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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 16 February 2016

To my Fellow Malays: mediocrity and low standards are not the norm

What I wrote in my article, pales in comparison with what Zaaba wrote about the Malays in 1923. In 1927, the articles he wrote on the Malays, were translated into the Malay language.
My article was translated into English and published by FMT. It drew the ire of one Aziz Isa. It is also clear, that he does not read my original article in the Malay language. This will surely anger him- Malays have already begun to support DAP and the opposition. Many of them realised that what really protects them- their life, liberty and happiness, is a Good government that rules on the principle of the rule of law and carries out economic and social policies that are just and fair.
More and more Malays realised that it is their own responsibility to look after themselves. More importantly, more and more Malays and Malaysians realised that the present government has become a tool for the selected few and their interests.
The bulk of the Malay economy that was supposed to be distributed among the Malays beginning in 1970, is now controlled by GLCs. Privatisation simply means passing off the economic resource and wealth creating resources to the GLCs. Have we ever heard of massive divestiture and redistribution of these economic cakes to ordinary Malay entrepreneurs? It’s just the passing of one valuable resource from one pocket to the other.
Today, people like Zaaba will be condemned thoroughly. . He realised at once that the Malays must be jolted from their comfort zone to liberate their thinking.
When I wrote my article, my intention was also to jolt the Malays into adopting an independent mind. To liberate themselves from the shackles which UMNO tied the Malays with.  My intention is only to heighten the consciousness of the Malays. At the very least I want them to unbind themselves from UMNO. Whom they chose to support and vote, will be related to the degree by which their mindset is liberated. Of course, we hope articles like these pay dividends for us.
It is time for the Malays to realise that if they compromise themselves, if  they eschew higher values in exchange for low standards,  immediate gratification and are blinded by their own smug prejudices, they will forever be condemned to mediocrity.
I cited the case of the selection of Ahmad Bashah. The supporters of UMNO threw their propaganda machinery behind him, extolling the virtues of passable qualifications.
His qualifications are not relevant to me; if UMNO thinks he is most suitable because of having graduated from the University of UMNO which has recently gained notoriety for having produced thieves and embezzlers; it’s no skin off our noses.
But that tells me something about the Malay thinking which Zaaba knew a long time ago. That if you are willing to accept mediocrity as the norm, then, the result will be, the emergence of a mediocre society.
What is wrong with insisting on the highest of standards?


CK 16 February 2016 at 18:34  

Dato, u seem to have hit a twisted nerve of that big-bruised-ego of Manchester!
He comes blazingly to attack u with his currently & usually half-cooked logics that only a wounded pride could master.
1st - he asks u for proofs wrt the proverbial 1001 shames. & yet he conveniently ignore the same. Do what he says & don't do what he does...errh...!!!
2nd - At this juncture of his irrational thoughts, he is very obviously 'forgetting' about the sequential control of his arguments.
Whatever he hits back at the water-walking mamak & his geng, & u - he is condoning past wrongs justifying the current debacles.
Ahjibgor is just practicing what he learns from the umno elites. Yes...??
3rd - He sounds like a treasure trove of past umno WRONGS. U gotta give him credits for that as a pure reminder of what the umno elites have done to the Malay folks in the name of AlifBaTa.
Sit back & read.....wakakaka (to paraphrase one of his admirer)

Anonymous,  16 February 2016 at 20:23

Anonymous,  16 February 2016 at 20:24  

To do well in the University of UMNO, one must be an ass hole licker to the big boss. We have recently seen many such distinguished graduates from this university.

Mali Bin Muyung 17 February 2016 at 06:19  

Dear YB, it is always a pleasure to read ur blog.
All this while i subscribed to the belidf that umno should produced more n more Malay millionaires who in return must assist their fellow.
But alas pining hopes like these on umno are tall orders n wishful thinking.

Anonymous,  17 February 2016 at 12:02  

Don't worry. Aziz M Isa is having his hands full trying to answer counters written by other readers. He only serves as an amusing clown that we will shoot down on every article.

Anonymous,  17 February 2016 at 17:43  

hats off to you for calling a spade a spade, a kettle a kettle. Even if the truth hurts, accept it.

Anonymous,  17 February 2016 at 19:52  

Dato, sorry to burst your bubble. It does not matter if 500,000 Melayu join DAP. Come next election, there will be another 1.5 million Bangla voters all of whom will vote for UMNO. Why do you think all of the sudden, we need so many "foreign workers" ... 2 years before the next GE. Melayu will no longer be relevant in a couple of years.

So, you can continue to sing and croon about waking up your Melayu comrades, or you and other Melayu can stand up and put a stop to this Bangla "foreign worker" smokescreen.

Stop pulling wools over your own eyes okay! Act now!

Anonymous,  18 February 2016 at 01:02  


Firstly, I like Aziz Isa.

He provides comic relief :)

It is always nice to have someone like him around to remind myself that I am not totally useless - there is always someone more useless :)

Secondly, I am beginning to lose respect for RPK.

I have stuck with the man for a long time despite all my friends abandoning him.

For some strange reason which RPK has never really explained, he seems to think that the sun shines out of Hadi Awang's arsehole.

According to his very own words, RPK is now actively supporting Najib,

In his article "The day Gani Patail dug his own grave", (, he says,

"They just did not know Najib as they thought they did and in just three days Najib demolished the entire conspiracy. And that was when I suddenly become so awed by this man who I, too, once opposed. Anyone who can demolish an entire army that had surrounded him and had their knives at his throat in just three days deserves my support."

I guess this support would also have something to do with the very public khalawat between Najib and Hadi

Lastly, there will be no change in Malaysia until the Malays decide to change. Simple as that.

Even the most hard-core die-hard UMNO supporter now knows that the corruption has to stop.

The economic bonanza that is Petronas has just not flowed thru to the Malays.

As pointed out, the distribution of wealth has been lopsided in favour of the UMNO elite.

I know of UMNO members with multi-million-dollar incomes having children being sent overseas on Petronas scholarships!

To me, it is immaterial who the Malays decide to support, DAP, PKR or Amanah, BUT they themselves must make that decision to change.


goh kong fah 19 February 2016 at 11:14  

We already signed to bring in 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers to be UMNO voters. We should also take into account another 3 million Syrians refugees coming here and would be again be UMNO voters. How can Pakatan ever win in the 14GE

Anonymous,  19 February 2016 at 14:32  

That's good rather than bringing chauvinist Chinese in Malaysia.

Anonymous,  21 February 2016 at 12:47  

We must also realize there is a lot of Malays who are rational and logical like our Sakmongkol 47, We have to get the AK-47 daylight for them to see. But as Malaysia has is own uniqueness,, I like to share what will be good for Malaysia. The race & religion issue will not goes away over-nite. If we look at Thailand, its uniqueness can be pass on to Malaysia.. My own relatives who we have blood tie are Thai and for a thousand time you ask them if they are Chinese.. they will say they are Thai. Buddhism is widely practice but not impose neither coerce. The people have their choice and nothing force down their throat. On the economic front, they are quite evenly match , although the ethnic Chinese have the head run, but the Chinese never claim they are Chinese and they are proud Thai. Malaysia can do one step further by giving incentive for True Chinese and Non-Chinese co-operation and not Alibaba type of set up. We think combine the Malay talent in marketing and dressing, ( product dressing ), and with the Chinese acumen with numbers, this can be an excellent combination. Its never easy,, but we need to keep trying until it becomes an accepted norm. When we are through with 2 to 3 generation, this problem will evaporate and everyone recognize themselves by their country and not ethnicity. If you ask most Malaysian Chinese, they are never very at home with the mainland Chinese and they feel more at home with their country peers. Trusted me ,, if you away,,you want someone who can associate " Roti-canai , Ayam Goreng and talk about Ipoh and Penang uniqueness.

Anonymous,  21 February 2016 at 13:12  

Goh Kong Fah, The 1.5 million and 3 million Syrian will be paid by the Bumis. As these chap can melt into UMNO ,, those gullible Umnoputras think they can stop of Tsunami? Today is the Chinese. Tomorrow they have to worry about the Banglas and Syrian who will re-org under their distinguish culture and it will be a night mare for the Malays. What goes round will comes round. Seat back enjoy the fun and as a Chinamen you should start doing business outside Malaysia and don,t ever depend on your livelihood from Malaysia. Who will loose? You tell me.

Anonymous,  21 February 2016 at 21:35  

I do not understand how you keep writing articles along this line. Just see what they have achieved. The NEP has taken many of them to position never seen before. Look at the GLCs, government position and the rest. Most of the big business is their hands. I think that you have to make a restudy to get the prevailing view.

Anonymous,  23 February 2016 at 00:38  

Monster: Why waste time talking about a has-been like RPK?

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