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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 15 August 2020

Surgeon General's warning: Winking is hazardous to your health.

1. I have learnt one thing-that we can say 1001 things before the court hearing, they don't mean anything.

2. The actual arguments will be done in court. We may not have all the facts. So we may huff and puff until we are blue in the face, the concrete roof will never fall down.

3. But all our writings complaints and aversions towards anybody served at least one thing. They stir up the emotions of reasonable men. Being reasonable men, we hope they affect the judicial fraternity too.

4. So we vigorously fan the charcoal embers to cause a lot of smoke, shake the tree, throw a lot of mud and dig up enough dirt.

5. Throwing a lot of mud includes dragging in Betty Chew who is not on trial here. So why drag her in?

6. Possibly to cast aspersions on LGE. If Betty were not LGEs wife who was then the CM of Penang would she be paid excessive legal fees?

7. If the fees were voluntarily made who are we to question it? The nasi kandar stall charges us more than 100 per cent. Don't be a sanctimonious bastard.

8. The court can prove or disprove whether the consultancy firm got any benefits from LGE right?

9.if it did not then its just casting the net wide enough to catch the fish.

10. If it's not relevant then its hilarious but damaging nonetheless.

11. Nowadays winking can be hazardous to our mental health. If I were to wink at a lady, that can be interpreted as I am asking her to come to bed with me or asking her to do something salacious.
Right? If readers have a yellow mindset that is.

12. So when LGE was said to have winked at Zarul Zulkifli he was interpreted to say yes to an offer of a bribe of 10 percent of a 6 billion project.

13. Admittedly this Malaysian Charlie Chaplin of the silent movie said he arrived at the affirmative conclusion as a result of his Boy Scout training. I suppose if you were trained as a St. John's or Sea Scout you will arrive at different conclusions.

14. Further if you were trained as a Girl Guide or a brownie you may arrive at still different conclusions. Indeed, there are so many conclusions as there are permutations.

15. I can also say that Mamu Zarul arrived at his conclusion, as a result of his wet dream or sexual mental excusions or intoxication from eating too much nasi kandaq from Line Clear, Beratoq or Kampung Melayu.

16. I say let's appoint Mamu Zarul as the interpreter for the deaf since he's so conversant at sign and bodily language. Who knows he can be the brown Jack Jason.

17. The winking may be caused by many reasons. Some dirt may have got into LGEs eye or the eye can react that way because of the coldness or LGE may be winking at the brazenness of the dark apparition appearing before him offering a bribe.

18. To me, a company which is in the habit of giving bribes to somebody, anybody ought to be banned in all business dealings. A bribe giver is as guilty as a bribe taker.

19. This case is akin to trawler fishing that sucks all the fish, big and small and all other forms of sea life into the whirlpool of notoriety. And mind you, trawler fishing is illegal in coastal waters.


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