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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Kajang is on the way to Putrajaya

Why has Anwar’s decision to contest in Kajang caused so much upheaval inside the BN camp? More so in UMNO? This is just a DUN seat. As Muhyidin says, when Anwar wins, at the most he can only be MB. Najib is still the PM.
Yes, why?
UMNO says it’s protecting the people of Selangor. From what? Mahathir says, no one is safe if Anwar is MB. Hmm- maybe. Perhaps there’s some truth in what Mahathir says. I did feel shivers down my spine when I participate in ceramah with Anwar especially with my back facing him. Haha. I must remember to wear an iron chastity belt the next time. UMNO people- please remember that too.
No one who has stolen from the state, no one who is corrupt, and no one who has emptied the treasury will be safe. My own uneasiness dissipates when I think, no treasury, no money is safe when UMNO people are around. No public works are safe with UMNO people around. These are dangerous people to be around- these UMNO people.
Even with projects involving the defence of the country. In Banteng there’s a small shipyard called NGV-Tech Sdn Bhd. It was given a contract to build 2 units of training ships for the navy. The ships cost the government RM943 million. Sometime in December 2012, Rosmah Mansor christened one of them. Then in February 2013, Siti Hasmah christened the other one.
 What happened to the ships? Both were not completed. The company went under. It’s now under receivership. So the UMNO minister in charge of Defence is quietly tendering out (closed tender of course) the completion of the ships. That will cost a few hundred million Ringgits more. That Navy chief who agreed to give the contract to the shipyard, he will certainly not be safe. Whoever the minister who ordered the contract given to the shipyard, is not going to be safe either.
So, I agree with Dr Mahathir. No one is safe when Anwar around.
We ask Anwar why he wants to contest in Kajang. He answers because Kajang is on the way to Putrajaya. Maybe he plans to build a special toll for anyone from the Mines travelling to Putrajaya. It must be a special one designed by world class architect. Maybe Anwar will call in I.M Pei. That way if anyone from there wants to go to Putrajaya to look up the PM for the time being, the person has to pay toll.
Malays after all liked to be punished and disciplined. They derive pleasure from pain. They will protest and demonstrate when the opposition demands tolls be abolished. They protest and demonstrate insisting they want to pay PTPTN when their children can get free education.
The Malays are rich people despite the fact that the bottom 40% of Malay earns RM1300 per month. Despite the fact that the bottom 40% share 12% of the total Malay income.  
Yeah bebe- spank me more. Whip me more.
If as Tun Daim says, Anwar never solves any problems, isn’t that good for UMNO. Next time, they can always point out that Anwar has been a useless ADUN for Kajang. How many years did useless Anwar serve the government?
Even before the by-election in Kajang, people are already benefiting. Suddenly with Anwar planning to contest in Kajang, BN has awoken from their slumber and remember that the Kajang hospital is 102 years old. They will build a new one. But please do it through open tender yes. Otherwise the minister, the MOF people, the tender committee will all not be safe when Anwar comes around.
The JAIS issue with Bibles, the cow-head issue, all the other issues caused by UMNO’s agent provocateurs are suddenly muted. That’s how good Anwar is.
We must save Kajang and Selangor because Anwar is not fit morally, bellowed people from Perkasa. Chew Mei Fun has more moral scruples than Anwar charged Ibrahim Ali.  
But what about the morality within UMNO? The morality in UMNO is a cesspool. The limbahan or water trap behind my late grandmother’s house in Pekan, has got more morality. Sometime that limbahan was where all the effluent and other unmentionable discharge flowed into. That has got more morality than UMNO. So don’t UMNO come to us to talk about morality.
UMNO is acutely aware that when Anwar takes Kajang, it’s a matter of time Anwar takes the whole of Selangor. All the 5 parliamentary seats and the 12 state seats. Selangor will be beyond the reach of UMNO and BN.
Suppose, this by-election needs to be carried out because Anwar wants to solve PKR’s internal problem. What is wrong with that? Not doing anything about it is even worse. Khalid and Azmin may not see eye to eye. They can’t stand the sight of each other. But both can accept Anwar. So why not Anwar steps in to establish peace and get on with managing the state better? Khalid can still serve in a substantive capacity and Azmin can become a senior exco. Let us not make our dislike for Azmin and our preference for Khalid caused us to forget that our bigger enemy is BN.


Anonymous,  26 February 2014 at 21:07  

Kesian nya warga umno bila sebut nama ANWAR yg dah nak mampus tiba2 bangun semula . 50 lebih tahun umno control Malaysia seorang Anwar pun takut sampai telur kecut ..... apa cerita ni ?

bruno 26 February 2014 at 21:48  

Dato,Anwar will win Kajang for sure.What the people is curious is by what margin or majority he is going to get.If he is of MB standard he should at least get double the majority the last adun got.The problem with Anwar are the loyalists he has around him.

His trouble maker blue eyed boy Azmin has dissapeared,doing the haj as reported.Rafizi,whom I thought to be a smart professional before GE13,is turning out to be more a street fighter that a party strategist.He is much better as an attack dog,using his bare knuckles than using his brains.

Nowadays,when he opened his mouth he acts more like a real dude.Maybe being an MP has gotten way over his head.PKR lacks good generals.That is the reason they got fooled by Warthamoorthy and fare so badly in GE13.Maybe they are going to repeat this again in Kajang.How well PKR has learn from the spanking they got from Umno/BN in the last GE,we will know when the Kajang results are out.Anything less that 100% better that the majority the last Adun got,they can forget about kicking Umno/BN out of Putrajaya.

nick 27 February 2014 at 07:49  

Anwar Ibrahim, either you hate him or you adore him and there's no in between. As for Mahathir and his good friend Kassim Ahmad, both of them really hates Anwar and maybe as much as they hates Ulama (especially from PAS) too. But one thing for sure, without Anwar holding the hand of PR, BN will still be invincible and of course UMNO will become more tyrannical and "samseng" like. Hate him or like him, it's no question that Anwar is the strongest reason why BN and UMNO is slowly and surely losing it's grip on power and on the throat of the people.

For those Anwar "hater" who hates BN and UMNO even more, they should remember the old adage of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend!". Yes, you might hate Anwar but at this moment, Anwar is not the one destroying the country and it's economy. Anwar is the fervent enemy of UMNO and BN and since we Malaysian who comprise the 52% who rejected UMNO and BN in the last GE considers UMNO and BN as the greatest enemy of this country then we should join forces with Anwar and PR to fight UMNO and BN and once and for all finally defeat them.

So, why are we the enemy of UMNO and BN, trying to bring down Anwar when we still have a fearsome enemy still at this moment, thieving and pillaging this country. Let's us fight one battle at a time and one enemy in a single battle. Opening up multiple front in a war is stupid and would only provide huge advantages for UMNO and of course Mahathir.

Whatever faults Anwar has, it is insignificant compared to the 50 years of rampant destruction Mahathir and UMNO have wrecked on this country. So, stop trying to bring down our ally and shoot ourselves in the foot. We have gone through so much in the last GE and we can see that the goal is within our grasp. Why then are we fighting amongst ourselves when UMNO s still the gomen and it is still destroying this country.

Let's all of us discards our personal interest for the sake of the nation's and it's people. Anwar and PR is the best hope we have at the moment and until we have some other option that is viable for the near future, let's not fantasize about the third force or jedi force or whatever wet dream we might have. PR and Anwar need nothing less than our solid support and that's the only way we can finally defeat UMNO and BN. Enough said!


Anonymous,  27 February 2014 at 07:59  

Well said dato....i am absolutely agreed with you....take care & god bless...:D

Anonymous,  27 February 2014 at 08:54  

I like the last sentence. That's where we must focus. Forget about all other issues. Just go after BN and UMNO and we save Malaysia.

Anonymous,  27 February 2014 at 11:58  

Let's pray Heaven is helping Anwar on his quest to liberate Malaysia from UMNO/BN.

Sam,  27 February 2014 at 12:05  

Geographically, its a mere 16km along South Klang Valley Expressway from Kajang to Putrajaya. But with the redrawing of constituencies boundaries, the EC may chnage the terrain to Putrajaya, causing traffic jams and "accidents", which would thwart 53% of the voting population to change the power at Putrajaya.

But, Insyallah (I think the non-muslims are at least allowed to say / write this), the rakyat's desire for change will prevail.

bumi-non-malay 27 February 2014 at 13:48  

If this Fails...then what??....Best option and sure option is still to migrate en-Mass to Sabah-Sarawak without the need for UN, UNESCO your own free will... Sack those UMNO-BN there and then SACK malaya did to Singapore.....

After sacking see how Terror Sultan UMNO-BN can be without the Sabah-Sarawak backup/fix deposit.

Sell house, to Sabah-Sarawak while the price still holding.....because the Coming Zimbabwe Ringgit is upon Malaysia and like Mugabe....Sultan UMNO cannot and will not go gracefully..... and have to be removed like Gadaffi , Sadam or Morsi...... we should not be Romantics to Evils.... UMNO-BN is EVIL and so is all their DNA offspring ideology!! SACK them from EVERYwhere!!

Anonymous,  27 February 2014 at 14:03  

Datuk Sak,

I am excited at the mention of a new Hospital for Kajang. May I say this that this has promise already makes history just as historical as the Kajang Hospital. The first hospital on the present site was built by the British in 1889 (ref Archives docs). The last time Kajang folks were promised a new hospital was not long ago, during the 13GE. Leaving that a side in the year 2000 when Serdang Hospital was being built, it was decided by Health Planners (not politicians) that Hospital Kajang shall shut down when H. Serdang opens its doors. Well if not for the protest by the Health profesionals and staff of H. Kajang (not politicians) Hospital Kajang would have been a grave in the present site, and by now we would see a new Shopping complex on its site just like the one on the site of the previous JKR H. Lgt. office.
By the way Datuk Sak, I am indeed keen to know where is the site of this so called new Hospital Kajang. Maybe, it shall be a 99 bed rural hospital for the current available land shall only fit such a one, or else it is Hulu Langat District Hospital ini Broga, Sg Lallang in Semenyih or in Bangi, or else in Dusun Tua alongside Langat 2.

Mas,  27 February 2014 at 22:02  

I am going to allow myself to indulge in a bit of fanciful thinking here. IF, as Datuk Sak had observed in the recent few articles about the steady erosion of support for BN-UMNO which will lead to its final demise in GE14, then truly, I think the rakyat should rejoice.

Because as BN-UMNO dies a slow but steady death, it is similar to the torture reserved for the worst type of people - Death by a 1000 Cuts! BN-UMNO dies a slow agonizing death. Nothing less would suffice, for BN-UMNO crimes were the worst - plundering and wasting national wealth, destruction of racial harmony, retarding the progress of its citizens through weak education programs to keep us servile, and many more other obnoxious offenses against the people.

The three amigos,  27 February 2014 at 22:28  

Datuk Sak,before it was internal fighting and back stabbing among Umno/BN and washing and hanging their dirty linen for the public to view.

Now it is the PKR's who is following their examples due to their internal power struggle.What goes around comes around.Who is the laughing stock now?

Anonymous,  28 February 2014 at 00:13  

Dato sak, the naval contract has put plentiful malay contractors 'gulung tikar' yang kebanyakan nya veteran anggota tentera laut yang mempunyai kepakaran. Ramai yang jadi muflis. Bayangkan jika 100 keluarga yang terlibat dimana rata2 mempunyai 4 orang anak yang sedang bersekolah. Saya di berita tahu mereka2 ini tidak di bayar dengan sepurna walaupun kerja siap. The biggest culprit was the ceo of the company yajg telah lari keluar negara. Memang sial syarikat2 umno ni.

Cahaya Qalbu,  28 February 2014 at 01:43  

1 of 2

What keeps Pakatan Rakyat ( PR) together? The quick thoughtless answer often given is the common search of political power.

While power is one of the frames that binds these three incongruent political parties - Islamist PAS, secular-committed DAP and the umbrella reform-oriented PKR of Anwar Ibrahim - it is not the main glue of the Pakatan Rakyat. If power is the case, PAS would have left the coalition when UMNO floated the offer of joining the government in 2008 and intense jockeying took place within PAS.

The answer lies in the three parties' shared values compact. PR is a coaliation of profoundly different backgrounds, with secularists, Islamic principles, conservatives and liberals working together. In a world wracked with tensions over religion and misunderstandings, PR stands out in bucking international trends of difference.

Two common principles bind PR together. The first is deep concern with endemic corruption.

The problem of corruption is not new, and while Malaysia's practices are assessed above many in Asia, what has become increasingly apparent is that it has crossed the line of acceptability for many Malaysians. Survey results show that an overwhelming majority view the BN-led govt. officials as corrupt and believe that they do not abide by the law.

Scandal after scandal, from the Bank Negara forex fiasco to the cow National Feedlot Corporation, to the revelations about the extension of the Ampang LRT, has inundated citizens. While there are many civil servants who work hard to deliver services, there are pressures within the Barisan National-led system to conform to predatory practices.

Malaysian corruption was initially concentrated among the elite through the practice of "money politics". But since the nineties, it has seeped into everyday issues such as govt. projects’ tenders, crime prevention and public agencies services.

Also, most basic food items, such as sugar and rice, are tied to non-transparent deals of politically-aligned businessmen, as are bigger items such as cars through Approved Permit license allocations.

These weaknesses in BN-led governance share a common moral thread - a privileged and selected minority using the system to their advantage, which is hurting the majority and widening inequality.

c,  28 February 2014 at 01:44  

2 0f 2

This leads to the second shared principle - fairness. The three political parties each have a different take on what is fair, but there are areas of similarity: Namely, everyone should have a seat at the table; everyone should be treated fairly in a court of law; and social and economic inequalities should be minimized.

This shared view of fairness extends into the outrage over unfair legal decisions and deep-seated concerns about poverty and displacement of many Malaysians. PR conception of citizenship has evolved into one in which all Malaysians are exactly that - Malaysians. It is a modern view of citizenship, in which everyone has rights and the government is to respond to the people, not the other way round. PR moral compact is also driven by a mutual interest in expanding democratic governance to level the political playing field.

Calls for the removal of the Security Offences Act , electoral reform, freedoms of assembly, religion and speech, among other things, all fall under the umbrella of PR determination to advance the rakyat political space and rights.

Since the reformasi movement of 1999, PR activists have joined forces in highlighting democratic deficits and showcasing reasons for an expansion of democracy. Each protest and political crisis has brought PR together; the bonds forged by demonstrating together are even stronger.

Since 2008, there have been significant efforts by BN to rupture the PR moral compact on multiple fronts. The charges of sodomy and corruption have been tied to attempts to discredit Pakatan leader Anwar Ibrahim and raise doubts about his moral caliber to lead. The introduction of issues such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual (LGBT) rights puts pressure on the relationship between the liberals and others within PR.

The sensitive "Allah" issue that rose to the fore in tested the Islamists' position. The push for Malay rights under the rubric Ketuanan Melayu reflects efforts to reinforce ethnic supremacy over shared humanity and equality, to re-impose the social contract of the past.

Each of these issues has not succeeded to sever the ties between PR leaders, and it is in part due to the prominence of the underlying principles that bring them together, that is INTEGRITY and JUSTICE !!!



Anonymous,  28 February 2014 at 08:19  

Why has Anuar decided for the Kajang move?
it is near Putrajaya and it is in Selangor, the richest state that PKR have the biggest support

Why has the existing YB be asked to leave?
To enable Anuar to enter

Why has the CM be treated as a lesser politician instead of just state administrator?
To enable Anuar to enter and rise up

Lets not ask complicated question of 'why has Anuar decision to contest cause upheaval in UMNO because the answer is equally complicated which is when Anuar make a move, UMNO will move.

We don't have to bring in how the Kajang folk will benefit nor the PR concept of integrity or justice or even the underlying principles of the trio of PR.

We don't even want to get to how unsophisticated the Kajang folks political aspiration verses the national agenda of UMNO vs Anuar

Let's keep it simple and win the Kajang by election for Anuar. Stop beating around the bush

ras 28 February 2014 at 09:10  

I thought west malaysians cannot settle down in east malaysia whereas east malaysians are free to roam in west malaysia! I wrong?

Anonymous,  28 February 2014 at 10:12  

Why Anwar choose Kajang of all the other dun in Selangor???? Well... thru' what I think( i might be stupid ), becos Kajang is :
1) almost 39% chinese/40% Bumis and balance others, as u knw his supporter ar alot chinese, so his chance of winning is almost secure.
2) There is a lot of vacant lands in Kajang. He can make ????? by leasing or sell out these land for developements and we the chineses like developements. So he will be praise, without us knowing wt actually was behind...???????
3) With this praises/glory...people will more want him to be MB and so on.....

Bogey 28 February 2014 at 13:33  

"Let us not make our dislike for Azmin and our preference for Khalid caused us to forget that our bigger enemy is BN. "

I never imagined myself saying this, or disagreeing with you until now. The bigger enemy than BN is the hypocrite within.

Anonymous,  1 March 2014 at 00:39  

Let the people decide who they want the leader to be NOT the leaders to decide who be the leader. Anwar is right to go to the people and let them decide democratically

Anonymous,  1 March 2014 at 01:55  

Hi Ras, you're right. West Malaysians cannot settle in Sabah or Sarawak. If working in private sector, needs work permits. If not, cannot stay more than 3 months. West Malaysian women who married East Malaysian men are luckier as they will usually be given PR. West Malaysian men who married East Malaysians have no chance of being given PR unless politically connected.
It is easier for West Malaysians to get PR in Singapore, Australia, NZ or Canada than getting PR in Sabah or Sarawak because West Malsysians are still being look upon with fear and suspicion. Furthermore, it is odd to give PR to someone who is already a Malaysian citizen.
East Malaysians are free to work and domicile in any Malayan states without any restriction.
One Nation two systems like Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Anonymous,  1 March 2014 at 10:50  

Yeah, maybe its a route to Puterajaya for Anwar Ibrahim.

And maybe there's a truth on what Mahathir says, no one is safe if Anwar is MB.

Greenbug 2 March 2014 at 00:26  

I would be very wary of the support and cooperation from Wathamoorthy and his team for the Kajang by-election. As far as this Waythamoorthy is concerned, he has no principles - and he has proven it twice! He turned his support away from PR after the Makkal Sakthi people demonstration and he then accepted as Deputy Minister and betrayed his own brother and his community. There is a price for his support in Kajang - Waytha does not work for free - he works for himself. He has bitten PR twice and we should just reject such unprincipled people.

walla 2 March 2014 at 07:29  

The achievements by the rakyat in GE12 and GE13 were unprecedented. The volcano exploded. To the pretentious surprise and dawning consternation of Umno, the massive stodgy mossy weedy ground was shifted. And it was shifted by our Malays more than by the others. Enough finally found courage to hand over the ultimate message - enough_lah.

Now, stay focused. Ask what is it that has happened. From then until now, is it all along pull or push? Pull by politicians or push by rakyat?

The entire movement whether it be called tsunami or cataclysmic ground shifting would not have happened if the rakyat did not push hard like oarsmen rowing a gigantic wooden ship. The push was needed to galvanize the politicians whether they be from PKR or DAP or PAS. The politicians then became the arrow heads aimed at the rotting Barisan bulwark. The shots were fired; the walls came down. The will of the rakyat accumulated traction, gained grounds, delivered results, started chain reactions.

Don't let all these achievements go to waste. Pakatan is but emblematic of the will of the Rakyat of Malaysia. It is the platform and channel of change.

And change must happen. Otherwise we will all be trying to coin flimsy excuses for why we are still growing sideways when we should have grown up to serve the rakyat better. And hitting a bulu tangkis has nothing to do with growing up.

It is not about any one person. Anwar, Khalid, Azmin, Zaid or whoever next. They come and go. Time flies. How long does life last? Make it meaningful. Wrench out the value hidden in humans that can transmute bad to good and leave a legacy worthy of Malaysians and this Malaysia for the young of the next generations. It is all about the Rakyat of Malaysia.

Which, based on behaviour shown and results evinced, is not what Umno or Barisan really cares for. They care for kickbacks, contracts, monopoly licenses, permits, mansions, marques and mistresses. Those who tried to really care for the rakyat have been strangulated in the pally network of crooks in those parties.

Enough-lah, rakyat. Realize what is happening. Don't encourage the disinformers and misinformers in the midst and the media. Stay focused. Give Pakatan a chance to deliver results you have not seen for decades. Because if you don't, you will never know what toxic effects will remain for the young for the next few centuries.

It's easy. If Pakatan becomes like Barisan, the fact you can bring it into federal means you can take it out with the same despatch.

After all, what worse can it do in power that has not already been done, recorded, analyzed and debated by the rakyat that are you that has been done by Umno which today stands alone like some totem pole around which the vicious munafik brown-shirts of nazified Malays are doing their ridiculous hooplas?

And you know it. So stay focused and keep Pakatan together, inside each party, and between all brothers and sisters across all three parties.

There are some good and intelligent people in Umno, even its cybertroopers. Out of sheer terror of losing their livelihood or for some dull coins of gold, they have sold their souls to the Eye of Sauron ( that is Umno incarnate. In Pakatan, they will get a chance to redeem themselves and do honest good for the rakyat. Their conscience will finally be set free. They will become better people again.

See the bigger picture of life. Let's lift everyone up and with it in one stroke, this wonderful home we call...what's the name again?

Oh, Malaysia!

Anonymous,  2 March 2014 at 14:40  

No lah. 1Malaysia!

Anonymous,  3 March 2014 at 19:15  

Kajang is also on the way to the 'Nilai Chinese Cemetry"

Anonymous,  8 March 2014 at 07:18  

Do what you could do and don't bother side by side (peoples. We will go to another path of life... SELAMAT DATANG KE ALAM BARHZAH.

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