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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 23 September 2022

The Yoda of Malaysian politics.

1. The first person to use the term hermit of langgak golf on Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah was the late k das. I don't particularly like the term because it signifies a person isolating himself from the word. Emerging from his cave once a while, to deliver apocalyptic messages.

2. On the other hand, whenever and wherever he chooses to deliver his messages they have reverberations and cause ripple effects

3. So from henceforth, I shall refer to him as the Yoda of Malaysian politics.

4. Take the save Kelantan movement. He met pkr Kelantan leaders and ngo heads in kb.
5. Although he has since denied it, saying there's nothing to it, just a storm in a teacup, the meeting has caused much consternation all around.

6. The reaction of 2nd rate umno kelantan leaders was expected. They Pooh poohed it, saying it was just a move by a washed up leader.

7. The reaction by these 2nd rate leaders came about as a result of pure envy and sour grape-ish in aftertaste.

8. None of these duds ever thought of organizing the forces opposed to pas. Or maybe they don't want to.

9. Obviously, self interests override that of the public. Federal Funds get channelled through them as long as the status quo remains.

10. It is in the interest of these umno second rate leaders to retain pas rule. So that they can continue skimming the milk, so to speak.

11. Accordingly, they direct their verbal venom not at pas, but at those they see as threats to the status quo. One such person is TRH

12. Enter ku li the refined but indomitable kelantan prince, the Yoda of Malaysian politics.

13. Pas took the matter seriously. Pas clerics go around the mussolahs and suraus insisting that kelantan can be saved only through Islam.

14. It all started when the indefatigable ku li convened a meeting of like-minded people to explore the possibility of ousting pas.

15. it was enough to throw pas off balance. Clearly, ku li is the kryptonite to pas super mullahs. Conceited pas took the meeting as an assault on Islam itself.

16. That's the typical knee-jerk response from the ecclesiastical dictators, who cover their inefficiencies with religious edicts.

17. You are always in a merry-go-round instead of getting a straight answer. When pas wants to justify a certain position, they will use verse A or Nas A or Hadith A. When they want to justify another position in contradiction to their earlier position, they will use verse B or Nas B or Hadith B. How do you reconcile A and B?

18. Listen to what Nik abduh says. When he objects to detention without trial as unislamic, he quotes certain Quranic sources. Now when he wants to justify detention without trial as Islamic and justifiable, he quotes some other Quranic sources

19. You can read or download that from parliament Hansard. How can you be Islamic and unislamic at the same time on the same subject?

20. Is double-talk and deception an integral part of Islamic virtue? That's what Nik abduh is actually saying.

21. Pas is by nature a deception. The whole time, it's ruling kelantan is a great deception. It represents not Islamic emancipation, but a great deception.

22. That is what tengku razaleigh and like-minded people are offering. Liberation from ecclesiastical fascism to real liberation.

23. The voters in kelantan better think hard about this. It is not greatness to be classified as the kelantanese diaspora without effecting change at home.

24. It's time for Trh to detach himself from self-serving umno politicians. Perhaps it's time for Trh to form a new political vehicle. Umno is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

25. Trh owes a duty to kelantanese in particular and Malaysians in general, to bring honourable purposes to politics.


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