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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 29 September 2022

The dove and the shit it bombs .

1. First, investigate the kajang prison chief. Is he on the take? Is he constructing luxury facilities for convict Najib?

2. Is this true? He is still feted like a VVIP thief. The prison chief faham the meaning of convict or not?

3. Najib is behaving like he is entitled to all the creature comforts. The sycophantic jailers cover at the sight of this hypocrite in chief.

4. The staff and the prison chief at kajang will be held accountable for this despicable commission of a heinous crime.

6. We will also investigate the role played by the ignominious twins, the ketua pengarah penjara Malaysia and his pliant deputy. 
5. That will be Dato Nordin and Dato Aziz.

7. These people seem to conspire to make life for Mr saggy bottom most pleasurable and agreeable.

8. The pleasured life includes special vehicles with flags and outriders, exemption from prison garb, possibly access to laptops, mobile phones and pampered living quarters. It's the halcyon days for Najib, the convict in chief.

9. There seems to be an unholy alliance between the powers that be, which further exacerbate the lie imposed on us.

10. The unholy alliance I refer to is the role played by the ministers of health, home affairs and the pm. Who among them insisted that Najib the convict in chief, be warded at all costs, to hkl?

11. Although the idiot only complained of a normal nose block, no intestinal haemorrhage, no severe headaches, no spinal injury nor any disability on any part of the body, save perhaps on a strategic part of the groin.

12. A nose block is easily treatable ordinarily and certainly does not require admission to the first class or even royal ward at HKL.

13. So, I repeat the question -who is the bozo insisting that Najib must be warded at HKL?

14. The point is, these people are making fools of us all. A patient must have a history of a particular ailment afflicting him. If Najib has high BP, he must have been taking a particular medicine for the past 7 or 10 years. We heard nothing of it. If he has diabetes, he must have done a similar thing.
In the absence of all these, we can only confirm that Najib is lying. He is a congenital liar

15. Perhaps because of this fake illness, HKL gave him a clean bill of health. Yet some minister insisted that Najib must now receive further specialised treatment at HRC.

16. We have found and met the enemy, and the enemy are us. We become our own worse enemy when we allow ourselves to be made stupid into believing najibs drama

17. Many of us find the State by the health DG to be facetious and waggish. He said it's not possible to reveal najibs ailment but can commit Najib to HRC.

18. Maybe we need a court order to compel KKM to reveal what actually ails Najib.

19. The statement by the dishevelled health minister is equally confusing. He says Najib is not given any preferential treatment. But he also said Najib is to receive physio therapy treatment. Will that be massage treatment from velly good health center of bukit bintang?
20. It is fortunate that we have a cluster of independent professionals who refused to be part of this crap.
21. I am referring to the group of medical staff at HKL who dared to defy the covering DG and gave Najib a clean bill of health.

22. Let us hope there are conscientious clusters of medical professionals at HRC who would do the appropriate thing.

23. When I was struck by stroke, I was admitted to HRC. I stayed there for 3 months. I underwent physio therapy. To bring life to my disabled leg and arm. Did Najib suffer any of these abilities? Or HRC had to prepare vvip facilities to accommodate me saggy bottom?

24. Further checks on HRC, reveal they treat the following ailments.

25. It is incumbent on all the powers that be to reveal what is really wrong with Najib. In particular, not to hide behind a protocol medical construct.

26. It's a moral imperative on the good medical people not to perpetuate the lie initially concocted by crooked politicians. Of course, if you are also crooks, nak buek camno.

27. We want certification from the hospital or KKM. Not from the prison department, whose piece of paper on health is like a kacang putih wrapper. Sah my foot.

28. Isn't it strange, a certification on a person's health is issued by the prison department? Might as well ask a sundry shop to issue a sick leave cert.

29. Let's not treat this as a trivial matter. If we do, it reflects our lackadaisical attitude towards the rule of law, where everyone is equal before the law. Najib should be treated as any other convict.

30. Certain Malay leaders abuse their power, do as the wished, make people stupid etc. Some stupid malays will do anything extra judicial to free a Malay thief. Including elevating the stature of a convicted plunder to a messiah. Thus punishing him of is sacrilegious. Sacré bleu!

31. That's what you get, when the material that should come out from the posterior, comes out from the mouth!

32. All the people connected to the scam of making najibs wet dream a realty, are all accountable for perpetuating the lie. They all are accountable and must be punished accordingly. To the politicians, your days are over.


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