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Monday, 29 February 2016

Mahathir leaves UMNO- a short comment.

A friend who attended a meeting with Dr Mahathir called me.  He said to watch out for a statement from Dr Mahathir. At that time Dr Mahathir was making a press conference. He announced he is leaving UMNO. 
He has left UMNO. He was its president for 22 years. 
The man responsible for the action of DR Mahathir is Najib Razak. Many UMNO members will blame Najib for this.

FONs- friends of Najib however, will be dismissive of the announcement. They will come out and denounce the old man. There will be copious vitriolic. 
Chief Nazri Aziz will play a dominant role. I once told him that the reason why Najib keeps him around is because he is a useful attack dog. I am using the term dog in the same spirit as he used the term on Muhyidin. 
Salleh Said Keruak said Dr M made the right decision. He is saying old Dr Mahathir is not significant. His other colleague, the newly minted UMNO information chief sees it differently. He acknowledges the significance of Mahathir when he accuses Mahathir of willing to kill UMNO because of Najib. If Mahathir is not significant, his exit will not kill UMNO, will it? 
If Najib is the cause of this, then the UMNO supreme council must suspend its president. 

As to the attacks expected towards Mahathir, I hope they will do that with extreme vehemence. Because that will alienate the Malays more. You see, what they failed to realise is Dr Mahathir ‘owns’ the reservoir of Malay support. If you ask 10 people whether they support Najib or Mahathir, 11 people will say they support Mahathir.

They, the FONs, have overestimated their own importance. That is expected of people who share the same narcissistic traits like the Commandeer-in-Chief. That is the man who can never answer the 1MDB issue, the RM42 million SRC money that mysteriously got into his personal account. Then there is the RM2.6 million donation issue. It was donated to UMNO and so Najib cannot unilaterally decide to return it.  Najib has denied UMNO of RM2 billion.

The buffoon hiding out somewhere in the UK will be recounting the 1001 sins of DR Mahathir.  I hope he will say it again that he is ashamed to call himself a Malay. The Malay idiom suitable for him is, masuk tak menambah, keluar tak mengurang.

Dr Mahathir can now become the eminence grise behind a move to unseat Najib and then undo the unjust structures that have imprisoned us all.  He has said it. He will not lead. 
And I hope this action by Dr Mahathir will awaken a particular someone who lives a hermit way of life somewhere in the leafy suburbs of KL. 

Nota Bene. My next article will appear on the 8th of March. I am now writing once a week. It will be a series of articles appearing weekly about the crooked leader and his corrupt and reactionary government.


Anonymous,  1 March 2016 at 09:35  

It is clear as daylight that the many attack dogs of Najib are not stupid. They are just paid handsomely to do their asshole licking job. Of course, these would include those Pekingese dogs from MIC & MCA. Ironically, they all know that UMNO is now finished except Najib himself.

With the suspension of Muhyiddin and Mahathir's resignation, UMNO has now become a "Untuk Mohd Najib Only" party in the eyes of UMNO members. This will lead to the breakup of UMNO and its eventual demise.

I can't help but to include this recent poem by Najib:

“A mountain of responsibilities has been placed upon me by the rakyat,

“But the blood that flows in my veins, teaches me to be to be magnanimous, (you are pulling our legs here)

“In politics, never have I caused the downfall of anyone, (victim: Muhyiddin, Mukhriz)

“And never will I forget my oath of loyalty to my leaders before me.” (victim: Mahathir)


Anonymous,  1 March 2016 at 10:49  

Nazri, Rahman Dahlan and typical sycophants of these kind will get their punishment when Zahid ascends to the PM seat. Zahid will have no use for them, he has his own supporters.

Anonymous,  1 March 2016 at 12:57  

Mahathir should have stayed in Umno and attack Najib vigorously until he gets sacked. That is what Najib and his sycophants want; Mahathir to be out of Umno and they not having the guts to sack him.

Muhyideen and the Ketua2 Cawangan opposing Najib shld stick with Umno and launch their battle from inside to unseat him and his sychopants. Not much can be done if you are on the outside.

Anonymous,  1 March 2016 at 17:06  

I'm looking forward to your weekly articles. Nobody can punch like you do. In the words of the great Mohamad Ali, "Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee".

walla 3 March 2016 at 09:05  

1. So the one who can walk on water has let himself out to dry again, furthermore belittled by relieved smiles from those he had put up to be where they are in the first place.

2. Such is the basic nature of his UB politicians. Opportunists who talk about party loyalty and stability to service the malays and nation when in reality it is person-to-person loyalty for the stability of maintaining the national cash register depleted by the hour on schemes that benefit the rakyat not one kopek.

3. It is a nature that cannot change because to change it would mean they will lose their own privileges cooked out of their version of malay revivalism. But at the expense of the non's whom incidentally he had accidentally blurted out as the main taxpayers his policies had sacrificed in order to bring up our malays exclusively until today they are still pretending they can get away with usurping that claim of the asli's. Otherwise the federal constitution of this multiracial nation would contain the word 'rights' intended exclusively one race. Which in any case will have to include the bugis and javanese and so on.

4. Now it is up to him to undo all those mad years of damage. He caused the tide. Now that the tide has receded he can sit on the beach and see the rubbish left behind on what was once a pristine shore full of promise and light, now a rogue nation to be laughed by the world at large for tearing itself apart just so that some politicians can preen themselves with ego's that but hide their own inadequacies and greed.

5. At his age, it is indeed impossible to believe otherwise He has given him this one last chance. Because just as there are moral mandates for human beings as each courses through the life of inner learning about the wisdom of the world, same too for the evolution of a nation. His UB broke the moral code of Malaysia, a nation of decent, God-fearing people who once cared for each other without regard for race, religion, creed or means. Now the bill has been presented and all hell has broken loose.

6. How? First, realize to the last man, woman, child and cow - any government is just a service provider. You don't like the service and price? Get another. There is no ideology involved and to believe otherwise is idiotology which is what we have been having all these years.

7. Next, he said Umno must be booted out but the Opposition is weak and divided. That's just the mental self-trap of grouping everything under categories and banners. Use a worldwide mind instead. How can the Opposition be weak if there are many UB and Pas members just waiting for him to lead the way, cut the gordian knot and cross the rubicon?

His UB must be sent to warm seats as an opposition by the next general election GE14 so that they can make their own 360 degree self-evaluation, search their souls for a redeeming iota of goodness, and reengineer themselves to be better service providers in GE15.

And he can lead the way by sincerely apologizing to the non's he had sacrificed although they as citizens are no less equal to our malays. Maybe that will then make talent corp's job easier now that another avalanche of exodus has taken place. The brains of the nation, gone at the time most needed.

He can next say on his forthcoming road-shows he will not helm the country as the next PM and neither will his son. That will be his admission of guilt in the form of sacrificing his son in return (what's any loss, in any case?) No more political ambitions for those who have messed up and are taking the last train out. Walk the prayer talk. No more malay short-cuts at expense of nation. No more UB-bred corruption.

walla 3 March 2016 at 09:06  


8. What will happen next?

Take an analogical case. Poor S.Apdal did the right for once in his life. He broke ranks and questioned what was deemed wrong. He was punished. All his projects were suspended. Now the question is if those projects were for the rakyat, why should they be suspended, and if they are not for the rakyat, why were they awarded in the first place? That's how UB has been doing things.

Using that analogy, consider Pas today. It is not the same animal as that under the leash of Tok Aziz. It is now led by a group of Umno apparatchiks in all but name. How else can one explain to its members that its President could actually come out to ask that its main adversary's Chief be supported, especially one with some much scandal on his head? A hundred million construction project lubricated palms? If that be so, that's too paltry as entry ticket through pearly gates.

No.more.hypocrisy. Please.

9. It's the end of the road, Malaysia

We are all dying. This nation too. In the twinkling of a bleary eye, the name Malaysia has been made sampah-sarap. Good thing our bahasa is not widely used otherwise the whole world will know what we think of them already thinking of us thinking of ourselves.

Ask TPPA Mustapa how many new investment projects have come in lately. Ask the industrial sectors - whichever one you fancy - how they have been underperforming all these years with nothing to parade on the pipeline that has the remotest chance of pulling their enterprises out of respective quagmires let alone compete with more muscular and brainier international newcomers and outliers.

Take a novacaine or two before evaluating the chances of any of our youths making it on their own in the new world of low oil prices but high skills expectations, whether it be from lack of attitude and altitude, or plain vanilla world-relevant knowledge, skills and language.

What has happened to quality, productivity and resilience at any time anywhere any how in this takbolehland? Those who have taken shortcuts up will be the last expected to answer honestly, the first expected to huff their racism disguised as rights warped from privileges that once had expiry dates extended because of continuous improvement in reproduction. Like lemmings in some saying. And you know it.

10. Who will lead? Who the hell cares. Plenty of bangladeshi's are coming. Pick an honest and hardworking one. Or how about Kuli, Rafidah, Zaid, Rafizi, even Ariff? But not that mf Ismail Sabri nor those halfbaked jokers in the present UB and Pas setups.

11. I have to go ferry water to the drought-hit poor. Hope the jalopy holds up. Long journeys, harsh roads, weak stomach, tired eyes, flat dompet. But i've gotten into the psyche of the malay poor, and know all that is needed to help them up so that they can help themselves and all others without regard for skin color or religious inclination. The greatest gift to them is the gift of self-earned dignity. It's my own redemption for past misdemeanours.

12. Try it too.

This post for Mariam.

Anonymous,  3 March 2016 at 12:21  

UMNO politicians nowadays are the best comedians ever. I have a good laugh every time they protest their honesty or loyalty. Meanwhile the elite continue to loot. I pity the ordinary folk even as I say I am glad I left.

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