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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 28 May 2012

Same Pillow, Different Dreams

I am just back from a grueling 2 day ceramah sessions in Terengganu and Kelantan. The interactive responses from the rakyat- most notably from the marginalized Malays in the rural heartlands are sending shivers down the spines of UMNO leaders. 

Provided one can still locate the spines. We can now speak of UMNO and no longer of BN. perhaps UMNO’s most important ally is now the parti Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia. BN now exists in name only. The 14 component parties are just stooges to UMNO’s devices. 

The MIC will be reduced to the status of a beggar with outstretched hands just like the PPP shouting ayoyo, amama. MCA has lost any semblance of credibility since it cannot be Chinese enough because it obeys the dictates of its master, UMNO. Who cares if Soi Lek says MCA is the only brave party to object to the implementation of hudud? A non-Muslim party says that in the face of UMNO leaders who are Muslims and they just stood by cupping the breeches to ensure their manhood is still intact?  Because they are eunuchs, they can’t feel anything there. 

Everywhere we go, people are asking when is the election date? We will let the UMNO hoi poloi and digits think they have got the upper hand. Let them be deluded into believing their own hype. Najib sees thousands of UMNO members being transported into stadium Bukit Jalil and he was LSD-ied into  declaring he wants elections now. But when he sobers up from the drunken blankness of being mesmerized by a well-orchestrated attendance of the mindless by his political minders, his punahsihats and punaisihats and realized that 300,000 over people attended the Bersih 3.0 gathering, he chickened out. 

Of course he will be intoxicated once more at seeing the gathering of his one million youths who came to have a good time, roller blading, bike-racing or just hip-hoping with the well paid singers in attendance. He and the missus can play the teh-tarik sellers for a day and the mainstream papers will vomit the usual sycophantic praises. Perhaps the underage boys and girls plus the tourist who came too, can vote UMNO in the next election? 

What he will never realize is why are his UMNO ground troops clamoring for the election date? Everyone has been worked up so intensely that they are going into epileptic fits. Now, epilepsy is an ailment that Najib has personal experience but we shall not go into that. We want to answer why the UMNO men and women, girls and boys on the ground are having the seizures. 

Much money has been spent to spruce up the operations rooms all over the country. The Terengganu UMNO chief distributed RM 5000 to each operations room to have them all make-up and powdered. Much money has been spent to on the election paraphernalia- bamboo poles for the flags, tee-shirts and caps for the UMNO troops, vests and so on. But more importantly, the UMNO troops are growing impatient asking when is the real money coming? Many have placed orders for that motorbike they dreamed. They can’t wait to race across the padi fields in Sungai Panjang, Sungai Besar and Sekinchan.

You see, for the UMNO troops, the GE is a real festive time to earn big bucks. They want to fleece the UMNO leaders for the last time before UMNO loses the next GE.

Are the UMNO troops motivated by a purpose or are they fighting for a cause? They have no clue whatsoever what is UMNO fighting for. 

For those not supporting UMNO, they want to know the election date because they are impatient to kick out the thieving and hypocritical UMNO leaders. You have a leader lecturing and insulting the intelligence of people receiving RM 500, 100 and 200 on how to spend the money wisely forgetting that it will take millions receiving the RM500 to equal the purchase of one diamond ring costing RM 74 million. It takes thousands of recipients to equal one Birkin Hermes handbag. The same leader who closes one eye on the spindrift ways of people close to him are lecturing people on how to spend RM 500 wisely? 

These people are impatient to usher in a better life after UMNO. That is why they want to know when is the elections? They know they have a better future under Pakatan rule than under empty promising UMNO. The UMNO president went to Gua Musang 2 weeks ago and promised the people of Kelantan thet he will give a better Islam than PAS can in Kelantan. We have a simple question for him. Has he provided a better Islam in the states UMNO and BN are the governments? Why doesn't he implement a better Islam in the states UMNO and BN won rather than shooting his mouth about Islam in a state where BN and UMNO lost?

The infamous Abe Jak ( Abang Jak) is ROTFLOL- rolling on the floor laughing out loudly at Najib's political comedy. Abe Jak was the man fined by the courts for indecently exposing his private parts to some Puteri UMNO members many years back. Or Perhaps he didn't go full Monty and was only teasing much to the chagrin of the Puteri UMNO girls.

When Lim Guan Eng took over Penang from UMNO and Gerakan he inherited a debt of almost RM 700 million and after only 4 years the debt is reduced to RM 30 million. He has balanced the budget and Penang has emerged as the sate with the biggest FDI. He offers a better future for Penang people.

When Khalid Ibrahim the stutterer took over Selangor he was left with a reserve of RM 800 million. Khir Toyo the tempe seller thought he could gloat but after 4 years, Khalid Ibrahim has increased the cash reserves to just over RM 2 billion, balanced the budget and received the second largest FDI. Khalid offers a better future for Selangor people and has a better record to compare to boastful Najib.

When Nik Aziz, the kampong man vilified by UMNO as a village ustaz in sarong who can never manage a state took over Kelantan, he inherited a debt of over RM 600 million. Now Kelantan has no federal debt. Nik Aziz offers Kelantanese a better future.

Similarly when Ustaz Azizan took over Kedah, he inherited a state better known for rampant losses in revenue from timber extraction. Under his management, revenue from timber and logging has increased manifold. The losses perviously incurred were the result of UMNO's gross mismanagement.  Also, Kedah under the ustaz has also raked in more FDI than 9 other UMNO managed states. Kedah was in the top 5 states receiving the highest FDI. PAS offers a better future to the Kedahans than and Mukhriz can ever do.

So you see, the UMNO troops are impatient for the election date for another inglorious reason but one that is typical of the UMNO mindset.

The majority of the people are impatient to have a better life after UMNO.


bruno,  28 May 2012 at 03:48  

Dato,it is good to hear that you have been letting off steam in your two days of hectic ceramah sessions.Like I always said it is good to take the fight to the Malay heartlands.

I was wondering how come you have never been so slow in updating your comment posts.I thought maybe the SB guys came to your front doorsteps.And you could have been eating nasi kandar in Bukit Aman.Anyway it is good to know that everything is well over there.Best regards to you and family.

bruno,  28 May 2012 at 04:20  

Dato,first of all brave people do not send hundreds of hooligans and thugs to offend,insult and intimidate a lady at her front doorsteps.Cowards and spineless people?Maybe,but at least not against a lady.Have to be less than spineless,I might say.

So it is no surprise that you have meet and seen many less than spineless Umnonites the last two days.These less than spineless creatures are crawling out of the woodworks into the fire to be fried.The more dirtier they get the more they will be rejected by the people.

Since that they have become less that spineless,we have to wonder if their hidden hundreds of billions will save their hides from getting tanned this coming GE.For sure we know that they have lost their bolas.

And CSL and his bogeyman,hudud this and hudud that.He is so scared about the hudud law because he knows that maybe it will implied to him too,and that his thing will be chopped off because of the cheating of his spouse.

Even if hudud laws are implemented,only people who broke the laws are to be punished.Law abiding citizens do not have to worry about hudud.So who cares about hudud this and that.My personal opinion is that even if PR takes over Putrajaya,the hudud laws will not be implemented.

And once the more educated young professionals in PAS takes over the leadership,further down the road they won't be talking so much about hudud anymore,except the porn star CSL.

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 07:16  

Is this another 1Malaysia rip off for election at taxpayers expenses when its given free to school kids who will not want it?

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 08:06  

Salam Dato Sak,
Jika kemenangan UMNO pada PRU 13, di senario D(J.P.Morgan analysis)- majoriti mudah diantara 50%-61%, maka kita akan menyaksikan shopping calon Pakatan besar besaran akan terjadi.Pakatan berusaha keras utk menawan UMNO, malang nya dimusnahkan oleh Trojan-horses seperti kes ADUN Jelapang. Demokrasi rakyat Malaysia telah diliwat & dirogol. Tidak ada makna mengadakan pilihan raya.

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 09:08  

Wowww !!! mana satu betul ni UMNO ke,DAP ke SPR ke ,SPRM ke .POLIS ke, NIK AZIZ ke , ANWAR ke, KARPAL atas pagar peeps think semua salah !!again i tell U ..deeping my finger to the colour of truth !!! undi saya rahsia ... way to noisy now !! semua mau cakap !!...buai lagu lagu sampai kampung atap. kalau sudah tau jangan banyak cakap....anybody want to balas my pantun??

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 09:31  

Like bruno I was very worried for you since there was no updates even on comments on your blog.
It's refreshing to read your posts today.
If people like you are able to reach out to the Malays in the heartland and expose the real UMNO, I am sure they will join the Opposition.
If UMNO has to throw stones and eggs at Opposition cerahmas, it is admitting that it has lost the war.
It is an attempt to instil fear into fence sitters not to attend Opposition cerahmas.
UMNO's behaviour is driving away fence sitters from its side.

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 10:13  

Motive behind Ikan Bakar harassment and threat to Ambiga

This is the reason why Ikan Bakar is zealous in getting attention by attacking Ambiga.
Ikan Bakar got roasted because this Melayu like all UMNO Malay does not understand the working of BUSINESS.
Let us the Rakyat boycott all the business run by Ikan Bakar.
Posted by Dian at 9:19 PM

CnP from malaysian flip flop blog

Krishna 28 May 2012 at 10:28  

Poor Chua Soi Lek. His new job is to say something negative about DAP and the opposition every day. He is running out to things to say and he has to rehash them with a sprinkling of new words and twists. The Chinese are not impressed.

The attacks on Ambiga has MIC in the shits. It is angering the Indians and MIC does not know what to say. They have lost the Indian votes already.

The new Gobbels in UMNO's dirty tricks department is Mamathir. He spews out some incredible yarns about Malays losing power every day. No one is listening.

UMNO is gone!

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 10:35  

If Pahang can fall to Pakatan, I hope you will be at least a state exco. Not that you are not MB material but will DAP will the most seats?

This will be a blessing for your state.
Nothing is impossible if God wills it.

Tecumseh Troy,  28 May 2012 at 10:38  


Salam Dato Sak,
Jika kemenangan UMNO pada PRU 13, di senario D(J.P.Morgan analysis)- majoriti mudah diantara 50%-61%, maka kita akan menyaksikan shopping calon Pakatan besar besaran akan terjadi...Tidak ada makna mengadakan pilihan raya.

Ni cakap orang bodoh. Kita wajib berusaha dan bijak memasang strategi. Kalau belum apa-apa lagi dah putus asa macam si Anon 8:06 ni lebih baik mati sahaja. UMNO memang suka orang macam Anon 8:06. Senang digertak.

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 10:41  

The tale of the Indian barber employed by the Malaysian Government to cut the hair of Malaysian Cabinet Ministers.

While hair cutting, the Barber, asked Prime Minister Najib, “What’s
this Swiss Bank issue?”

Najib shouted, “YOU are cutting hair or making inquiry?”

Barber: “Sorry Sir, I just simply asked.”

Next day, while cutting the hair, he asked Deputy PM, “Sir, what’s
this Black money issue?’’

DPM shouted, “Why do you ask me this question and this no business of yours!”

Barber: “Sorry Sir, just simply asked you.”

Next day, MACC interrogated the Barber, “Are you an agent of Opposition Party of PKR?”

Barber: “No, Sir.”

MACC: “Are you an agent of Anwar?”

Barber: “No Sir.”

MACC: “Then while cutting the hair, why you ask Ministers about Swiss Bank and Black money issues?”

Barber: “Sir, the reason is when I ask about Swiss Bank or Black
money, the Ministers’ hair stands up straight and that helps me to cut their hair easily!”

WIZAN ZAINI 28 May 2012 at 10:48  

HUTANG - Amat berharap dapat didedahkan hutang negeri negeri lain yang diperintah BN sebagai perbandingan lengkap. terima kasih

Patrick 28 May 2012 at 11:50  

Your article is spot on with regards to the 'election and related windfall'. Its apparent that Najib is mismanaging this election royally. Looking at past historical elections, a lot of money is thrown into the BN election machinery the moment the PM has a hard-on. Back room wheeling and dealing will ramp up many fold. The sign that the back room wheeling and dealing is done is when all the UMNO warlords come out in the media with their mouths blazing.

But contrast those good-ol-days to this election. The effects of Najib's initial hard-on has worn off. We dont see any movement on the ground in any UMNO/BN areas at all except lone UMNO flags fluttering from some low cost flat windows like washed laundry. It can only be deduced that the UMNO machinery has grounded to a screeching halt as the taps have run dry. Najib single-handedly did the one thing that killed UMNO/BN's election effort; he diverted too much funds into short term populist vote buying measures way before the actual elections. UMNO/BN has no more cash to dish out for warlords, except raiding the govt coffers for this. This is where the foreign fund managers are suckers for election-funding vehicles like the FGV listing, our EPF, etc, etc.

The general business community has stopped 'donating' to ministers for fear of throwing salt into the ocean, since even the PM is not seen to be doing so at all. Coupled with the fact that Najib wants to replace old guards aka warlords, with 'new, younger, winnable' faces/personalities; Who dont have any financial capacity at all because they are young and new. So what do we have?

All UMNO/BN warlords are holding Najib at gunpoint for one final push for financial freedom. One last daring raid of govt coffers for their own personal gain in the guise of electioneering, before they disappear for good into their opulent palaces/mansions. This last raid is to ensure enough pension funds to support their opulent lifestyle for another 20 years to come, with no foreseeable income generation.

This election will see chaos as individuals known to be filthy rich like Taib, Rosmah, Mahathir, etc will be kingmakers. Kingmakers who will be reluctant to 'invest' due to the mixed signals sent out by Najib thus far. The govt is broke and cant support the UMNO/BN machinery overtly anymore. All govt contracts are going to only those aligned to Rosmah or Najib. The individual warlords are desperately clamoring for more money, one last time.

The final kingmakers will be the public. With a more united and focused opposition, one more BERSIH nationwide will convert peaceful protesters into full blown 'people-power'.

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 11:57  

i saw buses crash after the Bukit Jalil carnival ....then at the million-youth 'drag race' = 22 injured with 3 very BADLY ....sighs !

wat's NEXT !?

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 12:01  

mca boss selalu hantam dap with islamic issues ....aiyaaa , go & make more vcd & let the tow-girl sell at the kopitiam lah !!

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 12:04  

Salam Dato,

Saya doa semoga Dato sihat sihat dan dilindungi SAW.

Sentiasa jaga jaga..........orang2 UMNO/BN tak boleh di percayai....dan SB banyak merantau di kalangan rakyat di syaki mereka terutama pembangkang.


orang kampung

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 12:07  

Saya berdoa agar Dato di anugerah Allah kesihatan dan tenga untuk terus berjuang. UMNO Baru wajib di musnahkan agar ia tidak berterusan menginayi rakyat Malaysia.UMNO Baru ini hanyalah sabuah pertubuhan haram yang ditubuh kan oleh saorang berketurunan kerala.Pemimpin UMNO Tulin Tengku dan Tun Hussin Onn tidak pernah menganggotai pertubuhan UMNO Baru ini. Kesilapan besar Tengku Razaleigh ialah mempercayii mamak ini dan membubarkan Semagat 46.

Ahli UMNO Tulin 1974

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 12:18  


Only thugs willing to attend the ceramah of the head gangster. We now live under the rule of thieves and thugs cabinet. This must be stopped even in any other manner. It has been proven UMNO BN is a party that endorses gangsterism. Brazen leader is not eligible for the honor of the people, rakyat Malaysia.

If you love the country, these thieve and thugs should be kicked out of the cabinet.

Fr Pattani Warrior

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 12:43  

Dato', I hope my sharing your optimism is not misplaced. It is great to read that kampung folks are now up in arms, finally, against the corrupt BN regime.
Wish you all the best and may you find the extra energy to go that extra mile. A Putrajaya win shall definitely be the best tonic Pakatan shall ever savour.

Aussie Observer

ajib in london,  28 May 2012 at 13:19  

these ameno idiots also boasted about solving the water woes in selangor and kelantan. yo idiots! after 55 yeasr of independence, there are still areas without (not interrupted) clean water supplies. and to make things worse, after 2 pm from pahang, there are areas in pahang that is still without clean water supplies, but still denan yaakob offered to supply water to selangor. clean your own backyard dulu la brader

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 14:32  

Good to hear that your are super confident that PR will win. Hope you are not over confident and blinded by other possibility.

Hope you and contigent will cover more ceramah at other states eg Melaka, NS, Johor, Kedah. The residents there need facts, and assurance from you guys.

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 22:21  

anon 09:08

My crystallball shows ur not atas pagar but dalam pagar UMNO BARU. Why is it so difficult to admit one is in UMNO BARU camp tis days......what has become that those in UMNO BARU try to hide their true color. Dah tak ada anak jantan lagi ke kat sebelah sana

Anonymous,  28 May 2012 at 22:52  

Sak, me too, glad that all is well
with you and your family. Had to doa banyak kali for you, risau benar, tak ada response to your previous article. Sekali roll out nicely from your loyal supporters and friends. Thanks )

Anonymous,  30 May 2012 at 21:06  

In the place where I live, I can see hundreds of Malay food stalls erected on roadside or on government reserved land.
They sell nasi lemak, drinks, fruits, roti canai, goreng pisang etc etc. And their children help them as well.
I can also see Malay parents taking three and even four children (even babies) on their motorcycle - their only means of transport.

I can tell you, they are living from hand to mouth. I don't know if they are BN supporters since they are allowed to squat on govt land.
And they are told to be proud since they are 'Tuans'.

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