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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 28 September 2022

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. The najib's ruse.

1. This bloody cow dung, AliBababavum Najib is testing the patience of the Malaysian people and making a mockery of Malaysian laws.

2. The sissy and saggy bottom Najib is trying all the tricks to lighten his penultimate solo sojourn at kajang Hilton.

3. I have said in this country of ours, the fabled Darul Rasuah, everything is possible and everyone seems to have a price.

4. For example, has anyone thought of investigating the kajang prison director, to see whether he is on the take?

5. I know he has cited the prison acts and the prisons rule book, as a response, insisting that convict Najib is given no preferential treatment.

6. But throwing the book can be done by any jinjang joe or balakong brother.

7. So why is Mr saggy bottom and cleft pants getting all the preferential treatment? Unless the prison director is compromised?

8. Just what is ailing Najib?is it ulceritis, blood pressure fluctuations or as one famous blogger puts it, auta-ritis?

9. Many of us want to know why can't it be treated in standard regulation hospitals? If they are good for the other convicts, it must also be good for him.

10. Are the other convicts eligible for the same treatment as Najib? Can they choose to go to specialist hospitals and eventually IJN? Let's go to Tungshin next.

11. The irony is when Najib was galavanting around, going on shopping sprees, accompanying the missus on her shopping binges, playing 1 hole and 18 hole golf and campaigning here and there, Najib was in the pink of health.

12. Oh, because he's a former pm deserving proper treatment, comes the controlled subdued reply.

13. Hello, Anwar Ibrahim was a former dpm. He was punched senseless by the Gestapo IGP or the Malaysian Beria. In Saudi Arabia, Najib would have his hand cut or his head beheaded. In china, they shoot corrupt convicts. In South Korea, they have no compunction jailing ex-presidents.

14. Let us not cave in to this dog tail wagging unsolicited statement. Najib is a former pm who stole from the rakyat and deserves this comeuppance.

15. To aggravate the overcast, sad sky, najibs daughter comes out with this tearjerker.

16. Indeed, the lumpenproletariat, is the oxygen from which he inhaled the lifeblood. I want to paraphrase Proudhon, property in indeed theft!

17. KKM stated it gave here Najib the same generic medicine. Unfortunately, they got it wrong. Najibs real illness is as follows:-

18. To which my macha apoo responded thus.

19. Many of us are puzzled with the statement from our pekpo pm. That Najib be given the best medical treatment.

20. Huh, all along our medical system is caste structured. Different but superior medical treatment is given to the rich and powerful, which are few, while scrappy medical treatment is for. The majority, which are many.

21. All this while we don't know, now we know.

22. We must avoid being held ransom by najibs babyish tantrums. Unfortunately some malays, who believe it's wrong for Muslims to also grief over QE2s death and believe in the Hocus pocus of being able to yaqazah with the holy prophet who died over 1000 years ago, will believe the torture of AliBababavum Najib.

23 Perhaps Najib 'kena' all this is because of his unilateral sumpah laknat. Maybe, it's divine retribution.

24. So let us not fret about what's happening to Najib. Let us redha. Perhaps the ailments are a small penance najib pays for mocking his religion.

25. Instead, what we ought to find most disturbing is the conspiracy to undermine judicial sentencing.

26. I say, we ought to investigate the kajang prison chief. He may be busy supervising najibs living quarters.

28. Of course, the mother of all treachery and duplicity are the allegations that some ministers, including the pm, were also a party to the shit smeared on us.

29. The lawyer representing Najib will of course say, it's nonsense to allege that Najib is getting preferential treatment. He is najibs lawyer, isn't he? Do we expect him to say, yes, Najib is getting vip treatment? What he can expect is to have some people say, it's nonsensical to say it's nonsense Najib is getting preferential treatment. The probability that Najib is so treated is very high. It's not nonsense, sir.

30. The whole gangbang involved in the deceit and chicanery is indeed making a mockery of our judicial system. In furthering, abetting and playing along with najibs ruse, they are defeating the judgment of our supreme court.


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