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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 16 September 2022

The fanon and Stockholm syndrome and the Najib ball lickers .

1. Why do we keep talking about Najib? That bloke is already in jail. End of story. The judgment of the supreme court is the final nail in the coffin.

2. Instead, we fuss over how he sleeps, what he eats and how he does his toilet duties. For God's sake, he's a convict.

3. If Najib is a foodie, his greatest prison reform will be:-

4. To persuade Starbucks to open a branch at kajang Hilton, KFC, chicken rice shop, la Fitte, and so on.

5. We exlaimed ya Allah ya Allah apa dah jadi pada Najib?. We worry our heads off over Najib's imagined deteriorating health.

6. You'd think that Allah answers only the prayers of umno people. Allah is not an umno member la.

7. There maybe many more millions who prayed that Najib suffers the worst of fate. He has to learn the life of a prison inmate

8. So, don't cry Argentina on him.

9. The prison director has presented us the rule book on prison and the prison act, blah blah. We are not going to quarrel with that

10. But does anyone verify what he said? For all you know, Najib maybe enjoying an extended vacation.

11. Najib maybe our Pablo Escobar of corruption. Let pdrm verify his actual lifestyle.

12. Give him the best medical treatment as we give any convict. Let's give him the eggshell skull rule.

13. We are actually fatigued at the round the clock stories about Najib. More so, the stories being churned by half past six internet journalists

14. We may be suffering from Franz fanon or a variation of the Stockholm syndrome. We profess to hate what Najib comes to represent, but we are obsessed in telling stories, even insignificant ones about him, in order to validate our miserable existence.

15. Accept the fact that Najib is jailed and only umno people believed he is victimised. Some people's children continue thinking with their kneecaps.

16. For all you know, Najib maybe doing a Baldrick on us -remember that Baldrick, Captain's Blackadder's dogsbody? When asked in court to deny everything, he dutifully denies everything.

17. If we now asked Najib, is your name Najib?-he will say, no!my name is not Najib. My name is Ali Bababavum.

18. How do we know if Najib isn't lying? He wants to stay out of jail as often as he could. A person, who piously uses religion to substantiate his lie, could be lying about his illness. Everyone knows by now, Najib is a drama king.

19. KKM has already said Najib is being given the same generic medicine for whatever his ailments are. Hence, no one directs anybody to change the medicine.

20. KKM should now come out with a definitive statement on what ails the bloody convict. If his body repels the usual medicine, then the problem is his sissy body. He should be treated as we would treat any other convict.

21. It's not as if he were given something arsenic right, as Anwar was proven to be given something poisonous when pak sheikh was jailed last time. Not only was he poisoned, he even got a black eye. Dr Mahathir, the panadol selling doctor said, it was self-inflicted.

22. Yes, daddy loves the rakyat. So do other politicians too. But daddy also likes to lie and steal from the rakyat. Children of ordinary convicts go to sleep at night also with tears in their eyes. Smarmy statements about daddy dear, doesn't change his guilt.

23. Be circumspect with the pro Najib portals or any portals writing about Najib. They are riddled with inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Would you believe they are camping outside kajang prison or outside langgak duta?

24. The fanon and Stockholm syndrome says that mentioning Najib 24/7, means you secretly love Najib. You want to have his baby.


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