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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 25 September 2022

A pigeon in a gilded cage. The tale of AliBababavum Najib.

1. Is Najib a pigeon in a gilded cage? I have been asking for an independent body to verify Najib's 'sudden' ailment.'s a moral disgrace if a convicted felon like Najib is given preferential treatment, while ordinary convicts do not get such treatment.

3. Let's have a bipartisan body then to verify Najib's mysterious ailment and the treatment so accorded to him.

4. KKM has said that Najib is given the same generic medicine and suffers no serious ailment.

5. Is KKM then lying about najib's situation, or can Najib determine what ails him?

6. If Najib has a tummy problem that is easily treatable, isn't it? If he has BP problem, that does not warrant an extended stay in hospital.

7. Now, HKL and HRC will have to issue official statements regarding najibs health. If Najib is just playing possum, then both HK Land and HRC are abetting a crime.

8. The prison director and his deputy can religiously quote the prison act that they are also responsible for an inmate's health.

9. Hooray! Belts off, trousers down, isn't life's a scream. Spare us the sanctimonious lecture, boleh tak?

10. Don't be hypocrites, is the same treatment accorded to other inmates? They are probably sent to prison hospital under heavy guard. Is the same given to AliBababavum? Or are you his thirudargalum:?

11. I think both Dato Nordin and Dato Aziz should appear before a parliamentary select committee to testify. I am sure their balls shrink.

12. I have a few questions. Why does Najib accorded with special vehicles instead of the usual prison truck?

Why is Najib not in prison garb?
Why is Najib accompanied by his personal doctor?

13. Is it true a special budget is allocated for najib's prison vehicles?

14. Is it true that a budget of rm3.5 m has been approved by kdn to take care of Najib? Renovate room, vehicles and health care?maybe a jacuzzi too eh?

15. What is the true role of pm, internal affairs minister and the health minister in the Najib medical drama?

16. Are they conspiring to lie about najib's health and subvert the implementation of our criminal justice system?
That najibs health condition is really a fake?

17. Why do they insist that Najib be warded at HKL and later cheras? So that AliBababavum can rest and serenaded by nubile nurses?

18. The bloody chap may be complaining of nose block like any other sissy. No tummy ache, no bloodied intestines, no BP fluctuations. So why insist be warded ? If he complains about his neck and back, call a masseuse then. Massage all other inmates too.

19. No need for an orthopedic specialist. If he has bp problems, his medication was given by HKL, not by a sengseh or bomoh. HKL must issue an official letter referring Najib to cheras.

20. The puzzling thing is, Najib did not complain any of these ailments when he was gallivanting around, shopping, playing golf or campaigning here and there.

21. Are the higher up bozos, pm, health minister and home affairs minister, doctors? Why did they override the real doctors and insist that Najib be warded?

22. My guess is hkl may have a special ward for Najib or the royal ward be available to him. And cheras may have vvip facilities there.

23. Pak sheikh, when you become the pm, haul up these people. Pek moh isy,kj, Hamzah, Dato Nordin, Dato Aziz and the stooge, Hisham.

24. Rudyard Kipling says that stranger things happen in the jungles of India, but even stranger things happen in the jungles of justice in Malaysia.



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