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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 7 December 2022

Readings from an obscure kitab kuning of politics.

1. To Dr Singh, Mr kamadevas, Mr pOH Kee mak, Mr tong Sam pah, encik kuatshahwat, I like a million others prayed that Anwar became our 10th PM.

2. I have written articles supporting him. I lauded him for being a principled fellow.

3. Providence has answered us bountifully. Our intense prayers were not in vain. He indeed became our 10th PM.

4. We prayed really hard. As hard as the achis in Tambun. We prayed until dry in the mouth. Some of us sent out a petition urging friends to support Anwar.

5. When I resent the petition to friends, one came back with the incredulous question, since when does SakmongkolAK47 become a supporter of Anwar?

6. When he appointed Zahid penorogol as DPM, our dry mouths were left with a bitter after-taste

7. When I described him as the 'rock' Anwar, perhaps that was a tad premature. Now, I tend to concur with the PKR mp of pasir gudang, when it was reported he said thus:-

8. 3 things that Anwar said to justify Zahid's inclusion, made me sit up.

9. He said Zahid is:- 
a. Umno president, 
b. He is BN chairman and 
c. He hasn't been proven guilty. 
Anwar said the 3 things, he considers.

10. Now that the PM considers these factors, will the Appeal and Supreme court judges also consider these?

11. Unless they are stout enough in deciding cases bases on their merits, not on irrelevant exogenous factors.

12. After all, they are not politicians like Anwar is.

13. It seems, principles are overrated things after all. They can be changed and adjusted according to extraordinary circumstances.

14. Why can't as a principle, anyone facing criminal and jailable offences be excluded. Excluded, ab initio, are those who lost in the election and those who did not contest at all.

15. Wouldn't that simplify decision makings, instead of including complicated and difficult to extricate from matters?

16. The rule of innocent until proven guilty has often been used by shyster people to justify horrible things.

17. And by repeatedly saying it, you unconsciously take up ownership of that rule, and you will go all out to defend it. In the end, the innocence becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

18. Perhaps Anwar's principle is to be like water. At once not rigid, formless and shapeless, assuming the shape of the medium it occupies. Filled into a cup, it becomes the cup, filled into a bottle, it's the bottle.

19. Therefore, I suspend my judgement and give mamu Anwar, the benefit of the doubt.

20. That leaves one thing I cannot reconcile and fathom. The fact that t. Zafrul was made a minister. Like Rafidah Aziz said, that's scrapping the barrel.

21. That bourgeois bloke is not an MP, lost the election meaning rejected by the people, has no umno roots, yet he was made a minister.

22. Tell me the yellow kitab you are reading Mr PM sir.

23. As a former finance minister, has Zafrul got anything to do with the 580 or 600 billion spent during the MCO? 
No stones must be left unturned to uncover the truth!


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