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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 29 March 2024

The socks, the Great Dictator/Malaysian Adenoid Hynkel and Allah.

1. I look at the Allah sock issue this way. It's all politics and political opportunism. It's racist supremacy. It political bullying. It's economic predation by envious group of Malays. It's an attempt to restore UMNOs relevancy within the Malay community.

2. The forced closure of number of KK mart branches is economic terrorism. The UMNO youth and his sex crazed cabal should be arrested for sabotaging business.

3. The thing in issue is the stock of socks with some written material resembling Allah. Closure of the mini markets caused other businesses to be affected. You are creating negative externalities. You must pay for them. The UMNO youth Mafioso and his underbosses must pay for them.

4. The legally sanctioned coercive forces are extra quick to investigate KK mart, but are painfully slow in investigating economic predation and terrorism. They were also slow in investigating a vigilante group forcing a poor Chinaman in a humiliating confession.

5. The authorities should also investigate the chinese muslim evangelist who first firestoned the UMNO youth Mafioso. To see whether he's motivated by envy at the success of KK mart .

6. His own business closed earlier is not caused by KK mart. He may have badly managed his own business. It's his own funeral, lorr.

7. The deafening silence of the minister in charge of religion is puzzling. It should have been him to have raised fire and brimstone over the socks issue. Instead the UMNO youth is the group overshadowing his lethargy. Apa Lah ente, Ustadz.

8. The government must not think we are sedated and comforted, when it says it doesn't interfere over police investigation of the Allah socks issue.

9. It doesn't do the actual police work, doesn't tell the police how to do their work, but it certainly can express its concerns over the issue. The police then would take the cue, sir.

10. Only an irresponsible government will say it doesn't interfere in managing the issue. All forms of extremism, religious extremism etc, and economic predation must be reined in . Otherwise, the pm doesn't have that iron to rule Malaysia .

11. The DAP has gone to see jahid ( that's how kor Meng pronounced that name) probably to restrain mad cow Akmal. But what the no so bright jahid do? In fact the UMNO mkt has expressed unanimous and undivided support to Akmal.

12. The DAP must now publicly condemn akmals economic predation and economic terrorism. Malaysian Chinese in particular will never feel safe. Whatever they do will be looked at as having sinister motives. In the past what the Chinese did were met, not with verbal repudiation but with threats and aggression.

13. That has happened to Ngeh, Ngar, ngar's aged parents, now to KK mart owners. Next will be the Chinese padi growers in Sekinchan because their productivity is higher(?)

14. I suspect the. Chinese don't mind DAP being part of the chapchai government but won't take it kindly if DAP compromises it's principles. Even worse if it is 'uncle tomming'. One of the most explicitly stated principles is to fight against all forms of social injustice. Isn't what is happening to KK mart one form of social injustice?

15. The Allah socks issue does not diminish the Muslim beliefs in Allah, his Angels, the 4 revealed Books, the prophets, doomsday/akhirat and qada and qadar. The Muslim's Iman is not that flimsy.

16. So don't talk pompously about those who don't feel angry in the way Akmal does, have lower Iman.

17. Wtf is Akmal to judge another person's Iman just because he or she does not NOT believe in the 6 tenets of Islamic Iman, but only does not agree with Akmal's narrative of the Allah socks issue.

18. Indeed Muslims are angered over the insensitive writing of Allah on the socks. KK mart has apologised for its negligence on this as demanded and the issue can easily be diffused by recalling the socks stock . But to seditiously call for a boycott and closure of KK mart nationwide is like asking not only the flesh but also the blood and bone. It's economic terrorism -acts designed to destroy the business infrastructure of KK mart .

19. I won't repeat the basis of the Muslim's anger over the socks issue. Much about it has been too late said by the minister in charge of religious affairs. Too late said because of the 'thicky' quality of ministers chosen by Nana Non.

20. The vehemence and the anger, directed at KK Mart's negligence or carelessness are commendable. Except I didn't see the same intensity, vehemence and anger directed at the support given to the person who makan duit dan harta Haram. We are asked to support something Haram. Now, compare the Allah socks issue with the request to support Ali babavum Najib, which one injures our Islamic- ness more? Which one Al fadhil Al Ustadz Akmal?

21. So don't be a sanctimonious bastard asking us to condemn KK mart but not to denounce the unislamic support for makan duit dan harta haram. That is haram more. It's more gravest.

22. The claim that his (Akmal's) actions were done to defend the honour of Islam is phoney. For if that done towards KK mart is for Islam, all the more Malay Muslim's should be asked not support a haram conduct done by Najib .

23. The claim that what he has done is for the sake of Islam is hogwash. He never explained how the socks injure the 6 tenets of Iman. He thinks that our Iman is so flimsy.

24. If it's not religion that motivates this UMNO gadfly what do?

25. His claim and assertion is done without proofs and evidence, so we can dismiss it the same way.

26. He may be motivated by plain envy and the fondness to coerce and bully. Perhaps he is actually racist and chauvinist and has the desire to terminate the business of non UMNO people . It's just economic predation directed at non Malays in general. Perhaps he has the sour grapes mindset - since that business is not done by UMNO, it brings harm to the people. Or maybe, he's trapped within the ideological obsession of UMNOs fascism which sees people who do not subscribe to UMNO authoritarian rule, paranoia and xenophobia are expendable.

27. It's also economic terrorism as closure of KK mart branches nationwide affects the livelihood of thousands including Malays. The closure also affects the patrons of KK mart of all races. These people patronize KK mart because they can buy cheaper and varied items.

28. Isn't it possible that bloody Akmal speaks on behalf of other mini and supermarkets wishing to remove KK mart? Hey, we can get items at KK mart not available at 7E.

29. Are we going to go around living, thinking that whatever the Chinese do, must have sinister motives. If that is so, the Malays are truly a sad race.

30. Akmal has only revealed the true character and what UMNO will become. An extremist, racist, morbid, constantly quarrelsome, paranoid, xenophobic and has the Don Quixote syndrome, always under siege by the Chinese dragon. Sheesh!

31. Those are reasons to justify us rejecting UMNO wholesale. Let us all eulogize and read the talqin over UMNO dead body.

32. I want to now discuss the issue under the headings of political opportunism, polical bullying and coercion, economic predation and terrorism and UMNO attempt to regain relevancy.

33. Many years ago,Ghazali Shafie, then the home minister and UMNO mkt member, during its PAU held up high the Muslim prayer mat/sejadah. He pointed out to a difficult to see a drawing of the Cross.

34. That, he pointed out, a subtle way for non Muslims to undermine the iman of the Muslims.

35. Wah, the delegates clapped and roared at the drama. It satisfied their primordial militant and pugilistic urges. They were ready to mengamuk.

36. But the drama was done at a time when UMNO was strong. It's purpose was to bind the doltish Malays under the stranglehold of UMNO .

37. The present socks drama is done by its main actor, 'bully beef' Akmal Salleh. However it's done at a time when UMNO is a spent force . It's purpose is to restore the past glory of UMNO.

38. It's politics and political opportunism at its best.

39. That political opportunism needs a punching bag. KK mart and it's carelessness over the socks issue provided Akmal with a godsend. It allowed the bully in him to be applied. KK mart was fo
rced into doing things against its will. I am not sure forced apology is valid. It's also forced to close its stores. For good measure young man Akmal, demand the government to revoke KK Mart's license. Best tu .

40. It's the imposition of racial supremacy over KK mart. The Ku Klux Klan section of the UMNO youth can impose it's master race ideology over a subservient race. That's what the Allah socks issue accomplishes .

41. It's also economic predation. The predator hunts the prey to devour it. Calling for the closure of KK mart infrastructure is tantamount to devouring it . The socks issue which is embellished with gusto by Herr leutenante Akmal is also an assertion of the master race on a subject race. It reminds the non Malays, who are Malaysians who is master. As a subject race Akmal wants them to be subservient , obsequious, toadish, kiss-ass and arse kissing race .

42. The point proven by Akmal and UMNO is UMNO is a detestable party. Let all right thinking Malaysians bury UMNO once and for all


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