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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 8 March 2016

Let Us Save this Country-Part 1

Some people say Najib is alright. I am shocked to hear them say that. But they are entitled to their opinion. I hold a different view. And I am equally entitled to my opinion. 
Just like Christopher Hitchens- my own opinion is enough for me, and I claim the right to have it defended against any consensus, any majority, any where, any place, any time. 
Najib is not alright, He is not- unless you have forsaken principles and values. It is especially alarming with the Malays. They seem to excuse wrongdoings if committed by a fellow Malay and Muslim. 
We cannot have a manifestly crooked man running the country. As we shall eventually discover, what he did with 1MDB, the money from SRC and the donation of RM2.6 billion and the yet unaccountable missing RM4 billion reflect, the true measure of the man. Of all our PMs, he is the one most cunning and untrustworthy. 
He brings into office the low class politics of the UMNO bahagians- that every opposition to his leadership can be neutralised by paying those who are opposed to him. Hence his personal motto- cash is king. Second, he believes that whatever money passes through his office, is his. Hence money belonging to the country is his to do as he wishes. 
The combination of these two ingredients make up the recipe for a dictatorship. A dictator with the smiling face. 
I am afraid that if we don't take out Najib politically, we will end up being ruled by a dictator.  The essence of a dictator is his whimsical rule. The whole country is on edge not knowing what he will do next. We already had a taste of what he has done; all those draconian laws of POCA, POTA, SOSMA and the latest, the NSC bill. All designed to keep him in power and destroy any opposition. The means for people to express themselves are gagged up- the vibrant online newspapers are closed down one by one.  He is the dictator with the smiling face, with a knife behind his back. He dupes many people. 

Even the fascists with the Islamic face are supporting him. Islamic principles grounded on the foundation of standing up for justice are thrown away. We will rue the day when the fellows enter our houses and sleep with our wives and daughters or sons, we will excuse their trespass because they are of the same race and religion. What kind of race is that and what kind of religion is that?

We are working to expel Najib from Putrajaya. We attack him because he is crooked and his government is corrupt and reactionary. Our agenda is not hidden. We have to save Malaysia by getting rid of Najib and his government. The whole country has to be reset.

Now we know that PM Najib’s personal crookery and fascism with the Islamic face are closely related. I have the utmost respect for the men of God, but when they side with a crooked leader, they reveal their fascism. Whatever Quranic verses they use to justify their conduct, we now know them as fascists with the Islamic face.

Let us now talk about the crooked PM. There are a lot of similarities between slick Willie President Clinton and PM Najib. Both, it seems have their own Tammany Hall. Some of you may know about this. Tammany Hall refers to a political organisation notorious for corruption, and patronage. It had its origins in the late 19th century in America. The organisation used its resources, money and patronage to control the politics of the nation. It used cash to buy the loyalty of politicians and allegiance of civil servants.

The most notorious figure who controlled Tammany Hall was one William M. Tweed. He was known as “Boss" Tweed, who ran an efficient and corrupt political machine based on patronage and graft. It used graft, bribery, and rigged elections to make money for themselves. By now, I am certain, these things sound so familiar with what is happening in Malaysia.

PM Najib is our Boss Tweed.

In PM Najib, we have our own Boss Tweed who uses cash is king to award patronage and buy political control. His Tammany Hall comprises of his close associates who are most loyal to him. They received money and patronage.

The money from the donation was used to buy the 2013 elections. No one believes that anything was returned to the donor. Everyone believes there was and is no such donor. Our own boss Tweed lied to everyone so that now, there is no one else left to lie to.

Ernest Hemmingway once wrote that real writers have a built in bullshit detector. Real writers detect the bullshit PM Najib is throwing around. Real writers include those journalists (and they are a vanishing breed here in Malaysia) who don’t forsake their subjective journalism in exchange for playing to the gallery.  Real writers have a pact only with the rakyat and they have a duty to them to tell the truth.

From his feigned ignorance of he doesn’t know how the RM42 million from SRC got into his account to the ever changing excuses for the RM2.6 billion donation, PM Najib has not told us any truth. He has shifted the goal posts so many times.

Remember- from money given to fight ISIS, to stay the course as a Sunni state, to money for use to fight DAP and Israel, to do whatever and finally to a simple donation to do don’t know what. It turns out that the money was used by UMNO to win elections. The Malaysian Boss Tweed rigged the elections to stay in power.

He has dutifully returned RM2 billion because he has no use for it. He is indeed a role model in the manner prescribed by his wasathiyah slogan. To slick Najib, it was just a slogan to pacify the Islamic fascists.  

The money was donated to UMNO and he decides for UMNO to return the money. Hence Najibah has entered the Islamic finance lexicon to refer to the act of returning a big portion of a donation to the donor. If najib had used or taken a bigger portion than the portion returned it would have to be termed as Najibahan.

How on earth did the RM42 million get into his account unless the account holder gave his account number. Did Najib place on his blog his account number and asked for donations because he wanted to carry out UMNO programs?

Well it’s all bullshit. And it’s a bullshit heartily consumed by FONs- Friends of Najib who formed the members of Najib’s Tammany Hall. People like chief Nazri Aziz, Saleh Said Keruak, Rahman Dahalan, Azalina Said, Ahmad Maslan , Adnan Mansor, and now Anuar Musa.

The impudence of it all, when we confront Najib about all these issues, he is not ashamed to react with pretentious extreme indignation.  He is simply not capable of doing all these things- he is the son of Tun Razak, well brought up, he is a descendant of the Bugis people, and he will not allow UMNO to be destroyed and so on. He is simply incomprehensible.

All Najib gave a damn about was holding on to power at any costs. We, the people are subjected to Najib’s 7 years of reptilian rule. The phrase reptilian rule, I borrow from Hitchens’s description of Clinton’s rule. In many ways, Najibs shares many similarities with the ‘I didn’t have sex with that woman’ Clinton.

We don’t have the infamous Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress- but we have other smoking guns. We have the 1MDB mother of all financial scandals and the RM42 million SRC money in his private account. We have the RM2.6 million which is given a well-rounded lie treatment and we have around USD4 billion missing from 1MDB declared by the Swiss AG.This too will have to explained. We await more cock-and-bull story telling.

Just like slick Willie, Najib is a serial liar.

Let’s say that the 1MDB, the RM42 million, the RM2.6 million are all ‘accidents’ that will cause the downfall of the UMNO led government. Montesquieu, the French philosopher and thinker once said that if a city or state were to fall because of an accident, then there must be a general reason why it needed just an accident to cause it to fall.

The general reason is because UMNO led government has gone bad. It has become a den for corrupt and abusive leaders. It’s a tool used by UMNO politicians to bleed the county while paying a cursory attention to the welfare of the country. In politics, it has contrived means to accumulate unfettered powers that stifle democracy. In economics, it serves the interests of the top 5%. In social relations, it is a racist government. it promises to the commoner, but delivers to the aristocrats.

The leader of the government is displaying dictatorial inclinations. He will become one if not stopped. The essence of a dictatorship is its unpredictability and caprice. The dictator changes the goal post as many times he wants. He has created uncertainty because no one knows what he will do next.

That is driving people away. That causes people to walk about with a perpetual frown on their faces. Each one carries a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.


Mmm 8 March 2016 at 07:47  

To be fair, Clinton only have sex in the office. On the other hand the whole nation is being screwed by Nojib.

Anonymous,  8 March 2016 at 08:34  

najib is merely a face and a poetic voice

he may have a close assistant actually running the show

someone who knows intimate detals

Anonymous,  8 March 2016 at 08:42  

With all the exposes from overseas and his various "blocking" tactics to derail the 1MDB investigations, it is now conclusive that Najib is a thief. This is one thief that never let go despite being caught.

Do we entirely blame him for the woes of the country we are now facing? The answer is no. Without his paid and treasonous supporters, he would have long gone to Sg. Buloh. His unprincipled supporters will practically say and do anything for money and positions.

When the 1MDB nightmare is over, the first priority of the day is to go after these people and bring them to justice.

Anonymous,  8 March 2016 at 10:20  

Surprising that the Agong can sleep peacefully with all those nonsense committed by Najib as expounded in this article. The government is carried out in his name and he is still at ease for having a corrupt PM who steal public funds.

It is not Najib alone but the people supporting him who now shows to us that they lack any grain of moral and islamic values; people including Hadi and Haron from Pas. 'Cash is King' has brought the so-called Umno muslim malays to the lowest depth of ignominy.

They are nothing but followers of satan.

Anonymous,  8 March 2016 at 12:53  

We have to listen to his bullshit! His is not ordinary bullshit but 'Najis Layat'.

Cucu Nenek,  8 March 2016 at 13:13  

I agree with you.

It is the future of the country under the current leadership that is worrying.

It is the generation of Muslim Malays with this "tidak apa" attitude that is worrying.

It is the utter lack of moral compass of the UMNO members that is worrying.

This is saving the nation, over the survival of a corrupt political party.

Anonymous,  8 March 2016 at 15:41  

Dato'. with all had been said, comments and action taken against this perompak , hi is still riding high in cloud nine. Have you ever thought that there is some thing not correct with the methodology or stratagies against this perompak. Or are we hitting at the wrong targets. I believe that dia mesti ada kelemahan2 yang ketara yang kita tak nampak. Tak perlu kita pergi jauh. Kita betul2 lanyak Lady Mcbeth yang kita percaya banyak bertanggung jawab akan menusnahan negara ini. Agak susah juga kerana mainan spritual yang hebat. Apakata Dato cari oarang2 alim ulamak yang pakar dalam bidang ini. Lady Mcbeth ni fikir dia Tuhan sekarang kerana dia masih hebat mengawal laki nya. Salam dan fikir2 kan.

Anonymous,  8 March 2016 at 15:45  

The 1PM says that there will be no donations to the bankrupt.

Does not apply to the morally bankrupt??

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  8 March 2016 at 16:04  

This is the monster the Tun Dr MunfiQ mohd created...his legacy....his crowing glory before Allah calls him....The same DNA is used and same as his Sith Lord.....Replacing the Sith Lord is hard because the Dark Force is strong.....Ku Li the supposedly Yoda is senile and exposed as another potential Sith Lord in the making but age is making all these old Sith Lord practically useless....Its the Gen X, Y, Z......the Internet Generation the new Generation Jedi to fix Malaysial wants 12 district to Break up Dark Force Dominance on each...Divided the Dark Force will DIE!!

Faqqirulkhoir,  8 March 2016 at 20:04  

Sak, salaam. I read your write and had a fill of the bitterness and distress you perhaps rightly felt. If i am right, one can only say that it is shared by many others.

If i may humbly volunteer, what's important at this juncture, amongst others,is a well thought out plan of effective action, and the options open to the maligned masses given the window for sane action is quickly dissipating.

Faqqirulkhoir,  8 March 2016 at 20:46  

Sak, salaam. I read your write and had a fill of the bitterness and distress you perhaps rightly felt. If i am right, one can only say that it is shared by many others.

If i may humbly volunteer, what's important at this juncture, amongst others,is a well thought out plan of effective action, as the options open to the maligned masses given the window for sane action is quickly dissipating.

Anonymous,  8 March 2016 at 21:58  

one of your best reading it twice... love the part on fascists with an islamic face about those Pas buggers...

Anonymous,  8 March 2016 at 23:50  

Dato, boleh terangkan sempena pilihanraya negara Sarawak tak lama lagi, kenapa Pakatan memang tak pernah kuat di Borneo. Orang Sabah dan Sarawak memang mudah digula-gulakan oleh rejim BN walaupun Sabah dan Sarawak adalah berstatus negara semasa menyertai Malaysia.

Anonymous,  9 March 2016 at 06:28  

Bravo. Very well written

Anonymous,  9 March 2016 at 09:30  

Salam ..You are right but what's not right is why do so called 'sane' people out there still support him when there are heaps of evidence purportedly declared in the open, yet many simpletons still choose to believe this man of the highest treason? Let's put our hands together and may this dark episode of our lives ends soon. Allahumma ameen..


Anonymous,  9 March 2016 at 13:59  

Dato, I applaud what you wrote but the reality is only the Malays can change this. So, if your Malay brothers and sisters chose to condone this criminal, what can the rest of Malaysia say or do ... other than to bend over and continued to be buggered ... or if they can afford, leave the country.

Work with your Malay brothers and sisters on this first. And, oh, do write in Malay.

Sumpitan Emas,  9 March 2016 at 18:45  

I am reposting here what I had posted in Din Merican’s blog of 2March 2016, “Sue M C Commission”, with slight modifications.

First the Bugis, par excellence:
“I [Des Alwi] had joined Ali Moertopo and Benny Moedarni in frank discussions with Tun Razak and Tan Sri Ghazali, where Razak had sounded out the idea of forming an association between Malaysia and Indonesia so that the two neighbours could progress side by side. ‘It does not feel right if we, as two countries with shared roots, develop on our own,’ he said. That body would consolidate Indonesian and Malaysian efforts to develop Southeast Asia.
Ali had asked, ‘What about Singapore?’
‘All right, and include Thailand. Also the Philippines to form a Southeast Asian association. As long as it’s not another Maphilindo-lah Razak quipped amidst much laughter, as everyone recalled that Maphilindo had been Sukarno’s idea.
The germ of an idea from that meeting took root until ASEAN was born in August 1967 in Bangkok, as the second regional organisation in east Asia after the Association of SEA States (ASA) which died with confrontation and Maphilindo which never quite took off the ground.
. . . . Tun Razak also visited the land of his ancestors in South Sulawesi in 1972. The journey, made by sea from Tawau to Makassar (now Ujung Pandang), took almost three days.
The navy frigate Hang Tuah that brought our delegation, guarded by two corvettes from the Royal Malaysian Navy, sailed into Makassar and Razak was accorded a Bugis ceremonial welcome. He was deeply touched by the Bugis custom, reserved for its dignitaries, of arranging the pinisi boats in a tight row alongside each other, enabling him to cross easily from one boat to the other.
The pinisi are the pride of the people of South Sulawesi. In the old days, the pinisi were the vital trading fleet for the Hassanudin sultanate. The pinisi not only sailed the archipelago but also Southeast Asia, thereby making Makassar known even in Indochina, Thailand and the Malay peninsular in the eighteenth century, and now as a descendant of Sultan Jalil of Goa, he was returning to the land of his ancestors two centuries later.
. . . . Razak explained that I had greatly helped in forging relations with the Indonesian government. I was described as having assisted in Malaysia’s development, by helping bring in Mathematics teachers from Indonesia for Malaysian rural schools. This had contributed greatly to Malaysia’s progress, as was Prof Soemitro Djoyohadikusumo’s assistance in drawing up the concept for MARA’s development.”

[from pg 93 – 95 of Tun Abdul Razak: A Personal Portrait; ISBN 967-61-1727-7; chapter titled My Friend Through All Seasons written by Des Alwi, Indonesian diplomat and friend of Tun Razak from since 1947, and described by Tan Sri Khir Johari as one of the architects in ending the Confrontation]

The whole chapter is worth reading if only for the very amusing account of how a younger Tun Razak took his beloved Toh Puan Rahah on a motor-bike jaunt in Bali without a licence, only to be stopped by a policeman, and released through Des’ timely intervention. Phew!

That was payback time as Des Alwi had borrowed money from Tun Razak (while they were studying in London in the late 40s) to entertain two pretty white damsels. Des Alwi and friend, hell-bent on having a good weekend, had not factored in the girls were going to order wine. When the bill was presented, Des had to rush back to their flat to borrow from Tun Razak. The debt was repaid many decades later!

So here is the Bugis who did his ancestors, all people of Bugis descent and Malaysians proud by serving with dedication, integrity and honour, without ever a hint of scandal in the air — ignore the motorbike incident.

Najib is nothing without money, and he is still nothing with all his money. He will be something, somebody if only he could match halfway what his father achieved — he has plainly missed this opportunity.

Praxis 10 March 2016 at 11:11  

Was wondering where he got his inspiration for Cash-is-king.

Agree we are headed for martial law

Yes, we have save to democracy and reset everything for a clean start.

So he got hs inspiration form Amercian models.

We have to focus more on outcomes (governance), not inputs (Bugis).

Anonymous,  10 March 2016 at 13:36  

Well said sak
From FoS Friend of Sak

The 10 March 2016 at 14:44  

Yes, Christopher Hitchens - my hero. His fight against bigotry and religious nuts.

walla 12 March 2016 at 22:50  

We are just a country of simple folks.

But it is precisely because we are mostly simple folks that we need this country to be run right.

It has been run wrong for too long that we now have a situation where political adversaries have come together, galvanized by a common objective to right what is wrong.

No doubt they will be vilified, tarred, and marginalized. Yet they have gone ahead to create a new voice that is as unexpected as the results of GE12 soon enough to be magnified in GE14.

The momentum to right what has been wrong for too long is with the hearts, minds, hands, legs and wallets of the people. The citizens of this country are walking their own talk to save this nation from political apathy, economic ruin and ethics degeneration.

That momentum is surely not with the present incumbents for anyone can clearly see they have just been shuffling a pack of lies and denials from day one until what is wrong has to be swallowed as right by the very institutions they command at their own behest and for their own preservation over and above what those institutions are supposed to do in the first and last place - to safeguard the interests of the citizens synonymous with the very best virtues of a good nation.

But unless each of us remembers we have a duty beyond just caring for ourselves, no more are we that nation.

How did we come to this stage? We came to this stage because too many of us simple folks just mindlessly elected into office some people who are no good for the jobs they are elected to do.

And they are no good because they operate by their formula of 3P's (four, but there's one Azalina). The 3P's are: patronage, purchase and personal.

Patronage is simple. U-help-me-then-i-help-you-well-maybe. Purchase is also simple. Your-cash-is-mine-to-be-king. And where patronage intersects with purchase, you get personal. Meaning, fire those you don't like, hire those who will hold your mike.

We will then become a fine case example of a democratic dictatorship of kleptomaniacs and power-hungry corruptibles. What an oxymoronic achievement that will be.

And what is the explanation given for that? That the Party must survive? But if so many right-thinking citizens and voters reject the leaders of that Party who however continue to press-gang the institutions and its members to support them exclusively, shouldn't the citizens and voters find another party to lead, even if temporarily until the Party has come to its senses?

Otherwise how can the citizens of this country exercise their democratic rights to have clean and right-thinking leaders to lead them in nation-building?

Because if they don't, they will be standing idly by as the nation gets dismantled piece by piece and wholesale until even kangkung would be considered a dietary luxury.

Does anyone think that someone who can try to win votes using two point eight Billion of their money won't add another zero the next time? After all, ambition to achieve more is the hallmark of those who have already done it before and think that they have gotten it away. Because we.are.all.simple.folks.

walla 12 March 2016 at 22:51  


In any case and for a matter of fact, that same Party is just made up of 1 cabinet of brainless jokers, some 200 over-nourished hangers-on ketua's, a bunch of prepaid mentally challenged cyber-illiterates, and the occasional local red-shirted thugs out for a buck or two.

And if you take all the other so-called million or so general members and ask them one by one what they stand for, they won't be able to mount a coherent answer that can stand factual argument beyond mumbling some denials that will at best careen towards racial bigotry and a narrow view betraying a mixture of fear and opportunism.

Is that how this country is going to be led for even one more day, let alone this 21st century?

So how do the citizens and voters and ordinary simple folks make the decision to boycott the present junta and go elsewhere?

By asking themselves what kind of country they want their children to progress in from now on.

Drop the past, save the present, build the future.

If we don't change the System created by that Party, we will get a sequel to the same horror movie. The next one will be a javanese puppet show from a country whose middle-class alone exceeds the entire population of this one here. The Malay race of this country will indeed not disappear from this earth. It will just be swallowed wholesale.

And to think Ali Rustam is still at it pointing his trouble-making finger at the DAP when his own predecessor went to court on a matter that had only resulted in one DAP member going to jail - for the honor of a Malay girl. Selective, short, kerissed memory, no?

As for the lawyer woman, she should show the Macc documents that say the sheriff of nottingham in malaysia is exonerated. After all, if the citizens of this country cannot accept her explanation for how she had come into so many luxury vehicles in her garage, how can they be expected to accept anything she says? If the Macc documents are benign, why were the investigating Macc officials transferred? Why was the last AG expelled? So that the present one can experience for himself the kutufication of Malaysians, namely 'you scratch my back, i scratch yours'?

This post for the single Malay woman with five children who will be working until 3 am tomorrow morning just to make six hundred ringgit a month...while our civil servants can humbly still say their downgrading of 5-hour flight privilege from business class to economy class is considered an award-winning sacrifice .... when the price difference of one such ticket can pay her wages for half a year.

walla 16 March 2016 at 21:43

Anonymous,  17 March 2016 at 13:49  

UMNO is racist. UMNO is fake. UMNO is hopeless. UMNO is weak. UMNO is made of a bunch of thieves. The list goes on and on, and that pretty much summarizes the perception of the political party that has been governing Malaysia since Independence in 1957. Before you start foaming at mouth screaming seditious, let’s digest the facts.
UMNO is racist because it doesn’t allow non-Malay to join the party. UMNO is fake because the original UMNO had died during the 1988 Judicial Crisis. Today’s UMNO is UMNO Baru (New UMNO) created by Mahathir Mohamad. UMNO is hopeless because it infects the country with corruption, cronyism, nepotism and whatnot.
UMNO is weak today because 53% of voters believe its leaders are nothing but scumbags. UMNO is made of a bunch of thieves because until today, its leaders couldn’t answer satisfactory about the whereabouts of the RM42 billion debt 1MDB has accumulated. Heck, it has actually started mega bailouts using peoples’ money from Felda Global Ventures, EPF, Retirement Fund Inc. (KWAP), Lembaga Tabung Haji and whatnot.
Hell, they even had the cheek to tell civil servants not to expose secret dealings such as raising toll rates in order to fleece more hard earned money from the average Ahmad, Ah Seng and Arumugam. The multi billion dollars mega bailout of 1MDB’s power plant by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (KLSE: TENAGA, stock-code 5347) is just the beginning (*grin*).

Anonymous,  17 March 2016 at 13:50  

"Setiap sumbangan yang ingin diberikan kepada mana-mana parti politik samaada di peringkat pusat mahupun negeri, hendaklah disalurkan melalui akaun rasmi parti. Ini bagi mengelakkan ahli-ahli politikmenyalahgunakan nama parti untuk meminta atau menerima apa-apa sumbangan yang kemudiannya diselewengkan untuk kepentingan persendirian. Setiap sumbangan yang dihulurkan perlulah dikemukakan resit penerimaan dan dimasukkan dalam akaun parti. Menerusi rekod penerimaan yang teratur ia boleh diaudit pada tiap-tiap akhir tahun kewangan. Kerajaan percaya inisiatif seumpama ini akan mengelakkan sebarang bentuk perbuatan rasuah dan penyelewengan..” – Najib Razak, February 2012

We can’t have a prime minister to actually said it is wrong and corruptible to receive money in private accounts and then did it anyway without facing any consequences. What kind of man is that? Who believes in one thing but does the exact opposite. A leader needs to have principles but clearly Najib does not have any.

Anonymous,  26 March 2016 at 00:40  

Reminds me of what Aneurin Bevan once said about "Reactionary" - A man walking backwards with his face to the future.

Anonymous,  29 March 2016 at 14:14  

It is no surprise that the Agong of Malaysia chooses to remain silent because he too depends on Najib's donation. Only the ordinary people of Malaysia is affected by najib's donation. We are paying through our nose in the form of GST, higher tax on goods and services.

Let there be a revolution to remove najib the thief and terrorist of Malaysia.

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