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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 10 December 2022

The Anwarisation of the Malaysian cabinet.

1. I was watching the Senate run-off between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker in Georgia. The journalist said something that reminded me of a very important rule.

2. She said that the representative we choose must reflect the values we cherish greatly.

3. In the end, Walker was defeated because the majority cherishes moral character as a pivotal value.

4. For walker, it was a case of his sordid past catching up with him. In a permissive and loose environment, he sowed his wild oats here and there and later paid for the abortion of his girlfriends.

5. Now, pro-life is his party, the republican (the American umno) official stand. How can anyone reconcile what he did in the past with the current stand?

6. In the end, a society, which jealously guards its core value of good character, defeated Herschel walker.

7. Tweeter Trump supported walker. By way of extension, American society at large, rejected the trumpfication of society. Which is thinking that society can be bullied and stymied by verbal sophistry. Thinking that way, is a character flaw.

8. Walker's candidacy was supported by the whites in general because he is black and a football champion. Some sort like a trophy uncle tom.

9. One cardinal point is driven here; the importance of moral integrity, which constitutes the main element of character.

10. But character, as Lee Kuan Yew says, is tested when you are faced with pressure or put under the firing line. Then, your moral constitution comes to the fore.

11. Walker, when faced with an erroneous perception that society is loose and permissive, took advantage of the situation much as Trump, with lips smirking, bullies the American people.

12. Character then is the ability to be stoic and makes a morally right decision, while conscious of the surrounding circumstances.

13. Walker made a self advantageous decision thinking that Georgians do not assign a high value to moral character.

14. Trivializing character issues, what is happening now is the Anwarisation of the cabinet. What is that?

15. That is, inclusion of kleptocratic minded individuals into the cabinet and rescuing rejected individuals into the cabinet. The DPM even has 47 criminal charges against him. But Anwar is ok with that. Dap and an Amanah can sleep with that. Cavorting with discredited people is ok maa.

16. It's true then, as lky said, judging a person's character is most difficult and requires time. Either you have it or you don't. Anwar seems to have yilek of it.

17. It's not possible to judge a person by watching him on a TV screen, or sitting with him for 1-2hours while drinking latte and eating popcorn or curry puff

18. If the situation persists, I am afraid PH's success (as a government) is temporary, transient and ephemeral.

19. This government, consisting of individuals working at cross purposes, cannot be a stable one. You have at least one gangstrous individual from Sarawak, a slew of kleptocratic individuals and 2 discredited DPMs.

20. I am amazed that some people regard the inclusion of these unsavory individuals in Anwar's cabinet is a brilliant strategy of mamu.

21. That strategy is alleged to buy time for Anwar, don't worry, Anwar is in control overall and key portfolios are held by PKR people.

22. Ah so, it's a political chess board game after all. Yeah, yeah.

23. Anwar must now provide the leadership to these disparate individuals. Which is to rally these people to a cause and policies to achieve the cause .

24. Unfortunately, the signals given off by Anwar are unclear. He's spread too thin, liberal, and too celebratory of differences.

25. that being so, he must surround himself with the ablest, most determined, energetic and sound. These people will make his policies succeed . As it is, the only people who are determined and willing are the dap 'chauvinists'. There are too few of them.

26. The economy and finance portfolios must be merged asap and put Rafizi ramli there pronto!

27. The statement given by Anwar on zahid is worrying me. I hope it does to others too.

28. He said he considered 3 things. Zahid has not been proven guilty. He is BN chairman, and he is president of umno.

29. Imagine if the number 1 honcho considers these things, it is not improbable that a servile AG does not also consider these things too

30. What if the AG were to mysteriously drop the charges against zahid. The charges won't even reach the court.

31. There's nothing the prosecutorial team and the judge can do. Except, cupped their hands over their genitals. Betul tak madam t maimun?

32. As for Anwar, despite the negative things I said of him, DAP, Amanah, the Borneo bloc and umno have chosen him as PM. They must now work hard to ensure he remains PM.

33. I have no doubt, Anwar will sail through the confidence vote on 19th December. Like a knife cutting butter!


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