable purposes to politics.


Friday 16 September 2022

The fanon and Stockholm syndrome and the Najib ball lickers .

1. Why do we keep talking about Najib? That bloke is already in jail. End of story. The judgment of the supreme court is the final nail in the coffin.

2. Instead, we fuss over how he sleeps, what he eats and how he does his toilet duties. For God's sake, he's a convict.

3. If Najib is a foodie, his greatest prison reform will be:-

4. To persuade Starbucks to open a branch at kajang Hilton, KFC, chicken rice shop, la Fitte, and so on.

5. We exlaimed ya Allah ya Allah apa dah jadi pada Najib?. We worry our heads off over Najib's imagined deteriorating health.

6. You'd think that Allah answers only the prayers of umno people. Allah is not an umno member la.

7. There maybe many more millions who prayed that Najib suffers the worst of fate. He has to learn the life of a prison inmate

8. So, don't cry Argentina on him.

9. The prison director has presented us the rule book on prison and the prison act, blah blah. We are not going to quarrel with that

10. But does anyone verify what he said? For all you know, Najib maybe enjoying an extended vacation.

11. Najib maybe our Pablo Escobar of corruption. Let pdrm verify his actual lifestyle.

12. Give him the best medical treatment as we give any convict. Let's give him the eggshell skull rule.

13. We are actually fatigued at the round the clock stories about Najib. More so, the stories being churned by half past six internet journalists

14. We may be suffering from Franz fanon or a variation of the Stockholm syndrome. We profess to hate what Najib comes to represent, but we are obsessed in telling stories, even insignificant ones about him, in order to validate our miserable existence.

15. Accept the fact that Najib is jailed and only umno people believed he is victimised. Some people's children continue thinking with their kneecaps.

16. For all you know, Najib maybe doing a Baldrick on us -remember that Baldrick, Captain's Blackadder's dogsbody? When asked in court to deny everything, he dutifully denies everything.

17. If we now asked Najib, is your name Najib?-he will say, no!my name is not Najib. My name is Ali Bababavum.

18. How do we know if Najib isn't lying? He wants to stay out of jail as often as he could. A person, who piously uses religion to substantiate his lie, could be lying about his illness. Everyone knows by now, Najib is a drama king.

19. KKM has already said Najib is being given the same generic medicine for whatever his ailments are. Hence, no one directs anybody to change the medicine.

20. KKM should now come out with a definitive statement on what ails the bloody convict. If his body repels the usual medicine, then the problem is his sissy body. He should be treated as we would treat any other convict.

21. It's not as if he were given something arsenic right, as Anwar was proven to be given something poisonous when pak sheikh was jailed last time. Not only was he poisoned, he even got a black eye. Dr Mahathir, the panadol selling doctor said, it was self-inflicted.

22. Yes, daddy loves the rakyat. So do other politicians too. But daddy also likes to lie and steal from the rakyat. Children of ordinary convicts go to sleep at night also with tears in their eyes. Smarmy statements about daddy dear, doesn't change his guilt.

23. Be circumspect with the pro Najib portals or any portals writing about Najib. They are riddled with inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Would you believe they are camping outside kajang prison or outside langgak duta?

24. The fanon and Stockholm syndrome says that mentioning Najib 24/7, means you secretly love Najib. You want to have his baby.


Monday 12 September 2022

Sombre lessons from the death of queen Elizabeth 2.

1. I watched keenly and listened intently at the many eulogy speeches on BBC is on the occasion of the death of Queen Elizabeth 2.

2. It was the speech of Harriet Harman, the labour mp, which caught my attention.

3. In one passage, she said the queen stayed out of controversy by not staying in the background. She does so by being aware of the boundaries which refrain or allowed her to act.

4. The boundaries are set not only by the constitution, but more importantly, by personal moral and ethical constraints.

5. I wish I could say the same thing about many of our monarchs, who seem to say things faster than their brains are in engage gear.

6. Because their brain is always in free gear, they seem to say idiotic things most of the time.

7. Like a certain monarch saying his state has no qualms seceding from Malaysia, if his state continues to be discriminated in terms of economic development.

8. Imagine if all the monarchs were to say the same thing, the whole country will be thrown into anarchy.

9 . The entity called Malaysia will no longer exist, and the 4 kingless states will be known as the republic of Malaysia.

10. That is the ridiculous conclusion we arrive at, if we were to let our imagination run wild and unguarded like the particular monarch

11. Sad but true, that is what you get when you willfully disregard the constitutional,
moral and personal ethical constraints.

12. Seen in that context, how should the king treat the petition for clemency for AliBababavum Najib?

13. Faced with conflicting petitions (one supporting clemency and another opposing it), the solution presents itself. The idea of clemency is dismissible.

14. The king can ignore the noisy UMNO petition (not partition, ya). He is king not only to UMNO people but to all Malaysians.

15. The king needs to speak to the people what they want to hear. And the overwhelming majority say no to clemency.

16. Hopefully, consciousness of these boundaries (both tangible and intangible) will prevent the king from meddling into the affairs of the state, especially with the administration of justice.

17. So when the king says that the powers to sentence and to give clemency should not be used indiscriminately, the message should be understood by all.

18. Although spoken in the context of implementing Islamic jurisprudence, the message has a general and universal application.

19. The message is especially pertinent to the hearing impaired and the mentally retarded umno leadership.

20. Let me put it simpler. There won't be any clemency for Ali babavum Najib, nor will he get a 30% discount in the 12-year sabbatical.

21. The cocksure statements by wak banjar, Ahmad Maslan shouldn't go unchallenged. He said Anwar had 70 postponements, while Najib asked for even 1, it was denied.

22. First,his contention that Anwar had 70 postponements is preposterous. Unless he counted Anwar taking a leak as 1 postponement. He's imputing the court being unfair and practising differing standards.

23. No court would ever grant that many postponements. Masnlans assertion and whatever permutations you make of that runaway statement, it constitutes a contempt of court.

24. It's bringing disrepute to the courts, besmirching them, casting aspersions and causing people to distrust our courts. To me, the statement constitute a convictable offence.

25. Somebody ought to make a police report against the pontian gnome. Put the fear of god into him.

26. It's not true that Najib hasn't got time to delay his trial. He's had over 4 years to play all sorts of court truancy.

27. Instead, because he wasn't serious about his case and thinking the courts are a pliable putty, he used the time for court unrelated matters.

28. He used court time to galavant around, goes to Singapore to play 1hole to 18hole golf and campaign here and there. He digs his own grave.

29. I would like to end this article, by mentioning what king Charles 111 said.

30. He will to the end of his time uphold the constitution. Our kings ,please take note

31. King Charles pledged to rule with loyalty, respect and love

32. Loyalty to the constitution always, respect the boundaries and love ALL the people, not only umno people.


Friday 9 September 2022

Leak of draft judgment issue.

1. What if the alleged leaks in the draft documents are false? Intended to cast doubts on the final judgments?

2. They are, but, creative manufactures of apparatchiks aligned to the biddings of their paymasters?

3. They are just propaganda fodder served to the unthinking chattering class.

4.the chattering class consists of the wailing pakciks and makciks, the panas barans, the commuters on the Clapham omnibus and the mrt, leisure housewives sipping latte and the smoked salmon socialists drinking at the Selangor club.

5. If the leaks are only of propagandistic value, ie deliberately created so as to form a certain public opinion, they should accordingly be treated flippantly.

6. But suspend our judgment for the time being and accept that the leaks are true. What of it?

7. At the onset, let us be aware that the leaked material are draft judgments, not the final and proofread.

8. Our quarrel with the leakage seems to rest on the untenable assumption, that the leakage will be prejudicial to the justice due to the litigant.

9. The leakage is an untenable assumption because such a leakage, does not go to the root of the verdict. It does not affect the guilt or innocence of the litigant.

10. We are angry with the leakage, believing that if some people know of the verdict beforehand, it will injure or compromised the verdict.

11. How could they influence the outcome of the verdict? As professor Godbole in a passage to India says, the outcome is already written in the stars.

12. Members of the public must be able to distinguish between the leakage, draft and final judgment. We are angry at the leakage, and rightly so. The verdict is unchangeable.

13. The leakage can only mean there are dishonest people in the judgment trail.

14. I believe, judges take notes, make notes, asked research officers to look up relevant case laws to affirm or rebut legal counsels submissions and so on.

15. These are passed on to court clerks who operate the word processors and research officers or other relevant workers. The leaks occur between them.

16. So ask pdrm or sprm to investigate these people instead of shouting our heads off at an imagined travesty of justice. If the culprits are caught, send them to jail and fine them in an exemplary amount.


Monday 5 September 2022

Selective persecution or prosecution?

1. Outside the court, Zahid Hamidi can say whatever he e wants. As a politician, he will say anything populist and what the unthinking umnogooks want to hear.

2. Like saying, he's a victim of selective persecution or prosecution.

3. The unthinking blob of humanity, otherwise known as umno angguks, with jaws dropping, will say, yes court zalim.

4.our Zahid, Malay and umno hero, honest and sincere Zahid would not do all those despicable things. It's a conspiracy.

5. Yes, true only if we were to think with our kneecaps. We think with our heads, la tuan.

6. That reminds me of a story told of our late king ghaz. He was on a wheelchair. He asked someone to nominate him as ketua pemuda.

7. Young man, said he. Nominate me as ketua pemuda. You can't even walk, retorted the young man. Yes, but I think with my head, not with my legs, said king ghaz.

8. That's the saddening part. Most of the gawking umno angguks think uncritically of what master manipulator, zahid said.

9. Excuse us of being pedantic a bit. Just what does Zahid mean? Selective persecution or selective prosecution?

10. Selective persecution is of general application. It usually refers to victimization of a group. For example, the general victimization of the christians by the Romans in ancient times. The general discrimination of blacks by white supremacists in the USA at one time. The brutal treatment of blacks by the kkk etc. Selective persecution is applied to whole groups

11. Zahid, or even the court cluster, is not a group. They represent a small fraction of umno members. Umno people on the other hand, deserves the general contempt by society. They walk around with a sense of entitlement as though everyone else owe them a living.

12. Freedom and liberation from persecution are fought in the realm of politics or through mass social movements.

13. Redemption from persecution is not fought in the courts. Prosecution is.

14. Prosecution, on the other hand, is of particular import. It is resolved in the courts. It is applied to particular people who have committed a legal wrong. In the case of Zahid, the 47 charges .

15. So, don't bamboozle us your pious pontification outside the court chambers. Do it inside the courtroom. The uninitiated umno angguks will swallow your verbal vomit, hook line and sinker. Not the right-thinking members of society.

16. What's the beef with having zahids trial being sped up? It doesn't go to the root of your guilt or innocence.

17. Zahid should welcome his trial being given priority, as he can prove his innocence quicker

18. Many of us saw a picture of zahid on a bed with a neck brace on. He has a urinary tract problem, but wearing a neck brace? Or is it some stupido portal managers uploading a fake photo?

19. What's the fuss about a letter from the agc, which has been withdrawn since, asking the judge to speed up Zahids case? Does it suggest the judge couldn't make a judgement based on facts, evidence and cogent arguments?

20. If you feel strongly about it, sue the AG. Habis cerita. Don't read anything malicious about it with regards zahids case


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