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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 17 February 2024

The Sungai long Caesar and the bad rap. Part 3.

  1. In this part of my essay,we will discuss the bastards at large. Let me begin by reconstituting some of what Christopher Hitchens said .

  2. In part I become a blogger so I don't have to depend on the press, vlogers and YouTubers for my information.

  3. They either lie, misinform or conspire to form a certain public opinion about an issue.

  4. That is asserted without evidence, can also be dismissed without evidence. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Let us hate stupidity especially in its nastiest forms of racism and superstition. And we hate lazy stupidity couched in emotional hyperventilating.

  5. Don't be seduced by irrational pleadings, however transcendental and pious they appear especially if uttered by silver- tongued maverick like mamu Anwar. Never surrender our independent thinking . Dispute and disagree for disagreement sake.

  6. Don't care two hoots if you are regarded as arrogant or disagreeable person. You want to retain a free spirit of inquiry .

  7. Points 2 to 6 are reconstructed sayings of Hitchens. With that we are ready to discuss the ubiquitous bastards in our community. God, there are many of them. Some people's children. Habis camno !

  8. When Najib got convicted for the SRC crime, after 4 to 5 years, it restored somewhat the people's faith in the Malaysian justice system. It also raised people's expectations,, that perhaps mamu Anwar with his Samy vellu mane, will bring good changes.

  9. But when Zahid got DNAAed and now, Najib got his najibfication, it shatters the expectations. Anwar does more of the same .

  10. It has broken people's faith in him. He's not even a reformist, but a conservative and a revisionist. He wants to restore the business as usual ethos. Only it's now flavored by nasi kandaq

  11. Readers must know that I support mamu Anwar; won't throw him under the bus but will not hesitate to criticize him, speak forthrightly and with candour. But he has to tolerate my colorful and at times pejorative description of him. Mamu, BossNon or Fuhrer undt Reichkanzlor etc .

  12. I criticize him to make him aware,to point to what I think are the errors of his ways. This is opposed to PNs criticisms of him, the objective of which is to unseat him. That's why they are constantly conniving to oust him by extra parliamentary and undemocratic ways .
  13. There are consequences to the najibfication of the SRC crime. The consequences can't be controlled by mamu Anwar anymore.

  14. First, it shows the inability of Anwar to govern Malaysia as a country ruled by law. If one of the principles of the supremacy of the law is that no one is above the law, that principle is already violated.

  15. By getting a najibfication, it shows that Najib is certainly above the law. He gets an early board hearing, a 50% discount on the jail time and over 70% of the fine imposed . The law varies with the dilation of mamu Anwar's nostrils.

  16. It doesn't matter who has the prerogative to pardon, it is the pardon itself that is contentious. Mamu Anwar seems oblivious to the fact that more people are angry over the pardon. More than the number of UMNO bastards and social media lackeys.

  17. So don't be sidetracked by lawyers argle bargle about who has the prerogative. We, the people, the reasonable man riding the MRT, are not arguing nor interested in who has the prerogative. It's the pardon, stupid!

  18. Anwar appears not to be thinking about this matter seriously. His callous and insensitive remark that Najib got the najibfication was in consideration of the contributions made by the convicted felon, exacerbated people's anger.

  19. That remark was given at the assembly of civil servants in Putrajaya.anwar was too scared to even say it to the public, fearing the backlash from the people.

  20. Remember , it's not the contributions of Najib that are being judged here , but the crimes committed under SRC .

  21. That remark is also a terrible indictment on the justice system administered by the courts, especially the federal court.

  22. Najib's guilt was affirmed by the federal court. That remark makes it appears that the top judges at the apex court, were incapable of appreciating or failed to consider Ali babavum Najib's contributions .

  23. AU contraire, I think enough consideration was given at the apex court. What if Najib's sentence were to run consecutively instead of concurrently? The idiot would have gotten a 72 year jail sentence instead of a watered down 12 years . The 12 years jail time have taken into account his dubious contributions.

  24. 24. There are at least 3 issues here.
    (a). Anwar has broken faith with the people. Or rather people's faith in him is kaput
    (b) his inability to rule a country according to the rule of law
    (c) he has dishonoured, brought the country into infamy and disrepute.

  25. At this juncture, I would like to ask a question not asked by many including the bastard lawyers. Is this najibfication not only retrospective but also prospective? Will it also cover possible felonies under 1MDB?

  26. This najibfication phenomenon will bring terrible consequences upon Malaysia. They are never envisaged by BossNon.

  27. Any of the factors mentioned in #24 or a combination of them will turn Malaysia into a pariah state. Quality investments will stay away from Malaysia. It will attract investments from sharp business people who believe that the law is a negotiable commodity.
  28. There is a real likelihood that our economy Will contact somewhat. There will be reduction in our gdp growth .

  29. Domestic investments alone are not enough to compensate for the nett loss in FDI. And contrary to what the Economist Magazine said that the najibfication incident will not affect our Ringgit, it will. Our Ringgit will fare worse against uncle Sam's currency. In the next few months, we will breach the 5 Ringgit to the USD mark.

  30. When that happens, we have to grudgingly accept that our economy is managed by an imbecilic government headed by mamu Anwar. Wasn't Anwar the person who said that the reason why our Ringgit fared badly against the USD, was because the government is run by bangangs? It still is..

  31. There is bound to dissension in the ranks. Only UMNO, which is complicit in the contrived pardon supports PKR. I don't think Amanah and DAP fully agree in the pardon.

  32. There will be an upsurge in corruption and a abuse of positions. For instance, PKR has remained silent over the flood mitigation projects. When they were tendered out by Tuan Ibrahim, it costs us 7b. When it was re tendered by a PKR minister the cost goes up to 11b. And there was allegations that up to 1b will be pocketed by someone. Why the silent treatment?

  33. Now that people feel that Anwar's position is precarious because of the najibfication incident, everybody wants to make hay while the Anwar sun shines.

  34. It's a case, the scum rises to the top. The true colors of UMNO or people DNAed by UMNO values come out.

  35. I am afraid that and others will be discussed in another installment of an article or articles.


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