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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 21 February 2016

It aint over til the Fat Lady Sings

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Many people became angry, when we say the RM2.6 billon donation issue is not finished. How can we be so presumptuous, these people shot back, when the highest legal officer of the government, our AG has said case closed?

It appears there is a simple reason why no one believes the 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion ‘najibah’ issues are resolved. In the case of the RM2.6 billion issue, the reason is no one believes what the AG said.

In the case of the 1MDB fiasco, many questions remained un-answered. Why is no one punished for the fraud, embezzlement and other indeterminate wrongdoings?

The fraudulent transfer of more than USD 1 billion into the account of Mr Jho Low for instance, remains a fraud. It is so even after the embezzled money is made good. A fraudulent act remains a fraud even after recompense.

Suppose the invalid person who stole coins from a car, returned the money and made good the damage he did to the car, would he be absolved? Would he have escaped imprisonment? The crime of breaking in, causing damage to property and theft remain even after the invalid person does all we say above.

The same, it seems would apply to 1MDB.

If what the AG declared, applies against the whole world, then investigations in other countries would have all stopped. Instead they have gained momentum.

The Malaysian public has instinctively chosen to not believe the case of the RM2.6 donation is over.  They don’t have to be given 1001 lies. I am afraid, there is no one else left to lie.

From the government side, its responses were that of haughty belligerence. Everyone from the government insists that everyone else must believe the AG. You can’t force the rakyat to believe you can you? What can you do if people prefer to believe a news making institution that has been around for 130 years than the conflicting stories coming from Saudi Arabia? The people who write for WSJ stand by what they write. They are prepared to be proven wrong in court.

This is what the government and in particular, the PM must do. Take legal action against WSJ in the place where a plaintiff’s actions are more sympathised. The latest being the interview with Ken brown, in Australia.

Ministers like Rahman Dahalan and Saleh Said keruak relying on the mere assurance of the AG, accused everyone else of lying. The AWSJ declared Rahman Dahalan, has been proven wrong yet again. When was it proven wrong previously?

The much ballyhooed threat to take legal action previously has petered out and drowned out by legal dig hole-fill-hole responses. Yes we would rather believe a paper with a 130 year history of reporting with substance than anyone else.

Salleh Said keruak declared AWSJ of making baseless accusations. Azalina Said alluded to a ghostly spectre of external forces ganging up to destroy Najib. 1MDB berated WSJ as serving the agenda of an ati -Najib group. 

‘Najibah’ has entered into the lexicon of Islamic financial terms. You have terms such as ajr, mudarabah, akad, murabaha, takafful, Al-Ghurm bil Ghunm (earning commissions or payments) and now Najibah.

Najibah is the unique contribution of Malaysia to the Islamic world. It refers to a financial transaction where one receives a certain sum of money- termed loosely as donation. When part of the donation is returned to the donor, that act is called Najibah. But the sum returned must be greater. If the sum retained is larger than the returned, then the conduct is called Najibahan.

Then there are many technicalities eating into the credibility of the returned money story. How was it done? Did Najib order the private jet belonging to the government but used by Najib, to ferry the money? This is because no authorities have come out to tell yes, they transmitted the money by wire.

That story line would offer us scenes of vehicles carrying one ton bags containing US Dollars unloading their cargo onto the plane. Then there will be records by the airport authorities that such activities took place.

If the money had been transferred by local banks, then BNM ought to know. Why don’t we ask the outgoing BNM governor or an officer in charge of monitoring out flows of money, whether they have cited and have in their possession, documentation from the remitting bank or banks?

If it has, they would be wise to make several copies and don’t hand over the only copy to the police or MACC or other authorities for safe keeping. Not that we don’t trust our men in blue, but we must take precautions against the place of safekeeping catching fire and getting burnt down. The wirings may be faulty and all that. Rats may have gnawed at the wires. Who knows?

If the money was transferred out from Singapore Banks, then the Singapore MAS will have to corroborate the story telling by our AG with the same evidence. Otherwise, Singapore will be viewed as a haven to park and then remit illicit money.

And as soon as our AG announced, the case is closed, authorities in at least six countries launched their own investigations into the transactions involving 1MDB. These authorities cannot be stopped by the Malaysian government nor will their AG can unilaterally decide there is no case to answer.

Worse, the Swiss AG declared that as much as RM4 billion (not RM2.6) billion is missing from 1MDB. Unless 1MDB can prove where the money went, then people will continue to thump their noses at the AG and the government.

The whole saga does not end until the fat lady sings. I hope people understand the concept of this colloquialism.


Ali 21 February 2016 at 07:50 got it.1 question. What song fat mama should sing?lagu P.Ramli or Saloma?

Anonymous,  21 February 2016 at 07:56  

Dam right people do understand what you're saying ain't over till the last putt is holed on the 18th green! And then we can all be merry at the 19th hole in the clubhouse!

That said its probably just about turning into the 2nd nine before things gets hot and the birdies start sinking hopefully an albatross will just iced a one bloody good round! By then we all wish the Joker-Thief would be sand-bagged!


Anonymous,  21 February 2016 at 07:59  

They keep recycling the story that Najib is innocent but the fact is that there are so many puzzles of the jigsaw that don't fit at all. Even the most ignorant layman knows that the whole 1MDB spin doesn't jell. The man is guilty as hell and even the best lawyers in the world wouldn't not be able to defend him successfully. They can't even create a good spin because there are so many holes in them like an old rusted bucket. The man should owe up in order to save us further from shame and embarrassment. He's the only one who could.

Anonymous,  21 February 2016 at 11:55  

You are just jealous. The WSJ orso claim the money did not come from the arabs. all lies. Najib earned that money when the arabs begged him to remain a sunni and others sunni two. That is what he says and so I believe the PM. Why? Because he is PM and, er, the sedition act.

Orso, he has beautiful wife and his 'bibir merah' much loved by UMNO women.

Anonymous,  21 February 2016 at 11:56  

On hindsight, it is a blessing indeed that 1MDB scandal happened as we can now see all the ass hole lickers crawling out in broad daylight plus those who helped to cover up the crimes in stealth mode.

When the storm is over, we the Rakyat would expect all these unprincipled people to be brought to justice. This should include stealing that were done in the past.

The renewal of Malaysia is now in sight as I expect a lot of changes in the govt institutions so that there is no chance for anyone to assume Emperor or Empress status.

Anonymous,  21 February 2016 at 12:25  

Apandi was recruited by Najib to close the RM2.6billion and RM42million bribery cases by hook or crook.

Who is Apandi to clear Najib??? Only a court of competent jurisdiction can clear a corrupt suspect like Najib. Apandi has no control over the Macc and neither has he control over the courts. As AG he is only the Public Prosecutor.

It would be stupid of Macc to stop investigating the RM2.6billion case just because Apandi unlawfully said so. If Macc is a professional investigating agency, they shld commence investigation against Apandi soonest and produce him in court for abuse of officer and a string of other offences like harboring a criminal and saying there is insufficient evidences to charge Najib when the Macc had recommended otherwise.

The truth from the very beginning is this. the RM2.6billion is 1MDB's monies which had been siphoned off. No stupid Arab will give such kind of money.

Anonymous,  21 February 2016 at 12:47  

"Worse, the Swiss AG declared that as much as RM4 billion (not RM2.6) billion is missing from 1MDB."

What if 1MDB says not a single cent is missing from our account, our money is well kept and saved. It seems there's theft but no victim.

Azmi kb

Unknown 21 February 2016 at 14:19  

nak minta xAG ghani empatahil cerita.. dia dah ditutup mulut sbg chairman sarawak hidro..sarawk hidro security manager pun dpt gaji 15 ribu,tak kan chairman dpt 20 ribu? mestilah berpuluh kali ganda....

Anonymous,  21 February 2016 at 17:44  

Musa Hitam says what is happening now is all Mahathir's fault. Unlike Lee Kwan Yew who groomed future leaders to take over his mantle, Mahathir killed all the potential leaders. He did no grooming of potential leaders. He sacked them and only kept and trained his apparatciks. So only the worst of the lot got to lead Msia now. You look at Najib's RM2.6billion cabinet, you have the like of Salleh, Rahman, Nazri, Azalina and a few stupid ministers whose ministerial duties are to cover up Najib's. The sad fact is that they do these jobs at taxpayers expense. It is tragic that these Ministers supported a very corrupt person as their Chief. So much for muslim values.

The irony is this. Mahathir's staunch supporters in his 1987 fight for the Umno Presidency are Anwar and Najib. Anwar is lanquishing in jail on trumped up charges hatched first by Mahathir and then Najib. And Najib, put up by Mahthir as PM, is destroying the nation to the ground. And who knows, Najib might put Mahathir in jail, to be with Anwar. The cycle will be complete.

Anonymous,  22 February 2016 at 04:56  


When a person has an axe to grind (Musa Friday the 13th, Freddy Krueger Hitam) what he said and do are without rationale, however sane he would want to project! There are numerous worms in the 'unopened' can which is safely secured. When you mentioned LKY, a case for concern is Ong Teng Cheong was Minister, then DPM, followed by an icing President of Singapore. His fall from grace if you read widely will get you to the so much of imperfections of LKY (I'd rather say his BLUNDERS).

Did Anwar sue Tun M? Yes he did! Did he win his 100 Million case?

Did Tun M has a CRYSTAL BALL to see what is what not of Najib? Did Najib showed any tendecies towards any of the mischiefs now in the open (when all is done in SECRETS prior)? Did Najib made his intentions CLEAR he will govern with all HUMILITY, INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY? Yes he did on the last line before this. But did he carry out his own intentions or against all his WORDS and OATH? You do the math.

So the rational is you can do and deploy all your


What your sons or daughters turned out to be is totally beyond you although you have DOAs to begin with! If he or she turned out to be a THIEVE or BISEXUAL or RASCAL or THUGS (God Forbid, In Sya Allah).....would you leave it to BLAME yourself or simply rest it to FATE??? You cannot simply tarnished the good name of Tun Abdul Razak only because his son turned out to be the Thieve-Of-The-CENTURY guilty until PROVEN INNOCENT, can you?

On a personal level, if a COURT of LAW in MALAYSIA took a JUDGEMENT that NAJIB indeed is NOT GUILTY, I will easily buy it and put to rest all this efforts joining the frays to do your own little part to RIGHT what is so WRONG with MALAYSIA, specifically with the PM and his arrays of Parrots-Ministers!

Its no such as thing as CYCLE (cycle will complete in your words)if one do not do SHITTY things to others, then the LAW of KARMA will not come to bite you!

The man is in his 90s yet, he is still walking, thinking, heart-beating, healthy with energy and passion for the well-being of the country. The only thing missing is he is living an EXTRA ORDINARY EXTRAVAGANCE lifestyle! He is so down and close to the people till this day walking the flea-market without entourage of bodyguards and security details! This is only few excerpts but now compare this to the current PM!


Anonymous,  22 February 2016 at 08:12  

well said.
tun dr M does not have a crystal ball
people tend to potray their best self whether fake or not b4 they get their wish
after they hv got their wishes thats anither story

Anonymous,  22 February 2016 at 09:05  

MLN at 04:56,

Obviously Musa has an axe to be grind. No denying. But what Musa said about Mahathir's failure to groom leaders especially political leaders to take over key public institutions and the country is shared not only by Musa but the rest of the country.

Did Mahathir groom leaders to helm the Judiciary? Answer is No. Did Mahathir groom leaders to helm the Police or Public Service? Answer is No. Did Mahathir groom leaders to be the AG? Answer is No. Did Mahathir groom his own party men to take over from him? Anwer is yes but only amongst his apparatchiks. He killed off those potential leaders amongst his partymen.

Mahathir put in place sycopantic public officers to head the Judiciary, the public service, the Police Force and the AG. Mahathir actually destroyed these key institution so that they would be subservient to him. And he gave them numerous contract extensions so that they would be servile to him and made his task of governing the country with an iron fist is made much easier. And the implications of his actions is what Malaysians is getting now; second grade or third grade public officers helming key civil institutions and third grade politicians governing the country. Apandi is nothing but just a third grade and dishonest public officer.

In Mahathir's quest & vengeful desire to remove Abdullah, he promoted Najib to take over. Najib was already then mired in the Sukkhoi & Scorpene corruption scandals and its serial Altantunya murder. Did Mahathir cared about this? No. Everybody could see where Najib would lead the country to if he is to replace Pak Lah.

If Mahathir had been magnanimous and thought more of the country's future than his own grandiose desire, the country would have seen the country's premiership passed from him to Kuli/Musa Hitam who would later groom capable, honest and clean leaders to take over the country. Right now, because of Mahathir's undoing or doing, we see the corrupt and the dishonest leading Msia to doom and becoming a pariah country. Historical failures are there for wise man to learn and not to repeat it. After Najib, the country should learn from the mistakes made by Mahathir especially in his failure to groom potential leaders. We don't have a presidential election like USA where everybody has a chance to vote in the PM.

Anonymous,  22 February 2016 at 09:55  

Musa did not mention that pak lah, his protege is also a fail PM.

Anonymous,  22 February 2016 at 12:18  

But we are using failure yardstick to measure the sucess rate of our PM. If Pak Lah failed less than Najib than he must be a successful leader. As long as you pillage, pilferage or steal from the govt coffers less than the amount stolen by your predecessor then you are one notch better than him.

IbnAbdHalim 22 February 2016 at 13:05  

Like the RM24 million ring, no documental proof available to verify.

Anonymous,  22 February 2016 at 15:45  

Najibaham sound better than Najibahan.

Anonymous,  22 February 2016 at 21:15  

How come Zahid who hasn't become the DPM yet confirmed he met the donor when even the then DPM was not told anything about the donation?

If want to lie to us, can make use of your brains first or not? That is if NAJIS OR Zahid have any brains to begin with.

Of course it was a total lie. How can Zahid be a witness to the donation especially when Najis was even trying to deny it in the beginning ? No logic right?

They don't seem to be shameful to have become total liars in the name of Allah?

Unknown 23 February 2016 at 12:03  

I just "love" that pathetic & corrupt RPK now "mesmerized" by the fat lady spinning and dancing to her tune of the fat lady swinging around with her $100k Bekin bags, $25million diamond rings & $2.6 billion ill-gotten fortune.
When he was pretending to expose the many sins of the corrupt regime,all his frens & the rakyat supported him & went out of their way to defend him (candles vigils & all at Sungai Buloh prison) & his frens were constantly abused, harassed & persecuted in their noble acts to set him free. This pathetic so-called "royalty" is just a typical shameless, kampong & foul-mouth creature who thinks highly of himself and now sold his soul & family to the devil & the fat lady who is now his master. Now he is shamlessly attacking all those of his many frens who once loved him & sacrificed for this creature now living in luxuries far away in a Christian country spewing hatred with his anti-Chinese & anti-Christians pieces & supporting a corrupt regime that the world despise. This creature is just a scum of the severs who would shamelessly betray his frens!
This filth can continue with his profanities & attack against you & the civil society, but it will be over for this creature once his fat lady sings!!

Anonymous,  23 February 2016 at 15:05  

Great job! Another bullseye from The AK47. We have a problem here, I don't think THIS fat lady can sing.

Anonymous,  24 February 2016 at 00:22  

Correction much as USD4.0 billion is missing...not RM2.6 billion

Anonymous,  24 February 2016 at 08:54  

RPK, through his blog seems to tell everyone that he is a person who knows it all, that he is the intelligent one. Sadly, some of his arguments does not hold water and his ideas cannot be applied in practice as it will create chaos.

I have detected that he was already in somebody's pocket long before Anwar was jailed for Sodomee II. No wonder Anwar shunned him years ago.

Nowadays, I only visit his blog when I'm really down just to read some cock and bull stories.

Faqirulkhoir,  24 February 2016 at 21:24  

Sak, salaam.
What I heard years ago was that, the overweight lady cain't carry a tune. If we have to wait for her song,that may mean it will get worse before it gets better.

So Sak, some musings can be downright scary. So do desist, lest you be desiccated with mortifications.

Anonymous,  2 March 2016 at 22:55  

Kalau groom a leader to be like him, then you akan mungkin akan dapat klon. Dan klon naturally akan self deteriorates.
Mahathir was correct not to groom. By doing so, he was letting these politicians 2 b independent. Learn from life itself.Kalu tidak jadi mcm Lego, we follow instruction.
Mcm Singapore, Lee groomed the leaders supaya eventually anak sendiri becomes PM. And the rest of the leaders holding important posts n portfolios semuanye anak beranak termasuklah mungkin anak haram. Lee punye tentakel sgt panjang n everywhere.

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